Trijicon Accupoint 5-20×50 Reviewed for 2022

Looking for a riflescope with high variable magnification, and a good reticle with illumination?

Forget depending upon batteries as Trijicon has come up with self-illuminating tritium-based reticles that’ll solve a lot of problems out in the field.

This review is starred by the Trijicon Accupoint 5-20x50 riflescope. Where we’ll try to understand its pros, cons, and users who should prefer using it. 


This Accupoint from Trijicon is a variable magnification scope with a self-illuminated tritium/fiber optic-based reticle. This is an SFP scope that comes in many reticle options to choose from.

  • Eye Relief: 3.8 - 4.1 inches

  • Adjustment Options 
    • Parallax: 10 yards to infinity
    • Windage: 40 MOA (¼ MOA clicks)
    • Elevation: 40 MOA (¼ MOA clicks)

  • Type of Reticle: Self-Illuminated reticle. Multiple options

  • Image of Reticle
  • Magnification: 5-25x

  • Focal Plane: Second Focal Plane

  • Objective Lens: 50 mm 

  • Field of View: 19.1 - 5.1 feet at 100 yards

  • Weight: 26.9 ounces (without sunshade)

  • Length: 13.6 inches

  • Tube Diameter: 30 mm 

  • Battery Life: N/A

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Trijicon Accupoint is of high quality and very appreciated scope among medium-long range shooters. The scope offers some amazing features that make it stand out from the crowd. Let’s evaluate them.

Good Clarity With High Magnifying Power

This Accupoint offers a maximum magnification of 20x with a 1:5 zoom ratio. The scope has a variable magnification that starts from 5x which makes it usable right from 50 yards and all the way out to 1,000 yards. 

This scope can be used for short, as well as long-range shooting. The multi-coated lenses deliver zero distortion, glare reduction, and utterly clear images even during low light conditions. Some credit for that also goes to the big 50 mm objective lens. 

Self-Illuminated Reticle

Trijicon has pioneered self-illuminating technology when it comes to sights and optics. The Accupoint is not as tactical as their ACOG series. But it still has a self-illuminating tritium/fiber optic-based reticle that collects ambient light and delivers a crisp green dot on the center of the reticle with self-adjusting brightness. 

Quick Target Acquisition 

The Accupoint offers quick acquisition of the target, thanks to the easy diopter adjustment. The scope works on the Bindon Aiming Concept which allows the user to shoot with both eyes open. Additionally, the four inches of eye relief is quite generous and allows the scope to be used with magnum rifles as well. 

Tool-Free Adjustments

The scope features a repositionable magnification lever for making quick and easy zoom adjustments without hassle. The turrets are finger adjustable and make audible click sounds for prompt reference. 

It even has a zero stop that can be adjusted using a simple hex screw and maintains its position regardless of shock or stress.

Tough Construction 

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Trijicon’s are known for their durability and this scope carries that legacy. The Accupoint 5-20x is submersible underwater up to a depth of ten feet or three meters. The tube is high-grade aluminum and very robust in construction. 


While the cons for this scope are quite rare and may feel redundant. I’ll shed some light on them anyway to give you an honest perspective. 

Second Focal Plane

Frankly speaking, if the FFP technology is readily available today. It must be employed to good use in scopes. Especially when your scope has high magnifying power and you’re paying good money for it. 

Individual preferences matter, but an FFP scope is simpler to use on the field. This scope has a quick focus eyepiece and an illuminated mil-dot reticle for quick estimations. So in my humble opinion, an FFP assembly would have completed the picture. 

Less Adjustment Range

The scope offers 40 MOA of travel adjustments for windage and elevation. But that is somewhat less for a scope that has the potential to engage targets out to 1,000 yards. Forget flat-shooting bullets, but when you are shooting projectiles that drop more than 400 inches at distances of 800-1,000 yards (like the .308). Those 40 MOA may seem less. 

Itsy-Bitsy Whining

Some users won’t like the exposed turrets, whereas some will say the sunshade is too long. Some would point that the scope could’ve included an LED illumination setup for night use for this kind of price tag. Opinions, you know!

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Best Uses for Trijicon Accupoint 5-20x50

The Trijicon Accupoint 5-20x50 is a versatile scope that can be used in broad daylight and also during low light conditions like dusk or dawn. The scope features a self-illuminated reticle with tritium/fiber optic technology. The same tech you find in night sights.

The reticle features a self-lit dot on the center of the crosshairs. Being green in color, this dot provides a perfect reference to the user’s eye regardless of the lighting conditions. Plus, the large 50 mm objective delivers clarity and crispness in images. 

This scope is extremely tough and delivers what you’d expect from a Trijicon on the grounds of durability. The 10 feet water submersibility makes it great for wet and rainy backcountry trips where environmental conditions are your biggest problem. 

