Best Chest Holsters – 2024 Round-up

After purchasing a handgun, you’ll want to get accessories that allow you to access the gun quickly. Most shooters get a belt holster, but some activities make this holster difficult to use.

Chest holsters will keep your gun in reach without impeding your movement. However, how do you know which are good chest holsters?

Comparison of the Best Chest Holsters

  • Made using full grain premium saddle leather
  • Polymer release tab and fully adjustable strap
  • Offers abbreviated draw stroke through open top
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  • Internal foam pad protects chest from pressure
  • Deep concealment holster with neoprene backing
  • Universal fit holster and removable shoulder strap
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  • Button release thumb strap covers hammer
  • Chest holster specially designed for the 1911
  • Fully adjustable straps and quick release buckle
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Can You Really Find a Quality Chest Holster That’s Affordable?

We’re here to tell you that it is possible to find a high-quality and affordable chest holster. The difference in price points usually depends on the material, design, and manufacturing. 

A holster that was hand-stitched from locally-sourced leather would cost more than a factory-made, neoprene one. Nonetheless, purchasing a cheaper option doesn’t mean the product is worse. Even the fanciest holsters could have manufacturing defects and pitfalls.

Chest holsters with low manufacturing costs are often less durable with simpler designs and cheap materials. However, they do not cost much to buy, so you could readily replace them if they were to face issues. Many budget-friendly chest holsters are as comfortable as the pricier brands.

GunfightersINC MOS Open Kenai Chest Holster

What Should I Look For When Buying a Chest Holster?

Chest holsters are worn at the center, side, or under a chest depending on the design and user preference. No matter how you like to wear one, there are several features that all quality chest holsters have in common.


Many people wear chest holsters to conceal their weapons under their shirt. If it isn’t comfortable, you won’t want to wear it all day, and you may misuse it. Try to look for one with soft straps that don’t dig in.


You should have easy access to your weapon, and it should not have a high bulge or wobble.


You’ll want to adjust the straps to your preference, and the holster position. Most chest holsters have extra hoops and buckles for adjustability.

Fits Your Weapon

Make sure your chest holster fits your weapon. It’s best to buy the holster after the weapon so you can choose one with the correct dimensions. Ensure the holster covers the trigger guard and the barrel end as well.

Review of the Best Chest Holsters

Below we have reviewed six of the best chest holsters available today:

Best Overall:
GALCO Kodiak Hunter KH130H

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  • Fits Smith & Wesson Model 29
  • Constructed from full-grain saddle leather with nylon straps
  • Comes assembled and is comfortable, adjustable, and secure
  • Faster target acquisition than the average holster from abbreviated draw stroke
  • Made in the USA from the top 2% of American leather and handcrafted in Arizona


  • May not fit non-S&W models

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers found the GALCO Kodiak Hunter comfortable, visually appealing, and secure. It is durable and fits most guns with an 8 ⅜” barrel. Some put talcum powder on the leather to reduce the squeaking noise, and others had to break it in to fit their guns because it was initially too snug.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The GALCO Kodiak Hunter fits many handguns. While designed to fit S&W Model 29, it will fit most handguns with an 8 ⅜” barrel. It has an open-top, creating an abbreviated draw stroke and allowing for rapid target acquisition.

It comes assembled, so you don’t have to figure out where the straps go. The Kodiak Hunter includes a holster, an adjustable leather and nylon shoulder strap, an adjustable nylon torso strap, and a firearm retention strap. It fits even the largest of guys

We love how it is constructed from America’s best leather, and the company craftsmen in Arizona make each model. It’s made by Americans, for Americans.

Bottom Line

For a high-quality, beautiful, American chest holster, you can’t go wrong with GALCO’s Kodiak Hunter. It is comfortable, versatile, pre-assembled, adjustable, and accessible. It has all the best features in one, so definitely consider it if you have an S&W.

AIKATE Deep Concealment Holster

[amazon fields="B083WNXHBW" image="1" value="thumb" image_size="large" image_align="center" image_link="none"]


  • Designed in the USA
  • Allows for a quick draw without printing
  • Has options for left- and right-handed individuals
  • Made for concealed carry under the arm and inside or outside the waistband
  • Versatile design fits almost all subcompact, compact, mid-size, and full-size pistols and revolvers


  • Noisy withdrawal
  • Only fits smaller chests between 32” and 43”

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers report that the AIKATE Deep Concealment Holster is comfortable and fits most weapons. However, some found it lacked necessary support and slipped off their shoulders, recommending a second shoulder strap, but it fit the waist nicely. Also, drawing the weapon is noisy from the snug fit. Nonetheless, it's top quality for its affordable price.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Deep Concealment Holster does a great job at concealing almost any gun under a loose shirt. You can wear it on your chest or waist, and it has options that fit most individuals. While it isn’t adjustable, it should fit most men and women if you choose the right size.

