Best SD40VE Carbine Conversion Kits – The Best Options Reviewed

Micro Conversion Kits, also known as MCK’s, or sometimes as Carbine Conversion Kits, are an innovative and sometimes very useful accessory for your firearms. The ability to instantly convert a handgun into a carbine is quite awesome.

While there are many options for more popular pistols like Glock, here we will review the best carbine conversion kits for a less popular pistol – the SD40VE. 

Comparison of the Best SD40VE Carbine Conversion Kits

  • Simple fit-n-lock design requires no disassembly
  • Gen 2 stabilizer fires in folded position
  • Three picatinny rails and built-in charging lever
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  • Top and side rails for multiple accessories
  • Ambidextrous, three rails, and extra mag holder
  • Ergonomic with exposed slide release and charger
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  • Includes 3 rails, stabilizer, and spare mag holder
  • Push button release, QD swivels and thumb rest
  • Kit has flip sights, flashlight, and bungee sling
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Factors to Consider Before Buying an SD40VE Carbine Conversion Kit

A conversion kit for your handgun is an exciting accessory to buy, but before you get too excited and choose the wrong pick, it is important to remember a few factors about choosing these kits. 

Legal Information

First things first, let me tell you that gun laws can be fairly twisted and sometimes incomprehensible. Although using a conversion kit with a handgun is not legal unless you start using the stabilizer brace as a proper stock pulled to your shoulder.

Conversion kits will not count as an SBR unless you put a fixed stock on it. Additionally, you should also check your local laws if you live in any gun-strict states like California or New York. 


Before you pick a conversion kit, it is essential to check its compatibility with your firearms. Minute details like the generation of models should not be overlooked. For example, these conversion kits reviewed here are compatible with most S&W handguns comparable to the size of SD40VE and also the sigma models. 

Easy Installation

The point of a conversion kit is to make your handling easier. So it is always better if it allows tool-free installation and removal of the handgun. This way you can be sure that you need not carry any extra tools and be wary about not losing them. 

Features and Extra Space

A carbine conversion kit can be as simple as a polymer frame that just accepts your handgun and allows you to fire it like holding a carbine. On the other hand, it can have some extra features that not only help with the handling but also bring the handgun to the level of a real tactical carbine. Things like Picatinny rails, sights, Mlok or QD points, storage compartments, etc can be very helpful in the long run. 

CAA Micro Conversion Kit w/TAC Compartment

The conversion kit should feel very familiar to the user and routine tasks such as changing the magazine, or charging the firearm should be easy and preferably intuitive. 

Weight, Portability, and Ergonomics

While most conversion kits these days are made from polymer, some manufacturers also use some metal components for durability. Since such a kit will be used with a handgun, it must be as lightweight as possible. Additionally, the kit should be very portable and compact enough to be concealed and carried with ease. 

Review of the Best SD40VE Carbine Conversion Kits

Based upon the aforementioned factors, we have sorted out the best carbine conversion kits for the SD40VE handgun. Although all of these are from the same manufacturer, they differ slightly in features. 

Best Overall

CAA Micro Conversion Kit w/TAC Compartment

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Theis CAA micro conversion kit is the perfect kit for your SD40VE and also SD9VE pistols. Inspired by the design of modern compact submachine guns, this kit features a top Picatinny rail and two side rails for mounting accessories. The design is very ergonomic, and the fact that you can mount and dismount the gun without any accessories is great. 

It has a built-in charging handle along with an exposed slide release which makes handling exceptionally easier. The overall length of this kit is slightly more than 16 inches and it is very lightweight and concealable. The spare mag holder on the front helps you carry an extra magazine, and the simple mag release button operation makes using it a breeze. 

The unique feature of this conversion kit is a TAC compartment located in the rear, right where the brace is attached. This is a small compartment that can be used to store small items like a couple of batteries, earplugs, or maybe three to four extra bullets. 

Bottom Line

This specific carbine conversion kit from CAA will convert your SD40VE into a tacti-cool pistol length carbine along with space for an extra spare magazine. The kit includes a brace and the TAC compartment is great for people who need some storage space.


