Best SD40VE Extended Magazines – The Complete Round-up of 2022

The SD40VE came out on the market in 2012 and has been a well-known handgun among civilian users. While the company makes standard magazines with a capacity of 10 and 14 rounds, sometimes you need some extra rounds for different situations.

SD40VE extended mags are really hard to find, but we have still managed to find, test, and review the best for you. 

Comparison of the Best SD40VE Extended Magazines

  • Tough blued steel and Dupont Zytel Polymer design
  • Lasting spring and numbered witness holes
  • Made in the U.S.A with a lifetime warranty
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  • Tough and long lasting metal-polymer components
  • 25-rd capacity and number-stamped witness holes
  • Fits both SD40 and SD40VE handguns
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  • Easy to mount and dimpled for easy identification
  • Adds to the magazine capacity by three rounds
  • Fits SD and SD40VE and also Sigma series pistols
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Factors to Consider Before Buying SD40VE Extended Magazines

Extended magazines are slightly different from normal capacity magazines in design as well as a few other things. Here’s some important aspects that you must bear in mind when choosing one of these. 

Be Cautious of the Capacity

Extended magazines are an exciting idea for most handgun owners. Even if you do not have any serious use for them, they are great for fiddling around at the range. The foremost thing you must remember when buying such mags is that these are not legal in all states. Some U.S states like California limit the maximum capacity of a magazine to 10 rounds, and anything higher is a high-capacity magazine. 

Apart from that, the capacity must suit your needs. For example, if you need an extended magazine for use with a carbine conversion kit, it may solve a purpose for you. 

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Weight, Size, and Practicality

Since extended mags hold extra rounds, they are bound to be heavier and bigger. It is an obvious fact that the big dimensions impede the level of handling, which otherwise is very easy with a normal sized handgun. Peculiar designs like drum mags are suitable for leisure uses, but not very practical in real life situations. 

The essence is that you must make sure that the extended magazine will not become a burden for you and just be sitting in your gun safe for range days. 

Strength of the Spring

Magazines with low quality springs will be prone to jamming and failures. This is the case with standard as well as extended magazines. These days, chrome-silicon springs are the norm for magazines as they retain their elasticity for long periods of time, and help with reliable feeding. High capacity mags generally feature a double stack design, so an anti-tilt follower will also be a great feature to be considered. 

Extra Features

Extra features that can help with functionality are always a great idea when choosing a product. Things like a removable base plate, numbered witness holes, and possibly a good warranty or guarantee scheme are things to look for. 

Review of the Best SD40VE Extended Magazines

SD40VE aftermarket mags are very hard to find, and extended mags are even harder. But we came up with a few good picks, and here is an elaborated review. 

Best Overall

ProMag SD40/40VE 15-rd Magazine

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This 15 round magazine from ProMag is the most practical extended magazine you can find for your SD40VE handgun. The highest capacity mag which S&W offers from the factory holds 14 rounds, but this mag holds one more. The magazine is blued steel with a very matching finish to the gun. The base plate is polymer, but durable enough to be trusted. 

The mag won’t protrude too much on the base to cause hindrance, and the thick base plate will take care of the grip. The wire is strong enough for reliable feeding, and the mag has numbered witness holes on the side.

ProMag is a trusted brand in the magazine space, and the best part of owning this specific mag is the guarantee. ProMag offers a lifetime free replacement guarantee, so anytime your mag breaks, you can ask them to replace it. I think that’s a lot for a price less than $25. 

Bottom Line

The ProMag 15 round extended magazine is appropriate for EDC, CCW, home defense, and active duty uses. The mag is of high quality and balanced in terms of size and weight. Plus, the company is offering an amazing lifetime replacement guarantee for this product.


Chrome-silicon wire for reliable feeding

Durable steel and zytel polymer construction

Odd-number marked witness holes on the side

15 rounds is an optimal capacity for many uses

Covered by a lifetime free replacement guarantee


None, but may need a tap sometimes for proper seating


SD40/SD40VE 25-rd Magazine

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This 25-round magazine from ProMag is a straight, durable, and reliable accessory for your handgun. It fits both SD40 and SD40VE models and features a blued finish so it mixes with the gun’s finish. The chrome-silicon spring of this mag is lasting and ensures reliable feeding if the magazine is maintained properly. 

I think this mag will work best with the SD40VE carbine conversion kits because you can accommodate its length with ease. There are six witness holes on the side, which can help you with the estimation of the remaining ammo. 

This mag is mostly suitable for range use because you can’t carry your handgun in a holster when it’s sticking out like a sword. The other good use is tactical applications, where you can mix it with a conversion kit for better effect. 

Bottom Line

The ProMag 25 round mag is perfect for range use and even tactical use with carbine conversion kits. This mag is durable and is also covered by ProMag’s warranty service.


Great value for money

Top half has witness holes

Carbon silicon spring for long life

Holds 25 rounds for longer constant fire

Perfect for use with carbine conversion kits

Durable base plate and comes with a lock plate

Features a straight, common, and ergonomic design


Little real-life use

Illegal in some states and doesn’t work with sigma series

Best for the Money

Plus 3 Base Pad for SD40VE

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This +3 base pad from Apex Tactical is a useful accessory for your mags. The best part is that it works with all handgun models for the SD40 and similar from S&W, including sigma series guns. The base pad comes with a hex key for installation, and it just takes a couple of minutes to do so. 

The +3 capacity can convert your 14 round mag into a 17 round mag, and a standard 10 round mag into a 13 round mag. Although these changes are not instant, and you will have to mount or dismount it as and when needed. 

These extension pads can be illegal to use in some states, so please check your local laws before buying one. 

Bottom Line

Having an extension pad like this is a great idea if you want to increase or decrease your mag’s capacity with minimal hassle. Since this specific pad works with many handguns from S&W, you can also save on extra mag costs.


Easy to install and remove

Works with sigma series models

Dimpled surface for easy identification

Adds three rounds to the existing mag capacity


Illegal in some states

Not an instant solution for high capacity

Price Points of SD40VE Extended Magazines

Different people have their own specific budgets when they go out shopping. So let me tell you about how to set your expectations for an extended mag depending upon the price range. 


This is the price point where you’ll find extended magazines from reputed manufacturers like ProMag. They are known for producing high-quality mags and offer a lifetime free replacement warranty so your spend is worth many times more than its value. The 15 round and 25-round magazines from ProMag reviewed above fall into this category. 

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This is where the magazine base pad extension reviewed above is priced. The market is short of extended mags for the SD40VE and the base plate will cost you close to $40. 


There are very few choices on the market for SD40VE extended magazines. Mainly because there is also a shortage for standard capacity aftermarket mags which are only manufactured by S&W and ProMag. Before you buy an extended magazine, make sure it is legal in your state and also appropriate according to your applications. 

People Also Ask

Here’s a short and quick FAQ section, solving some most asked queries about SD40VE extended magazines. 

Where Can I Find a Drum Magazine for the SD40VE?

Unfortunately, no company makes a drum magazine for the SD40VE or SD40. There’s even nobody who makes a drum mag for the SW40VE models, which fit with the change of the floor plate. So no, there are no drum mags for the SD40VE.


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