Best Taurus G3C Holsters: Your Guide to the Best Options

The Taurus G3C is a subcompact and very effective handgun that is widely used for EDC and CCW. However, in order to effectively use it, you must also have a good holster that meets your requirements.

Here is a detailed compilation of the best Taurus G3C holster from the most reputed and leading manufacturers. 

Comparison of the Best Taurus G3C Holsters

  • Custom molded IWB holster for 1.5 inch belts
  • Adjustable retention, cant, and clip
  • Protective sweat guard and lifetime warranty
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  • SERPA lock index finger push level two retention
  • Includes belt loop and paddle, plus modular design
  • Durable, concealable, and popular in the military
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  • Optional thumb release and adjustable retention
  • Waterproof and breathable neoprene backing
  • Modular design and lifetime warranty cover
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  • G2C/G3C holster that accepts mounted flashlight
  • Adjustable retention and two belt clip options
  • Polished edges and accepts mounted red dot optics
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  • Boltaron make holster can switch between IWB & OWB
  • Right handed and accepts Viridian E-series sights
  • Adjustable cant and retention with audible click
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  • IWB holster with audible posi-click retention
  • Full length sweat guard and non-scratch hardware
  • Adjustable cant/retention and lifetime returns
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  • Wide backing with 1.75" belt loops for stability
  • Lays flat for concealment under a loose shirt
  • Non-scratching design, quick use, lifetime warranty
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Factors to Consider Before Buying Holster For Your Taurus G3C

Before you pick a holster for your G3C, here are few important factors you must consider to make the right purchase. 

What Material to Choose?

Holsters come made from either nylon, leather, or polymer. Out of these three, polymers like Kydex and bolatron are the most preferred materials for manufacturing holsters because of their durability, comfort, low cost, and low maintenance. Leather holsters were common back in the day, but are not used extensively these days because of their price and the associated maintenance.

While polymer is the more preferred material for most people, you should analyze what kind of material will work the best for you. Each material has its own pros and cons, and each of them can be suitable for only a specific situation. 

Carry Style and Position

Holsters can be found in a wide range of different designs. These include IWB holsters, OWB holsters, shoulder holsters, ankle holsters, belly band holsters, and a few other types. Additionally, there are different styles of carrying a holster which range from appendix carry, 3 O’Clock carry, 12 O’Clock carry, and so on.

So before you pick a holster, make sure you understand what kind of holster you need, and if it is a match for your requirements. 

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Mounting Platform and Adjustability

Most holsters come with a wide clip that attaches to the belt and allows you to carry the holster. Then some holsters (OWB) feature a wide rubberized paddle which is worn IWB and helps you carry the handgun outside. Another mounting system is the use of belt loops which is a more stable solution. 

Some holster designs allow you to switch between OWB and IWB. Plus, some holsters have a modular mounting platform so you can switch between a clip, paddle, and maybe belt loops. Another big aspect to look for in a holster is adjustability. A holster should allow you to adjust the cant, retention, and any other settings to get the right fit. 

Compatibility with Accessories

If you plan on using different accessories with your handgun, make sure they are compatible with a holster. For example, some aftermarket sights are taller, so you will need a holster with higher clearance. 

Review of the Best Taurus G3C Holsters

Check out this extensive list of the best Taurus G3C holsters on the market. These holsters have been shortlisted based on their qualities and positive customer feedback. 

Best Overall

We The People Holsters Taurus G3C IWB Holster

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This is a durable and comfortable holster that has been made using Kydex and is literally maintenance-free. It has all the features you can expect from an IWB holster, and a price nobody can beat at this quality. 

This is an IWB holster with a full-length sweat guard and the trigger is covered at all times along with full grip access. The clip is adjustable and can be set to eight different positions, offering you a wide range of carry angles and positions. 

It attaches to your garment via a secure belt clip, so you will always have to wear a belt. The audible click sound helps with positive holstering, and the open-end muzzle allows you to carry a G3C mounted with a muzzle device of appropriate dimensions. 

Bottom Line

The IWB holster from We THe People Holsters is an affordable, feature-loaded, and durable holster for your G3C. Since the G3C is a subcompact handgun, an IWB holster is amazing for EDC and CCW purposes.


