Best Taurus G3C Extended Magazines: Top Options Reviewed

The Taurus G3C is a subcompact handgun suitable for everyday carry (EDC) and home defense uses. Since it is chambered for the 9x19mm Parabellum cartridge, it already has an optimal capacity that can be further extended to different levels. Having an extended magazine can be a necessity, preparedness, or just for fun. Plus, many different factors have to be kept in mind before choosing the right extended mag for your G3C. 

Here we will be reviewing the top extended mags for the Taurus G3C, along with deep insights into different aspects of choosing them. 

Comparison of the Best Taurus G3C Extended Magazines

  • Heat-treated steel design and steel wire spring
  • Machined witness holes and hi-vis polymer follower
  • The polymer grip spacer helps fit and ergonomics
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  • Injection molded, lightweight 12 round magazine
  • Scalloped sides offer improved control
  • Tough spring and impact resistant floor plate
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  • Two-part aluminum and plastic design fits with screw
  • Works with 17 round mags and adds three rounds
  • Fits 17rd Taurus G2C, G3C, PT111 G2, or G3XL,
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  • 32 round stainless steel magazine for PT111/G3C
  • Black oxide finish and chrome-silicon wire spring
  • Ergonomic catch to help with handling the gun
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  • Contoured magazine sleeve offers additional grip
  • Full witness holes and high visibility follower
  • Holds 17 rounds and patterned to match the grip
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  • High grade steel and polymer mag for durability
  • Fits Taurus PT-111 G2, G2c, G3 and G3c models
  • Backed by lifetime guarantee against defects
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Factors to Consider Before Buying Taurus G3C Extended Magazines

Before you make up your mind on buying an extended mag for your G3C, here are a few important factors for consideration. 

What Capacity Do You Need?

Extended magazines can be available in a wide range of capacities for a given firearm. Even with its subcompact size, the Taurus G3C can have extended mags with the capacity to hold up to 50 rounds. This handgun comes with a 12+1 round capacity from the manufacturer which is optimal for most users. 

Having two or three extra rounds can make a difference under the right circumstances and with the right user. However, an extended mag will stick out a bit further which may cause carry and concealment issues. The high capacity variants such as the 32-rd and 50-rd are certainly for fun shooting only. 

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Legal Issues

Many states prohibit the possession of high capacity magazines, so having an extended magazine will certainly make your firearm illegal in such states. For example, California defines a high capacity magazine as a mag that holds more than 10 rounds. So you can legally buy only the 10-rd variant of the Taurus G3C. 

If you plan on using extended magazines, make sure you check with your local laws before buying one. 

Polymer or Metal

Magazines can be found made from either polymer or metal (mostly steel).

While metal mags were the first choice a few years ago, polymer mags offer the advantage of lower cost, lesser maintenance, and lesser chances of deformation upon being dropped. On the other hand, steel magazines are more durable and less prone to cracking, but this comes at the cost of a higher price and weight. 

Custom Design and Fit

If you are buying an extended mag for your G3C, make sure that it was specifically designed for the G3C, or at least to fit it properly. A wiggling magazine that does not fit properly will cause feeding issues, which in turn can be fatal in some situations. Additionally, some extended magazines offer extra features like an in-built grip which helps with the ergonomics. 

Review of the Best Taurus G3C Extended Magazines

Here is a compilation of some of the best Taurus G3C extended magazines on the market. These mags have been shortlisted based on their features, usability, and positive customer feedback. 

Best Overall

Taurus G2C G3C G3XL 9mm 15-Round Magazine

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This is an OEM magazine from Taurus that holds 15 rounds of 9x19mm Parabellum. The mag has been made using heat-treated steel with a glossy finish. It has a high-visibility polymer follower coupled with a steel wire spring that helps with the reliable feeding of rounds. The amazing part about this magazine is the machined witness holes. Each hole has been marked serially from the top to the bottom. 

Moving on to the ergonomics, the magazine has a polymer grip spacer on the base which doubles as a pinky finger rest. This helps with the handling, and also the aesthetics of the firearm. The high-visibility follower further enhances the function of these witness holes. 

This mag fits G2C, G3C, and G2XL handguns and the 15-rd capacity is great for almost any application with the Taurus G3C.

