EOTech 552 Review (2022 Guide)

The EOTech 552 is a legendary holographic sight and has an esteemed reputation for its design and proven reliability. Due to its successor, the EOTech 552 being used by some of the elite U.S military units.

Here we’ll try to open up the details of this optic and ponder over some of its pros and cons. 

  • 20 brightness settings and 10-night vision settings
  • XR308 reticle specially designed for use with M249
  • Proven & tested design in use with some LE/military
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EOTech Holographic 552.XR308

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  • Durable, reliable, and proven design
  • XR 308 reticle design and NV compatibility
  • Compatible with magnifier and retains true dot size


  • Low battery life and a tad bulky
  • Center mounted controls can obstruct handling

EOTech 552 Specs

  • Eye Relief: Unlimited

  • Adjustment Options (Parallax, windage, elevation): W/E - 40 MOA (½ MOA clicks). Parallax free

  • Type of Reticle: XR 308

  • Image of Reticle

  • Magnification: 1 x

  • Focal Plane: FFP

  • Objective Lens: 30 x 23 mm

  • Field of View: 90 feet at 100 yards at 4 inches of eye relief


The EOTech 552 is known for a lot of good features. It has a reliable and proven design that has performed admirably over and over. Let’s focus upon the best and most helpful features of this sight for a quick overview

XR 308 Reticle Design and NV Compatibility

The EOTech 552 features a specially designed XR 308 reticle with four dots and three stadia lines. The dot was specially designed for .308 calibers and especially the M249 machine gun. The reticle can switch brightness among 20 available daylight settings. Along with 10 other settings for night vision devices. The sight can be switched from normal to NV use by the simple push of a button located in the center of the optic.  

It is a night vision compatible holographic sight which greatly improves its scope of application. The unlimited eye relief also allows you to shoot with both eyes open. Plus, the wide field of view helps you cover a significant area over 100 yards.

Durable, Reliable, and Proven Design

The 552 has been tested to withstand extreme recoil, inclement weather conditions, and rigorous drop tests. It was designed to meet military specifications and it performs true to them. The sight is submersible in water up to a depth of 33 feet. Making it suitable for maritime use as well. The HUD is made up of 3/16” tough glass and the sight has been subjected to 3500 G’s of acceleration with no drop in performance.

One amazing feature to note here is that any partial obstruction or damage to the lens will not sabotage the operation of the sight. 

Compatible with Magnifier and Retains True Dot Size

This sight can be coupled with a G33 magnifier and used for enhanced range. The size of the dots remains true regardless of the magnification and does not cover the target like a blob when zoomed. Additionally, the BDC dots on the reticle help with drop estimation for medium range shots. 

The sight also has an auto-shutoff and a low battery indicator feature for ease of use. 


The EOTech 552 is an admirable holo sight. No doubt about that. But there are a few areas where it lags in features. You should be aware of these before buying this optic. 

Low Battery Life and a Tad Bulky

The 552 uses two 1.5V AA batteries to power up the dot. The estimated battery life when used on brightness setting 12 is 2500 hours with lithium and 2200 hours with alkaline batteries. Maybe you shouldn’t ask much from this optic. But Aimpoints on the other hand offer battery lives up to 50,000 hours. 

Additionally, the use of two AA batteries increases the weight of the sight significantly. 11.5 ounces is something you generally don’t expect from a red dot sight.

Center Mounted Controls Can Obstruct Handling

The push buttons for brightness adjustments and night vision have been mounted in the center of the housing. Right below the rear lens. While this makes controls ambidextrous. But also creates a hindrance when using the sight in conjunction with magnifiers. So you’ll either have to use a tilting mount or make some maneuvers. 

Best Uses For the EOTech 552

The EOTech 552 is currently being used by some law enforcement agencies (DEA, ATF, FBI SWAT), state police departments, and a couple of infantry divisions of the U.S Military. The 552 is almost a 553 but without a mount. The 553 is used by some elite special forces and is a renowned sight. 

The EOTech 552 offers quick target acquisition, NV compatibility and has a ranging reticle with four 1 MOA dots. This sight is great for tactical applications when mounted on a rifle or a machine gun. 

