Best SD40VE Sights – The Best Options Reviewed

Some handguns come with great factory sights, whereas some need a replacement after a few days of use. Adding sights to your handgun can depend upon the intended use, or just personal taste. The SD40VE is a good gun suitable for self defense and active duty, and it comes with a good pair of factory sights. However, there are mixed reviews about that and sometimes you need a better pair of sights to tackle different situations. 

So we have come up with the best options to replace the factory sights on your SD40VE. Along with their detailed reviews outlining the pros and cons, and why you should pick them. 

Comparison of the Best SD40VE Sights

  • Three fiber optics in green for max visibility
  • Steel concealment for fibers and snag free design
  • Tough design and works with many M&P guns
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  • Green tritium front post with white ring
  • Orange rear and tritium based illumination
  • Factory height sights for normal compatibility
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  • Fiber optic is invisible to the target
  • Red front and green rear design for contrast
  • Snag-proof steel design and fits most holsters
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  • 160 lumens and 113 meter beam range white light
  • Adjustable green laser and easy-to-mount design
  • Three modes, IPX4 rated, and durable construction
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  • Self-illuminated sights with a wide field of view
  • Hooked surface for one-handed slide manipulation
  • Bright and lamps are packed in aluminum cylinders`
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Factors to Consider Before Buying a Sight for Your SD40VE

Buying aftermarket sights for your SD40VE may seem to be an easy task, but you may easily forget a few important considerations. Check out these factors that will help you make a more informed purchase. 

Standard, Fiber Optic, or Tritium Sights

Factory sights may or may not feature a colored dot and can simply be a plain silhouette requiring you to just align it into a picture. However, most manufacturers these days try to offer at least one colored highly-visible portion on their sights for quick acquisition. 

As far as aftermarket sights are concerned, night sights are the most popular, which can have a tritium or fiber optic sight. A tritium sight is self-illuminating due to the properties of the element and can last for up to 12 years. Whereas a fiber optic is a filament that gathers ambient light for illumination. Fiber optics are most useful during the day because of the high ambient light, whereas Trijicon sights work great regardless of day or night. 

Ramped vs Straight 

Some sights feature a ramped rear sight which helps with single handed racking of the sight. While you can do that with standard straight sights, the ramped ones are more ergonomic and specifically designed for this purpose, plus, they won’t fall off. 

Installation and Field of View

I would recommend you always use a good sight installation tool for mounting or dismounting your sights. Rear sights are easier to install, and front sights mostly come with a screw. It is always better that sight installation does not need any modifications to your gun. Another important thing to look for is the field of view. 

When you align the sights for aiming, the sights should capture the optimal view area for easy adjustments. The SD40VE has close to seven inches of sight radius, which is already great. 

Truglo TFO

Dot Size and Color

The size of the dots on the front and rear sights matters because it will be the point of focus when aiming your gun. Aftermarket sights offer dots and pointers in different colors, and the most prominent of those are white, red, orange, and green. Some offer a mix of two colors, one for the front and another for the rear. Green color is said to be more perceptive to the eye during daylight, and white is mostly better for the night.

Suppressor Height Sights

These sights are specially designed for use with suppressors because they consume extra area around the barrel. So such sights are designed to be higher for proper clearance. Since SD40VE is not offered in threaded barrels, this will only be a consideration if you have got it modified and want a muzzle device.

Review of the Best SD40VE Sights

Here are some of the best aftermarket sights for the SD40VE which have been selected based upon their quality, performance, and positive customer reviews.

Best Overall

Truglo TFO

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This pair of sights from Truglo contains fiber optics that collect light from the ambiance. The fiber is green and works perfectly during the daytime. As I already mentioned before, fiber optics sights are not great for nighttime use because they rely upon ambient lighting. So why did I put it in the first spot? 

The answer is that most people will be using the SD40VE as an EDC and CCW weapon. Plus, if someone is carrying a .40S&W chambered handgun for self-defense, you know they are trained enough to know what sights to use. The construction of these sights is top-notch, and installation is simple. Additionally, you may find the description saying they don’t work with SD40VE, but believe me, they do. 

Bottom Line

These Truglo TFO sights are good for daytime use which includes EDC, duty, competitions, and range use. However, if you are looking for something more versatile, check out our next pick from Trijicon.


