Truglo Scope Review – 2022 Honest Report

Truglo is a renowned and trusted brand of firearm sights, especially when night sights are concerned. The company stands among some of the most popular US sight brands and has an extensive line of products to choose from. Here we will learn more about the brand and the best pieces it has to offer.

Comparison of the Best Truglo Scopes

  • Durable leaf spring turrets for smooth turret settings
  • Rheostat controlled adjustable brightness in the reticle
  • BDC can be calibrated to most .223 and .308 cartridges
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  • Illuminated all-purpose tactical reticle for precision
  • ½ MOA adjustments and very durable construction
  • Locking target turrets to prevent accidental adjustment
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  • Tough and durable single-piece construction
  • Diamond ballistic reticle for quick acquisition
  • Fixed magnification scope with 4-inch eye relief
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  • Durable and scratch resistant outer finish
  • Features a Realtree camo on the entire scope body
  • Fixed magnification shotgun scope with weaver rings
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  • Two reticle color choices against any background
  • Large window, adjustable brightness, inbuilt mount
  • Anti-reflection coating and parallax-free from 30 yards
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  • Dual color illuminated mil-dot reticle for precision
  • Durable scratch resistant non-reflective matte finish
  • Generous eye relief and multi-coated lens for clarity
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  • Glass etched dual and non-color bright reticle
  • Two pre-calibrated BDC turrets in .223 and .308
  • Adjustable brightness, shockproof, smooth turrets
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Who is Truglo?

Truglo Inc. was founded in 1993 by the competitive archer and hunter Paul LoRocco. It is headquartered in Richardson, Texas with a current workforce of 126 employees and an annual revenue close to $98 million. 

Truglo manufactures archery equipment, weapon sights, binoculars, monoculars, and some other weapon accessories. A majority of the company’s products are manufactured in China under strict quality compliance. Whereas quality control is done in the US. 

Different products in their inventory have varying warranty durations, ranging from 90 days to a limited lifetime warranty. They also have amazing customer support to back your purchase.

Why Are Truglo Scopes so Popular?

Truglo gained widespread recognition after launching its fiber optic sights on the market. The company is widely trusted for manufacturing affordable low light compatible firearm sights. Especially where fiber optics are concerned. 

The other factors are versatility in their product line and affordability. Truglo makes sights and scopes for almost every category of firearms. The only category their line lacks is night vision riflescopes

Truglo night sights have been very popular and have been seen as an inexpensive alternative to Trijicon or Aimpoint night sights. 

Review of the Best Truglo Scopes

We’ve handpicked the best scopes from the limited but completed product line of scopes offered by Truglo. This is a mixed list of different types of scopes suitable for different situations

Best Overall:
Truglo Tactical 3-9x42 TG8539TL


  • Dual color reticle
  • Appropriate eye relief 
  • Durable one-piece design
  • Suitable for short to medium-range shooting
  • Removable BDC target turrets for .223 and .308
  • Illuminated mil-dot reticle with adjustable brightness


  • A bit heavy than other similar scopes
  • Parallax adjustment only up to 100 yards

Best Uses for the Truglo Tactical 3-9x42 TG8539TL

This is a compact tactical riflescope that can be used for hunting as well as competitions and CQB use. The scope has interchangeable turrets for .223 and .308 calibers. Already marketed as an AR riflescope, this scope is great for overall use on the field or during practice. 

Is the Truglo Tactical 3-9x42 TG8539TL Compatible With Any Rifle?

Yes. The model has been specifically designed to suit AR-15 and AR-10 rifles. However, you can mount it on any similar rifle with ample rail space. It’ll also work with bolt actions but preferably under .30 caliber. The scope will hold true under that kind of recoil. A great option for long-distance accuracy. 

What Do I Need to Know About Mounting the Truglo Tactical 3-9x42 TG8539TL?

The scope comes packaged with a one-piece 30 mm scope mount. This is a 30 mm scope tube and not 1 inch. So keep that in mind if you plan on using a different scope mount/rings for this. The turrets are set for particular loads and you should not use it on calibers heavier than a .308. 

This scope has a generous eye relief of about 4 inches at the max setting. The magnification adjustment has a quick lever ring for easy use. Make sure to tighten the scope mount before every shooting session for maximum accuracy.