Full length protective sweat guard

IWB holster with a lifetime guarantee

Adjustable ride height, cant, and retention

Adjustable clip offers eight different positions


None for the price



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The Blackhawk SERPA holster has been a favorite of many soldiers, sailors, and airmen of the United States Military for many years. The holster features an active retention mechanism that requires you to push the L-shaped button with your index finger to release the gun. While this promotes safety, it is also a frowned-upon feature by many. That’s because you have to practice a lot and get used to pushing that release button. 

The holster features a modular mounting system that offers you to choose between a belt loop attachment and a paddle attachment. It is also compatible with the S.T.R.I.K.E system from Blackhawk for offering more modularity. 

This is an OWB-style holster and perfect for open carry, active duty, or range use. The holster will require a loose shirt or a jacket for proper concealment if you want to CCW. 

Bottom Line

The Blackhawk SERPA is a tried and tested OWB-style holster that is perfect for duty, hunting, survival, OWB carry, and range use. 


Adjustable for retention

Used by the U.S Military

Modular platform with belt and paddle

Wide mouth for easy re-holstering of the gun

Auto-lock active retention and index finger release

Fits another tactical modular holster platform from Blackhawk


Limited concealment

Requires significant practice getting used to

Best for the Money

Alien Gear Holsters ShapeShift

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The shapeshift line of holsters from Alien Gear is a very popular series of holsters that is known for its modularity. The shells of these holsters can be easily interchanged so you can have a wide range of holsters with just a single platform. This specific holster has been designed for IWB carry and features a polymer design on a breathable neoprene backing. 

The shell is tough and durable and also adjustable for retention. The backing is very smooth and comfortable and you should not have any problems even with profuse sweating on hot summer days. The holster is good for concealed carry and also for EDC uses if you don’t mind wearing loose clothing. 

The holster has a snug fit and will not accommodate any laser, light, or slide-mounted optics. Plus, any muzzle devices will also not be compatible with this holster. 

Bottom Line

This Alien Gear shapeshift holster is for people who like to have a lot of variety with their holsters. You can keep the base the same and buy different shells for other handguns or holster types. This holster itself is not pricey, but adding accessories will certainly increase the price by a lot. 


IWB design with stability and comfort

Breathable perforated neoprene base

Modular system offers many mounting platforms

Fully adjustable and includes a port for carrying the small tool


Additional accessories can be pricey

Requires the right clothing for concealment

Best Taurus G3C Holster with Laser

Taurus G2C&G3C Holster w/Olight PL Mini 2 Valkyrie

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This holster has been designed to fit a Taurus G3C mounted with an Olight Valkyrie 2 light. However, it is not limited to that light and will also fit some Streamlight models and Viridian laser light models appropriate for the Taurus G3C. The holster has a clip that can accommodate belts up to 1.75 inches in width. 

The edges have been hand polished to ensure the holster does not dig too much when you sit. However, with such a big holster, you will have to compromise a bit on your comfort. The slim profile helps with concealment and minimizes printing. 

You get full grip access and also the ability to fit handguns mounted with optics. Plus, the trigger guard is fully covered to eliminate the chances of any accidents. 

Bottom Line

If you have accessorized your G3C with a laser/light, you must be aware that it is really hard to find an appropriate holster for your handgun. This holster will not only work with an Olight but will also accommodate other common lasers/light combos for your G3C. 


Full length sweat guard

Lifetime warranty cover

Adjustable retention and cant

Fits your G3C equipped with an Olight

Hand polished edges for comfortable carry

Also accepts mounted red dot/optical sights


None we could find

Best Taurus G3C with Viridian Laser Holster

UM Tactical Qualifier IWB/OWB Molded Holster

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Apart from the fact that this holster has been designed for compatibility with the Viridian E-series lasers, the other good feature is that the holster is convertible. You get an IWB and OWB convertible holster for the price of one good IWB or OWB holster. Plus, it also accommodates the Viridian laser. People who have been using the G3C with lasers can concur that the Viridian E-series is a popular and ideal laser for this handgun.

