Best Single Action Revolvers 2024 – Ultimate Review

Remember those old wild west action movies where the protagonist smoked the hostile cowboys with multiple quick taps on the revolver hammer? Looked nothing shorter than a semi-auto in modern times, eh! Those were the single action revolvers that took some time to reload but also delivered the fastest rate … Read More

Best Revolvers For Women 2023 Ultimate Round-up

If the marketing is to be believed, women are only capable of owning and using guns that are pink in color, of small size, or of a caliber with less recoil.Needless to say, the marketing is wrong. While there is nothing negative about wanting a gun in a “girl” color … Read More

Best 38 Special Revolvers – 2023 Complete Round-up

With the plethora of semi-automatic handguns loaded with features that are available today, you may ask yourself if revolvers for concealed carry are a thing of the past.The resounding answer to that question is no. Revolvers, and the .38 Special included, most definitely still have their place in the shooting … Read More

Best .22 Caliber Revolvers – 2023 Ultimate Round-up

When most people think of a .22 caliber firearm, they think of the bolt-action rifles they learned to shoot on. However, the small but mighty .22 cartridge is also available in a range of revolvers. Handy for self-defense, target shooting, plinking, and some hunting, a .22 revolver is a great addition … Read More

Best Snub Nose Revolvers – 2022 Ultimate Round-up

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Best Taurus Revolvers – 2022 Complete Review

The revolver is one of the most well-designed handguns in history. Reliable, versatile, and easy to use, modern style revolvers have been around since 1889 and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. That popularity means that there are nearly countless options of revolvers to buy. It can get confusing quickly. One … Read More

Best Smith and Wesson Revolvers – 2023 Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

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Best 300 Blackout Buffer Springs of 2022

The 300 AAC Blackout round is a great option for urban tactical situations. It gives you the performance of a 7.62x39mm with standard-sized AR mags. There are dozens of ways to tune your AR, but the best way is to change up your buffer and spring. Follow our guide below … Read More