Best Taurus G3C Compensators: Your 2022 Selection

The Taurus G3C is a subcompact handgun chambered in the 9x19mm Parabellum cartridge and is mostly used for CCW and EDC uses. There are a lot of scopes to add accessories to this firearm, and one such item is a compensator. 

Read further to learn if you should or should not add a compensator to your G3C, along with the review of the best Taurus G3C compensators on the market. 

Comparison of the Best Taurus G3C Compensators

  • Heat-treated steel design and steel wire spring
  • Machined witness holes and hi-vis polymer follower
  • The polymer grip spacer helps fit and ergonomics
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  • Injection molded, lightweight 12 round magazine
  • Scalloped sides offer improved control
  • Tough spring and impact resistant floor plate
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  • Two-part aluminum and plastic design fits with screw
  • Works with 17 round mags and adds three rounds
  • Fits 17rd Taurus G2C, G3C, PT111 G2, or G3XL,
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  • 32 round stainless steel magazine for PT111/G3C
  • Black oxide finish and chrome-silicon wire spring
  • Ergonomic catch to help with handling the gun
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  • Contoured magazine sleeve offers additional grip
  • Full witness holes and high visibility follower
  • Holds 17 rounds and patterned to match the grip
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  • High grade steel and polymer mag for durability
  • Fits Taurus PT-111 G2, G2c, G3 and G3c models
  • Backed by lifetime guarantee against defects
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Factors to Consider Before Buying Taurus G3C Compensators

Before you dive into the detailed review, take a look at some important aspects to keep an eye out for when buying a compensator for your G3C.

Availability of Threaded Barrel

Before you move further on purchasing a threaded barrel for your G3C, I’ll suggest you google the possible options. I don’t want to demotivate you from having a compensator on your handgun, but the fact is that Taurus does not offer a threaded barrel for the G3C. The only threaded barrel you can find for this handgun is sold by Lakeline LLC which can be found here.

Hybrid or Not

The job of a compensator is to mitigate the muzzle rise of the barrel which is a result of the expanding gasses and inertia. There is another muzzle device called the muzzle brake whose job is to mitigate and reduce the recoil of the weapon by angling the expanding gasses at different angles. 

Sometimes, both these muzzle devices come combined as one and are known as hybrid compensators. If you are fine with the recoil of the 9mm, you do not need a muzzle brake and only a compensator will do. 

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Installation and Performance

Installing a muzzle brake to your handgun should be an easy task as all it takes is to screw over the device and tighten it with a hex wrench. In some cases, you need to time or check the torque for the perfect installation, whereas some compensators come with a self-timing nut for an even simpler installation. Additionally, lakeline threaded barrels use ½-28 TPI threading, so you should choose a compensator that matches it. 

Almost all compensators claim a number depicting the amount of difference in muzzle rise compared to without the compensator. It can range anywhere from 10% to 50% and you should certainly consider this. Additionally, the weight, shape, and size of the compensator will also matter in the long run. Also, remember that you may need to change the recoil spring of your handgun on the compensator’s performance. 

Carry and Legal Issues

Before you purchase a compensator for your handgun, make sure it is legal to use in your state. For example, some states do not allow removable muzzle devices, and some are not amicable with the idea of adding muzzle devices at all. This is extremely essential if you live in gun-strict states. 

Another factor to consider is if adding the compensator is going to affect your carry process in any manner. It is imperative to find the right holster that suits the muzzle device, along with other factors like concealability. 

Review of the Best Taurus G3C Compensators 

Best Overall


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This micro-carry compensator from Griffin armament is an exceptionally compact compensator for your Taurus G3C. It has a patented and universal-fit design that can mount to any 9mm barrel with ½-28 TPI threads. This means that you can use it on other handguns you own. 

The compensator has a very small size, and it does not stick out too much. This means that you can easily carry your handgun in normal holsters that have an open base. This compensator has been made using heat-treated steel, and the nitride finish over it is not only resistant to corrosion but also very easy to clean.

It is quite easy to install/remove and will not hamper a comfortable carry or concealment. If you are not familiar with compensators, let me tell you that Griffin Armament is the leading manufacturer of compensators on the American market. 

Bottom Line

This micro compensator from Griffin Armament is the perfect fit for your Taurus G3C because it compliments the subcompact size of the handgun, and will certainly not interfere with concealed carry. Plus, you will not need any special holsters to get a snug fit. 


Compact size and minimal weight

Black nitride finish for wear resistance

Universal fit. Suits any 9mm barrel with ½-28 TPI

Doesn’t stick out and fits most open-base holsters

Tough stainless steel body with wrench flats for easy grip


None we could find



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This hybrid compensator cum muzzle brake from Area 419 is a two-in-one muzzle accessory for your handgun. While the G3C does not have too much recoil so you need a muzzle brake, the compensator will greatly help with the muzzle rise because of the larger holes and longer size. 

Since this hybrid is a universal fit muzzle device, you can use it on any 9mm chambered firearm with appropriate threading. It has a self-timing nut that further eases the process of installation. The large vents on the sides are big enough to create a significant change in the recoil and muzzle rise of your weapon. 

The only issue I see with using this compensator is the increase in the overall size of the firearm. The Taurus G3C is already a subcompact handgun, and adding this compensator will add about two inches to its overall length. 

Bottom Line

This is a compensator plus muzzle brake hybrid muzzle device that will help with mitigating muzzle rise along with dampening the recoil of your handgun. However, you must find an appropriate holster that has an open base. Plus, carrying it can be a tad difficult so watch out for an appropriate holster. 