The low price stands out, especially considering the accessibility, comfort, and versatility it offers. You won’t get the adjustability or durability of a more expensive product, but you will get what they say you will. Also, if you are disappointed, you can get a full refund within 90 days of purchase.

Bottom Line

If you’re on a budget, you can’t go wrong with the Deep Concealment Holster. It won’t conceal your weapon under a snug-fit shirt, but it should under most sweaters. Also, it is on the smaller end, so make sure you measure your chest before buying.

Best 1911 Chest Holster:
DD Guides Choice 5” Chest Holster

[amazon fields="B00JL3V58S" image="1" value="thumb" image_size="large" image_align="center" image_link="none"]


  • Constructed of high-quality leather
  • Designed, tested, and handcrafted by hard-working Alaskans
  • Specially designed to fit your revolver or semi-auto’s gun and barrel lengths
  • Offers maximum handgun accessibility without interfering with your clothes
  • Easy-to-use, comfortable, adjustable, and versatile, especially for outdoor use


  • Exclusively fits unmodified 1911s
  • One of the more expensive options

What Recent Buyers Report

Owners of the Guides Choice 5” Chest Holster love the quality and comfort of the holster. The adjustable straps allow it to fit most bodies, and the leather is exceptionally durable. It holds 1911s snugly and allows for quick access. However, some found it did not fit their revolver as advertised.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This chest holster stands out to us because of its quality Alaskan craftsmanship. Its beautiful design fits people of all sizes in a snug yet comfortable manner. DD designed, tested, and crafted this chest holster for a decade to get it just right, and the results are impeccable. You can also use it as a chest or cross draw holster.

Keep in mind that this holster won’t fit scoped guns, guns with barrel laser attachments, or guns with aftermarket high front sights. Nonetheless, it offers maximum accessibility and security to compatible weapons.

Bottom Line

You can tell that DD worked hard on this holster. It perfectly fits 1911s, and it doesn’t pretend to do anything else. If you want a comfortable, high-quality, beautiful, and adjustable chest holster, this one may be your best bet.

4. GunfightersINC MOS Open Kenai Chest Holster

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  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • Designed for the active outdoorsman
  • Extremely comfortable harness with minimal rub spots and easy handgun access
  • Fits most body types from its adjustability and is wearable low or high on the chest
  • The buckles are located out of the way of pack straps for comfort and accessibility


  • Unlikely to fit anything other than Glocks

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers love the GunfightersINC MOS Open Kenai Chest Holster. Its Kydex and nylon design fits most Glocks and is comfortable, durable, and adjustable. You can use it while biking, hiking, hunting, boating, or any outdoor activity. The only complaints were about the color and the price, though it is well worth the money.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This chest holster offers excellent accessibility and functionality to the user without sacrificing comfort. It’s not the most versatile, but it does fit most Glocks. It won’t rub against your skin so you can wear it all day.

We love its accessibility and appreciate the company's customer service. The holster ships directly from the manufacturer, and it is handmade in the USA. This chest holster is acclaimed for its quality, though it is a little expensive. If you’re an outdoorsman with a bigger budget, you can’t go wrong with the Open Kenai Chest Holster.

Bottom Line

The Open Kenai offers comfort, accessibility, adjustability, and durability, specially designed for outdoor use. You can quickly and quietly draw your Glock, so consider this option if you have the money.

Best Glock 19 Chest Holster:
GunfightersINC Kenai Chest Holster

[amazon fields="B08666P9LF" image="1" value="thumb" image_size="large" image_align="center" image_link="none"]


  • Handmade in America with locally-sourced nylon
  • Created for extra mobility during outdoor recreation
  • Solution-dyed, waterproofed, and UV-resistant for durability
  • Adjustable enough to fit most body types low or high on the chest
  • Comfortable design with out-of-the-way buckles that minimize rub spots


  • Does not fit all Glocks
  • Right hand only

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers report that GunfightersINC Kenai Chest Holster does its job well, with incredible mobility and firearm placement. It also features cuts for optics. However, it only fits a few Glocks, and it’s only available for right-handed individuals.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Kenai stands out because of its all-day comfort for outdoor activities. It is specially formulated for long-term durability and a reduced IR signature. This holster comes with coatings and dyes to extend the lifespan and make it weatherproof. However, not all users may want the extra chemicals.

