Best Taurus G3C Accessories: The Ultimate Buyer Guide

The Taurus G3C is a popular and effective subcompact handgun that is capable of accurate fire and easy concealed carry. The G3C itself is a good weapon, but it can certainly be improved by adding a few accessories to it.

So to make things easier for you, we decided to compile a list of the best Taurus G3C accessories, along with a detailed review of each to understand their pros and cons. 

Comparison of the Best Taurus G3C Accessories

  • Laser light combo with powerful 130 meter light
  • Low battery indicator & magnetic recharging port
  • Adjustable for laser and position and multi modes
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  • Universal fit mag holster for 9mm & .40 S&W rounds
  • Accepts double stack magazine and has rubber paddle
  • Adjustability for retention and low profile design
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  • Quickly convert your handgun into a pistol carbine
  • Top aluminum rail, folding brace, and mag holder
  • Ergonomic design and can accept a suppressor
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  • Tough steel construction and steel wire spring
  • Holds 15 rounds and has machined witness holes
  • Polymer grip spacer for ergonomics
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  • Custom molded IWB holster for 1.5 inch belts
  • Adjustable retention, cant, and clip
  • Protective sweat guard and lifetime warranty
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  • Grip activated laser with tough and compact design
  • Powerful class 3R green laser is visible in day
  • Adjustable laser, two modes, and auto shut off
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  • Dual illuminated tritium based front & rear sight
  • Three tritium points and wide rear sight gap
  • Rear sight ledge helps with one-handed operation
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Factors to Consider Before Buying Accessories For Your Taurus G3C

Just like any other handgun, the Taurus G3C can also be upgraded to be fit for different applications or situations. Here are a few factors to consider before you pick an accessory for your G3C. 

What is Your Intended Use?

The first thing to ask yourself is whether an accessory is going to solve your purpose or not. Someone owning a G3C can use it only for range use, whereas someone else can use it for EDC or CCW. Some other people can use it for home defense applications. So each situation has different requirements and you should choose an accessory accordingly. 

For example, a laser/light combo is suitable for home defense and tactical applications, whereas a tritium-based sight is good for general purpose uses. 

Is Assimilation Easy or Difficult

Adding or removing an accessory to your handgun should be easy and possibly quick. Any accessory that requires a permanent modification to your handgun should be avoided unless it seems absolutely necessary. Additionally, an accessory when mounted on your handgun should not hinder the function of any other addons. 

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Any Legal Implications

While most accessories for your handgun do not come with legal implications, you should always check with your local laws before making any modifications to your handgun. For example, the use of laser lights is banned in some states, and some states consider any mag holding more than 10 rounds as a high-capacity magazine. 

Similarly, converting your pistol into a carbine using a conversion kit requires you to use a pistol brace rather than a stock. Doing otherwise can land you in legal trouble if you’re caught. 

Quality and Service

Always make sure to choose high-quality accessories from renowned and trusted manufacturers because some day your life might depend on it. Always steer away from cheap knockoff products and make sure to do your due diligence before picking a product. Additionally, manufacturers who offer good quality and good after sales support should be your priority. 

Review of the Best Taurus G3C Accessories

Check out the best accessories for the Taurus G3C along with their detailed reviews. 

Best Overall

Viridian C5L-R Universal Red Laser Sight

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This C5L is a universal fit laser/light that can mount to any handgun with an appropriate Picatinny rail. This laser/light combo features a 100-lumens light that can also be used in strobe mode. The laser is green and works very well in day or night, plus it has a massive runtime of 20 hours in constant on mode. 

The laser/light combo mode can work for 75 minutes straight, and the combo is grip activated which means you also conserve a lot of battery life. The unique thing about the light is that it spreads more horizontally hence lighting up a wider field of view. 

The laser is fully adjustable for windage and elevation and is also covered by a seven-year limited warranty. This laser/light combo is quite lightweight, but you will need a special holster to carry it outside. 

Bottom Line

Adding a laser to your G3C is a great idea to enhance its accuracy and performance. This laser/light combo is great for home defense applications, tactical uses, and also for CCW if you would like to carry it. 


