Best SD40VE Accessories – 2022 Complete Guide

The SD40VE is an enhanced version of the SD40 pistol and was released by Smith & Wesson in 2012. The ‘VE’ stands for Value Edition and the handgun features improved ergonomics and build quality than the original version. However, even this value edition can use a few extra upgrades to perform better than a standard version.

This is what we will be looking at in the review, which covers the details of the best SD40VE accessories. 

Comparison of the Best SD40VE Accessories

  • Simple adhesive-back stick-on, customizable design
  • Custom designed, non-slip, and just 0.5mm thick
  • Patented design and works with sweaty/wet hands
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  • Grip activation and custom designed for SD40VE
  • Bright class 3R red laser is easy to install
  • Adjustable laser and has a master kill switch
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  • Ambidextrous, quick mounting, and spare mag holder
  • Three picatinny rails and folding Gen 2 stabilizer
  • Built-in charging handle and exposed slide release
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  • Bright white laser with 113 meter beam range
  • Includes a bright green laser to suit daytime use
  • Three modes, fully adjustable, and easy to mount
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  • Lightweight and tough anodized aluminum design
  • 12 year usable illumination manufacturer warranty
  • Wide field of view and long service life
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  • Custom fit IWB design for comfort and concealment
  • Tool-less cant and ride height adjustments
  • Wide and soft paddle conforms to the body shape
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Factors to Consider Before Buying SD40VE Accessories

The SD40VE is a good handgun, but it is not perfect in itself. There is room for improvement in general and also based upon the different intended applications. It is a striker-fired pistol with an effective range of about 200 yards. The capabilities and the .40 S&W chambering of this handgun create some space for upgrades.

Easy Installation and Customizability

The first prerequisite of choosing an accessory for your SD40VE is that it should be easy to install. It is a Glock-style striker fired pistol and will not accept any major modifications to the design. Additionally, the resulting pistol should help with handling and still maintain a level of customizability for modifications. 

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Legal Implications

Now, this factor exclusively implies the CAA micro conversion kit reviewed here. Converting a handgun into a shoulder-held rifle-style firearm is illegal without an NFA stamp. This becomes extremely important if you are living in states like California where gun laws are quite strict. So it is always the right idea to understand that any modifications to your handgun will not attract any legal problems. 

Ease of Handling

Since the SD40VE will mostly be used for EDC, CCW, or active duty purposes, any accessory you add to it mustn’t impede the handling. For example, if you plan on adding a light or high sights, you must ensure using the right holster so it fits well. Additionally, things like a holster should be chosen after thorough research to match the optimal level of comfort and responsiveness. 

Review of the Best SD40VE Accessories

Here’s a compiled list of the best SD40VE accessories which I and my team think will be the best upgrades to your handgun. These include the simplest accessories like an adhesive grip and the most advanced upgrades like a carbine conversion kit. So I can boldly term it to be a comprehensive list.

Best Overall


TALON Grips Adhesive Pistol Grip

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The SD40VE has a grip size similar to that of the Glock 17. The factory grip is also textured and provides a significant grip to the user. However, due to the big grip size, shooters with smaller palms can face difficulties with handling the weapon. This can also be a big problem with shooters who have sweaty hands. 

This is a simple stick-on grip that is less than 0.5mm in thickness so that you won’t notice any difference in grip swell. It is available in rubber or granulate texture, and I suggest you use the rubber texture for a better grip. 

Installation means just positioning and wrapping it around the grip by yourself. It is pure DIY, and you can even customize it with a pair of scissors for your desired shape. It is a simple and inexpensive add-on for your handgun which will help you with handling the recoil of the .40S&W rounds. 

Bottom Line

This grip from TALON is a simple yet effective addition to your SD40VE handgun. It improves the overall handling of the weapon and costs ridiculously low. 


Works with sweaty or wet hands

Simple to install and even customize

Available in two textures to choose from

Greatly improves the grip for fumble-free operation

Less than 0.5mm thick, so doesn’t increase palm swell


Installation can be meticulous



ArmaLaser TR31

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ArmaLaser is a renowned brand manufacturing weapon optics, especially laser sights for handguns. This TR31 laser is a tactically fit attachment for your SD40VE because it has a grip activation feature. You simply have to hold the handgun in the normal grip position and the laser activates on its own. However, there is also a master kill switch on the base, in case you do not want to use the laser. 

Mounting is very easy because this laser has been custom designed for the SD40VE and SD9VE handguns. Simply slide it over the under-barrel rail of the handgun and you’re good to go. The laser is Class 3R rated and very bright, plus, it will fit most holsters because of its compact design. 

The laser is adjustable for windage and elevation using the hex key provided in the package. The separate battery door also ensures that you don’t have to change the settings after every swap. 

Bottom Line

Mounting this TR31 laser on your SD40VE is a good idea if you are active duty personnel or keep it handy for home defense. EDC and CCW users can also use it for quick aiming in case the situation goes tense. The laser fits most holsters and does not take a lot of space.


Easy grip-activation for quick use

Easy to install, and fits most holsters

Master kill switch for battery conservation

Laser is adjustable for windage and elevation

Ultra bright Class 3R red laser. Best for night use


Red laser isn’t ideal for daytime use

Needs a dedicated holster for the best results

Best for the Money


CAA Micro Conversion Kit w/TAC Compartment

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This micro conversion kit will instantly convert your SD40VE into a small pistol length carbine for tactical use. This is a simple plug-n-play kit that requires no disassembly of your pistol. Just lock it in place and you’re good to go. The kit has three Picatinny rails for mounting a ton of accessories. 

