Burris RT6 Review – A 2022 Guide

The Burris RT-6 is an all-around versatile scope that is built for speed and accuracy above all else.

In this article, we’re giving you our full thoughts on the RT-6 scope, and whether we think it lives up to Burris’s claims. You might think of a 1-6x primarily for 3-gun competitions, but you might be surprised how capable this scope really is. Read on to hear our thoughts, and to decide whether you should consider this scope for yourself.  

  • 11 brightness setting and very easy to use
  • Reticle with 600 yards trajectory compensation
  • Compact and lightweight design with a clear lens
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  • Built for Speed
  • BDC Compensation up to 600yds
  • Adjustments are Quick & Easy
  • Quality Construction


  • Not Ideal for Long Range

Burris RT-6 Specs

Eye Relief: 3.3”-4”

Adjustment Options:

  • Parallax: N/A

  • Windage: 80 MOA

  • Elevation: 80 MOA

Type of Reticle: Ballistic AR

Image of Reticle:  

Magnification: 6X

Focal Plane: RFP

Objective Lens: 30mm

Field of View: 106-18.5”

Brightness Settings: 11

Weight: 17.4 oz.


First up, we’ll give you the pros of the RT-6. We want to give you a balanced look at this scope, so we’ll look at the pros with the cons, helping you make an informed decision:


The RT-6 rifle was absolutely built for speed, and it delivers on these promises. The Ballistic AR reticle has an illuminated broken circle for short-range targeting, and the milliradian hash marks allow you to compensate for bullet drop up to 600 yards.

Adjustments to the magnification are quick and easy with true 1x settings. The magnification adjusts and the reticle focuses the shooter’s eye quickly. It even includes a removable cat-tail for even quicker adjustments. We’re also happy to report that the resolution stays clear and consistent all the way up to 6X. And you barely even have to adjust your head for eye relief throughout all of this.

All of this is pretty ideal for the fast-paced demands of competition shooting.

Additionally, the scope itself is shorter than even most 1-4x scopes, which allows for even quicker handling.


Speed would be nothing without accuracy, and thankfully the RT-6 also delivers on that. As mentioned, it compensates for BDC for up to 600 yards. You can also adjust the MOA for elevation and windage at 0.5 MOA per click, which allows for highly accurate zeroing. Although this scope is definitely more geared toward aiming without the turrets, it helps to know they are accurate for when you need them.

If you’re looking for highly accurate short to medium-range shooting, then the RT-6 is likely the type of scope that you are looking for. There is almost no zero shift with magnification, and the precision reticle makes it easy to make adjustments on the fly.

The RT-6 also has 11 brightness settings, which are powered by a CR2032 Battery.

Quality Construction

Performance is one thing, but you also want your scope to be durable enough to withstand heavy use. The Burris RT-6 definitely succeeds in this regard. It is made from a one-piece aluminum main tube for superior resistance and durability.

The lens itself is carefully constructed for optimal clarity and focus. The high-grade glass is index-matched, with Hi-Lume coatings that provide solid clarity and contrast.

Ease of Use

To wrap up our pros, we’ll give you our bottom line. This is a simple, easy, intuitive, and accurate scope. It’s probably what you’re looking for out of an AR scope, especially in a competition setting.

If you need a scope that can adjust quickly and reliably, then this scope does just that. It quickly and accurately adjusts from short to medium/long-range engagement and accurately compensates for BDC. Adjustments can be made in 0.5 MOA increments to account for windage and elevation. For competition shooting, you can’t do much better than this. 


However, it comes with some drawbacks, including:

Specific Usage Requirements

The main drawback of the RT-6 is that it’s not for everybody. Simply put, it’s mostly popular for ARs and for competition shooting. It is geared toward quick adjustments for fast shooting.

If you need a rifle scope for long-range shooting or big-game hunting, then you’re probably best looking elsewhere. You can definitely find a more suitable scope that is geared toward the long-range shooting and accuracy required of these disciplines.

Basically, just be sure before you purchase the RT-6 that you are actually looking for a scope that is built for speed above all else. There are certainly more suitable scopes for varying disciplines, especially if you are buying a scope for hunting.

Best Uses for the Burris RT-6

3-Gun Competitions 

The RT-6 was clearly designed with a focus on competition shooting. Specifically, it was built for the quick, accurate adjustments that are required of 3-gun competition. The quick and accurate magnification switches, paired with accurate trajectory compensation of the reticle, make it possible for a skilled shooter to adjust to different length targets on the fly. Additionally, it’s actually shorter than most 1-4x scopes, which makes it relatively easy to handle and maneuver throughout the competition.


Although this scope was not designed with hunting as a primary focus, it would still get the job done in many hunting situations. Because at the end of the day, it is still a very accurate scope up to 600 yards. Also, the lens is clear and focuses quite nicely at any magnification. The 0.5 MOA/click adjustments make it possible to take your time and accurately zero on a target.

Is the Burris RT-6 Compatible With Any Rifle? 

The Burris RT-6 is designed to be mounted to AR-style rifles. It includes the Burris PEPR mount which we will examine in the next section. The RT-6 will be compatible with any AR-style rifle and was designed to be most suited to the specific usage requirements of these rifles.

What Do I Need to Know About Mounting the Burris RT-6?

The Burris RT-6 is very easy to mount. It is packaged with a Burris PEPR System (Proper Eye Position Ready System). The PEPR system is designed to make it simple to mount a scope to an AR-style rifle. It gives the scope the necessary clearance and also gives it about 2-inches of forward positioning. It includes smooth and Picatinny ring tops for either kind of installation.

The PEPR also gives ample eye relief and a full field of view.

What Makes the Burris RT-6 Stand Out From the Competition?

The RT-6 stands out from the competition for one primary reason – speed. It is simply designed to be one of the fastest scopes on the market. We’ve examined these features quite extensively in this article, so just know that this scope allows you to make the quick, accurate adjustments necessary for competition and tactical shooting.

Burris RT-6 vs the Competition

Burris RT6 vs. MTAC

The Burris RT6 is often compared against another popular Burris Scope, the MTAC 1-4x 24mm. The comparisons are understandable, as both scopes are designed for the quick adjustments required of short-range tactical/competition shooting.

These scopes are both quite adept for competition shooting, but the obvious difference is that the RT-6 is a 1-6x scope. While both these scopes are ideal for short-range shooting, the RT-6 can extend the range even further. However, if you’re only interested in short-range shooting and short-range hunting, then the MTAC might be more than enough to suit your needs.

Burris RT-6 vs Vortex Strike Eagle

The RT-6 also holds up admirably to another popular 1-6x scope – the Vortex Strike Eagle. We actually think quite highly of both of these scopes. Each offers similar construction and features, and both are adept for the same variety of targeting and shooting. In our opinion, the RT-6 slightly edges the Vortex Strike Eagle just by virtue of having slightly clearer lenses and an overall crisper focus.


Thanks for checking out our guide to one of the fastest scopes on the market – the RT-6. We think that this is an awesome scope for its intended usage. It’s among the fastest and most accurate short-medium range scopes on the market. If you’re looking for a great scope for 3-gun competition, and even for shorter range hunting, then this could be exactly what you’re looking for.

People Also Ask

Below are some common questions surrounding this topic.

How to Zero the Burris RT6 Scope?

Zeroing the Burris RT6 scope is quite easy and intuitive. The magnification is 1-6x, and you can use the milliradian hash marks to compensate for bullet drop up to 600 yards.

There are also adjustable turrets to account for windage and elevation, which you can adjust at 0.5 MOA per click (up to 80 MOA). The MOA can then be readjusted to zero once targeted.


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