TruGlo Omnia 1-6x24mm MSR Riflescope


  • Super easy to install and sight in
  • Illuminated all-purpose tactical reticle
  • Brightness is optimal and images are crisp
  • Easy and quick tool-free turret adjustments
  • Includes a sturdy one-piece Aptus M1 mount


  • Best suited only for .223 caliber
  • Illumination knob takes time loosening up

Best Uses for the TruGlo Omnia 1-6x24mm MSR Riflescope

This is a tactical scope with an all-purpose reticle Meaning it can be used for multiple applications other than tactical uses. This scope works best with AR’s and other rifles in the same caliber. It can also be used as a scout scope and is also suitable for short-range hunting and home defense.

The scope is about 22 oz in weight so it will have some effect on the overall balance. However, the rugged design is durable enough to withstand harsh treatment in the woods. 

Is the TruGlo Omnia 1-6x24mm MSR Riflescope Compatible With Any Rifle?

Yes. This scope works best with AR-15 and other .223 caliber rifles. Compatibility with .308 and .300 blk rifles is also good and can be given a try. Heavy calibers such as the .450 Bushmaster and 50 BMG are absolutely not recommended to be used with this scope. 

What Do I Need to Know About Mounting the TruGlo Omnia 1-6x24mm MSR Riflescope?

Nothing much really. The scope comes with a one-piece mount that has to be mounted on top of your receiver. The scope mount is already attached to the scope, so you don’t have to fuss around leveling and tuning adjustments. 

Sighting the scope won’t take much effort and ammunition if you do it properly. The turret adjustments can be made with bare hands and are crisp and audible. The illumination knob is a bit stiff initially but eases up with use. The scope is only 10.75 inches in length and makes sure you have ample rail space to utilize the generous eye relief. 

Best for the Money:
TruGlo TG8504BD


  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Mounts directly to Picatinny rail base
  • Rugged construction to withstand recoil
  • Long eye relief. Great for CQB and scouting
  • Diamond ballistic reticle for quick acquisition


  • Fixed magnification. Limited range

Best Uses for the TruGlo TG8504BD

The best uses for this model are as a scouting scope and a shotgun scope. It has fixed magnification, a wide field of view, and generous eye relief. Making it suitable for CQB and home defense scenarios.

The scope has a diamond ballistic reticle that helps with the quick acquisition of a target at short range. Additionally, the 4x magnification can allow you to precisely shoot targets at 400 yards if you have your scope properly sighted.

Is the TruGlo TG8504BD Compatible With Any Rifle?

This scope will work best with shotguns and small-caliber rifles. Both due to its range and size. It can withstand harsh recoil and can be used with powerful calibers for a few shots at close range. 

What Do I Need to Know About Mounting the TruGlo TG8504BD?

The scope comes complete with a couple of Picatinny mount compatible rings. These rings can be easily taken off using the allen key, also included in the package. It is very easy to sight-in. The scope is only 8 inches in length and doesn’t take up much rail space. 

Elevation and windage adjustments require no-tools and can be made with bare hands. Make sure you maintain proper eye relief when mounting on heavy recoil rifles. To ensure your personal safety. 

Best Truglo Shotgun Scope:
TruGlo TG8504CD


  • Rugged and reliable construction
  • Mushy rubber eye guard for protection 
  • Realtree camo finish on the entire exterior
  • Lightweight with an amazing 4-inch eye relief
  • Handles recoil very well. Even with heavy gauges


  • Fixed magnification

Best Uses for the TruGlo TG8504CD

As already mentioned, this is a shotgun scope and a very good one. It can be mounted on any shotgun and matches Realtree finish perfectly. The scope has a scratch resistant finish and will withstand harsh duck hunting environments. The fixed magnification and long eye relief topped with a diamond reticle make it a great option for turkey hunting. 

Additionally, it can be mounted on a scout rifle for hunting, practice, or simply scouting the terrain. 

Is the TruGlo TG8504CD Compatible With Any Rifle?

This is a shotgun scope and will work best with those beasts. It has been designed to withstand harsh recoil and features a realtree camo finish. It will work with all types of shotguns and chambered in any gauge. 

What Do I Need to Know About Mounting the TruGlo TG8504CD?

The scope comes pre-attached with two camo finish weaver style mounting rings. Already aligned to suit most rail spaces. The scope can even be mounted on a ventilated rib only with a width of .835” using a weaver adapter. However, that’s not a good decision at all. 

The eye relief has to be taken care of, but you don’t have to worry much about that as the scope has in-built mushy eyecups to protect your eyes. 

Best Truglo Red Dot Scope:
Truglo 1x30mm TG8030DB


  • Audible click turret adjustments
  • Anti-reflection coating on the target side
  • Integrated weaver style mounting system
  • Two-color reticle with adjustable brightness
  • 24x34mm window for ultra-fast target acquisition


  • Mounts very low to the rail

Best Uses For the Truglo 1x30mm TG8030DB

A red dot scope is great for close quarter shooting. This may include home defense, competitions, range use, or real CQB. This scope has a 5 MOA reticle in two colors to match light or dark backgrounds. 

