EOTech G33 Review (2022 Guide)

The EOTech G33 is the answer to your range extension problems. It is a 3x magnifier designed by them to increase the maximum visibility of their holographic sights. However, it also suits other sights as well.

Here we’ll learn more about this optic and how it can make your EOTech sights better.

  • Ambidextrous mount with quick detach lock
  • Switch to side mount for quickly changing mode
  • 3x magnification and an adjustable diopter for focus
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EOTech G33


  • Works with many optics 
  • Quick detach STS mount 
  • Helps you shoot distant targets with accuracy
  • Tool free azimuth adjustment and waterproof


  • A bit expensive
  • Very short eye relief
  • Slight misalignment issues with some sights

EOTech G33 Specs

  • Eye Relief: 2.2 inches

  • Adjustment Options (Parallax, windage, elevation): W/E adjustable. Parallax - none

  • Type of Reticle: None

  • Image of Reticle

  • Magnification: 3x

  • Focal Plane: FFP

  • Objective Lens: 22.5 mm

  • Field of View: 7.3 ft at 100 yds


The EOTech G33 is a useful addition to holographic sights. Since they do not have any magnification of their own. It helps increase their range and hence expand their scope of operation. 

Helps You Shoot Distant Targets With Accuracy

The sole purpose of using a magnifier is to increase the effective range of your holographic sight. One amazing benefit of using it with EOTech sights is the capability of the reticle adjusting the size. Or in simpler terms, you may compare it with a first focal plane scope. 

So adding the G33 magnifier to your optics changes your blurry red dot into a crisp and visible red dot. No more guesswork but a plain skill for accuracy. 

Quick Detach STS Mount 

The G33 features an STS (switch to side) mount with a quick detach design for easy mounting/dismounting. The STS mount solves two problems at once. First, it allows you to quickly switch between normal and magnified modes. Second, it allows easy access to the rear-mounted controls on some EOTech holo sight models. 

The flip orientation of the STS mount is ambidextrous and can be switched to the left or right side. Depending upon your individual preference. 

Works With Many Optics 

While the G33 is ideal for EOTech sights, it is also compatible with many other holo, red dot, and night vision sights on the market. That makes it a bit versatile if you carry many such optics. 

Tool Free Azimuth Adjustment and Waterproof

The G33 offers tool-free adjustment for windage and elevation. In case you have problems aligning the dot with the magnifier. The diopter adjustment also helps with clarifying the image when needed. Additionally, this magnifier has a rugged design and is submersible in up to 33 feet of water. 


The G33 has a lot of benefits to offer. But it also has a few drawbacks that prevent it from being an ideal optic in some situations. Let’s look at them. 

Very Short Eye Relief

As soon as you switch to the magnifier behind your optic. The unlimited eye relief is instantly tarred down to just 2.2 inches. That’s something you have to live with if you want to use the G33 magnifier. In other words, it simply means that your stance and cheek weld will be stringent. No more leaning back and peeping-from-cover shots. However, the good part is that you can quickly get rid of it with a simple flip. 

Slight Misalignment Issues with Some Sights

The magnifier will require you to use a riser (included) to adjust the alignment with some EOTech sights with side-mounted controls, and several other sights from different manufacturers. These alignment issues can be corrected easily using the tool-free azimuth adjustments. 

A Bit Expensive

Some people are going to smirk about buyers being unnecessarily charged extra by EOTech for a simple magnifier scope. Which can be appropriate for some people, if you look at the price tag. It costs more than $600 but is worth it for EOTech optics. 

Best Uses For the EOTech G33

The G33 is a magnifier and will make life easier for you in a variety of scenarios. The first and foremost application where this magnifier will prove imperative is tactical operations. Imagine an encounter where you have to quickly switch between targets at 50 and 100 yards, or maybe more. 

Holo sights are great for close-range encounters but the crispness of their images tends to slightly diminish as the range is increased. Plus, remember that holo sights have 1x magnification and are not a scope. That’s where a magnifier comes in and imparts clarity to those distant targets. 

The best part of using this magnifier is the hinged mount that allows a quick switch between the close and short-range.

