A Great List of Kydex Holster Makers (Leather, too!)

When choosing a holster, you want a lightweight, durable, and attractive product that doesn't scuff your weapon.

Leather is traditional, but Kydex options allow you to customize it to fit your gun snugly. 

This post will look at some manufacturers that make Kydex products and suggest considerations you should take before choosing one. The article also provides extensive lists of Kydex manufacturers.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Holster Manufacturer

A holster is the most important firearm accessory. It needs to be comfortable to carry and durable. It's gained popularity recently, but choosing the right one can be challenging as they come in different textures and thicknesses. This section highlights the main considerations for selecting a manufacturer.

Temperature Susceptibility

Kydex softens at temperatures between 305 and 320℉. You'll need a holster that you can loosen up if it's too tight around your weapon. At the same time, a little heat shouldn't deform the whole sheath.


Some manufacturers offer you adjustable products that allow you to set the cant and ride-height to assist with easy drawing and comfort. 

Sweat Shield Feature

Most gun enthusiasts appreciate a comfortable sweat shield, especially inside the waistband holsters. Although it's not necessary for outside the waistband carry, some shooters believe that it adds comfort.

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Audible Retention for Safety

Most holsters fit snugly around the firearm, and the shooter can judge when the weapon is sufficiently retained. Unfortunately, this judgment can be off due to distractions. 

Choosing an option that provides an audible click when your gun is in the proper position assures you that it won't fall out. This is an excellent feature to look for when deciding on an appropriate manufacturer.


Some states only allow concealed carry, and your holster has to be conducive to this. You have to consider how your clothes will assist with keeping your gun out of sight.

Some Kydex manufacturers utilize minimalist designs to make concealment more convenient. Look for a manufacturer that produces a range that's easy to keep covered, even in the summer when you're not wearing many layers.


Not all options offer the same level of functionality. The most important function your holster needs to have is ease-of-draw. Ensure that it allows cross-draw choices if you anticipate that you need to withdraw your gun while seated.

It also needs to be lightweight so that it's convenient to carry around. When you're choosing a Kydex product, check that the size goes well with both the weapon you're carrying and your waistband so that there's very little printing.

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List of Kydex Holster Makers

The surge in popularity of Kydex holsters means that many manufacturers concentrate on designing top-of-the-line products from this material. Fortunately, we've provided a list for you to browse through for those who like a wide range.

Each of these manufacturers offers durable and reliable products. Choosing the best Kydex product for your needs is a matter of personal preference and the priority of your use. You can find our extensive list of Kydex manufacturers below.

List of All Holster Makers

If your preference is leather, Kydex Hybrid products, or if you want to compare all holster manufacturers without limiting it to the types of material, the list below is for you. This list is even more extensive than the previous one.

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Before deciding which manufacturer to choose, analyze what functionalities are most important for you. Decide if discreet concealed carry is more important than adjustability or if comfort and convenience are a top priority. Once you've established this, making your selection will be a lot easier.


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