Best SD40VE Holsters of 2022 – Comprehensive Guide

Choosing a holster for your handgun can be a daunting task, especially with the plethora of options available on the market. The SD40VE is a good but not very common handgun, so it is quite easy to get confused when choosing a holster.

Check out this detailed guide on the considerations for choosing a good holster, along with the best options available today. 

Comparison of the Best SD40VE Holsters

  • Custom fit design and lifetime warranty
  • Soft neoprene paddle is concealable and fits well
  • Adjustable cant and ride height, and snug fit
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  • Level II retention with index finger release
  • Speed cut design for rapid draw and re-holster
  • Modular design and includes belt loop and paddle
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  • Tough maintenance-free design with trigger cover
  • Audible click retention and non-scratch interior
  • Adjustable cant and retention. Lifetime warranty
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  • Fits SD9VE and SD40VE with accessories
  • Level II retention and fully adjustable design
  • Modular paddle attachment and durable design
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  • Durable polymer design needs zero maintenance
  • Slim IWB concealable shape with sturdy metal clip
  • Adjustable cant and retention. Fits SD9 & SD40 VE
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  • Cant, height, and suspenders are all adjustable
  • Horizontal carry and two extra mag pouches
  • Modular with Aliengear Shapeshift line of holsters
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Factors to Consider Before Buying a Holster For Your S&W SD40VE 

Choosing a holster can end up to be an unproductive decision if you are not aware about the right things to look for. Here’s a quick peek inside a comprehensive list. 

Your Preferred Style

Before you choose a holster you must evaluate the style that suits you the best. There is a wide range of holster designs which include IWB (inside the waistband), OWB (outside the waistband), shoulder holster, ankle holster, chest holster, pocket holster, belly band holster, fanny pack holster, and thigh holster. Different designs serve their own specific purpose and situations, and some designs like IWB are used more often. 

After that, you must also make sure that the holster allows you to adjust your carry position around your waist (3 O’clock, 6 O’clock, etc.), or any other appropriate position. 

Material and Adjustability

Holsters can be found made from different materials, the most common of them being polymer (Kydex and boltaron), nylon, and leather. Each of these materials has their own pros/cons, and the level of comfort. For example, polymer holsters are shape-retaining and maintenance-free but may dig into your body and scratch the firearm. Whereas leather holsters are comfy and high quality, but also need maintenance and cost higher. Additionally, a holster that is adjustable for height, cant, and retention is also a big plus for making adjustments. 

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Handgun Modifications

Holsters can be universal or firearm-specific, and either of these has its own pros and cons. If you have made any modifications to your handgun, like adding a laser, flashlight, rails, red dot, or high clearance sights, you must make sure that a holster will be ready for that. For example, just a slight difference in the height of iron sights can impede holstering or retention. 

Retention and Modularity

A holster can either have active retention (a locking mechanism) or passive retention (depends upon the elasticity of the material). Passive retention holsters are mostly preferred with holsters that are worn close to the body like IWB or shoulder holsters, and with holster materials like leather. The choice of retention depends upon the intended application and your personal preference. 

Modularity refers to the adaptability of a holster to different mounting platforms, which can be a big plus in some situations. 

Review of the Best SD40VE Holsters

We have scoured through hundreds of holster options for the SD40VE and have found these holsters to be the most appropriate for this handgun. Take a look and let us know what you think in the comments section.

Best Overall

Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5

[amazon fields=”B07BTPPXZM” image=”1″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_link=”none”]

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This Cloak Tuck holster from Aliengear is an IWB holster that is available for more than 160 handguns. This specific model has been custom designed for the SD40VE. It has a polymer shell with passive retention, and you can always tighten or loosen the screws for adjustment. 

The rear is a breathable neoprene backing with a steel spring inside for flexibility. The backing is very comfy in my opinion, and the fact that you can adjust the ride height is of great help. Like when you’re driving or sitting in the office, this can help. The cant is also adjustable which helps with your carry style preference (FBI style or vertical). 

Wearing it for long times is indeed a bit hard, and the size is prone to printing if you do not wear appropriate clothing. However, it is an IWB holster and works great in offering a smooth pull or an easy holstering. 

Bottom Line

This holster is amazing for EDC and CCW activities and offers great function and concealment. Although, you will need to wear a belt to use it and apt clothing like jeans or thick trousers, or a jacket are important to prevent or conceal printing. Overall, it is a great holster for SD40VE given its most common applications.