Moving further, the G33 magnifier is also a must-have optic for successful hunts with holographic red dot sights. No more worrying about your target fleeing away. Switch the magnifier and compensate for the range. 

The magnifier is also a great aid to practice tactical shooting. Especially for LE officers and defense operatives.

Long story cut short, the G33 magnifier is an ideal and unique add-on for EOTech scopes for enhancing their effective range. 

Is the EOTech G33 Compatible With Any Optic? 

The EOTech G33 is not a rifle-specific optic but more like a sight-specific optic. It is compatible with all EOTech holographic sights and many other holo sight models for different manufacturers. Sometimes with a few adjustments. 

The G33 will work best with assault rifles used for combat and quick shooting. Taking the range into consideration, you won’t be needing these on shotgun mounted sights. 

What Do I Need to Know About Mounting the EOTech G33?

The EOTech G33 magnifier features an built-in quick detach mount for easy installation and removal. The STS mount can be quickly flipped to or fro with a slight pat. The mount also comes with longer screws for position adjustment and more stable mounting. 

It also includes a riser to compensate for alignment with some EOTech models. You can install the STS mount to flip left or right. The magnifier does not affect the function of your optic but only enhances its range. 

The magnifier will take up some rail space and has a short eye relief of only 2.2 inches. So proper mounting position is imperative. 

What Makes the EOTech G33 Stand Out From the Competition?

The G33 can be seen as a simple but overpriced magnifier by many. But the reliability and trust for EOTech along with a battle-proven design makes buyers pay a hefty amount for this magnifier. 

The clarity, durability, and performance of this optic is just awesome. Plus the STS mount offers a quick switch between magnified and non-magnified views and can be positioned to suit left or right-handed users.

Apart from that, the G33 comes packaged beautifully and securely in a foam padded hard case and includes all the necessary and some extra accessories for installation.  

Comparison Overview 

This review won’t be complete unless we compare the G33 with a few popular alternatives available on the market. Checking out the similarities and differences and if one is better than the other.  

Vortex VMX-3T vs EOTech G33

Both these magnifiers are very similar in basic design. Both have flip mounts, 2.2 inches of eye relief, and a quick detach base. The Vortex is a winner on FOV and is an economical option for not-so-serious applications. The G33 however, offers better quality and filed test reliance

EOTech G23 vs G33

The G33 is a more upgraded version of the G23 magnifier. The G33 is more compact, offers tool-free azimuth adjustments, better FOV, and also a quick-flip STS mount. The G33 is certainly the winner out of the two. 

EOTech G33 vs Aimpoint Magnifier

That’s a very tough comparison to make since both these magnifiers are best suited for their respective line of holographic sights. Both these offer a twist mount, but the G33’s mount is quicker and better. The Aimpoint is also more expensive (even without the mount) and lacks a good FOV, diopter adjustment, and tool-free adjustments.


The EOTech G33 is an amazing magnifier to extend the range of a red dot sight. The magnifier features an ambidextrous STS mount, tool-free adjustments, and a quick focus eyepiece. The eye relief is just 2.2 inches. But the included hardware and design makes it compatible with many holographic sights. 

People Also Ask

Take a look at this FAQ section to resolve some common and important queries about the G33 magnifier. 

What Kind of Warranty Does the EOTech G33 Come With?

The G33 is covered by EOTech’s Prestige warranty. It covers the product against any material or manufacturing defects for 10 years from the date of manufacturing/purchase.

The warranty is transferable to new owners. However, it incurs a $79 bench fee to claim the warranty in the last five years of these ten years.

How Much Does the EOTech G33 Weigh?

The G33 weighs 11.9 ounces or 0.74 pounds or 337 grams. When coupled with any EOTech holographic sight, the total extra weight on your weapon will be about 650-700 grams at the least. 

Can You Use EOTech G33 in Low Light?

The magnifier can certainly be used in low light conditions. However, that also depends upon the low light performance of the sight you are using it with. 

How Long Does the Battery Last on the EOTech G33?

The EOTech G33 is a simple magnifier and does not have any electronics inside. So it does not use a battery.


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