Aimpoint PRO Review – A 2022 Guide

The Aimpoint PRO (Patrol Rifle Optic) is one of the most popular red dot sights on the market. The PRO was actually designed with the input of current and former law enforcement professionals to create a red dot sight that perfectly met their needs.

A red dot sight is designed for fast targeting at close range. In this article, we’ll examine whether the Aimpoint PRO meets this purpose with sufficiency.

  • Integrated rail grabber QD mount with spacer
  • 2 MOA dot and front & rear transparent covers
  • 3 year battery life and threaded front lens opening
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  • Convenient Always-On Battery
  • Excellent 2 MOA Dot
  • Strong and Durable


  • Not Great Over 300yrds - as expected

Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic Specs

Eye Relief: Unlimited

Adjustment Options: +- 2 m at 100 m in windage and elevation. 1 click = 16 mm at 100 meters.

Type of Reticle: 2 MOA Red Dot Reticle

Image of Reticle:

Magnification: 1X

Objective Lens: 38mm

Weight: 330 g


In order to see whether the Aimpoint PRO stands up to its advertised standards as a professional-level red dot sight, let’s evaluate the main attractions of its design. After this, we’ll balance it out with some cons to give you a full range of criteria to make your decision.

Strong and Durable Design

First up, we were quite impressed with the durability of the PRO’s design. The sight is made from hard, anonized aluminum alloy. It is quite durable, and is even meant to be waterproof up to 150 feet! While it is unlikely that this feature would ever be necessary, it gives you a good idea of the pressure and rugged conditions that this sight was built to withstand.

The lens quality is really impressive as well. The lens openings are recessed to prevent against scratches and impact damage. Additionally, there are rear and front flip-covers to keep lenses protected and clean.

It is evident that this sight was built to withstand the harsh conditions necessary in law enforcement and military situations, which should make it more than enough to meet the needs of most people.  

Convenient Always-On Battery

The battery is another main selling point of the PRO sight. In fact, the sight itself is designed to be “always-on”. This means you don’t have to turn the switch on and off with each use, for added convenience and less fumbling around to get started. The battery lasts up to 3 years on a single charge.

Excellent 2 MOA Dot

Of course, a red dot sight is only as good as the red dot itself, and we were very happy with this one. Red dot sights are great because of their parallax-free nature. As long as you have a view through the site, the dot stays focused on your target. This means you get unlimited eye relief, and you also get a full field of view by aiming with both eyes open.

The reticle on the PRO is quite impressive. It has a wide 38mm objective lens and a 2 MOA red dot. The lens itself has a good amount of clarity, and it’s easy to view targets even far away. All of this makes it really easy to view the red dot from multiple angles so you can make quick, accurate targets. The wide viewing window and 1X design allow you to keep both eyes open for a full range of views.

Overall, this reticle was clearly designed for fast and accurate targeting up-close, but it’s pretty accurate at distance as well. The red dot is quite small and precise, so you can zero on small targets up to 300 yards away with precision (as long as you can calculate your bullet drop).


Specific Usages

This a great sight if you are primarily going to use it for up-close targeting and shooting. And it is accurate at distance, but there are much more accurate sights if the distance is your goal. Basically, you just want to be sure that your primary goal with this sight is tactical use and up-close shooting.

The wide field of view and 2 MOA red dot allows for quick, easy targeting. But the red dot is large in comparison to some sights that are more focused on accuracy over speed. And, of course, since it’s a red dot sight, it has no magnification option. So if you’re looking for accuracy at distance, you might prefer a different type of sight altogether.

Mid-Level Sight

This is very much positioned as a mid-level option in terms of quality. While it is of high quality, there are more durable, and more accurate sights available. It all depends on what you are looking for. With a more expensive sight, you may expect more durable construction, and more accurate targeting (a smaller red dot).  