Horizontal line on face helps with leveling

Universal fit 9mm compensator and brake

Meets a 3-gun standard for a limited class

Simple knurled nut requires no tools for timing


Adds two inches to barrel OAL

Best for the Money

TRYBE Defense Universal Double Port

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The TRYBE defense compensator looks awesome with its shiny finish and a design that matches the profile of the slide. Since it has a universal design, it mounts to most 9mm chambered handguns. All the accessories/tools required for mounting the compensator are included in the package, plus, the installation is extremely easy. 

The compensator has two top holes which help with mitigating the muzzle rise. The aesthetics of this device look super amazing, and you have three colors to choose from. Despite its shape, this compensator will not interfere with sight. However, you should not mount it too close to the barrel as it will affect the pistol’s performance. 

Another good thing is that TRYBE offers a lot of other accessories to complete your G3C build. One thing that is obvious with this compensator is that you will need a holster that has some extra space in the muzzle area to accommodate it. However, the company also offers a holster to suit this compensator which you can find on the product page. 

Bottom Line

The TRYBE defense compensator is an aesthetically pleasing compensator that has two large holes to mitigate the muzzle rise to a significant extent. Installation is easy and the tools needed are included in the package. 


Universal fit design for 9mm handguns

Reduces muzzle rise and sensed recoil

Sleek profile and blends with the slide contour

Aesthetically pleasing design available in many colors


Requires special holster

May interfere with laser/light 

Honorable Mention

CMMG ZEROED 9mm Linear Compensator

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The CMMG compensator is a good-functioning and compact muzzle device that will handle the muzzle rise of your G3C. Installation may take a while because of the adjustments with the washer and the timing of the compensator. However, once it is installed, the compensator sticks to its position firmly. 

The prong-shaped face of the compensator looks like a flash hider and certainly helps with that too. It is about 1.4 inches in length which isn’t much by most standards. However, it is also a matter of personal choice. 

The nitride finish over it imparts a black color and also a wear-resistant finish. The compensator is appropriate for both handguns and rifles, but it will not feel vague on the G3C. 

Bottom Line

The CMMG compensator is widely used and trusted in the world of firearms. This specific model is a simple and durable design that has been designed for rigorous use. It is lightweight so it won’t tip the balance, plus it sticks out 1.4 inches which is not a big issue because of its sleek shape. 


Durable stainless steel construction

Design allows it to double as a flash hider

Fits all 9mm barrels with ½-28 TPI threads

Lightweight so doesn’t add much front weight


Installation takes some effort

Difference is not so significant

Editor’s Pick

Tyrant Designs Universal 9mm Compensator

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This universal 9mm compensator is somewhat similar in design to the TRYBE defense compensator reviewed above. However, it features a wider top-notch with a couple of meticulously designed holes underneath. This compensator blends into the profile of the slide and mounts very easily onto the handgun.

It is a symmetrical cuboid that measures one inch from all sides and weighs just one ounce. Adding it to your G3C will certainly not tip the balance of your handgun. Since this is a universal comp, you can use it with a wide range of handguns other than the G3C. 

Bottom Line

A universal compensator with smaller dimensions compared to its counterparts, and also a lower weight. It is suitable for people who want to carry their G3C OWB or use it for home defense because finding a holster for this profile will be tedious. 


Adds only one inch to the barrel OAL

Sleek, lightweight, and aesthetic design

Two-piece design installs easily in seconds

Universal design works with all 9mm guns with apt threads


Stability can be improved

A bit tricky to clean because of the design

Top Brands in the Taurus G3C Compensators Space

Check out the top brands for the Taurus G3C compensators to get an idea about the market leaders. 

Griffin Armament

Griffin Armament is an American company based in Wisconsin that is known for its high-quality muzzle devices. The company manufactures silencers, compensators, pistol barrels, and flash hiders. Their compensators are the best in the industry and also trusted by many professionals. 

Tyrant Designs CNC

It is also an American company based in Chicago and renowned for its CNC machined AR-15 upgrades and handgun compensators (especially those made for Glock). Their compensators are of very high quality and precision machined. Plus, they also feature a decent price tag. 

Strike Industries

A fairly new company in the market, Strike Industries has quickly gained a reputation for manufacturing some of the best compensators for handguns as well as rifles. The company is based in California and offers high-grade compensators in a wide range of shapes and sizes. 

Tyrant Designs Universal 9mm Compensator

Who Should Not Buy a Taurus G3C Compensator?

A compensator is certainly a fun accessory to use with a handgun. However, as far as a 9mm handgun is concerned, compensators are not always necessary, especially for seasoned shooters who are accustomed to the recoil. Talking specifically about the Taurus G3C, it is a subcompact handgun that will mostly be used for concealed carry purposes.   

However, I am certainly not trying to say that a compensator is useless for a G3C. But you have to understand that the function of a compensator is to help with sustained fire and support the use of optics like red dots. After adding a compensator to your handgun, you will also have to find an appropriate holster if the addition makes the gun somewhat out-of-dimensions for a normal holster. 

Additionally, adding a compensator may impede attachments like iron sights or laser/light combos. If your purpose is to carry your G3C for occasional uses, you may not want to invest in a compensator. 


The Taurus G3C is a subcompact handgun suitable for EDC, CCW, or home defense. While compensators are mostly useful for field activities like active duty or range use, you can also add a compensator to your handgun for better control under sustained fire. Since the G3C is already a subcompact gun, a compensator for it must be compact, lightweight, and matching to its sleek profile as to not cause any issues with carry or concealment.


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