Aimpoint Acro Review – A 2022 Comparison

The Aimpoint ACRO P-1 is one of a kind red dot sight with a rugged and extremely user-friendly design. This sight has quickly grabbed its spot as one of the best selling pistol sights on the market. Here we’ll be learning about why it is so appreciated and the factors that make it worth it. 

  • Good battery life and water-resistant up to 80 feet
  • Close emitter red dot sight with aluminum housing
  • 10 brightness adjustment levels with 4 NVD settings
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Aimpoint ACRO P-1 Red Dot Sight


  • Durable and Waterproof Design
  • Low Profile Design Prevents Snagging
  • Closed Sight for Extra Protection of Lenses
  • Specially Designed for Pistols
  • Easy Push Button and Battery Access
  • Compatible with Night Vision Devices


  • Dot Too Big For Some Applications 
  • Battery Life Not Up to the Mark
  • Smaller Aperture Than Other Sights

Aimpoint Acro P-1 Specs

Before we dig deeper into the pros and cons of the Acro P-1. Let’s get an overview of the basic specifications to understand what this sight can deliver.

Eye Relief: Unlimited

Adjustment Options (Parallax, windage, elevation): W/E. Parallax free.

Type of Reticle: 3.5 MOA red dot

Image of Reticle:

Magnification: 1 x

Objective Lens: 16 x 16 mm

Weight: 2.1 oz.


First of all, let’s understand why the ACRO P-1 is a good or maybe great optic. Let’s check out the pros first and then we’ll move over to the cons. 

Closed Unit

The ACRO P-1 is a closed emitter red dot sight. Which in simple terms means that the entire working system has been enclosed in a metal housing. This ensures that the lens stays clear of any dirt or debris, and is better protected against damages. The design gives it 10/10 for durability and ruggedness. 

Easy Access to Buttons & Batteries

The P-1 is extremely easy to handle. It features a push button on the side with + and - markings to adjust the brightness from the 10 available settings. The button is located on the side for quick access and ensuring it doesn’t accidentally get pressed.

The battery compartment is located superficially and doesn’t require to dismount the sight when changing batteries. You’ll just need a coin or a suitable screwdriver to remove the cap and change batteries. 

NVD Compatible

The P-1 has four brightness settings suitable for night vision devices. Settings 1 to 4 can be used for NVD’s which makes this red dot a more tactical option when used for such purposes. Additionally, this sight can also be coupled with other optic scopes for further enhancements and precision. One important thing to note here is that the P-1 has one of the brightest red dots available on the market today. 

Pistol Specific

The ACRO (Advanced Combat Reflex Optic) has been specifically designed to suit pistols. Hence the name P-1 (Pistol 1). While the sight works with all firearms, it specifically suits the function of pistols. It has been rigorously tested with .40 cal pistols for over 20,000 rounds by the manufacturer to ensure expected compatibility. 


The P-1 has a very low profile design, despite the fact that it has an enclosed emitter design and should be bigger in size. It actually fares well in size with its competitors like the Trijicon RMR. Mounting and dismounting this sight is extremely easy and it works with most large frame handguns. 


As already mentioned, the ACRO is a durable reflex sight. But one added advantage the design provides is its waterproof capability. The P-1 is submersible up to a depth of 80 feet underwater. Which was an expected feat since it is an Aimpoint. The importance of this factor lies in the fact that you can use it under extreme conditions where water, rain, snow, or heat can influence the performance of common sights. 


Enough with the goodies. Now let’s face the drawbacks this ACRO P-1 sight has to offer, and several other important considerations to be kept in mind. 


The P-1 is an enclosed emitter reflex sight. Stuffing the entire sight setup inside a metal housing will have some repercussions. While extreme care has been taken to keep the sight as light as possible (because it has to be mounted on pistols). But it still weighs more, sometimes even double than its counterparts. 

Battery Life

The battery life of this sight is another small issue with many users, that cannot be overlooked. The company claims a year of battery life, but that’s only possible on the lowest setting. Which in fact is only fit for NVD’s. Operating the sight on the maximum brightness level can eat up the batteries in as less as 2 weeks. However, the batteries are cheap and easy to replace.  

Dot Size  

This sight features a 3.5 MOA dot. Which may or may not be suitable respective to personal preference. For some, it may be too large and affecting accuracy at long range, while for some it may be a perfect size. 

Small Aperture

The P-1 features a comparatively smaller window when compared with other reflex sights in its class. The 16 x 16 mm aperture may feel small. Also because it has a closed design. 