This sight can also be used for hunting in broad daylight, low light, or even in dark conditions. Thanks to the NV compatibility. When attached with a magnifier the 552 can reach a significant range to hunt down varmints like coyotes or prairie dogs. 

Last but not the least, the EOTech 552 is also a viable optic for a competition where speed and accuracy are all that matters. Like 3-gun competitions. 

It has been designed to withstand the harshest of conditions and the most unforgiving recoil of handheld firearms. The reticle is calibrated for .308 rounds and the sight retains its settings even under rigorous maneuvers. 

The fact that this sight can be submerged in 33 feet of water makes it suitable for maritime operations. 

Is the EOTech 552 Compatible With Any Rifle? 

The EOTech 552 XR308 (this specific model) was designed to be used with the M249 SAW machine gun. The XR308 reticle has drop compensating dots calibrated for .308 150 gr. M59 FMJ bullets at roughly 2,800 fps with a 24.8" barrel.

Apart from that, this sight works best with AR-15’s, AK’s and other semi-auto or full-auto assault rifles of the like. You can also mount it on a shotgun to achieve quick target acquisition and solve gobbler hunting or home defense applications. 

What Do I Need to Know About Mounting the EOTech 552?

The EOTech 552 does not come with a mount for installation. The sight will work best with the Larue tactical QD mount 110. The sight weighs 11.5 ounces and will require a steady and durable base for prompt installation. 

Due to its battery compartment size, the sight occupies a good amount of rail space for the optic. So mount it wisely if you’re planning on adding other optics to your rail. 

The adjustment controls are located in the center of the sight. So ensure you can have easy access to them with other mounted optics. 

What Makes the EOTech 552 Stand Out From the Competition?

The reputation of the EOTech 552 precedes itself. This optic is used by law enforcement and military units and is almost similar to the EOTech 553 which is widely used by the U.S military. It is a proven and reliable optic with rock-solid construction. The XR308 reticle upgrades it from being a simple red dot to a short/medium range optic. The quick target acquisition capability along with NV compatibility are also notable features. 

Comparison Overview 

The 552 is an amazing holo sight, but it's not unique in its class. There are several other considerable options to choose from. So let’s compare them with the 552, side by side.  

EOTech 512 vs 552

The EOTech 512 and 552 are almost the same in design. Expect for the fact that the 552 is night vision compatible and the 512 is not. The battery and battery life are the same and so is the size. 

EOTech 552 vs 558

The EOTech 552 and 558 feature the same outer housing and are both compatible with Gen 1-3 night vision devices. The 558 however, has side-mounted push buttons for brightness adjustments and comes with a QD mount base for easy installation. 

EOTech 551 vs 552

The major difference between the EOTech 551 and 552 is that the 551 uses CR123 batteries and the 552 uses AA. Due to the difference in the battery, the 551 is more compact in size and weighs a bit less. 

EOTech 552 vs 553

The 553 is an enhanced version of the 552 which features a quick detach mount base for easy installation. The 553 is also more renowned due to its widespread use with the military. 


The EOTech 552 is a rugged and reliable holographic sight currently in use by some LE agencies and several military units. The sight offers an XR308 reticle specially calibrated for the M249 SAW. The sight is also night vision compatible for use in tactical or night hunting applications. 

People Also Ask

Check out this comprehensive FAQ section to learn about the major and minor aspects of using an EOTech 552 sight. 

What Kind of Warranty Does the EOTech 552 Come With?

EOTech 552 is covered by the Prestige Warranty that covers the optic and its electronics against all manufacturing and workmanship defects under normal use for a period of 10 years. However, you’ll incur a bench fee of $79 in the last five years for warranty claims. 

How Much Does the EOTech 552 Weigh?

The EOTech 552 weighs 11.5 ounces or 325 grams or 0.71 pounds. That’s a considerable amount of weight for a red dot sight.

Can You Use EOTech 552 in Low Light?

Yes. The 552 works amazingly well in low light. Plus, it is also compatible with night vision devices and has 10 NV modes for use in absolutely dark conditions. 

How Long Does the Battery Last on the EOTech 552?

The EOTech 552 has been revised recently to upgrade its battery life. It now delivers 2500 hours of continuous operation on brightness setting 12 with lithium batteries, and 2200 hours for alkaline batteries. 


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