Custom designed for the SD40VE

‘Iron Clad’ lifetime warranty program

Comfy and breathable neoprene backing

Adjustable cant, retention, and ride height

Spring steel core for strength and flexibility


Limited carry positions


Blackhawk Serpa CQC

[amazon fields=”B002HSOEMS” image=”1″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_link=”none”]

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The Blackhawk SERPA is a very famous and popular holster among some national and international military units. I think this was the first holster to come up with a finger-push release button for enhanced safety, other than the passive retention mechanism. However, it is a two-edged sword as you have to practice a lot to make sure you get it right in a real life defense situation. 

The holster is for OWB carry and comes with a paddle and a belt attachment. The paddle is wide and made from polymer, and is flexible enough to not cause problems. However, I will not recommend using it if you have to sit for long durations. 

This holster was purposely designed for field use for the police and military. Which is why it has an active locking mechanism. The belt loop platform is integral to the holster, and it is a very durable product. 

Bottom Line

This holster is perfect for active duty officers, 3-gun competitions (with the right practice), and range use. The locking mechanism keeps the gun in place and prevents it from getting dropped or snatched. You should only use it for EDC and self-defense if you have practiced enough for a fumble-free draw.


Fits other Blackhawk modular platforms

Full grip access and accepts all top sights

SERPA auto lock and push-button release

Comes with a belt loop and paddle platform

Popular among the marines and special forces

Also includes a passive retention adjustment screw


Not for modified long barrel models

Needs practice to use the locking mechanism

Best for the Money

Gun & Flower SD40VE CCW Holster

[amazon fields=”B09CPSW98H” image=”1″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_link=”none”]

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This IWB holster fits the SD9VE and SD40VE handguns and is sleek enough to offer perfect concealment. The holster has been made from polymer to be maintenance-free and has hand-polished edges to be safe for the user. The inner surface has been polished to be smooth and also to not damage the gun’s finish. The full-length sweat guard is also a simple but smart addition for comfort, however, it may dig if not worn properly. 

The holster is perfect for EDC and CCW uses because of its slim profile. Additionally, the adjustable properties allow it to be worn at almost every carry position on the waist. The audible click upon retention is a good feature and the belt clips accept belts with 1.5 inches or slightly lesser diameter. 

The trigger guard is covered along with the mag release button to ensure the mag doesn’t fall off when you are wearing the holster. 

Bottom Line

This GF holster is perfect for everyday concealed carry as an IWB holster. It will not damage the finish of your handgun and the click sound upon retention is surely a plus.


Top clearance for high sights

Slim and easy to conceal. Great for IWB

Polished inner is scratch-free and smooth

Full length sweat guard and adjustable cant

Lifetime warranty and good customer service

Adjustable passive retention with audible click

Trigger guard and mag release button covered


No complains at this price

Best Holster for SD40VE with a Light

Orpaz T40 S&W SDV40E Holster with Light

[amazon fields=”B08LR3C4ZF” image=”1″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_link=”none”]

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This OWB holster from Orpaz has a very tacti-cool design which makes it suitable for pro users. It has been made from polymer and where most holsters offer adjustments for cant and retention, this holster allows you to adjust the width and height of the shell. This makes it exceptionally compatible with the specific firearms and others similar to it. 

The magnetic retention is a great idea to hold the gun in place, in case you have depressed the button and are still not ready to pull the gun. The design and strength of this holster is amazing, and it can accept flashlights (upto 31mm) and top optics. 

The holster is supplied with the attachment you choose, however, there are five other attachment options to pick from. The paddle attachment is good, but it feels a bit stiff while you are sitting. 

Bottom Line

The Orpaz holster is a necessity if you have a flashlight or red dot sight mounted on your SD40VE. However, even if that’s not the case, it is a great overall holster for a wide range of handguns, and the price is great too.


Accepts all pistol optics and sights

Available in left and right handed options

Rugged, lightweight, and dependable design

Compatible with six Orpaz carry attachments

Magnetic retention with a quick-release button on top

Adjustable width and height for a better fit for firearms


Paddle feels a bit stiff while sitting

Needs some practice for effective results

Best SD40VE Concealed Carry and IWB Holster

Amberide IWB KYDEX Holster

[amazon fields=”B086L4NV2G” image=”1″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_link=”none”]

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This is a sturdy and compact holster from Amberide that helps with concealment for EDC and CCW. The holster has been made from a mix of Kydex and boltaron, both of which are tested and reliable polymers. The holster has a belt clip that allows it to be worn over belts up to 1.5 inches in width. The clip is adjustable for cant for a more comfortable fit, and the holster shell is adjustable for retention. 

The full length sweat guard helps with all day comfort to a significant extent, and the holster has a posi click retention system. So everytime you holster your handgun, you hear a click sound to ensure that it is in place. 