Talking about shooting comfort, the scope offers four inches of eye relief. That’s quite justifiable to use even with magnum calibers. While being sure that the scope won’t give you a black ring around your eye. The eye relief is also pretty much constant and helps with your shooting stances. 

The scope offers a maximum magnification of 20x. Making it suitable for ranges out to 1,000 yards for non-precision shooting. However, the range also depends upon the caliber and ballistics of the ammunition. Since it offers only 40 MOA of elevation adjustment.

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The best use of this scope will also largely depend upon the type of reticle and ammo you choose. If you go for the mil-dot reticle, the scope will open up to applications like target and competitive shooting within 600-700 yards. 

Whereas if you go with the duplex reticle, the scope will be mounted on a dedicated hunting rifle. Plus, the non-reflective matte finish will also be of some help. It also has a bit of potential to be used as a tactical scope, but only on a sunny day and at short to medium range. 

Is Trijicon Accupoint 5-20x50 Compatible With Any Rifle? 

As I already said, the Accupoint 5-20x is a versatile scope. The magnification starting from 5x goes all the way up to 20x. Making the scope suitable for short and long-range. Hence also suitable for low and high power rifles. 

This Accupoint can be successfully mounted on an AR-15 or AR-10. Plus, it can also be mounted on your favorite bolt action hunting rifle to hunt down critters. Rifles with which the scope seems a bit unusual are some assault rifles and shotguns. 

As far as caliber is concerned, the Accupoint is a tough scope. That has the potential to retain its settings and perform invariably under stressful maneuvers or harsh recoil. You can mount this scope on .223 rifles and also on the mighty 50 BMG rifles. Plus everything in between. 

This scope will work great with range rifles, match rifles, and hunting rifles. With a little possibility for use with tactical rifles as well. The significant eye relief will handle magnum caliber rifles and will also justify their range. But remember again, that the type of ammo will also play a part in it. 

What Do I Need to Know About Mounting Trijicon Accupoint 5-20x50?

The Accupoint 5-25x50 is not a small scope that can be tossed around on any rifle big or small. The scope measures 13.6 inches and will weigh close to 30 ounces with the sunshade attached. 

Considering its dimensions, weight, 30 mm tube diameter, and the large 50 mm objective lens. The scope will work best with high scope ring mounts. The four inches of eye relief is generous and will allow you to use the scope with adjustable stocks. However, the margin still isn’t very great for too many adjustments. 

As far as the illumination is concerned. You must understand that this self-illuminated dot on the reticle is powered by a tritium/fiber optic setup. The fiber optic collects light and causes the tritium to glow brighter. 

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This means that you are likely to notice a slight difference in the brightness levels on cloudy days. Although the brightness is self-adjusting (somewhat similar to ACOG’s), this will be something worth noticing. 

The windage and elevation turrets are finger adjustable and exposed. So watch out for those accidental re-calibrations. The parallax adjustment knob is neither too crisp nor too mushy. Plus, the magnification adjustment lever is repositionable. 

The sunshade is a bit too long for many users. So watch out for that when mounting low to action. 

What is the Accupoint 5-20x50 Not Great for?

The Accupoint 5-20x50 is a great scope for many things. But it certainly is not good for close-quarter engagements. The two big reasons are its high magnifying power and dimensions. 

The turrets are exposed and come in the way when undergoing strenuous movements in close range or melee engagements. The scope weighs close to 30 pounds although I tagged it as a good hunting scope. The weight isn’t too great for specific hunting applications like mountain hunting where one has to carry the rifle for long distances. 


The Trijicon Accupoint 5-20x50 is a short to long-range scope with a self-illuminating tritium/fiber optic-based reticle. That offers a bright dot in the center of the reticle for easy reference in day or low light conditions. The scope is great for target shooting, some hunting applications, and matches. This is a second focal plane scope that doesn’t depend upon a battery and is tough as a rock. 

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People Also Ask

Take a peek into this short but useful FAQ section that covers the answers to some important aspects of Trijicon scopes. 

What Kind of Warranty Does the Trijicon Accupoint 5-20x50 Come With?

While the scope is covered from defects in material and workmanship for its lifetime. The tritium lamp is warranted to glow for 15 years in fiber optic variants and 10 years in non-fiber optic variants from the date of manufacture. 

Can You Use the Trijicon Accupoint 5-20x50 in Low Light?

Yes. The tritium/fiber optic self-illuminating dot on the center of the reticle coupled with the large 50 mm objective helps with low light use. 

Where are Trijicon Accupoint Scopes Made?

The Accupoint line of scopes is assembled in the USA but has a significant number of components manufactured and purchased in Japan. All Trijicon products are designed in their facility at Wixom, Michigan.


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