This holster is a perfect fit for you if you carry a G3C with the Viridian laser. Otherwise, this is an amazing IWB and OWB convertible holster and you can use it even if you do not have a laser on your G3C. Despite having an OWB paddle, this holster has a qualifier strap that converts it into an OWB holster with the existing IWB clip. 

I do not see any problems with the design, and it does hold pretty well on your belt. The full-length sweat guard is great and the holster overall is very comfortable. 

Bottom Line

This IWB and OWB convertible holster is a great pick for your EDC or CCW activities. Not only because it can accommodate the Viridian laser, but because it opens a wide array of possibilities for choosing your carry position and style. 


Works with Viridian E-series laser

Convertible between IWB and OWB carry

Adjustable audible-click retention and cant

Precision molded durable boltaron construction


Should also have included a paddle

Best Taurus G3C IWB Holster

CYA Supply Co. ‎IWB0003

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The CYA IWB holster is an insanely popular budget IWB holster among the masses. It has a slim and compact design which minimizes printing and is also very easy to carry. The holster has been made using high-quality boltaron material and has a full-length sweat guard, trigger guard cover, and mag release cover. 

The holster has audible click retention and can be easily adjusted for retention and cant using the right tool. The big belt clip is very sturdy and you can slide it around your belt for the perfect fit. This holster has been specially designed for the G3C so you will not find any fitting issues. 

This holster is perfect for EDC and CCW users, especially people who go to public places and offices. However, I would not recommend this holster to people who have a lot of belly fat due to accessibility and comfort issues. 

Bottom Line

The CYA holster is an affordable and effective IWB holster specially made for your G3C. It will not only help with the concealment of your firearm, but also offers comfort, a perfect fit, a quick draw, and single-handed retention.


Audible retention lock system

Easily adjustable retention and cant

IWB holster with a slim and compact design

Durable and maintenance-free boltaron construction

Sight channel with high clearance for aftermarket sights


High rear sights can dig

Best Taurus G3C OWB Holster

Crossbreed Holster Snapslide

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This OWB holster from Crossbreed features an old-fashioned design with a wide backing featuring belt loops. The holster has to be worn with a belt and it can accommodate belts up to 1.75 inches in width. The shell has been made using leather which is a very forgiving material for the handgun. You don’t have to worry about scratches or a rattling sound when you pull or push the gun. 

The holster lacks a paddle and has a belt loop mechanism instead. Some people may find it not a very good factor because paddles are certainly easier to use. However, a belt loop mechanism is more stable and makes sure your holster stays in place. 

Paddle-based holsters can be pulled off if you exert too much pressure, but a belt loop holster will hold its position no matter what. This holster has a passive retention mechanism and allows full grip access to the shooter. 

Bottom Line

The Crossbreed holster is a good OWB holster if you can ditch the paddle and move on with a belt. The holster will hold its position firmly and has been made using high-quality leather for comfort, fit, and protection of the firearm’s finish. 


Also compatible with red dot optics

Open-end muzzle for muzzle devices

OWB holster made from high-grade leather

Wide base and easy to conceal with loose clothing


No paddle option

Requires a little bit of maintenance due to leather

Best Taurus G3C Concealed Carry Holster

Amberide IWB Kydex Holster

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The Amberide IWB holster is perfect for concealed carrying your G3C because of its slim profile. The holster has adjustable retention and cant, both of which are ideal features for CCW. The audible click-retention is helpful with handling and since the holster has been made using polymer, you can also re-holster the gun single-handedly. 

This holster delivers amazing concealment and with the right loose clothing, such as cargo pants, you can carry your gun almost anywhere without anybody noticing it. There are no sharp corners or edges, and you will certainly not feel any digging while sitting. 

The clip can accommodate belts up to 1.75 inches in width and allows you the liberty to choose from many carry positions. 

Bottom Line

The Amberide IWB holster helps with CCW with its slim profile and no sharp edges. The holster is lightweight, durable, and allows single-handed operation. Plus, you also get a lifetime warranty cover in case you face any defects. 


