Best Shotgun Slings of 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

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October 25, 2023

Slings have always accompanied long guns when using them is a matter of hours and miles. It is a pretty basic but important accessory for long guns like shotguns and should be considered seriously for addition. Here we will learn about slings and their importance with shotguns. While reviewing the best options available for sale today. 

Comparison Chart of the Best Shotgun Slings

  • Wide design and stretch mesh spare pocket for call storage
  • Adjustable design and features two shell loops for quick access
  • Non-slip textured back and swivels tested for 300 pounds
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  • Fully bound edges plus a urethane cover for grip and durability
  • Features a camo patten for proper concealment in the brush
  • Easily adjustable to a maximum length of 48 inches
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  • Padded sling with patented nylon quick adjuster for quick setting
  • Can be mounted upside down and suits different weapons
  • Doesn't absorb water and covered by a limited lifetime warranty
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  • High quality two inch wide nylon webbing to maximum comfort
  • 15 elastic shell holders allow you to carry extra ammunition
  • Easily attaches to standard sling swivels with durable steel hooks
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  • Padded shoulder strap with textured back for better stability and grip
  • Thumb loops for comfortable adjustment and elastic loops to carry extra shells
  • Mossy Oak break-up country camo design for hunting
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  • Genuine leather sling complimented with high-grade polyester for strength
  • Non-slip backing and adjustable buckle ends with no rattling
  • Aesthetically pleasing design and suits people of all builds
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  • Paracord can be used in multiple ways during a survival situation
  • Lightweight design and adjustable between 33 to 44 inches of length
  • Durable hardware and carries a sassy look to please the eye
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What Purpose Does a Shotgun Sling Serve? 

A sling to a shotgun is what a cradle is to a baby. It provides support. Let’s learn about the major purposes served by a shotgun sling.


The first and foremost purpose of a shotgun sling is to provide comfort to the bearer. It allows you to hang the shotgun upon your shoulder in the most comfortable and suitable position you like. This comes in handy when you have to carry your weapon for long stretches of time and distance. Especially with extra stuff and already occupied hands. 


Specific types of shotgun slings known as shooting slings can be used to stabilize your arms and create a more firm shooting stance while standing. The sling is wrapped around the arms and shoulders tightly creating a stretched but stable platform to rest weight. This can come in handy during close combat situations or hunting distant targets. 

Extra Shells

Shotgun slings with ammo loops can be used to carry extra shells. Due to their big size, the number of extra shells you can carry at a convenient access point is quite limited. A shotgun sling can serve as a bandolier for carrying extra shells while offering instant access when needed. 

Are All Shotgun Slings The Same?

There are three types of shotguns slings used today:

  • Carry Strap Slings

  • Shooting Slings

  • Patrol Slings

While these slings differ in intended applications, they also differ in size and build quality. Along with several other extras. All shotgun slings serve the exact same basic purpose, but their utilization may differ. Some slings can have extra padded surfaces for comfort, while others can have extra ammo loops. Some slings are easy to install whereas others are not. 

The difference in slings is subjective and relevant to design. 

What to Look For When Buying a Shotgun Sling

Before you choose a sling for your shotgun. You must be aware of the factors to be kept into consideration. These factors ensure your purchase is worthwhile. 


Slings come in a variety of material designs. A sling can be made of leather, cloth, nylon,  and mixed fabric. Each material has its level of durability, need-for-maintenance,  user experience. The best material is waterproof nylon since it is lightweight and lasting. However, you may always choose the material you like. 


The primary intention of adding a sling is comfort. Look for features that aid comfort with the sling. Things like wide design, padded,  soft material increase the overall comfort.


While most slings these days are adjustable, you must also look for the level of adjustability. Which simply refers to the overall adjustable length and attachment points. 


Having a few extras will be a great buy for a sling. Things like ammo loops, pouches, D-rings,  any other extra attachments that enhance the overall function and convenience of the sling are a good thing to look for. 


While not mandatory, it is good to go for a sling that is versatile and can be used with other guns as well. Plus being lightweight is also a good factor. 

Review of the Best Shotgun Slings

Concurring with the opinion of a lot of experienced shotgun users and our experts, we have compiled a list of the best shotgun slings available on the market to help you with your purchase. The list is quite versatile so we’re sure you’ll find something. 

