Best Taurus G3C Laser Light Combos: 2022 Buyers Guide

Laser lights on a handgun are a very admired and exciting accessory. They not only make the weapon more useful and interesting to use, but they also help with accuracy. However, the market is now crowded with a ton of options, and most of them are just cheap knock-offs. So choosing the right laser light combo can be somewhat tedious. 

This review focuses upon outlining the best laser light combos for the famous Taurus G3C handguns, which are quite popular on the market of subcompact pistols. This list includes a wide variety of choices pertaining to different budgets, expectations, and applications. 

Comparison of the est Taurus G3C Laser Light Combos

  • Powerful and universal combo for subcompact guns
  • Powerful light and universal mounting system
  • Sensor based draw-activation and 20+ hrs laser
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  • Concentrated beam and powerful red laser
  • 10 min auto shut-off, and IPX4 rated
  • Adjustment screws mounted in brass bushings
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  • Durable light with strobe/perm on/off ambi switch
  • Three-mode selector and one-handed mount/dismount
  • IPX4 waterproof and 11 hours of laser only runtime
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  • 140 meter beam light and 1.5 hrs max light runtime
  • Ambidextrous operation and fits a wide range of guns
  • Daytime visible green laser is fully adjustable
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  • Powerful 1000 lumens light and aluminum body
  • Three modes and runs 45 hours in laser only mode
  • IPX4 water rating and works with most handguns
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Factors to Consider Before Buying Laser Light Combo For Your Taurus G3C 

Before you pick a laser light combo for your Taurus G3C, there are a few factors to ponder over for making the right decision. 

Color of the Laser

Lasers are available in two colors, red and green. While red is the more common color option for lasers, green lasers have their own benefits. If you are familiar with the wavelength of light concept, you will know that red is the most visible color in low light conditions. However, green color lasers are visible in the dark and also under broad daylight, whereas red lasers just disappear after a few feet. 

So if you intend to emphasize the function of the laser and use it mostly in the dark, a red laser is a better (and also cheaper) option. Whereas green lasers are more versatile and better for daytime use. 

Power and Beam Distance

The lights used in laser light combos can be of varying degrees of power. Those designed for short range use will command lesser power (measured in lumens), and those meant for longer ranges will have higher power. 

A light in such combos can have a beam distance of as high as 130 meters, which is already enough for a rifle. However, such combos are mostly universal fit and are meant for rifles, shotguns, and handguns. In my opinion, a light with a throw of 25 meters should be the minimal benchmark, and 50 meters is an optimal range. You should also know that combos with powerful lights can also be used to temporarily blind a hostile with the strobe mode. 

Legal Limits of Laser/Light

Lasers more powerful than Class 3A are illegal to be sold in the United States. Class 3A lasers are limited to 5mW of power and a visible wavelength range of 400 to 710 nM. Lights have no such legal limits. 

Modes, Runtime, and Switch/Activation

A laser light combo will offer at least three modes which include laser only, light, and laser plus light mode. Some models offer extra modes like a strobing light or laser. Different modes will offer different runtimes, and the laser only mode will always offer the longest runtime. 

Viridian C5L-R Universal Red Laser Sight

The higher the runtime offered by the laser light combo, the better. Additionally, some combos offer an ambidextrous activation switch, whereas some offer a sensor-based grip activation, and some combos offer a single button located at the back. Make sure that the activation mechanism is suitable for you, and that the button is also not located at an awkward spot. 

Installation, Fit, and Adjustability

With the standardization of Picatinny and Weaver-style rails, most such combos will be easy to install on the handgun. However, if your pick is custom-designed, make sure it fits the G3C or the G2C. Some universal fit models come with adapters to suit different handgun models. Additionally, make sure the laser in the combo is adjustable for windage and elevation.

Quality and Service

Like I already said, there is a sh*t ton of cheap knockoffs for lasers and lights out there on the market. You may feel tempted to buy one that costs just $19, but trust me, they are just a little more than kids’ toys. A high-quality laser light combo will deliver what it promises, and you shouldn’t mind paying a few extra bucks for quality if eventually, your life depends on it. 

Some companies like Crimson Trace offer a battery-for-life program where you get one free battery each year for life for your laser light combo. 