Adjustable retention and cant

Slim design to minimize printing

Lightweight and robust polymer construction

Works with some other Taurus handguns as well

Full sweat guard, audible retention, and open-ended muzzle


Does not allow any accessories

Best Taurus G3C Leather Holster

DeSantis Mini Slide Leather Belt Holster

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This small pancake-style holster from DeSantis is a compact and simplistic leather holster option for your G3C. The holster has been made using premium-grade saddle leather and has been reinforced to ensure it doesn’t falter. 

Leather holsters are comfortable, and this holster can also be concealed with the right type of clothing. It offers full grip access but you should be wary about the magazine catch release which is not shielded. 

The holster has been custom-molded for the G3C so there should be no fitting issues. However, the holster also comes with an adjustable tension device to help you get the right fit. 

Bottom Line

This holster from DeSantis is a compact and high-quality leather holster that is suitable for OWB carry of your handgun. It fits the G3C like a glove, and is suitable for EDC and CCW uses only. 


Adjustable tension device

Made using premium saddle leather

Exposed muzzle and full-grip access

Compact design fit for any carry position

Reinforced with double seams and detailed fit


Muzzle may dig while sitting

Leather requires maintenance

Best Taurus G3C Shoulder Holster

Alien Gear Taurus G3C Cloak Shoulder Holster

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This shoulder holster comes from Alien Gear’s line of shapeshift holsters, like the one reviewed above. The holster features a horizontal carry position which can be adjusted to suit your cant requirements. The straps and both suspenders are fully adjustable and have a neoprene backing to provide comfort while you carry. 

The holster has an active retention system, which is a thumb-break strap, which can also be adjusted for the right fit. The belt hooks (suspenders) help you with getting a firm carry position. Plus, the holster comes with a double mag pouch on the other side to help you carry extra ammo and also maintain the balance. 

People who want a good holster for active duty use, or people who live in open-carry states can use this holster. It is best for the winter months when you can put on a jacket and conceal your firearm. 

Bottom Line

This shapeshift holster from Alien Gear features a modular design, and the shell is custom-made for the G3C so it gives a perfect fit. The extra mag pouch on the other side is a plus, and you can adjust the entire setup in different ways to suit your requirements. Great for duty, range use, or even EDC with the right clothing. 


Double mag holder pouch on the other side

Lifetime warranty and replacement scheme

Modular mounting platform from Alien Gear

Custom molded holster shell for the perfect fit

Harness and straps are adjustable for the right fit

Thumb strap release and adjustable for cant and retention


Pricey with reference to the G3C

Top Brands in the Holsters Space

You must be aware about the leading companies that manufacture high-quality holsters, so you can steer away from cheap knockoff manufacturers. Choosing the products of a good brand can cost you some extra money, but the quality, warranty, and customer support are worth it. 

Alien Gear

An American company that has been in business since 2013, Alien Gear’s primary product is a humongous wide range of holsters. The company is most famous for its shapeshift line of holsters which uses modular technology to interchange mounting platforms. The company offers a lifetime warranty on its products against defects, and also a 30-day returns policy. 

DeSantis Holsters

A family-owned business based in America, De Santis is known for its high-quality leather holsters. There are other formidable players (like Gould & Goodrich) on the market, but DeSantis is known for its good quality and affordable leather holsters. 

CYA Supply Company

It is a fairly new name on the market and a family-owned business that was started by two cousins in 2015. Originally, the company started by selling low-cost holsters which garnered a lot of attention, but with time its reputation became more powerful. Today, they are known for making some of the best concealed carry holsters for a wide range of handguns. 

Blackhawk Holsters

Another American company that is renowned for its holsters being used by the U.S Military. However, they have been largely replaced by holsters from Safariland after some safety issues got raised. They have one of the best active retention holsters with a modular platform.



The Taurus G3C is a subcompact handgun suitable for concealed carry and EDC uses. There is a wide range of holsters for the G3C to choose from which also includes holsters that support lasers and lights. However, in any case, a good holster must be comfortable, adjustable, concealable (if made so), and preferably modular. 

People Also Ask

Here’s our short FAQ section where we’ll continue to compile common questions regarding Taurus G3C holsters.

What Holsters Work With Taurus G3C with a Red Dot?

In order to work with a mounted red dot, a holster must have ample clearance on the top rear end. The Crossbreed Snapslide holster reviewed above is a good option for this.


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