Best S&W SD40VE Lasers – 2022 Complete Round-Up

The SD40VE is a well-known name in the world of handguns, especially for CCW and duty uses. An accessory that is becoming exceptionally popular with handguns these days is a laser.

While its use was only limited to tactical uses with defense personnel, civilians have understood its advantage in self-defense scenarios. From big and heavy models to sleek options that don’t even need a special holster, there are a lot of options to choose from.

Let us review these options and understand the in’s and out’s of adding a laser to your SD40VE.

Comparison of the Best S&W SD40VE Lasers

  • Powerful light with 160 lumen and 113 meter range
  • Integrated with green laser for daytime visibility
  • Three modes, adjustable, IPX4 & lifetime warranty
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  • Simply grab the pistol grip to turn on the laser
  • Patented, reliable, and bright Class 3R red laser
  • Laser is adjustable and has a master kill switch
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  • Universal design fits weaver or picatinny rails
  • Ambidextrous power button and five-minute auto cut
  • Fully user adjustable and four hours runtime
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  • Instinctive grip activation button
  • Class 3R rated visible green laser for daytime use
  • Fully user-adjustable and no gunsmithing needed
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Things to Consider Before Buying S&W SD40VE Laser Attachment

Before we dive into our selections for the best SD40VE lasers, it is important to keep an eye out for these factors for making the right choice. 

Size and Fit

Lasers specifically designed for handguns are generally small and lightweight. However, there are interchangeable lasers that can be used with rifles as well, and they can be big enough to disturb the balance. Unless the extra weight is adding any benefits or features to the laser (like an added flashlight) it is always better to choose a sleek and compact laser that won’t cause fitting or handling issues. Although, a special holster will be needed in most cases. 

There are lasers that are small enough that sit near the magazine release button and can’t even be noticed. Most lasers are positioned under the barrel and need an under rail for mounting. However, there are models which don’t need a rail and mount to the trigger guard. Do some introspection on what works best for you. 

Red or Green

Many people do not notice, but the color of the laser is an important factor that can be decisive in a high stress situation. Lasers are generally red in color for the most part, because it is easily visible in the dark due to the short wavelength. However, many people use green lasers with their firearms because green lasers are more visible during the daytime when red lasers fail. 

You can easily spot a green laser under sunlight compared to a red laser. If your aiming intentions are just for dark situations like a parking lot or home defense, a red laser is good. However, the green laser is more versatile for day and night situations, but it should be used with care as it can damage the eye. 

Adjustability and Power Saving

A good laser sight should be adjustable for windage and elevation, so the adjustments stay in line with your iron sights and needs. There are grip-activated lasers that have a sensor and only activate when you grip the gun. Many lasers come with an on/off switch, or a maser on/off switch to conserve energy. Also, look for easy battery door access for easy handling. 

Streamlight TLR-4

Legal Implications for Brightness

The maximum permitted power for a laser is less than 5mW or it is otherwise known as Class IIIA. Make sure your laser does not exceed those limits (because more powerful lasers are also available). Additionally, it is a crime to point lasers at people in states like California (weird, I know) so make sure you know your local laws about this. 

Review of the Best S&W SD40VE Lasers

Here’s a compilation of the best SD40VE lasers available. Sure many other options haven’t been featured, but these lasers are tested and from the most reliable manufacturers.

Best Overall

Streamlight TLR-4

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The Streamlight TLR-4 is a familiar laser-light combo for people who have experience with firearms and the civilian market. It is an extremely popular laser light and is widely used by civilians and defense personnel. Since it is not only a laser, the attached LED light takes up quite some space and adds to the overall weight as well. However, if you look at the functionality, it is a good tradeoff. 

The light beam is powerful enough to reach 113 meters, and you can use this light interchangeably between handguns and rifles with the right adapter. I’ll call that a money saver if you work with multiple guns. The laser light is powerful within legal limits and is fully adjustable for windage and elevation. 

It has three modes (laser, light, and laser-light) and an ambidextrous on/off switch. It is IPX4 water-resistant and extremely durable for tough uses like tactical or duty. 

Bottom Line

Streamlight is a renowned and reliable brand of lights and lasers for firearms. This TLR-4 in particular is a good choice with its powerful LED light, adjustable laser, tough body, and three modes. However, it is more suitable for tactical uses or home defense, rather than EDC (every day carry).


Laser is fully adjustable

Serialized for positive identification

Two-in-one. Includes light and laser

IPX4 is water-resistant and very durable

Works with many firearms (including rifles)

Power LED light with a 113-meter beam distance

Ambidextrous power switch and three modes to choose from


Slightly big in dimensions

Weighs a bit extra for a handgun

Runner-up & Best for the Money

ArmaLaser TR31

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The TR-31 from Armalaser is an innovative product for your SD40VE handgun. The grip activation tech is quite admirable as it helps with easy activation of the laser only when needed. However, this is also a master kill switch in case you want to conserve the battery. Some people may think the grip activation to be problematic, but it isn’t. You can simply move your middle finger away when gripping, and the laser will shut off. 