Intended Application and Comfort

A laser light combo will look cool and fun on your G3C, but you must also be aware of its practicality. Laser light combos are mostly suitable for low light and night situations, or perhaps if you want to stay prepared for such a situation. However, having such a setup will also require a custom holster which may or may not fit your EDC and CCW concerns. 

Review of the Best Taurus G3C Laser Light Combos

Here are this year’s top picks.

Best Overall

Viridian C5L Universal Red Laser Sight

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The Viridian C5L is undoubtedly the most popular laser light combo for the Taurus G3C handgun. Featuring an almost universal fit, the combo comes with three unique rail sets, one adjustment tool, and two mounting screws. The setup is very compact and runs on a CR2 battery. 

It features a green laser which is optimal for use during day or night, and the laser is also fully adjustable. It has instant on/off the technology with ambidextrous activation and four modes including a strobe mode for disorienting your hostiles. 

This combo is IPX4 rated and weighs only 1.66 ounces, thanks to the Zytel polymer construction. The compact size and shape of this setup not only help with handling but also means that it will fit a wide range of holsters supporting laser/light attachments. The activation switch is on the side and there is no space between the setup and the trigger guard. 

Bottom Line

The Viridian C5L is a lightweight and useful laser light combo for your Taurus G3C and also other weapons because of its universal fit. This combo offers four modes and has a huge runtime of 20 hours on the constant laser mode and 35 hours on the strobe mode. The power of the light is optimal, and the green color laser is versatile for day and night. 


100 lumens light offers a good range

Universal fit design with easy installation

Four laser modes and instant-off feature

Powerful green laser apt for daytime use

Ambidextrous activation and fully adjustable laser

Fits neatly with no overhang. Apt for many holster options


A tad pricey for many people

No click sound upon adjustments


Streamlight TLR-6

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The Streamlight TLR-6 has been specifically designed for subcompact handguns. It has a 100 lumens light which is enough to light up almost a 100 sq. feet room with a good concentrated beam. There’s a push-button on the side that helps with powering the combo on or off. Plus, it also has a 10-minute auto-shutoff function that helps conserve battery. 

The laser is red in color and quite powerful to even work at a good distance under broad daylight. The laser light combo is IPX4 water-resistant and very durable in construction. The light has been tested to be impact resistant up to a height of 1 meter. 

The combo is covered by a limited lifetime warranty, plus the quality of Streamlight products is exceptional, so there’s nothing to worry about. 

Bottom Line

The TLR-6 laser light combo has been specially designed for subcompact guns, and mounting it on the G3C is not too difficult. This combo is suitable for home-defense applications, and you can also carry it for EDC with the right holster. 


Powerful 660nm red laser 

Tough, compact, and lightweight

Serialized for positive identification

Powerful 100 lumens light and push-button operation

10-minute auto-shutoff feature for battery conservation


Battery life is not too great

Best for the Money

Streamlight TLR-4

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The Streamlight TLR-4 is a renowned laser light combo that comes with a versatile fit to suit a wide range of handguns. This combo features a 125 lumens LED light with long service life and a Borofloat high-temperature glass lens for durability and optimal light throw. The three-position selector switch offers laser only, light only, and laser plus light modes. 

The power switches are ambidextrous and the combo requires only one hand for installation or removal, so you can mount or dismount it on the go. The casing is a mix of polymer and aluminum, which delivers optimal durability and an appropriate weight. 

Looking at the laser, we see that it is a 660 nM red laser that is also adjustable for windage and elevation. Streamlight is known for its high-quality products and especially lights. This 125 lumens flashlight is optimal to light up space equivalent to a small bedroom or living room. 

Bottom Line

The Streamlight TLR-4 is an aptly priced laser light combo with three modes and high-quality construction. This combo when mounted on the G3C does stick out a bit, so you’ll need a custom holster. However, mounting and dismounting is an easy single-handed operation. I’ll say this laser light combo is perfect for home defense uses rather than carrying it outside. 


Three-position mode selector switch

Powerful and fully adjustable red laser

125 lumen LED with 50,000 hours of life

Ambidextrous/momentary on/off switch

IPX4 water-rated and 11 hours laser runtime

One-handed installation and fits many handguns

Covered by Streamlight’s limited lifetime warranty


Switches need some practice getting used to

The setup sticks out a bit too far. Needs a custom holster

Honorable Mention

Streamlight 69434 TLR-8 A

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The Streamlight TLR 8A is the upgraded version of the TLR8 with its added green laser. The thing I like the most about this combo is its compact size. This is not as compact as the Viridian or a laser-only Crimson Trace, but it certainly does not stick out too much to cause issues. 