Bottom Line

This 15-rd magazine from Taurus is the best extended mag for the G3C because of its optimal capacity, OEM make, and ergonomics. The magazine won’t stick out obscurely and helps with maintaining a proper grip on the firearm. 


Hi-vis follower and steel wire spring

15 rounds is the most optimal capacity

Machined and numbered witness holes

Heat treated stainless steel construction

Polymer grip spacer to help with ergonomics


None we could find


Taurus G3C G3XL 9mm 12-Round Magazine

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This OEM magazine from Taurus is capable of holding 12 rounds at once. While the Taurus G3C comes standard with a 12-round magazine, it also comes in a 10-round variant as standard. So if you use the 10-round variant and want to increase its capacity by a couple of rounds, this magazine is your answer. 

It has been made using heat-treated steel for durability, and it also means that the lips won’t lose their shape even after being dropped. The mag has two witness holes marked 6 and 12 on the side. The hi-vis follower helps with safety and ease of use. 

The polymer grip extension on the base has a naturally conforming shape and is of great help with ergonomics. Basically, it is a normal mag for 12-round Taurus G3C, but an extended mag for the 10-round variant. 

Bottom Line

The 12-round magazine from Taurus is not really an extended magazine by normal standards, but it is still an upgrade to the 10-round variant of the Taurus G3C. This magazine is OEM, durable, and very ergonomic. Great for EDC and CCW uses. 


Two witness holes on the side

Factory mag with 12-rd capacity

Bright yellow follower for ease of use

Polymer grip extension for improved handling


Not an extended mag for most states

Best for the Money

Hybrid +3 Magazine Extension

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This magazine extension comes in two variants. One fits the 15-round G3C mags and the other fits the 17-round G3C mags. The extension can be mounted by removing the baseplate of your existing mag and installing it using a 3/32 Allen wrench. The installation is easy and does not require any complex tools or procedures. 

The pad does stick out a bit from the bottom, but it does not look vague or obstruct your handling in any manner. You must also be aware that the pads for 15 and 17-round mags are not interchangeable. 

This extension pad is a great accessory for people who do not want to carry a separate extended magazine. Or perhaps a person who wants to carry some extra rounds on special occasions. 

Bottom Line

This magazine extension is quick to install/remove accessories which allows you to extend the capacity of your 15 or 17-round Taurus G3C mags on special occasions. 


Very economical and easy option

Made using reinforced carbon fiber nylon

Adds three rounds to your 15 or 17-round mags

Easy installation/removal by a 3/32 Allen wrench


Sticks out a bit

Only for 15 or 17-round mags

Best Taurus G3C Extended Magazine 30 Round


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This 32-round magazine from ProMag was designed for the Taurus PT111 G2 handgun, but it also works with the G3C. This mag features a tough steel body which is a benefit in terms of durability and a slight drawback in terms of weight. 

The mag has a polymer extension in the middle which sits exactly at the normal grip position with a standard magazine. Hence, you do not have to worry about ergonomics. It has a flat base and a very easy-to-handle body. The chrome-silicon spring helps with reliable feeding and can also store loaded ammo for long periods without compromising on performance. 

The magazine is covered by a lifetime warranty from ProMag against defects, plus, the price is incredible for a mag of this size and quality. Although this mag will not serve any practical purpose unless you find a carbine conversion kit for the G3C. This mag is mostly for range use and plinking. 

Bottom Line

The 32-round mag from ProMag is a high-quality extended magazine with a polymer extension in the middle for ergonomics, and a sturdy chrome-silicon spring for reliable feeding. This mag is suitable for range use or unless you are using a carbine conversion kit. 


Holds 32 rounds at once

Heat treated steel construction

Durable chrome-silicon wire spring

Covered by Promag’s lifetime warranty

Polymer extension in middle for ergonomics


Limited applications

Loading can be hectic. Plus no witness holes

Best Taurus G3C Extended Magazine 17 Round

Taurus G2C G3C 9mm 17-Round Magazine

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This 17-round magazine for your Taurus G3C will bring its capacity at par with the famous Glock 17 pistol. Many people prefer carrying 17 rounds of 9x19mm Parabellum for an optimal self-defense weapon, and if you share the same view, this mag is the best choice for you. 

