Vortex Razor Red Dot Review – 2022 Report

Open reflex sights have been a useful addition to firearms in situations where quick target acquisition is imperative. The Vortex Razor is one such undeniably amazing reflex sight that is popular for its versatile design, outstanding performance, and a full lifetime warranty cover.

This article will discuss in detail the pros and cons of this optic. Covering all the major and minor aspects. 

  • XR fully multi-coated lenses and crisp 3 MOA red dot
  • 10 brightness settings & up to 30000 hrs battery life
  • Single piece sturdy chassis & scratch proof coating
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Vortex Razor Red Dot Reflex Sight


  • Clear, wide lens
  • Crisp dot
  • Durable housing
  • 3 MOA or 6 MOA reticle
  • Windage and elevation adjustability
  • Includes mounting hardware
  • Great battery, auto shutoff, easy replacement


  • Not compatible with NV devices
  • Turret adjustments are tedious
  • Limited compatibility with included hardware
  • Positioning of brightness adjustment buttons

Vortex Razor Red Dot Specs

The Vortex Razor Red Dot is a 1x magnification open reflex sight that offers extensive azimuth adjustments. This specific model offers a 3 MOA dot, whereas a 6 MOA dot option is also available. 

Eye Relief: Unlimited

Adjustment Options (Windage, Elevation): E- 170 MOA, W- 114 MOA. (1 MOA clicks).

Parallax: Parallax Free

Windage: 114 MOA

Elevation: 170 MOA

Type of Reticle: 3 MOA or 6 MOA Red Dot

  • 3 MOA Reticle:
  • 6 MOA Reticle:

Magnification: 1x Fixed Standard

Focal Plane: First Focal Plane

Objective Lens: 28 x 17mm

Field of View: Wide


First, let’s take a look at all the good this reflex red dot sight has to offer. Some of its features make up for its intelligent design characteristics. Whereas some are unique features. These pros will give you a better idea of its performance.

Impeccably Clear and Wide Lens With Crisp Dot and a Durable Housing

The Razor is an open reflex sight that has a large 28 x 17 mm aperture. That’s just 2 x 6 mm shy of what you get with an EOTech. The sight has unlimited eye relief that allows for both eyes open shooting. Plus, the large aperture helps immensely with quick target acquisition. Which is what reflex sights are used for. 

The lens is multi-coated and anti-reflective. You may find a slight bluish tinge on the sides, but that’s not a deterrent. This unit features a 3 MOA dot that can be adjusted for brightness among 10 different settings.

The hard anodized finish is impervious to solvents and also resists scratches very well. The single piece aluminum alloy chassis is very sturdy, waterproof, and shockproof.

Extremely Secure Turret Settings

This one is a mixed pro and con. But the Razor comes with a lock screw on the rear that keeps the turret settings in place. This screw has to be loosened to make turret adjustments and can be tightened back to lock the turrets in place. This means that the turrets will stay true no matter what this sight is put through. Additionally, the turrets produce a click sound upon adjustment.

Easy Battery Replacement, Auto Shutoff, and Good Battery Life

The battery tray slides in and out from the side of the sight like a drawer. This means that the sight need not be dismounted from the firearm to change the battery. The Razor runs on a CR2032 battery that offers 150 hours of operation on max settings and up to 30,000 hours on the lowest settings.

There’s also an on/off feature and a 4-hour auto-shutoff to help conserve battery power. 

Includes Mounting Hardware

You’ll find two allen keys, a Picatinny mount, a shim, a battery, and a plastic cover for the optic inside the box. That’s almost everything you’ll need for most firearms. 

Works with Most Firearms

Due to its compact, lightweight, and shockproof design. The Razor can be used with most handguns, rifles, and shotguns. A truly versatile red dot sight. 


The pros offered by the Razor red dot sight are impressive. But there are also some considerations you’ll have to keep in mind once you plan to use it.

Limited Compatibility With Included Hardware

The sight comes with a Picatinny mount and a shim to suit different adapters.

However, if your rail setup or BUIS are not compatible with the included hardware, you’ll have to purchase adapters/risers separately. 

Not Compatible with NV Devices

Although most people won’t care, the Vortex Razor is not compatible with night vision devices. That’s not a real con however unless you plan on using it for tactical operations. 

Turret Adjustments Are Tedious

As mentioned earlier in the previous section. The turrets of this sight offer both, a pro and a con. The turrets have to be adjusted using an allen key (included in the package). Which means you’ll always have to carry it. That may feel inconvenient to people who are used to using coins, or simple finger adjustable turrets. 

Another factor to consider is the turret lock which may or may not be liked by every user. Plus, this sight cannot be bore-sighted as a laser won’t be visible through the lens due to its multi-coating. 

Positioning of Brightness Adjustment Buttons

The up and down brightness adjustment buttons are located right below the lens housing and stay protected from any accidental changes. But these buttons become slightly difficult to access if you’re wearing thick gloves or have large fingers.

Best Uses For the Vortex Razor Red Dot

The Vortex Razor red dot will be best used as a hunting, competition, or practice optic. You can also use it for self-defense applications during the day.

The sight offers 10 brightness adjustment settings and unlimited eye relief. This makes it great for hunting critters at close range while maintaining the best situational awareness. It is a good option for hunting varmints, turkey, hogs, and anything you need to have quick acquisition for. The Razor can also be mounted on a shotgun and taken for waterfowling to increase your hits.