Best Overall:
Allen Company Hypa-Lite Punisher Sling

[amazon fields="B01N7R5EB0" image="1" value="thumb" image_size="large" image_align="center" image_link="none"]


  • Available in many variants
  • Swivels tested for weights up to 300 pounds
  • Lightweight, non-slip and durable hypalon material
  • Padded center with ammo loops and other features (versions available)


  • Screw holding sling adjustment may feel flimsy

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers report this sling to be very comfortable and the extra storage and thumb loop are also amazing features. The sling holds up well but some users complained about the sling attachment screw which needs to be replaced. But that’s just a few users who may have got a lemon. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This sling from Allen is tough as an elephant’s tusk. The swivels have been tested to hold up to 300 pounds so you can hang off a cliff with your shotgun if you're crazy (or unfortunate) enough. The padded patch has rubber knobs on the interior which offers a non-slip and comfortable grip. Plus, the extra storage pouch/ammo loop and other accessories included in specific versions are a good catch for the money.

The sling has a camo finish which helps with your hunting efforts and has been priced reasonably well. 

Bottom Line

The Allen Hypa-lite has been made from a revolutionary new fabric that is lightweight, and grippy. The sling pad has extra storage space and the strap itself is tough as hell. Obviously there’s nothing more you can ask for this price. 

Butler Creek Easy Rider


  • Easy to install and versatile
  • Adjustable up to 48 inches in length
  • Thick shock absorbing neoprene body
  • Solid backing of rubberized sharkskin for good grip


  • Doesn’t come with swivels
  • It’s a burr magnet in brush

What Recent Buyers Report

The sling is easy to install and offers great value for money. Buyers like the fact that it stays put on the shoulder and feels squishy enough to comfort even worn-out shoulders. It is durable but attracts burrs so keep an eye out for that when walking through thick bush. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Butler Creek Easy Rider is one of the most widely used and accepted slings for shotguns. This sling bears a very reasonable price tag and has a very durable design. Plus the camo finish makes things easier when hunting deer of fowl. It works with shotguns as well as rifles and is very comfortable on shoulders. There’s plenty of padding to spread the weight across your shoulders. 

The sling has been made using thick shock-absorbing material and has a rubberized texture beneath the pad to offer grip. It is wide enough to support weight and can be adjusted to a maximum length of 48 inches. 

Bottom Line

The Butler Creek sling is an inexpensive, and durable accessory for carrying your shotgun around. It works great for people with sensitive shoulders by evenly distributing weight. However, it does attract burrs. 

Best for the Money:
Blue Force Gear Vickers Combat Applications Padded Sling


  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Can be mounted upside down
  • 2-inch tubular webbing with waterproof padding
  • Patented quick adjuster with contrasting pull tab
  • 1.25 inch Cordura webbing and fixed inline pad
  • Glass-reinforced hardware is durable and flexible


  • Pricey (but justified)
  • Break-in period for adjustability

What Recent Buyers Report

The build quality is very nice and the padding is comfortable. The fact that it can be mounted and used in a lot many ways adds to its value. The straps are thick and feel very strong. However, some users mentioned the sling to be too long, and some too short. Either way, it offers ample adjustment so you can check it out for yourself and trim if necessary. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Blue Force sling is a tactical combat sling. Meaning it can do a lot more than a simple shotgun sling. It has been made using one of the most durable, low-maintenance materials (nylon) used for making slings. Plus it can be looped or mounted using slings. The center padding is closed cell foam and doesn’t absorb water, keeping the entire setup lightweight. 

The sling offers enough adjustment and can be installed either way since there’s an extra adjuster to the rear. Plus, the hardware is lightweight and more flexible than plastic. 

Bottom Line

This sling has been designed for tactical applications and can be used in any manner you want. Even with a comparatively higher price tag, the sling is covered by a limited lifetime warranty to secure your purchase.

Best Tactical Shotgun Sling:
BlackHawk Shot Shell Sling


  • Durable spring steel hardware
  • 2 inch wide durable nylon webbing
  • Adjustable and easy to attach design
  • Elastic shell loops can carry 15 extra shells


  • Makes the gun heavier when holding ammo

What Recent Buyers Report

The sling is very easy to install and puts up a great concept to use. Buyers have been using it to carry extra ammo, generally a mix of different loads for hunting and home defense. The design is simplistic with no design fads whatsoever. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The same reason it would stand out to anybody - the capability of holding 15 extra shells at a palms distance. This sling is like a bandolier attached to your rifle, which prevents you from carrying extra shells in your pocket. Another advantage of shell loops is that once filled with ammo, you don’t have to worry about the pouch/box of ammo being forgotten and left behind. 

The sling has been made using simple nylon webbing which is wide enough to offer comfort. The stainless steel hardware is durable and rustproof. You can mount the shell on the rear side of the sling to balance the weight towards the stock. 

Bottom Line

The Blackhawk sling presents a good concept for carrying extra shotgun shells. Which already are bigger than other bullets to be carried conveniently. The sling requires no maintenance and holds extra shells firmly with the elastic loops. 