The laser is bright red and in accordance with the legal limits. The installation is very easy and the body of the laser runs all the way through the trigger guard. There’s a master on/off switch on the base, and a convenient battery door to avoid inconvenience

In fact, the TR-31 also has two modes to switch from. There is a steady mode and a pulsating mode for the laser. 

Bottom Line

This Armalaser TR-31 is a great choice if you want a compact and easy-to-carry laser for your handgun. The grip activation feature is useful for instant fumble-free response, and the pulsating mode helps you with not giving away your position. A good custom-designed pick for the SD40VE and SD9VE.


Very bright, but within legal limits

Patented design and easy to install

Innovative grip-activation mechanism

Custom designed for the SD40VE and SD9VE

Adjustable, side battery door, and a master kill switch


A tad pricey

Honorable Mention

Crimson CMR-201 Rail Master

[amazon fields=”B006JVZA7W” image=”1″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_link=”none”]

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Crimson Trace is among the leading and also most innovative light and laser manufacturers for firearms. This CMR-201 from them is a multi-gun laser that can be mounted on any Picatinny or Weaver rail. Which I think is pretty cool because you don’t have to juggle with a ton of different sights. The four fit inserts in the package help with that. 

It is a powerful green laser with a very small size. The case has been made using high-grade plastic to reduce weight to a minimum. The ambidextrous on/off switch is very light and works with a gentle tap. The four-hour runtime is optimal, and the battery door is easily accessible. The adjustability further enhances the functionality. 

The laser costs slightly more than $100, but since it can be mounted on most firearms with a suitable rail, I think it is worth the investment. 

Bottom Line

Crimson Trace is a leading and reliable manufacturer of lasers and this specific laser from them is extremely lightweight and perfect to suit the SD40VE. The on/off switch is not as admirable as a grip activation switch, but overall, this laser is of very high quality. 


Five minutes auto-shutoff

Four hours of runtime on one battery

User adjustable for windage and elevation

Versatile and mounts to any Weaver/Picatinny rail

Bright red laser with ambidextrous tapping on/off switch


Needs sight adjustment after battery change

Editor’s Pick

Crimson Trace LG-362

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The Crimson Trace LG-362 is the company’s effort to make a grip-activated laser. The function is similar to the Armalaser TR-31 I reviewed above. The only difference is that the TR-31 has an activation sensor, whereas this laser has an activation button that gets depressed by the middle finger. While this offers you more control on the on/off action, this also reduces the battery life regardless of the position of the activation switch. 

This laser is available in a green or red laser option and can be mounted with ease on your handgun. The free battery for life program is great, but remember that you will only get one battery per year. The body and laser are both high quality and the grip activation feature is good, although you may need some practice with it. 

Bottom Line

The LG-362 is a good laser that delivers on all the promises. With Crimson Trace, you can be sure that it is not some cheap knockoff and your laser is high quality. The free battery program is good but looks like an attractive marketing strategy to me because you are paying more than $200 for this laser.


Easy to install and fully adjustable

Activation button positioned on the grip

Available in green and red laser options

Lifetime battery program offers one battery per year for free


Exorbitant pricing

Features only two hours of runtime

Price Points of S&W SD40VE Lasers

Here’s an evaluation of the different price points these lasers are available at, and what you should expect from each of these. 


Maybe you are aware that there’s a ton of cheap China-made stuff selling out there on Amazon. Like every other industry, there are a lot of cheap options for lasers as well. You can find a laser for as low as $20 and it will probably fit, but with a huge compromise on quality. The $70-$100 range is where you will find decent lasers, and starting options from reputed American manufacturers like Armalaser. 


This is the better range and you can expect advanced features like grip activation and a laser/light combo from good companies. If you want a laser for CCW or home defense, this is the range where you can expect to find good options. 


This is the ultra-premium range and I would only recommend it if you want the laser for pro-tactical uses. This range covers better warranties, premium quality, and other optional perks like the battery-for-life program by Crimson Trace. 


A laser on your handgun greatly enhances the aiming capability of the shooter. Especially in high stress situations where finding the iron sights can seem difficult, or in a low-light scenario where your handgun doesn’t have night sights. It is a known fact that lasers help enhance the performance of a shooter. While choosing a laser for your SD40VE, make sure that it is compact, easy to install and handle, complies with legal brightness limits, and solves your individual purpose.


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