It uses a 3 MOA dot that is more suited for rifles, given their long shooting range. As it won’t cover the target. With that said, the Razor is also a great optic for target/competition uses. The quick acquisition, clear glass, and steady turret settings make it a reliable optic for such conditions.

Lastly, you can carry or store it as a self-defense optic. The dot stays very clear at high or low brightness settings and can be very handy in such situations. The sight is very easy to use and will suit a novice or a pro with their respective applications. 

Is the Vortex Razor Red Dot Compatible With Any Rifle?

The Vortex Razor red dot is a versatile reflex sight and works with most handguns, rifles, and shotguns. If they have an appropriate mounting base. The sight is very compact and lightweight. Plus, the resistance to recoil and shock makes it compatible with hard kicking firearms as well.

This sight will work best with modern sporting rifles like the
AR-15 and other similar semi-automatic rifles. Scout rifles can also be a good experiment for better awareness.

So practically, if your firearm can accept it. The Razor can be mounted.

What Do I Need to Know About Mounting the Vortex Razor Red Dot?

As we’ve already discussed in the pros. The Razor red dot comes with all the required mounting hardware to install it over a Picatinny rail. The mount has to be clubbed with sight and this entire unit can be easily screwed over a rail using the included keys.

However, you will need a suitable adapter for different types of rail mounting setups. The shim included in the package helps with those adapters. But in some cases, you’ll have to do some filing/sanding to obtain the best fit. 

What Makes the Vortex Razor Red Dot Stand Out From the Competition?

The Vortex Razor is a compact and durable red dot that offers amazing clarity. Especially when compared with most other red dots in a similar price range. The windage and elevation adjustment range is pretty extensive and the turrets make an audible click sound.

One unique feature of this red dot sight is the turret lock screw positioned on the rear. This screw locks the turret settings in place for absolute steadiness.

This sight also mounts very easily and works with most firearms. Hence increasing its range of applications.

Comparison Overview

An unbiased review of the Vortex Razor would be incomplete unless we compare it with some renowned and similarly amazing options available on the market. 

Vortex Razor Red Dot vs Trijicon RMR

The Trijicon RMR offers a few extra features compared to the Razor. But it also costs at least $100 more. So the Razor is a better budget pick. 

With the RMR, you get side-mounted controls, easy turret adjustments (using a coin or something), automatic brightness mode, battery conservation mode, and 20 meters water submersibility. 

The 8 RMR has 8 brightness settings whereas the Razor has 10. Both these sights come with appropriate mounting hardware. However, Vortex has a better comprehensive warranty compared to Trijicon. As it also covers accidental damages.

Vortex Razor vs Viper Red Dot

The Razor and Viper red dot sights from Vortex are quite identical in their external and internal design. The basic characteristics are mostly the same. However, the difference can be seen in certain minor design elements. For example, the Razon has brightness adjustment buttons located right beneath the lens, whereas the Viper has them on the sides.

Razor offers more elevation adjustments compared to the Viper and has a slide in/out battery compartment for easier changes.


The Vortex Razor red dot sight is a small but durable open reflex sight that can be mounted on most firearms.

The sight offers 10 brightness adjustment settings and a wide aperture with amazing clarity and a crisp red dot.

It is not a cheap sight but is covered by an unconditional lifetime warranty.

People Also Ask

Still have questions you need answered before you purchase the Vortex Razor Red Dot? Read on below for our answers to some of the more commonly asked questions.

What Kind of Warranty Does the Vortex Razor Red Dot Come With?

The Vortex Razor red dot is covered by the Vortex VIP warranty. They will repair or replace this red dot if it becomes damaged or defective. Whether from manufacturer defects or accidental damage. The warranty stands good for life and is transferable to new owners without the need for any receipt.

How Much Does the Vortex Razor Red Dot  Weigh?

The sight alone weighs 1.4 ounces and when installed with the Picatinny mount, the weight goes up to 2.5 ounces. That’s about 71 grams and almost half the weight of a baseball ball. This lightweight and compact design allow it to be used with handguns. 

Can You Use Vortex Razor Red Dot in Low Light?

Yes. The Razor red dot sight works very well in low light conditions. You can adjust the intensity of the red dot among 10 different brightness settings. The sight, however, is not compatible with night vision devices. 

How Long Does the Battery Last on the Vortex Razor Red Dot?

The battery on the Vortex Razor lasts for about 150 hours on the highest brightness setting and about 30,000 on the lowest setting. The sight has an auto-shutoff feature and a power on/off feature to help with battery conservation.

Does Red Dot Improve Accuracy?

Yes. Especially if you are shooting in a hustle. Reflex red dot sights are used to achieve quick target acquisition and take down targets that are close or short range. The accuracy will be better than plain iron sights.

Where Are Vortex Red Dots Made?

Vortex red dots are designed in-house in the USA and can be manufactured by other companies in the U.S, Japan, China, or the Philippines. The Vortex Razor red dot is manufactured in Japan.

What is the Effective Range of a Red Dot Sight?

The effective range of a red dot sight depends upon the distance and size of the target, the size of the dot, the clarity of the sight, and the vision of a shooter. Generally, a non-magnified red dot sight is best suited for distances up to 100 yards. 


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