Easy to conceal and carry

Three Picatinny rails and ergonomic design

Built-in charging handle and exposed slide release

Simple plug-n-play design. No disassembly needed

Ambidextrous and includes a TAC compartment in the rear


Items in the compartment may rattle

Can’t use brace with TAC compartment


CAA Micro Conversion Kit w/Stabilizer

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This is a version of the micro-conversion kit reviewed above, with the only difference being the lack of a TAC compartment. This kit comes with a stabilizer that can be folded when needed. This kit is great for people who want a simple carbine kit with no frills. 

We put it as a runner-up because the price of the aforementioned kit and this one are just the same. Anyways, the folding brace is a useful addition and it can come in handy in situations where you need to switch your stances quickly. Like around cramped corners or hallways. 

Bottom Line

The CAA micro conversion kit is a basic kit that offers you features like a spare mag holder, a folding brace, and tool-free mounting/dismounting. Although you will not save any extra money, this kit works with a wide range of S&W (especially M&P series) pistols.


Ergonomic and very durable

Easy and simple no-tools installation

Three Picatinny rails with ample mounting space

Built-in charging handle and exposed slide release

Includes a Gen2 stabilizer brace that can fire in a folded position


Lesser features than counterparts

Best for the Money

CAA Micro Conversion Advanced Kit w/Flashlight

We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you


Here’s a carbine conversion kit from CAA that allows you to have a flashlight and sights. The kit comes with an integral 500 lumens flashlight that is powerful enough to light up a distance of more than 50 meters at a time. Most other features of this kit are the same as its counterparts. You get a spare magazine holder with a catch release, an ergonomic design with three Picatinny rails, QD attachment points, and a one point bungee sling. 

The kit also has flip-up iron sights which is a feature found in tactical rifles and carbines. The purpose of installing a flashlight is to make your handgun suitable for low light situations. In my opinion, this kit will work best for tactical operations and home defense situations. Plus, you don’t have to worry about keeping your flashlight always attached to your handgun. 

Bottom Line

This advanced carbine conversion kit is a great idea if you are really serious and trained for self/home defense or tactical situations. The extra money is worth paying for since it converts your handgun into a tacti-cool rifle.


Powerful 500 lumens flashlight

Spare mag holder with catch release

Includes flip-up sights and a one-point sling

Suitable for advanced defense and tactical uses

Advanced conversion kit with an integral flashlight


Double in cost compared to non-flashlight models

Who Should Not Buy an SD40VE Carbine Conversion Kit?

Adding a carbine conversion kit to your toolbox may seem to be a very lucrative idea at first, but these kits will not be suitable for every user. It is undoubtedly true that such conversion kits greatly enhance the handling of your pistol. We all know that a carbine is always more accurate than a handgun, especially at an increasing range, because of the double-handed holding stance. 

First of all, carbine conversion kits are not the best choice if you live in gun-strict states. It’s not that these kits are legal, but you may knowingly or unknowingly attract a penalty. After that, these kits are not the best bet for EDC and CCW uses. Converting a handgun into a carbine for everyday carry contradicts the purpose of ‘concealment with comfort’ in public places. 

CAA Micro Conversion Kit w/Stabilizer

If you are a beginner or an intermediate-level user of handguns, you will mostly never need a conversion kit for home defense either. However, having one (like the advanced kit reviewed above) will offer you a significantly better level of handling. However, a handgun itself is easier to store and conceal. 

Carbine conversion kits are great for range use and plinking. Additionally, they are a great option if you want to practice with cheap handgun ammo and save some money on rifle ammo. 


The SD40VE is an effective everyday carry and CCW pistol with a capability to deliver more power than regular 9mm Glocks due to bigger .40S&W chambering. A carbine conversion kit converts it into a pistol-length carbine for improved ergonomics, stability, and hence accuracy. 

A good conversion kit must offer tool-free installation, space to attach accessories, and any other extra features to enhance function. However, make sure that you find a use for them in real-life or regular situations, else it will end up to be a pricey toy just being used on the range.

People Also Ask

Here’s a short and quick FAQ section for some quick queries about conversion kits.

Do Other Brands Make SD40VE Carbine Conversion Kits?

As of now, Command Arms Accessories (CAA) is the only company that makes carbine conversion kits for the S&W SD40VE handgun. 


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