Best Uses For the Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic

Competition/Range Shooting

The PRO sight is designed for fast, accurate targeting at close range. The wide field of view and 2 MOA red dot makes it very easy to adjust your target while maintaining your full field of view. This makes it an excellent gun to take to the range, or even to engage in some short range competition shooting. It’s a lot of fun to learn how to quickly re-adjust and nail your target, and it’s a highly functional sight for this purpose.

Tactical Shooting

As mentioned above, this gun was designed with the input of law enforcement professionals. This means that it was designed to be ideal in tactical and self-defense situations. The fast targeting and full field of view help you feel safe and allow you to adjust to any threat with relative ease.

Is the Aimpoint Pro Compatible With Any Rifle?

The Aimpoint PRO is compatible with a wide range of rifles. However, it is clearly designed with AR-15 in mind. The mount might actually be a bit high for some other rifles, but the mount is also detachable and it is compatible with third-party mounts should you require a different height.

So while it is technically compatible with any rifle, it is certainly most suitable for an AR-15.

What Do I Need to Know About Mounting the Aimpoint Pro Patrol?

The Aimpoint PRO is packaged with a QRP2 modular mount set up for usage on AR15s, M4s, M16 Rifles, and Carbines. It also has a removable spacer so that it can be mounted on shotguns, sub-shotguns, AK47s, Type 81s, BD08s, and other weapons that have a low line of sight.

But, as mentioned above, the included mount is most suitable for the AR-15. If you find that it is a bit high for other rifles, then consider purchasing a third-party mount.

Mounting the Aimpoint PRO is a relatively simple task. The QRP2 can be used with a Picatinny rail. Just slide and then turn the knob until it’s secure in place. The mount has a guide for easy installation.

What Makes the Aimpoint PRO Stand Out From the Competition?

The Aimpoint PRO separates itself from its competitors with its superior ease of use. It’s designed with fast, accurate close-range targeting. A really wide field of view, a 2 MOA red dot, and reliable reticle accuracy make it such a popular choice among red dot enthusiasts. Let’s check it out in comparison to its main competitors:

Aimpoint PRO vs Trijicon MRO - Comparison Overview 

The Trijicon MRO is one of the Aimpoint PRO’s main competitors. Functionally, the two are similar, and we think they are both great options. The Trijicon MRO actually edges the PRO in battery life, as it lasts about 5 years.

The main difference is that the Trijicon MRO is much smaller in design than the PRO. It, therefore, has a smaller field of view, which may make a functional difference to many users. So while the difference will largely come down to personal preference, we do like both sights a lot.

Aimpoint Pro vs Aimpoint Comp M4 - Comparison Overview 

The Aimpoint Comp M4 is the “premium” version of the Aimpoint PRO. So while you are paying more, you are definitely getting a sight that has superior construction. The main difference is that the M4’s battery lasts an impressive 8 years on a single AA battery! The M4 is also made of high-strength aluminum, which is a step up in durability from the PRO.

Aside from that, the sights are similar, offering similarly wide fields of view, and 2 MOA red dots. So functionally they are quite similar, but the Comp M4 is a definite upgrade in quality over the PRO.


Thanks for reading our guide to the Aimpoint PRO. Although the PRO is positioned as one of Aimpoint’s mid-tier offerings, we think it has the functionality and ease-of-use to rival most any red dot sight. If you’re looking for a red dot sight that is built for quick and accurate targeting at close-distance, then the PRO deserves a spot at the top of your list.

People Also Ask

Before we wrap up, let’s check out some of the most frequently asked questions about the Aimpoint PRO. We want to make sure that this guide answers any question you might have!

Where is Aimpoint PRO Made?

Aimpoint PROs are made in Sweden. They have two production facilities located in Sweden. Each sight is built by hand and undergoes rigorous quality control tests.

What Battery Does the Aimpoint PRO Use?

The Aimpoint PRO uses a 3V Lithium Battery, type 2L76 or DL1/3N. The battery is meant to last up to 3 years without having to turn off.

Which Aimpoint Does the Military Use?

More than 1,500,000 Aimpoint sights have been used by professionals in law enforcement and the military. You can find more information about the specific sights used by the military here.


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