This combo is available in high switch and low switch options along with a safe-off feature on the bezel to prevent accidental activation. The rail grip clamp system offers peace of mind as it does not need any tools for mounting or dismounting. 

The combo has three modes and also a strobe mode for better tactical advantage. The laser only mode runs for 11 hours which is acceptable, and the laser-plus-light mode runs for 1.5 hours. Since the combo has a 500 lumens light, I think 1.5 hours is better than expected from a CR123A battery. 

Bottom Line

The Streamlight TLR 8A can be your laser light combo of choice for CCW, duty, or home defense activities. The green laser is suitable for day, and the 500 lumens light with its 140-meter beam throw is obviously overpowered for the G3C, but useful for your other guns. This combo is pricey, but then again, it is a Streamlight with a lifetime warranty, a powerful light, and a quality build.


Also offers a strobe function

Fits a wide range of handguns

Rail grip clamp system for easy activation

IPX4 water-rated and limited lifetime warranty

Safe off feature prevents accidental activation

Ambidextrous on/off rear switch with low/high option

Powerful 500 lumen light with a 140-meter beam throw


Adjustment can be tedious due to the small size

Editor’s Pick

Streamlight TLR 2 HL G

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Please don’t fret, I know this selection seems very weird for the G3C. So why did I include this TLR 2 HL on this list, which is a laser light combo known for full-sized handguns. The answer is versatility. This combo is obviously heavy for the G3C in terms of both size and weight, but it can be quickly and easily interchanged among different weapons with a suitable rail system.

This combo has an ultra-powerful 1,000 lumens light that can project a powerful beam out to 283 meters. This laser light will definitely stick out further beyond the muzzle by a big margin, but it is powerful enough to engage targets indoors or outdoors. 

The lithium battery offers a long runtime for the laser as well as the laser plus light mode. The strobe is a very useful feature on this light because of the high power. Plus, the strobe can be programmed and enabled/disabled by the user. 

Bottom Line

The Streamlight TLR 2 HL is definitely an oversized laser light combo for the Taurus G3C. However, it is a good option for people who live on open properties like a farm or with a garden and want a powerful light that is also compatible with other firearms. 


Fits a wide range of light-bearing holsters

Red laser with 45 hours laser-only runtime

Ambidextrous momentary/steady on/off switch

Rail clamp system mounts directly without tools

Powerful 1,000 lumens light with a 283-meter beam

User programmable strobe can be enabled/disabled

Package includes keys for mounting on many different handguns


Limited usability with the G3C

A bit heavy and oversized for the G3C

Who Should Not Buy a Taurus G3C Laser Light Combo?

Having a laser light combo on your handgun is great, but not everyone should buy one for their Taurus G3C. While this may sound contradictory, especially after I have reviewed a bunch of great options above. There are a few situations where such a combo will not be needed. 

The first thing to consider is that a laser light combo is not a great choice when you need to concealed carry your firearm, especially daily. Having such a combo mounted on your G3C will require a custom-fit holster. 

Streamlight TLR-6

Such holsters have a different silhouette than normal holsters, plus they are bigger and thicker in size. So they can promote printing on your garments or cause comfort issues when you are out with your daily activities. On the contrary, such holsters, especially in an OWB or shoulder design are better for the job. 

A laser light combo is a great choice for home defense or active duty/tactical applications. If you do not need a weapon in the dark, having a light on your handgun seems pointless. Especially when there are other options like night sights and laser sights that can get the job done. A laser light combo is ideally useful for pitch dark scenarios.

People who are not very heedful towards the maintenance of their guns should also avoid laser light combos. Since these have to be regularly taken care of for keeping an eye on the battery levels. 


The Taurus G3C is a compact handgun mostly used for EDC, CCW, and home defense. Adding a laser light combo to this handgun will enhance its function, especially in a home defense scenario. A good combo for this handgun should be lightweight, have an adjustable laser along with a powerful light and optimal runtime. Other features like easy mounting/dismounting, switch position, modes, and auto-shutoff will also be great to have. 


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