You can quickly draw your Glock from this holster, and you can adjust it to your liking. It keeps your gun secure and allows for modifications. Nevertheless, it does not fit all Glocks, so you’ll have to ensure yours fits before buying.

Bottom Line

The Kenai Chest Holster is a comfortable and durable product that may fit your Glock. Check with the company that it will fit yours before buying. If you have a Glock 19, you’ll appreciate this one for its accessibility and mobility.

Best Chest Holster for Hiking and Best Kydex Chest Holster: GunfightersINC Open End Kenai Chest Holster

[amazon fields="B016CJZKW0" image="1" value="thumb" image_size="large" image_align="center" image_link="none"]


  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • Buckles placed out of the way of pack straps
  • Designed for all-day outdoor comfort with minimal rub spots
  • Made of coated Kydex and Nylon for durability and weatherproofing
  • Adjustable enough to fit most body types and fits high and low on the chest


  • Sways a little when you move
  • Only fits a handful of 1911s

What Recent Buyers Report

This chest holster is comfortable, adjustable, and accessible. Usually, it allows for a quick withdrawal, but some recent buyers found the draw not fast enough and the holster insecure. However, those who had the proper gun for the holster did not find any issues and used it for many high-impact outdoor activities.

Why it Stands Out to Us

While the Open End Kenai Chest Holster does not fit many 1911s, it is excellent for the ones it does. It will keep your gun secure as you backpack and hike, and it fits most bodies. You can wear it over heavy coats or t-shirts because of its adjustability.

GunfightersINC also sells custom-made chest holsters if this model does not fit your gun. Overall, it is a high-quality, weather-, water- and UV-resistant holster, perfect for prolonged outdoor usage.

It compares to the other GunfightersINC products on the list, all of which are weatherproof, so choose the one that fits your gun.

Bottom Line

If you have one of the specified 1911s, this chest holster works as a high-quality Kydex option. It works well for almost all outdoor activities, though it tends to sway and is not the most secure.

Pros and Cons of Chest Holsters

Chest holsters have a few advantages and disadvantages.


  • Perfect for hiking, hunting, and other outdoor activities

  • Offers extra mobility

  • Lets you carry larger guns

  • Snug yet comfortable fit


  • Often only designed to fit a few specific weapons

If you are carrying a gun while hunting, backpacking, shepherding, fishing, biking, or any other outdoor activity, a chest holster is perfect for you. It doesn’t interfere with anything else you’re carrying, and it offers quick access if you need to draw your gun. Chest holsters reduce obstructions in reaching your weapon, and they require less arm movement to draw. You can also move freely.

Chest holsters often fit larger firearms, but most are designed for a few specific models. You may have to purchase a custom-made holster as there aren’t as many universal designs available. Nonetheless, they excel in comfort and security compared to regular waistband holsters.


A chest holster is a comfortable way to carry your gun. If you often partake in outdoor activities where you’ll need a gun, you should consider a chest holster. The one you go with depends on your gun and budget, but we highly recommend the GALCO Kodiak Hunter KH130H as it excels in adjustability, accessibility, comfort, and durability.

GunfightersINC Open End Kenai Chest Holster

People Also Ask

Below are some frequently asked questions about chest holsters. Ensure you fully understand the design before purchasing one to ensure your safety and comfort while using your weapon.

Is a Chest Holster Open Carry?

Chest holsters are generally open carries. Most shooters wear them over their shirts or jackets, but some styles allow for concealment. They are usually designed for outdoor use, where you’ll be more comfortable carrying one over your clothes.

Does Open Carry Have to Be in a Holster?

Whether an open carry weapon needs to be in a holster depends on your state’s laws. Some states define holsters as any item used to carry a weapon. While you may not have to open carry in a holster, it significantly improves access, mobility, safety, and security. 

What is the Safest Firearm Carrying Position?

The safest firearm carrying position depends on what you’re doing. In general, point the muzzle at the ground away from other people and keep the safety on. A holster offers the most safety for people in your party as you are less likely to accidentally fire. Make sure you can easily remove it.

Is a Chest Gun Holster Legal in California?

Using a chest gun holster is considered open carry in California. You violate California’s open carry laws when you carry a loaded or unloaded handgun in your car or on your person in any public place or street where guns are prohibited, whether incorporated or not.


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