Truglo TFX Pro vs Trijicon HD: 2022 Comparison

If you're having a hard time deciding between the Truglo TFX Pro vs Trijicon HD, you're not the only one. Many gun enthusiasts find choosing the perfect sight a challenge. 

These two brands are both reputable and reliable; however, we've discovered that when analyzing these products side by side, one of these options is superior.

This review will highlight the benefits of these optics as well as some of the negative aspects. It’ll also provide answers to some of the frequently asked questions about these sights.

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Truglo TFX Pro vs Trijicon HD

Truglo TFX Pro

Trijicon HD



  • Bright during the day or night
  • Brightness constancy
  • Long sight radius
  • Durable
  • Uses fiber-optic technology and tritium
  • Capsule is TFX sealed
  • Allows one-handed slide manipulation
  • Compact design
    • Advanced target identification
    • Large field of view
    • Consistent brightness in any lighting
    • Allows one-handed slide manipulation
    • Can withstand heavy recoil
    • Can withstand harsh cleaning solvents
    • Even light distribution
    • Thin front sight post



    • Expensive
    • Rear sight is relatively sharp and can cause injury if not used correctly
    • Expensive
    • Orange isn’t as clear in dim daylight

    Best For

    Best For

    Daytime use and those who don't mind the smaller sight picture

    Those who want a larger sight picture and/or have issues with glare on their rear sights

    Relevant Specs: Truglo TFX Pro Vs. Trijicon HD


    Truglo TFX Pro

    Trijicon HD

    Front Sight Width

    0.150 inches

    0.122 inches

    Front Sight Height

    0.200 inches

    0.215 inches

    Rear Sight Width

    0.160 inches (notch)

    .169 inches (notch)

    Rear Sight Height

    0.180 inches

    0.321 inches


    Fortress Finish nitride protective coating


    Illumination Source

    Fiber optics and tritium

    Tritium phosphor and photoluminescent paint


    12 years

    12 years

    Front Sight Width

    The front sight needs to fit well and facilitate accuracy. A sight that's too wide or too narrow will affect accuracy.

    Front Sight Height

    The optic height should be visible but not obstruct the shooter's view.

    Rear Sight Width

    It needs to fit the weapon well and line up correctly with the front sight.

    Rear Sight Height

    It needs to line up well with the front sight but still fit comfortably in a concealed carry holster and be snag-free.


    An efficient coating can increase the product's durability and lifespan.

    Illumination Source

    Some illumination sources are suitable for daylight, while others work optimally at night. A few high-end products use two sources to make the optic conducive to use in any lighting.


    Investing in a sight can be costly. A product that comes with a warranty ensures that you're getting a valuable optic that can last for many years.

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    Key Differences Between Truglo TFX Pro and Trijicon HD

    When looking at the Truglo TFX Pro vs. Trijicon HD, it's apparent that both are of high quality and that they are direct competitors. This section of the review discusses the main benefits of each and also highlights the differences between them.

    Advantages of Truglo TFX Pro

    The Truglo TFX Pro is an improved version of the Truglo TFO and TFX. It comes with many advantages that its predecessors lacked, but it has a hefty price tag. Some of the advantages of this product are listed here.

    • It's an extremely durable steel sight that utilizes patented TFO technology.

    • It can withstand harsh solvents, oils, chemicals, and recoil.

    • It brings together the best of both worlds, with its 24-hour visibility.

    • In daylight, the fiber-optics are clear and allow accurate shots.

    • Tritium illumination allows excellent visibility at night.

    • These illumination sources are ideal for shooters who want quality sights that don't require batteries or exposure to light to function.

    • The three-dot optic is compact and fits most holsters easily.

    • It has a patented nitride protective coating to improve the durability and appearance of the product.

    • It features a ramp-style rear that's serrated and has a twelve-year warranty.

    • The Truglo TFX Pro has a capsule that's shock-resistant and impervious to chemicals. This encases the illuminating elements and ensures that they're adequately protected.
    • The rear notch is "U" shaped for improved accuracy.  

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    Advantages of Trijicon HD

    Trijicon has developed a reputation in the optics industry that's almost unrivaled. The HD series provides quality and durability in various lighting conditions. It's one of the most highly recommended aftermarket products for handguns. Some advantages of the Trijicon HD sight are as follows.