The inner surface is smooth, but not too smooth to always protect your gun’s finish. So always be aware of that. 

Bottom Line

Overall, this holster from Amberide is great for concealed carry during everyday use. The retention is good and the material is fine. The holster has pretty much all the features anyone would expect at this price, along with a lifetime warranty.


Adjustable cant and retention

Audible click retention system

Maintenance free Kydex design

Available in right and left hand and many colors

Undercut trigger guard and full-length sweat guard


Mag release button is not covered

Best Shoulder Holster for SD40VE

Alien Gear Cloak Shoulder Holster

[amazon fields=”B07MTTFMFZ” image=”1″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_link=”none”]

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The thing that I like the most about this holster is that it can be adjusted without using any tools. This holster can be seen as a variant of Aliengear’s famous shapeshift line of holsters where you can interchange multiple holster platforms on a single base. This gives you an exceptional amount of freedom and customizability according to your needs, wants, or situation. 

The straps are pure leather with a breathable neoprene backing on the underside for comfort. The holster can be worn in horizontal or vertical positions and stays covered by a leather flap for more comfort. 

The two mag holders on the other side help you carry extra ammo and also help with maintaining the balance. It costs almost half the price of the SD40VE itself, but the quality and features are definitely worth it. 

Bottom Line

The Aliengear shoulder holster is a good pick if you want quality and a wide range of holster options that can be accommodated on a single platform.


Belt hooks and two spare mag carriers

Custom molded design and level 2 retention

The cant, height, and suspenders are all adjustable

Genuine leather design is classy and comfortable

Compatible with Aliengear shapeshift modular system


Quite expensive for the average Joe

Top Brands in the Holster Space

The holster’s market has thousands of options to pick from. There are reputed and old players that have been making holsters for decades, and some new players with their fancy and cheap holsters giving them stiff competition. 

The leading brands of holsters on the American market are Galco, Safariland, Gould and Goodrich, Blackhawk, Safariland, Aliengear, Comp-tac international, Fobus, Taurus, and Orpaz. Each of these brands has its own long line of holsters, along with their specialties in a certain type of design. 

Galco and Gould and Goodrich are known for making the best quality leather holsters, alongwith more expensive brands like Bianchi. The military currently uses Safariland holsters in large numbers, and the Blackhawk SERPA models are still quite popular among the Marines and Airmen even after some bad news about them. 

Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5

Going with the top holster brands means opting for the best quality materials, amazing customer service, and possibly a great warranty policy. Some leading brands offer you to use their holster for 30 days and accept unconditional returns if you don’t like them. Holsters from these popular brands may cost a bit more, but the extra spends are definitely worth it. 

Additionally, leading brands also offer a wide range of innovative features with different models. For example, Aliengear offers a shapeshift holster that can be used with a variety of different paddles. 

There are other less popular brands like CYA International, comfortTac, and relentless tactical which offer affordable (cheap) holsters, and believe me, these are insanely popular on sites like Amazon. For example, CYA International is the leading seller of IWB CCW holsters on Amazon, whereas ComfortTac rules in belly band holsters. Since these picks are cheap, you don’t regret when they break, plus they deliver significantly good performance. 

Price Points of SD40VE Holsters

With so many options for holsters on the market, you will also encounter several price ranges 

$17 – $50

Yes you read that right. You can find a holster for your SD40VE for as low as $17, and the holster will not be bad if you expect so. Like I told you in the previous section, there is a lot of influx of cheap items from overseas, and there can be lemons in this price range. Although, all the picks we have included in this review have undergone strenuous testing and show acceptable quality. However, you may have to compromise on advanced features and things like fit and comfort.

$50 – $100

This is the most common and most preferred range of holsters on the market. You can expect good quality and a myriad of conventional and innovative features from holsters in this price range. There is also a wide range of options for warranty and good customer service. 


People who have some special requirements, or are seriously concerned about the quality or class of the holsters will choose to go the expensive way. 

Gun & Flower SD40VE CCW Holster


The SD40VE is a good everyday carry and duty pistol that needs an appropriate holster for perfect performance. There is a wide range of styles to choose from that include IWB, OWB, Shoulder, and other holster designs. Each of them serves a different purpose and you should take factors like modularity, fit, comfort, material, adjustability, and retention, into consideration. 

People Also Ask

Here’s a short FAQ section to help you solve some queries about SD40VE and its holsters.

Can I Use A Smith And Wesson M&P 40 Holster For A SD40VE?

Yes, both these guns work very well interchangeably in the same holster, although results may vary in some cases.


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