Best Uses For the Aimpoint ACRO P-1

The best uses for the Aimpoint ACRO P-1 are duty, home defense, and as a multi-purpose red dot sight. The design of this reflex sight calls out for rugged use. Since the outer aluminum housing protects the inner system from dirt and damage. 

This sight offers one of the brightest red dot settings and can be relied upon even under extremely bright conditions. The fact that it is waterproof opens up another world of possibilities for using this as a rugged tactical sight. Especially for maritime areas/applications. 

The P-1 is NVD compatible to assist with duty use and tactical operations. Since it can also be mounted on rifles and shotguns with dovetail compatibility. It can be your general purpose red dot reflex sight to be used for home defense and every day carry. 

The P-1 is a rugged sight and holds zero even under the toughest conditions. The dot size doesn’t exactly qualify it for competition use. But then it can only serve what you make of it. This sight is covered by a 10-year limited warranty, which already speaks of its reliability. 

Is the Aimpoint ACRO P-1 Compatible With Any Rifle? 

The Aimpoint ACRO P-1  was specifically designed for pistols and is intended to be used with them. However, it doesn’t strictly limit itself to pistols only. If you have the right mounting setup, this sight can work very well with low caliber carbines and SMG’s. 

The P-1 was designed to withstand the shock from a consistently recoiling slide plate. So it can also handle the recoil of a rifle. The only limiting factor may be the size of the red dot which can cover a bigger area over long range. Thus limiting the accuracy of the rifle. 

What Do I Need to Know About Mounting the Aimpoint ACRO P-1?

The Aimpoint ACRO P-1 comes with impeccably clear instructions in the manual. The sight includes a mount/adapter, a battery, and an Aimpoint tool. This tool is everything you’ll need to handle this sight. You also get the option to choose from a variety of mounting options available on their sight. 

There’s no set value to tighten the base screw. However, the recommended torque value for tightening the screw is MAX. 3 Nm / 2.2 ft·lb. Do not overtighten the screw. The Torx T-10 Aimpoint tool is very easy to use and should be carried along at all times. 

The P-1 uses a coin battery that offers ample life if you run the sight on medium brightness settings. Also, note that the sight has a small aperture. Which may or may not suit your preferences. The enclosed design helps with fighting fog and other impervious weather conditions. 

Aimpoint ACRO P1 vs C1 and Nano - Comparison Overview 

The P1 is not alone in the ACRO line from Aimpoint. Let us compare P1 with other latest and popular versions of this line for a better overview. 

Aimpoint ACRO P1 vs C1

The ACRO P1 and C1 are closely comparable and almost similar in design. Differing only in a couple of features. Both these sights feature 10 brightness settings but the P1 has four NVD compatible settings, while the C1 has only Two.

The next difference is water resistance. The P1 is water submersible up to a depth of 80 feet whereas the C1 offers water resistance only up to 16 feet. Taking a general overview, the P1 was designed for more tactical applications and the C1 for basic civilian uses. 

Aimpoint ACRO P1 vs Nano

The ACRO P1 and Nano use exactly the same mount for installation. However, with Nano, you get an option for a quick detach mount. The basic difference is that the P1 was designed for pistols whereas Nano is strictly for a stable non-moving base. Mounting it on a slide will void the warranty. Additionally, the P1 has a water resistance of 80 feet and the Nano offers only 16 feet. The Nano has a bigger 4 MOA dot and the intensity always starts at position 7 when switched on. 

Aimpoint ACRO P-1 Red Dot Sight


The Aimpoint ACRO P-1 has quickly gained popularity as an ideal red dot sight for pistols. It features a unique and rugged design that has been rigorously tested, only to find that it is impervious to damage and can be a brutally reliable sight to depend on your life upon. Plus, it is an Aimpoint, so extra marks for that!

People Also Ask

Check out answers to some important and confusing questions about the Aimpoint ACRO P-1 pistol sight.

Can You Use Aimpoint ACRO P-1 in Low Light Conditions?

Yes. In fact, the V P-1 features 10 brightness adjustment settings to suit different lighting conditions and offers one of the brightest red dots available today. The P-1 was specifically designed for pistols being used in tactical applications. 

How is the Aimpoint ACRO Battery Life?

The ACRO P-1 can run for about 1 year on brightness level 7, as claimed by the company. Speaking practically, you can expect about five months of operation on brightness setting 8. Settings 9 and 10 are the most battery consuming and won’t let the battery last for more than a few weeks. 


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