There’s a rheostat to adjust the reticle brightness and there’s an anti-reflection coating on the target side to prevent apprehensive games from getting scared and running away. Which also qualifies it as a scope for hunting on short range. 

Is the Truglo 1x30mm TG8030DB Compatible With Any Rifle?

This red dot will work with any rifle and probably with some magnum handguns due to its compact size. It has unlimited eye relief, hence can be mounted on most full and semi-auto rifles. 

What Do I Need to Know About Mounting the Truglo 1x30mm TG8030DB?

Mounting this red dot scope is very easy since it comes pre-installed with a weaver style base. It has see-through lens covers that have to be flipped up when the scope is being used. The control switches have been mounted at strategic locations for quick access. 

The user manual included in the package is quite comprehensive and will guide you through all the processes with ease. 

Best Truglo Tactical Scope:
TruGlo Tru-Brite Xtreme TG8504TL


  • Fixed magnification and long eye relief
  • Two color reticle can also be switched to black
  • Scratch-resistant and non-reflective matte finish
  • Fully coated lenses provide maximum brightness
  • Mil-dot reticle helps with BDC and other estimations


  • Limited magnifying power

Best Uses For the TruGlo Tru-Brite Xtreme TG8504TL

Since the scope has a fixed magnification with long eye relief. This can be a great scout scope. Or probably be used for hunting turkey or deer at ranges below 300 yards. Other than that, it has three color reticles and a mil-dot reticle for quick trajectory estimations. Making it a sound option for target practice and even competitions. 

The non-reflective and scratch resistant matte finish imparts it worth to be used in harsh woodland terrain through shrubs and sun or rain. 

Is the TruGlo Tru-Brite Xtreme TG8504TL Compatible With Any Rifle?

This model can be mounted on any bolt action, semi-auto or full auto rifle. It holds the turret settings under recoil or rigorous movement. The total length of the scope is around 10 inches and the generous eye relief makes it work with heavy or low recoil rifles. 

What Do I Need to Know About Mounting the TruGlo Tru-Brite Xtreme TG8504TL?

The scope comes pre-fit with two weaver style scope mount rings. The rings have a hexagonal exterior and single point attachment to their bases. You may switch rings if you feel like, but for low caliber or less rigorous uses, the existing rings will serve well. 

The scope is very easy to sight-in. It runs on a single battery that is installed on a compartment behind the eyepiece. Plus it doesn’t require the removal of the scope from the rifle. 

Best Truglo AR Scope:
Truglo Tactical TG8539TL


  • Includes reversible, offset, one-piece mount
  • Generous 4 inches eye relief. Quick focus lever
  • Red/green reticle can also be used in black color
  • Fully adjustable and appropriate magnifying power
  • Pre-calibrated BDC turrets for .223 (55 gr.) and .308 (168 gr.)


  • A bit heavy. Some users may need a bipod

Best Uses For the Truglo Tactical TG8539TL

An AR scope will always serve best with an AR. This specific model comes with interchangeable BDC turrets to suit AR-15 and AR-10 rifles. The illuminated reticle and other features make it perfect for hunting at short and medium range. Practically upto 600 yards. 

Other uses include tactical applications, practice, and competitions. Using the scope is very easy and the quick focus lever makes sighting easier and faster. Plus, the long eye relief is also suitable to some extent for scouting

Is the Truglo Tactical TG8539TL Compatible With Any Rifle?

This model has been specifically designed for AR rifles chambered in .223 and .308 calibers. However, you may still use it with other calibers but that’ll require diligent sighting and expertise. So eventually, it’ll be your decision. 

What Do I Need to Know About Mounting the Truglo Tactical TG8539TL?

The scope comes with a one-piece offset aluminum mount that can be mounted and tightened to any rail base. Keep in mind that this scope is around 17 oz in weight and will affect the balance of your rifle to some extent. The interchangeable BDC turrets can be changed easily, but you should refer to the instruction manual or online video instructions for proper installation.

Best Truglo 4x32 Compact Scope:
TruGlo Xtreme TG8504BT


  • Very easy to set up and zero-in
  • Mil-dot reticle for quick adjustments
  • Wide field of view and long eye relief
  • Compact and simple design for light calibers


  • Not suitable for high power rifles

Best Uses For the TruGlo Xtreme TG8504BT

With its fixed magnification and a non-illuminated mil-dot reticle, this scope will be best used for turkey hunting. Along with other animals that roam around in daylight. The scope is also perfect for scouting and close-quarter tactical applications. 