Best Shotgun Sling for Hunting:
Browning All Season Padded Sling


  • Includes metal sling swivels
  • Thumb loop for comfortable adjustment
  • Mossy Oak Break Up Country camo finish
  • Padded shoulder strap with a textured back
  • Adjustable between 23 to 40 inches in length


  • Loops fit rifle ammo only
  • Swivels can be a little noisy

What Recent Buyers Report 

The sling is well made and the camo pattern is quite bright and expressive. It offers very good quality for the price and feels very comfortable. Swivels were reported to be a bit noisy by some users. However, the overall build quality and function are great. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Browning All Season sling is a multipurpose accessory and can be used with either a shotgun or a rifle. The oversized parts make sure you can make adjustments and handle the sling with gloves on. The camo finish will match the most quality shotguns and has been shaded perfectly to blend with the terrain. 

The ammo loops are intended for rifle ammunition, however, due to their elastic capability, you can squeeze a couple of .410 shells in there. Which can be a plus since .410 shotguns are mostly single shots. The thumb loop also helps you with adjusting the position of the sling instantly to change stance. 

Bottom Line

The Browning all-season sling can be used with rifles and shotguns. The sling has a camo finish and is very well made to withstand harsh treatment. A quality product from a quality manufacturer. 

Best Leather Shotgun Sling:
Beretta Xplor Shotgun Sling


  • Looks exceptionally beautiful 
  • Perfect for Beretta and expensive shotguns
  • Durable leather and high tech polyester material
  • Non-slip backing and adjustable belt buckle ends


  • Only 36 inches in longest setting

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers seemed mesmerized by the fit, and aesthetics of this sling. The product is of excellent quality and is great for carrying outdoors on hunting trips or ranch use. The price is perfect, the sling is perfect and it is great for Beretta shotguns. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This sling is neither leather nor polyester. But rather a balanced mix of these two materials. This means it doesn’t require much maintenance and is also lightweight. The sling looks amazing and will definitely suit those expensive shotguns with splendid scrollwork and stock finish. The sling can be adjusted to a maximum length of 36 inches which is almost enough for most people. 

The non-slip backing keeps the sling in place and the nylon middle part can take a lot of damage from weather or solvents. 

Bottom Line

The Beretta Xplor shotgun sling is a perfect fit for Xplor models, along with other shotgun owners who prefer leather. The sling is balanced and will last for years to come. 

Best Paracord Shotgun Sling:
Ace Two Tactical Gun Sling

[amazon fields="B01N2WEBDI" image="1" value="thumb" image_size="large" image_align="center" image_link="none"]


  • Highly visible orange color
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Super strong 550 (parachute) paracord
  • 2 point sling quickly attaches and detaches
  • Adjustable between 33 to 44 inches in length
  • Sling can be opened up as a paracord for emergency uses


  • Less width is more suitable for light guns
  • Time and effort in tieing once paracord is opened

What Recent Buyers Report

Users are baffled by the number of uses this sling can serve after being untied. It is used with basic and tactical shotguns and is very lightweight. Length adjustments are quick and the hardware is of impeccable quality. The width cuts a bit on comfort with heavy guns, but the usefulness of a paracord is worth the tradeoff. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The sling is a revolutionary idea that imbibes the function of a paracord with a sling. Making it a great emergency tool rather than a simple piece of fabric. The bright colors offer good visibility and the sling can be adjusted very quickly. It uses 550 paracords which are used in parachutes, so strength is not a question. 

The sling mounts easily, and quickly slings over the shoulder in any position you like. It is just 4 oz. in weight and will feel no more than the added weight of a parrot on your shoulder. Plus it can be switched between rifles, making it even more versatile.  

Bottom Line

This paracord sling is a unique solution for carrying your shotgun. Especially during tactical or survival applications. The sling is durable, easy to,  versatile. Plus the price is a complete no-brainer. 

Best Single Point Shotgun Sling:
Phase 5 Tactical Single Point Bungee Slings


  • Heavy-duty steel QD swivel or snap clip
  • Single point bungee sling for tactical use
  • Heavy-duty shrink tubing and bungee cord
  • MOLLE attachment points for adding extras


  • None we could find

What Recent Buyers Report

There wasn’t a single negative review found for this sling, which describes its quality. The bungee is tough and the sling offers a fair amount of adjustment with clutter-free handling. The sling can connect and disconnect instantly and the space for adding MOLLE gear is a great feature. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Phase 5 tactical sling is a tough and durable product that offers instant attachment and detachment with your weapon. It can be used with any weapon with suitable matching hardware. The sling has a bungee cord that is too durable to be broken, even under extreme stress. The strap has MOLLE attachment points which allow you to add extra accessories for quick deployment. 

This sling has been purposely designed for tactical and close quarter combat applications. Plus you can also take it over to hunting trips if you can pay enough attention while moving. 