Fits standard holsters

Perfect visibility in all shooting conditions

CNC-machined steel enclosures for fibers

Snag-resistant design and fiber is concealed

Fiber optics available in green and yellow colors


Not fit for use in night

Best S&W SD40VE Night Sight

Hi Viz Litewave H3

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This night sight from Hi-Viz has self-illuminating tritium vials which glow very well in pitch dark conditions. The front post is green and the rear post has orange vials. This contrast certainly gives a very bright sight picture during daylight. However, during the night, the green and orange contrast may take some time to pick up, unless your eyes are adjusted to the dark. 

The vials are enclosed in a steel casing so they are only visible to the user. Installing these sights may take some effort and probably need some filing with a few models. However, it fits easily with the SD40VE handgun. 

This sight is good for people who want all-time readiness. The tritium sights work amazingly in the dark and can be used in day or night. I think these sights are great for overall use whether it is a range, tactical, competitions, EDC, or home defense. 

Bottom Line

The Hi-Viz litewave sights are perfect for all uses ranging from EDC to tactical. The contrasting sights are good for acquisition, and the tritium will run bright over the years. Plus, the sight is covered by a limited lifetime warranty.


Orange tritium rear sights

Tritium vials enclosed in steel casing

Fits M&P full-size and compact in all calibers

Green tritium front with white ring for visibility

12-year tritium warranty from the manufacturer


Picking up the contrast in low light takes some time

Best for the Money

Truglo TG131MP

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The Truglo TR131MP uses fiber optic technology to give you bright aiming dots pertinent to the ambient lighting. The sight has a red fiber in the front sight and green fibers in the rear sights. This delivers a contrasting red-green color which is certainly better than a single color. It helps you distinguish between the front and rear sights and help with aiming. 

Since it uses fiber optic tech, the performance is great during the day but can feel mediocre in very low-light situations. So they are not suitable for pitch dark situations, where a tritium-based sight will work great. However, they are useful for low ambient lighting areas like parking lots, alleyways, or low-lit room. 

The fibers are concealed so nobody else and only the user can see them. This can be a plus point in low light situations. 

Bottom Line

The Truglo sight’s contrasting red and green fiber optics are certainly the most unique feature. This sight is appropriate for daytime use which includes EDC, range, duty, and competitions. The price is perfect, you also have a warranty.


Concealed fiber is not visible to the target

Durable CNC-machined steel construction

Contrasting red front and green rear fiber optic

Works with M&P, SD9VE, and SD40VE models

Snag-resistant design and fits standard holsters


Less visibility in low-light situations

Best SD40VE Laser Sight

Streamlight TLR-4

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The Streamlight TLR-4 is a popular laser and light combo that can be mounted on a wide range of firearms. The mounting kit included in the package allows it to be installed on practically any firearm with an appropriate rail or mounting system. The light is super powerful and can illuminate up to a distance of 113 meters which is certainly more than enough for a handgun. 

The laser is green in color, making it useful for broad daylight use. The laser-light has an ambidextrous on/off switch and three modes to choose from. The laser only mode can run for four hours straight, and the package includes a battery as well. 

The laser-light is extremely durable for such a product and also IPX4 water-resistant. Although, using it will add about three ounces to your handgun, and will also require a special holster. It is best suited for OWB holsters and tactical uses or home defense at night.

Bottom Line

The TLR-4 is a laser-light combo with a powerful light and green laser. It runs in three different modes and can illuminate out to 113 meters. It will add some weight to the gun, but the features are worth the compromise. Mostly suitable for home defense and tactical uses.


Durable and IPX4 water-resistant

Green laser is perfect for night and daytime use

Flashlight and laser light integrated into one unit

Powerful 160 lumens light with a 113-meter beam range

Inclusive kit helps it to mount of a wide range of firearms

Fully adjustable laser, and covered with a lifetime warranty

Ability to switch among three modes (laser, light, and laser/light)


Pricey and limited use

Increases weight and requires a special holster

Trijicon HD XR

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Trijicon is a well-known and respected player in the industry of aftermarket sights. This pick is a night sight that has a tritium-illuminated front post, and rear with shiny black dots to help you get a perfect sight picture. Sights that have tritium in both front and rear posts are certainly better, but they are also more expensive. 

This sight is ramped for single-handed operation and is quite durable. It works with M&P, M&P M2.0, SD9VE, and SD40VE models and is good for low light usage. So basically, it is a normal sight in the day, and a night sight in low light situations. 