    • It's classified as a night sight but functions well in daylight too.

    • It's designed to be taller than factory sights, improving the sight picture for the shooter.

    • The three green lamps are each bonded to a protective cylinder. The cylinder is aluminum. 

    • Sapphire jewel caps protect each lamp to protect it from potential chemical and mechanical damage. 

    • The rear sights are darker so that they don't distract the shooter's eye from the front sight. This is useful in daylight conditions.

    • The serrations and angle of the optics reduce glare.

    • The front sight uses photoluminescent paint, which only requires a 15-second charge from an LED to glow in the dark for several minutes.

    • The front sight comes in two color options, yellow or orange.

    • The rear features a "U" shaped notch, but the rear lights aren't as prominent, allowing you to focus on the front sight and your target quickly.

    • Dimensions are exact, and the list of firearms it accommodates is easy to find.

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    Use Case Comparison: Truglo TFX Pro vs Trijicon HD

    Sometimes when we compare products, we find that one isn't necessarily superior to the other, but instead, it has a different design application. When buying a sight, the user may use it for self-defense, plinking, or even competitions. 

    This section of the review assesses the Truglo TFX Pro vs Trijicon HD in each of these applications.

    Target Shooting/Plinking

    When choosing sights for target shooting, you'll need a product that's user-friendly and accurate. It involves aiming at a known stationary target at a specific distance. There are certain physical components to take into account for this application.

    These are vital for sight alignment and involve: 

    • The front sight
    • The rear sight 
    • The target 
    • The dominant eye of the shooter

    The shooter needs to align their dominant eye with both the front and rear sight to obtain sight alignment. You need to align this with the target for a consistent sight picture. Both products allow you to accomplish this easily with the "U” notch in the rear.

    If you compare the Truglo TFX Pro vs. Trijicon HD, the Truglo will provide consistent light regardless of the lighting conditions. It has the advantage of not needing to charge beforehand like the Trijicon's photoluminescent optic.  

    While this is advantageous for the Truglo, the Trijicon's design features a difference in brightness intensity between the back and front sights. This makes it easier for the shooter to concentrate on the target and not get distracted by the rear lights. 

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    Competitive shooting requires speed, agility, and accuracy. You need a combination of skills and quality equipment to succeed. 

    The criteria for competition sights are durability, accuracy, and speed. When looking at the Truglo TFX Pro vs. Trijicon HD,  the thinner front sight would be better suited to this application.

    Home Defense

    Statistics prove that most home defense scenarios occur at night. This means that you need an optic that provides optimal light while maintaining accuracy and speed.

    Both options suit this application since the Trijicon HD is a night sight, and the Truglo's design is for usage in any light. The bright rear lights may prove to be a distraction in a situation that requires rapid decision-making. 

    Final Thoughts: Truglo TFX Pro vs Trijicon HD

    Finding a clear winner between the Truglo TFX Pro vs Trijicon HD wasn't a simple task since both are effective and quality optics for handguns. They're also each better suited to different applications, and what's best for home defense isn't necessarily best for plinking.

    Trijicon has established a reputation over many years and reigns supreme in certain aspects, but the Truglo is a worthy opponent. Although both options will do well on the range, the Truglo TFX Pro would be best for target shooting.

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    The bright beams align the front and back sights clearer, which is great if you're leisurely plinking stationary targets. If your primary purpose for purchasing a sight requires speed, you might be better off with a Trijicon.

    The combination of tritium and photoluminescent paint makes the Trijicon HD ideal for tactical night time shooting and thus the better choice for home defense. It's also easier to perform well in competitions with an optic that has a thinner front sight, thus making the Trijicon HD the overall winner.

    People Also Ask

    Although we have discussed most of the specifications and details regarding Truglo TFX Pro vs. Trijicon HD, some questions remain unanswered. This section of the review will address some of the most common questions about these optics.

    What Do You Need to Install Trijicon HD Sights?

    Although professional installation is recommended, you can install it using specific tools. You'll need the Trijicon installation tool, the sights, and a screwdriver. 

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    What Size Allen Wrench Do You Need for Truglo TFX Pro?

    A 1/16 Allen wrench works well on a TFX Pro.

    How Long Do Trijicon HD Night Sights Last?

    They can last many years and come with a 12-year warranty.


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