Bottom Line

There are many single-point slings available on the market, but this sling is the most durable and high-quality option among them all. The sling will not break even under extreme weight and will allow you to carry extra MOLLE compatible gear. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Shotgun Slings 

Let’s take a look at some advantages and disadvantages of shotgun slings so you're aware what you're getting into. 


The following are some advantages of this kind of shotgun slings:

Improved Comfort

Slings allow you to carry your shotgun easily and comfortably over long distances and help with reducing fatigue. You’ll feel as if you are carrying an extra bag with a long strap. 

Bare Hands and Transition

Slings allow you to keep your hands free while walking. This means you can use your hands for carrying any other item or doing another activity. Additionally, a sling helps with quickly switching between your shotgun and another weapon or object. This can be useful in close combat encounters. 


As already discussed, shotgun slings help with improving shooting stability and may have extra features to improve convenience. 


However, it comes with one main disadvantage:


Handling a shotgun sling can be clumsy and uncomfortable if you’re not used to it. Especially if it holds extra shells. Additionally, slings can snag on to trees or other objects while you are running. So it requires attention to handle. 

Types of Shotgun Slings 

Shotgun slings can be classified into three types. These are:

Carry Strap Slings

These are the most common types of slings for shotguns. As the name suggests, these slings feature design elements similar to carry straps in duffle bags. These slings have a padded end for better comfort. These slings are good for occasional use and don’t feature much strength. 

Patrol Slings

As the name suggests, these slings are suitable for patrolling. In simple terms, these slings allow quick positioning of the shotgun when needed and are durable enough to withstand the weight of the clinging firearm. Even under extreme stress. Patrol slings can be a single point, double,  three-point. However, these slings require too much practice to deal with. 

Shooting Sling

This sling offers the right mix of qualities between the above two. It is soft, comfortable,  stable with quick positioning capability. These slings are used as a stable platform when shooting from the standing stance. 

Shotgun Sling vs. Scabbard - Comparison Overview

Each of these has its own place. A shotgun scabbard offers more protection to the finish of the weapon and acts more like a shoulder bag. It is great for carrying a shotgun over a long distance. Especially if it is an expensive piece. However, scabbards can be extra weight and work to deal with. 

Slings on the other hand are more simple and allow the quick presentation of the weapon when needed. Slings are cheaper and require little to no maintenance. However, they are still prone to snagging and won’t protect the finish of the shotgun. But they are great for instant use. 

How to Put a Sling on a Shotgun 

Installing a sling on a shotgun can be fairly easy if you already have swivel points pre-drilled and mounted. Some slings just strap over the stock and come with a mag tube end cap replacement including a swivel stud for mounting the front portion. Let’s take a look at it in a step-by-step procedure:

  1. Clear the shotgun of all ammo and make sure it is safe to use.

  2. Replace the mag tube cap with an appropriate swivel stud cap.

  3. Mark the spot on the center of the stock where you’d want the swivel stud to mount. Fix the stock to vice and drill a small hole.

  4. Now take the screw and push it inside the stock. This is your rear mounting stud. 

  5. Assemble the sling (you may refer to the video below for more detailed instructions on this) and mount it on the studs. That’s all!


A shotgun sling is a simple but effective addition to your shotguns since it improves the overall comfort of handling the weapon. A good sling should be durable, easy to install and have some extra functions if possible. 

People Also Ask

Before you purchase a sling for your shotgun, find out answers to some common queries that’d help you with choosing a sling and its installation. 

Where do You Mount a Front Sling?

A front sling is mounted on the mag tube cap with a swivel on it. That’s with pumps and semi-autos. Some slings simply strap over. SxS shotguns have a screw mounted on the rib between barrels.

What is a 3 Point Rifle Sling?

A three-point sling has two ends that attach to the rifle, which are then connected to a third big loop which is worn around the shoulder of the shooter. These slings keep the weapon stable when not held. However, they require a considerable amount of practice to be used properly. 

What is a Safari Sling?

A safari sling is a rifle sling designed for instant positioning of the gun while scouting game. These slings keep the rifle positioned horizontally for easy access. The ends of these slings have large loops to facilitate quick movement. 

Where Do You Hang a 2 Point Sling?

A 2 point sling can be carried on one shoulder in a hunter-style (muzzle up) or African style (muzzle down). Or one both shoulders in a tactical style where the muzzle points sideways. This style requires more awareness and care to carry. 

How to Install a Shotgun Sling Without Swivels?

There are specially designed slings available on the market for that purpose. These slings just wrap over the stock and the barrel and are then tightened using velcro straps for a snug fit. 

How to Rig a Shotgun Sling For Barrel Down Carry?

If you are using a single point sling, the barrel will already be pointing down. For a double point sling, just carry the shotgun in African-carry style (one shoulder, barrel down). If the sling has a pad, you can either reposition it or detach and reverse the sling, so the pad touches your shoulder.