Green laser for better daylight visibility

Grip based activation for better handling

Fully adjustable for windage and elevation

Universal fit design and easy to mount/dismount

Four modes to switch and includes a strobe mode

Powerful 100 lumen light with horizontal dispersion


Absolutely none


Fobus Belt Double Stack Magazine Pouch

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This magazine holder from Fobus may seem a less useful accessory for the G3C, however, people who want extra-preparedness will beg to differ. The G3C holds 12+1 round, and in restrictive states, this comes down to just 10+1. The 9mm is a good cartridge, but sometimes you need extra ammo to tackle a situation. 

This mag holder will allow you to carry two extra mags with you, which means at least 20 more rounds to fight back. This holder is suitable for people who carry weapons for active duty or tactical purposes. Or perhaps they want more readiness for an unforeseen situation. 

This holder can fit most 9mm and .40 S&W mags so the use is not limited to just the G3C. 

Bottom Line

Adding a double mag holder to your list of accessories is a great idea to carry some extra ammo. Additionally, you can store it at home right next to your G3C for a possible home defense situation where you don’t have to search for ammo. 


Rubberized paddle insert for comfort

Adjustable screw for getting a better fit

Holds two 9mm/.40 S&W mags at once

Lightweight, compact, and low-profile design


Limited use

Takes up extra carry space

Best for the Money

CAA Micro Conversion Kit for Taurus

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A carbine conversion kit is probably the last thing you can expect on your list for upgrading the G3C. However, these kits are really fun to shoot and the capability of converting your handgun into a carbine almost instantly is amazing. 

This conversion kit has a simple plug-n-play design, where you simply push your G3C inside the slot and you’re ready to fire. The in-built charging handle helps with charging the slide, and your grip remains the same. The kit is very ergonomic and has a mag slot in the front at the base which helps with carrying extra ammo and also ergonomics. 

Such kits are great for use at the range, and also for tactical uses like home defense if the need arises. However, you must also remember that it has a brace attached to it and you cannot legally shoulder it like a rifle (unless in a jiffy).

Bottom Line

A micro conversion for the G3C is not something you will use daily, plus, it is quite pricey, so spending money equivalent to the price of the G3C may not seem reasonable. However, if you want to have fun at the range, and also have a more tacti-cool version of the G3C, this is what you need.


Longer brace for better stability

Capable of attaching a suppressor

In-built charging handle and ergonomic design

Includes a front magazine holder with catch release

Top aluminum rail and side rail slots for accessories


Pricey and limited use

Best Taurus G3C Extended Magazines

Taurus G2C G3C G3XL 9mm 15-Round Magazine

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This is an OEM magazine that fits the G3C, G2C, and G3XL models from Taurus. This mag is capable of holding 15 rounds, which is three rounds more than what the G3C comes with. I think 15 rounds is perfect for a subcompact handgun, even if you want some extra rounds for backup.

The magazine is sleek and fits perfectly because of the OEM design. The polymer spacer covers that extra gap by blending with the grip and delivers perfect ergonomics. The mag has 14 witness holes on the rear, all of which have been marked with numbers to give you a precise idea of the rounds left in the mag. 

You can either use this as your main magazine or carry (store) it around as the backup magazine. Three extra rounds can make a difference sometimes. Plus, you can use it in conjunction with the Fobus mag holder I mentioned above. 

Bottom Line

The 15-round magazine is a great addition to the G3C because of its OEM fit and perfect ergonomics with the polymer grip spacer. An inexpensive and useful addition for EDC, CCW, home defense, or even the range. 


High-visibility polymer follower

OEM made magazine for perfect fit

Polymer grip spacer for ergonomics

Made using heat-treated stainless steel

Fully numbered witness holes on the rear side


None we could find

None we could find

Best Taurus G3C Holsters

We The People Holsters Taurus G3C IWB Holster

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This IWB holster offers an amazing carry option for your Taurus G3C. It has been custom designed for this handgun and allows you to carry at multiple positions IWB. It is fully adjustable for ride height, cant, and retention, so you need not worry about a comfortable and snug fit. 