Made from heat-treated steel, this is an OEM product from Taurus and delivers exceptional quality and reliability. The contoured magazine sleeve provides additional grip, and it has been contoured to blend with the grip of your handgun. So you won’t feel any difference in ergonomics. 

The magazine comes with a high visibility follower and a set of numbered witness holes along the rear surface to further help with handling. 

Bottom Line

An OEM magazine from Taurus with a 17-round capacity which is optimal for EDC, CCW, and home-defense applications. The mag will not stick out vaguely because of the contour on the polymer extension. A good choice for EDC if your state allows the capacity. 


OEM 17-round magazine

High visibility follower and strong spring

Big polymer extension that blends into the grip

Stainless steel construction with witness holes


Not legal in some states

Best Taurus G3C Extended Magazine 50 Round

ProMag Taurus PT-111 G2c/G3 9mm Luger Drum Magazine 50 Rounds

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This 50-round drum magazine from ProMag has been designed for the Taurus PT111 G2C, G3, and G3C models. Unlike many other drum mags, this mag has a very distinctive design that features a polymer extension at the base of the steel tube for grip. You know that the G3C is a subcompact pistol and using it with this drum magazine will require significant effort. However, it is really fun if you want to shoot 50 rounds at once. 

I would recommend you get a carbine conversion kit for your G3C before using this drum mag. A big problem with drum mags is that they are clumsy to use with handguns, plus, they also take a lot of time to reload. So you’ll find little use for this drum mag with your G3C, except for a fun session at the range. 

Bottom Line

The 50-round drum mag for the Taurus G3C is a durable magazine with a reliable feeding mechanism. However, it will mostly be used at the range and has few realistic applications. However, it is still a great buy for the price. 


Great for plinking and fun at the range

Holds 50 rounds in a drum at the base

Made using a mix of steel and polymer

Full length steel insert for reliable feeding/loading


Takes time to load

Limited applications

Price Points of Extended Magazines

Let’s take a look at the different price points for these mags, and what you can expect for a specific budget. 

$19 – $50

This is the price point where you will find most of the extended magazines for your G3C. In fact, the OEM mags from Taurus fall under this category, along with high-quality mags from ProMag. Mags from Taurus are mostly cheap and will range between $19-$30. Even with their high-quality construction and reliability in feeding, these mags are affordable. 

$50 – $100

Honestly speaking, the only extended magazine on this list that crosses the $50 mark in terms of price is the 50-round drum magazine. The drum mag is from ProMag which is known for its high-quality products and a dependable lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects. 

Hybrid +3 Magazine Extension

Who Should Not Buy a Taurus G3C Extended Magazine?

After all the babbling about picking a good extended magazine for your G3C, let us look at a contrarian viewpoint. An extended mag is a good idea, but it is not suitable for everyone or every situation. 

The Taurus G3C is a subcompact handgun that is mostly used for EDC, CCW, and sometimes for home-defense applications. If you live in a non-restrictive state that allows mags of more than 10 rounds in capacity, you will probably end up buying a Taurus G3C with 12+1 rounds capacity. On the other hand, if you live in a restrictive state, getting an extended magazine is certainly out of the question. 

Anyways, I think 13 rounds in a Taurus G3C are enough for a trained individual to handle any situation. However, some people prefer adding more rounds for that extra probability of ‘maybe’ situations. Now you must understand that adding an extended magazine will increase the grip length of your handgun to some extent. 

This means that a larger handgun can cause concealment problems, or even carry problems without an appropriate holster. Extended mags are best for people who are involved in high-risk jobs or need a high-capacity firearm for home-defense situations. In most EDC cases, 13 rounds is enough for the average Joe. 


The Taurus G3C is an incredible subcompact handgun that is suitable for EDC, CCW, and home-defense uses. It comes with a 10+1 or 12+1 capacity depending upon whether it is being sold in a capacity restrictive or nonrestrictive state. A good extended magazine for the G3C must feed reliably, be durable, and have a polymer extension that matches the grip of the handgun for perfect ergonomics.


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