The conversion kit is ambidextrous and has a built-in charging handle for extremely easy operation. In fact, the slide release is also exposed which further eases the handing of the weapon. For the stock, it comes with a Gen 2 stabilizer that can also fire in the folded position. 

The kit also has a TAC compartment on the rear that can be used to store batteries, earplugs, or any other appropriate item. Plus, a front spare magazine holder that has a simple magazine button catch for release. 

Bottom Line

Overall, this micro conversion kit is a complete conversion solution that will turn your SD40VE from a handgun into a pistol length carbine with a lot of space to mount accessories. The TAC compartment and spare mag holder are cool features, and the included brace/stabilizer will help with handling and also eliminate any legal complications.


Easy carry and concealment

Ergonomic and ambidextrous design

Includes a folding brace for better handling

Built-in charging handle and exposed slide release

Includes a TAC compartment and a spare mag holder

Top and side Picatinny rails for attaching accessories

Instantly convert the pistol into a carbine without disassembly


Pricey upgrade for some

Requires an NFA stamp/tax since it is now an SBR

Best S&W SD40VE Laser


Streamlight TLR-4

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Streamlight is one of the most trusted and reliable manufacturers of weapon lights for both civilian and military markets. This specific light, the TLR-4 is a mix of powerful white light and a green laser. The light can project 160 lumens out to a distance of 113 meters, so you can also use it interchangeably on rifles. 

The laser light has an on/off switch and a mode switch to switch among three different modes. The LED mode (1.75 hours), the LED/laser mode (1.25 hours), and the laser only mode (4 hours). The single-handed snap-on design makes it easy to mount, even on a functional weapon without presenting your hands before the muzzle. 

The laser is a powerful green laser that is ideal for daytime use and is also adjustable for windage and elevation. The light is extremely durable and is also IPX4 water-resistant so you can use it for tactical applications. The great thing is that it uses just one 3V CR2 battery and weighs just 80 grams (2.8 ounces) in total.  

Bottom Line

The Streamlight TL-4 can be a great addition to your SD40VE, especially if you have other weapons that you need a light for. It is a two-in-one setup that includes a powerful LED and a green laser. 


Can work with many weapons

Very durable and IPX4 water-resistant

Three operational modes to choose from

Powerful white LED with a range of 113 meters

LED light and laser combo for handguns and rifles

Powerful green laser with windage/elevation adjustment


Quite heavy for a handgun

Mostly suitable for tactical applications

Best SD40VE Sight


Meprolight Smith & Wesson Tru-Dot Night Sight

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This night sight from Meprolight is an economical and useful addition to your handgun. The SD40VE has a variant that comes with night sights, but the factory sights aren’t that great and you’ll seriously need to upgrade if you are planning to use your gun for defensive uses. 

This sight is powered by tritium lamps that are known to stay bright for a long period of time. While the brightness may start to fade after some time, if you find problems with the brightness, you can always use the warranty. 

Since this sight has been made from anodized aluminum, it is already lightweight. Plus, the wide field of view helps with target acquisition to some extent. I could have included Trijicon’s instead, but for the price point, these Meprolight sights are great. 

Bottom Line

Adding a new night sight to your SD40VE will greatly help with target acquisition. Since these dots are green, you can also expect significantly good daylight performance.


12 years manufacturers warranty

Battery-free self-illuminating tritium design

Anodized aluminum construction for durability

Replaces factory sights and helps with quick acquisition

Works with a wide range of M&P 9mm & .40S&W pistols


Brightness fades after a few years

Front sight could have been of a different color

Best SD40VE Holster


Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5

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The Cloak Tuck series of holsters from Alien Gear has been very successful in recent years and is available for almost every handgun on the American market. This holster in particular has been custom designed for the SD40VE handgun and features a non-scratching shell to protect your firearm. 

The wide neoprene backing is breathable and keeps you comfortable when you wear this inside your waistband. The ride and cant are both adjustable, although the ride height can be adjusted to only two levels. The holster works on passive retention, which is fine in my opinion because you will wear it IWB. 

Since the SD40VE is mostly used for CCW and EDC purposes, this holster seems to fit very well. The shell is soft enough to prevent your firearm from scratches which is also a plus. 

Bottom Line

This holster is great for people who use this handgun for CCW or EDC purposes. Mostly for carrying their weapon IWB and for long stretches of time. This is a better alternative to belly band holsters because of the quick access and adjustability. However, a holster is always a matter of personal choice.


Used IWB for perfect concealment

Made in America and 30-day returns

Fully adjustable for ride height and cant

Custom designed for the SD40VE pistol

Covered trigger guard and fully-exposed grip

Soft and wide neoprene backing paddle for comfort


Wearing a belt is essential

Takes quite some space on your body

Price Points of SD40VE Accessories

This section about price points will help you determine the value of your investment on these accessories. I will classify the price ranges into a few categories, so you may understand the amount of budget you need to buy the accessories.  

$20 – $100

The cheapest accessory you can find for your SD40VE is a good adhesive grip like we have reviewed above. The night sights, holster, and even the laser will not cost you more than $100. Although, these options will be available from some of the best brands. Branded items will not always be too expensive, especially if you find the right product and get the right deal. 

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$110 – $300

It is quite unlikely that a handgun accessory should cost you more than $100. However, a few advanced add-ons like the carbine conversion kit and the Streamlight laser light reviewed above can prove costly. The price, however, is justified because such accessories greatly enhance the functionality of your handgun, and can even be used with other firearms. 


The SD40VE is an effective handgun that is sometimes used as an alternative to the Glock series. It is budget-friendly, and also one of the best value-for-money handguns available on the market. The 14-round standard capacity is great for a .40S&W chambered pistol, and adding accessories to it is always a great idea to enhance the performance.


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