The holster also has a protective sweat guard that helps with carrying it all day around. The holster has a very slim profile, and also an open-muzzle design so you can use it with muzzle accessories already mounted on your G3C. 

The holster has been made in the USA and is covered by a lifetime warranty. You get full grip access, a covered trigger guard, and a less-printable profile to help with concealment. 

Bottom Line

This IWB holster for the G3C has been designed to fit the dimensions of your handgun and can be adjusted in many different ways to suit your perfect fit. A great option for your EDC and CCW needs. 


Protective full-length sweat guard

Ride, cant, and retention adjustable design

Custom designed holster for the Taurus G3C

Audible click on holstering and multiple carry positions


Only for IWB uses

Best Taurus G3C Lasers

ArmaLaser Green Laser Sight

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The Armalaser red laser sight is a perfect accessory for your G3C if you want to improve its aiming and accuracy, especially in low light conditions. It features a very bright red laser that will help with aiming in the dark. However, a red laser is not great for aiming in the day under heavy ambient lighting beyond 10 feet or so.

The laser can be mounted easily on the trigger guard without any tools and comes off easily when needed. The battery door is on the side so you do not have to disturb the azimuth adjustments when changing the battery. 

The Armalaser is a bit pricey for the G3C, but it is a useful addition to your gun for EDC or home defense uses. Especially for home defense when you don’t want to give your position with a flashlight. 

Bottom Line

Adding a laser to your G3C will greatly improve your aiming and accuracy. The laser is easy to install and has a good amount of runtime. The price is a bit high, so you can also go for a laser-light combo. 


Ultra-bright red laser sight

Simple grip touch activation

Fully adjustable for windage/elevation

Easy DIY installation and compact design


Pricey for the G3C

May need readjustments quite often

Best Taurus G3C Sights

XS SIGHTS 3-Dot Tritium Night Sights

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The RAM sights from XS Sights are a great addition to your Taurus G3C handgun as they will greatly improve your aiming abilities in daylight or low light conditions. It is a tritium-based sight that is self-illuminated, plus, it has a unique Ember glow technology which further increases the amount of brightness. 

The rear sight has a ledge to help with single-handed racking of the slide in emergency situations. The sight is reasonably priced and is a perfect addition to your handgun. Some may think that these sights are for Glock pistols, but Taurus also uses a universal sight mounting system, so fitting is not an issue here. 

These are the most advanced and perfect tritium sights for your Taurus G3C within an appropriate budget. 

Bottom Line

The XS RAM sight has all three tritium points and a large red circle on the front to help distinguish the picture. This sight will not only improve the overall aiming experience, but it is also a better alternative to more expensive laser sights and laser light combos. 


Ten years warranty

Tritium powered front and rear sight

Front sight also has a big orange dot

Ledged rear sight for one-handed manipulations


None we could see

Price Points of Taurus G3C Accessories

The range of what you can pick for your G3C is wide, but you should also get an idea of what you can expect for a specific budget. 

$30 – $50

This is the lowest price range in which you can find something for your Taurus G3C. You can get a good holster, magazine, and magazine pouch within this range. The mag reviewed above is an OEM product and costs close to $30. 

CAA Micro Conversion Kit for Taurus

$50 – $100

The next best price range where you can find a good set of sights or a good laser sight for your G3C. You can expect great quality products along with an amazing warranty. This is somewhat a better price range if you want to upgrade your handgun to a more tactical level. 


This is the highest price range for your handgun and you can buy a good laser light combo from Streamlight, Armalaser, and other renowned companies. You can also opt for a good conversion kit for range use. 


The Taurus G3C is a subcompact handgun mostly used for EDC, CCW, or home defense. There are many accessories that can be added to this handgun to improve its function or make it more adaptable to certain other situations. However, make sure to choose a high-quality product, that matches your expectation and does not degrade the performance of your handgun in any way.


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