Benelli M4 Magazine Extension – Buyer’s Guide [2024]

benelli m4 extension runner up

A benelli M4 magazine extension is one of the most sought after benelli m4 accessories. Looking at the improvement the extension adds to the already awesome shotgun, it becomes quite self-explanatory.  In this short guide, we will help you find the best magazine extension tubes for the Benelli M4, while … Read More

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Best Ruger AR-556 Upper Receivers of 2023

The heart of any modern sporting rifle is the upper. This is where the magic takes place and where most of the mechanics reside. The factory Ruger AR-556 upper is solid as a rock, but not exactly high performance. An upgraded upper can greatly improve performance and reliability. In our article, … Read More

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The M1A is a semi-automatic, magazine fed rifle, widely used for hunting and competitions. The M1A’s flawless semi-auto operation can be partially credited to the use of good magazines. Like any auto or semi-auto weapon, the M1A also requires a flawless magazine for effective usage. Here, we’ll learn about the benefits … Read More

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