It fits in normal holsters and has a good field of view. This sight is good for EDC, range use, and even home defense. However, you will need proper practice for risky situations. 

Bottom Line

These Trijicon sights are a good choice if you need a versatile pair of sights that can work in broad daylight or low light situations. It is a bit more expensive than other options, but it is certainly a high-quality product covered by a limited lifetime warranty.


Self-illuminating tritium in front post

Backed by a limited lifetime warranty

Thin front post for a wide field of view

Black painted rear outlines for quick acquisition

Works with M&P, SD9VE, and SD40VE models

Sapphire jewel capped post for bright illumination


A tad pricey

Top Brands in the Sights & Optics Space

Check out the leading brands in the sights and optics space and the advantages they offer over their competitors. 


Trijicon is an American company based in Wixom, Michigan, USA. It has been in business since 1981 and is the biggest supplier of firearm optics for the U.S military. The company is known for its tritium illuminated night sights, especially the HD and HD XR series of sights. All their products are backed by a limited lifetime warranty, and though their products are a bit more expensive than their counterparts, you can trust them if the military does. 


Meprolight is an Israeli company which is headquartered in Or Akiva, Israel. Their tritium illuminated night sights last longer than Trijicon, although Trijicon sights are brighter. Their sights are manufactured in Israel and show very good quality at a decent price. The company has a limited lifetime warranty for its products.


Streamlight is not a company that manufactures aiming sights, but it makes flashlights and laser sights. It is an American company that is renowned for its lights and lasers from NASA to the military. Their lasers are some of the best on the market, and they too have a limited lifetime warranty backing their products. 


Truglo is a known name for budget sights. It is mostly famous for fiber optic sights and not so popular with tritium-based sights. It is an American company, but some of their products are also known to be made in China. So their products are somewhat cheap, but since quality control is done in America, these sights also show good quality. 

Price Points of SD40VE Sights

Different brands or types of sights will offer specific features and perks. So you must be aware of their price range to set an appropriate budget for your needs. 

$35 – $80

This is the most common price range for handgun sights. You can find sights for as low as $35 with minimal features from top brands, or more features from cheaper brands. The lower spectrum of this price range will most offer fiber optic sights that have been imported from China. It’s not that the quality is always bad, but such sights are budget options and should not be trusted for serious applications. The higher end of this spectrum will get you a Trijicon or Meprolight with tritium illumination and high-quality construction. Additionally, almost all brands have some warranty policy in place. 

$80 – $150

This is the higher spectrum of iron sights for handguns where you can expect exceptionally high quality and customer service. Such sights generally feature three tritium-illuminated points covering the front and rear sights. Plus, a durable construction, and you may also find sights that can be adjusted for windage and elevation. 

Streamlight TLR-4

Who Should Not Buy a New Sight?

Adding a brand new aftermarket sight to your handgun is a popular mod. However, it is not appropriate for everyone to spend money on a new sight. The standard SD40VE comes with a front white dot sight from the factory. The sights are also dovetailed to help with installation and removal. 

The factory sights work decent if you are an average EDC user who has practiced thoroughly with the handgun and has no problem with using a plain white dot sight. However, if you are a trained professional who wants all-time readiness, more advanced sights will be a better option for you. 

Night sights are only recommended for people who want to use the SD40VE for home defense or people who expect to be in low-lit areas at some point. These are suitable for situations where a flashlight is not very important. Plus, night sights (with green dots) work really well during the day as well as at night.   


The SD40VE comes with a good pair of sights, but sometimes factory sights are not enough. Aftermarket sights help with visibility of the sight picture in daylight as well as low-light situations. Tritium-illuminated sights are better for day and night, whereas fiber optic sights work better during daytime when there is ample ambient light. .

People Also Ask

A small and quick FAQ section to put some light on using sights with the SD40VE.

Can You Put A Red Dot On The Smith And Wesson SD40VE?

Mounting a laser sight on the SD40VE is easy because of the under rail, but putting a red dot will need some gunsmithing modifications to the slide for adding an appropriate adapter.

How To Adjust The Sights On an S&W SD40VE?

If the iron sights offer adjustments, they will also come with a hex key or appropriate instructions for using a tool. Laser sights generally come with a key to make such adjustments.


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