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Stephan D. Powell, firearms instructor

Stephan D. Powell

Contributing Author

Stephen D. Powell is an Air Force veteran with more than 20 years of combined federal, military & civilian law enforcement experience; including patrol, HRT, narcotics investigations, drug task force team member and executive protection. Powell has been teaching professionally for over 25years as a defensive tactics, Krav Maga & firearms Instructor. Rated with numerous organizations and agencies including the NRA, NM & TX DPS (TCOLE) and a Sig Sauer Academy Master Instructor. His company, Patriot Outdoors, Inc, has been operational in the defensive training industry since 2004, starting a large scale training facility located in Eastern New Mexico. Patriot has provided crucial and relevant firearms training to DOD and SOCOM, state and local law enforcement and over 250K armed citizen students trained. He's also created an outlet for his experience and passion by creating "The GunLife Coach", which is an educational & motivational approach to helping others in life and
on the range. Coupled with his love for the great outdoors and big game hunting; his passion exudes success. Over the past several years, Powell has appeared on several Fox News, Sirius XM radio, various regional newspaper, radio & tv shows, promoting military veteran entrepreneurship and patriotism. He also consults within the industry on outdoor range development & operations,
training course development, public relations and crisis media management. Currently a news contributor for and Sinclair Broadcasting Group. Patriot Outdoors and his motivational platform The GunLife Coach are currently operating out of the Phoenix, Arizona.

Marshall Luton

Contributing Author

As Owner and Operator of Defensive Shooting Academy (DSA), Marshall Luton has been in law enforcement for 27 years. He has successfully operated DSA since 2000 and has assembled the finest instructor cadre in the industry. Together they are responsible for curriculum development and currently have 14 courses that are recognized by the Oklahoma Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (C.L.E.E.T.). Marshall is a C.L.E.E.T. certified rifle, shotgun and pistol instructor and has received thousands of hours of training through various organizations and instructors. Over the last two decades he has trained countless numbers of police officers, military personnel and civilians. A life member of the National Rifle Association and former NRA Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor for pistol and shotgun, Marshall is an accomplished competition shooter in both IDPA and USPSA. He is an NRA Carry Guard Distinguished Graduate and holds an Advanced Certificate from Bill Rogers Shooting School. He is a Master class SSP shooter in IDPA and an A class Production Shooter in USPSA. He has won five State Championships, four Regional Championships and loves to train and produce top-notch shooters and teachers. Furthering his training and discipline, Marshall diversified with a journey into Brazilian Jujitsu, and within three years, earned his blue belt under the tutelage of Master Piet Wilhelm of the Triton Fight Center. He credits the success of DSA to his instructors and lives to serve God and country.

Blake Hodges

Contributing Author

Blake graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a major in Sociology and Criminology while playing 4 years of Rugby. After college he moved to Tulsa and joined the Tulsa Police department. While on the department he earned my NRA Firearms instructor license in both pistol and rifle disciplines. After a few years of working some of the toughest areas within our jurisdiction, he wanted a greater challenge. Blake left the department on great terms and joined the U.S. Army as a Combat Medic, 68W. While in the Army he received countless hours of hands on medical training and firearms training to compliment his time as a police officer. After leaving the Army with an honorable discharge, he began contracting as Executive protection both in and out of the United States. This work included forward observation, logistics, travel arrangements, motorcade movements, situational awareness training, site security surveys, etc. Blake currently still provide executive protection services when requested by former clients, or from referrals, etc.

In his spare time he enjoy being a father to his son, husband to his wife, working out, competing in shooting sports (3-gun, sporting clays), and scuba diving whenever possible.

Michael Lutes

Owner / Founder

Michael Lutes is the managing editor and owner at Gun Mann. He is a veteran, gun enthusiast, 3 gun competitor, and 2a advocate. Mike has a passion for innovation and education across the industry to create great content, training, and insights from the best and brightest.