The turret adjustments are quick and easy. Plus, the scope has a wide field of view, and when coupled with the mil-dot reticle. You can easily track and shoot moving targets. 

Is the TruGlo Xtreme TG8504BT Compatible With Any Rifle?

The model will best suit low power rifles. Generally up to .223 and everything below that. This scope is not recommended for use with higher calibers since neither the range of the bullet nor the durability of this scope is suitable for such uses. 

What Do I Need to Know About Mounting the TruGlo Xtreme TG8504BT?

The scope comes packaged with two double point hex rings, so all you have to do is align the scope in its position. It has a generous eye relief of about 5 inches, so minor differences won’t be a real problem. 

The scope has an inbuilt sunshade so you can use it under broad daylight without any glare problems. The sighting is easy and the scope will hold zero under most circumstances if not all. 

Types of Scopes From Truglo 

Truglo offers a wide range of options from its extensive product line. The company mainly focuses on sights, scopes, and archery gear. Let’s take a look at the types of scopes Truglo has to offer

Hunting Scopes

Truglo’s line of hunting scopes includes 9 variants that differ in magnification, illumination, size, and other metrics. These scopes are quite famous for what they do. Mostly due to their optimal performance and affordability.

Red Dot Scopes

This is the most extensive category of optics Truglo has to offer. The company sells 17 different models of red dot scopes. These include microdots, compact dots, tactical red dots, and almost everything you can think for a red dot scope. 

Tactical Scopes

Truglo offers five different models of tactical scopes for buyers. Their tactical scopes feature qualities like BDC turret swapping, illuminated reticles, and good quality mounts included in the package. 

Comparison Overview

Now let’s compare Truglo optics with some of its competitors. These companies are prominent in the product markets where Truglo sells some of its leading products. So it’ll help you to infer which brand to go with. 

Truglo vs. Trijicon 

Trijicon sights are an amazing option when used at night, whereas Truglo sights offer better visibility in daylight. Truglo is also a winner in terms of affordability. But Trijicon is a more renowned brand and is also used by the US Military. 

Truglo vs. Ameriglo

Ameriglo and Truglo are almost similar in terms of the warranty, brand popularity, and the quality of their products. Truglo sights are practically more visible in all lighting conditions when compared with Ameriglo. 

Meprolight vs. Truglo

Again two very similar brands. People often trust Meprolight for rear sights and Truglo for front fiber optic sights. Meprolight manufactures tritium for many companies and has an upper hand in terms of quality and durability. Additionally, Truglo is a clear winner in terms of warranty as Meprolight offers only one-year coverage. 

Hi-viz vs. Truglo

Hi-viz is a low-cost alternative to Truglo products. Which itself is an affordable option against most high-end brands.

With that said, Hi-viz products are extremely cheap and should only be chosen for basic practice or learning. Truglo is a clear winner by miles when compared with Hi-viz’ product line and quality. 


Truglo has been in the firearm optics and archery equipment business for over 27 years now. Their most famed product is the tritium based fiber optic night sights. However, they also have a decent line of optic scopes. Mostly designed for light caliber rifles. They offer a balance of price and quality between high-end and cheap brands. 

People Also Ask

Let’s find out the answers to some common and obvious questions about purchasing Truglo products. Most importantly, their sights. 

How Long Do Truglo Sights Last?

Truglo sights are fairly durable and will last for years before malfunctioning under normal use. Their tritium based sights are all warranted for 12 years and fiber optic sights also enjoy quite a comprehensive warranty. So your purchase is absolutely covered. 

Are Truglo Sights Adjustable?

No. Truglo sights are not adjustable for elevation. Additionally, there are no Truglo rear sights that offer any kind of adjustments. 

Are Tritium Sights Dangerous?

A tritium sight does not emit any significant amounts of radiation to cause any health hazards. Plus, tritium sights emit beta radiation that isn’t harmful to human health within acceptable exposure ranges. Tritium sights are absolutely safe to use. 

Why Does My Scope Lose Zero?

A scope loses zero due to mechanical or situational disturbances. This includes wiggly scope mount/rings, changing your shooting stance, different ammunition, shooting conditions, and several other reasons. If your scope loses zero frequently, it may be time to check the warranty slip. 

Are Truglo Scopes Any Good?

Truglo scopes are amazing in their class. They offer you the best features and lightweight design at the most affordable price possible. Their scopes are covered by a comprehensive warranty against defects.


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