Best Taurus G3C Lasers of 2022 – Comprehensive Guide

A laser is undoubtedly a cool addition to your handgun, and it has recently picked up a lot of hype with all those shows and training videos playing around. Lasers were mostly limited to tactical use by the police and military forces, but their advantages have attracted common gun owners towards using them. 

This review is specific to the Taurus G3C and we will be looking at some of the best laser sights for this handgun. 

Comparison of the Best Taurus G3C Lasers

  • Grip activated design and master kill switch
  • Powerful and adjustable green laser for day use
  • Separate battery door prevents change of settings
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  • Compact laser light with ambidextrous activation
  • Powerful class 3R red laser works good in daylight
  • 6 hrs runtime and five minute auto shut off
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  • Easy mounting and ambidextrous power switch
  • Class 3R green laser and 2 hrs runtime
  • Easy to install and fits any picatinny rail
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  • Powerful 600 lumen light with 130 meter throw
  • Built-in rechargeable battery with level indicator
  • Adjustable rail, three modes, and dual rear switch
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  • 140 meter beam light and 1.5 hrs max light runtime
  • Ambidextrous operation and fits a wide range of guns
  • Daytime visible green laser is fully adjustable
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Factors to Consider Before Buying Taurus G3C Lasers

Before you start looking at the options, it is important to first understand what you should be looking for. There are certain direct and indirect factors associated with a laser sight which can mean the difference in the long term. 

Color of the Laser

Laser sights are available in two color options – red and green. Red has been the more common color for lasers for a long time now, but the green color has also started to gain some traction due to its versatility. 

A red color laser point is easily visible in low light or extremely dark environments and can be seen out to a mile. However, as the ambient light increases, a red laser can only be seen out to a maximum of 25-30 feet under broad daylight. 

On the other hand, the green color offers similar visibility during the night, but it also excels during the day and a green pointer can be seen easily even under sunlight. This makes green color lasers more versatile and sometimes a more preferred choice.  

Legal Power Limits

A laser pointer cannot exceed class 3A category classification in the US. While most manufacturers sell lasers within these specified power limits, you can also find lasers with higher power from some cheap companies selling knockoff items. Additionally, using lasers on handguns is also illegal in some states (like California) so you must check your local laws before buying one. 

ArmaLaser Green Laser Sight

Installation and Activation 

As far as the Taurus G3C (and most other handguns) is concerned, a laser sight will generally be mounted on the base rail right in front of the trigger guard. There are several other designs for laser sights (like a recoil rod laser), but the location will always be the same. Make sure that the laser sight is easy to install and remove. 

Another minor point to look out for is the location of the battery compartment. Some lasers have to be dismounted from the handgun to change the battery, which then requires you to readjust the laser azimuth settings.

Apart from these, the activation mechanism of the laser is also an important aspect. Some lasers offer sensor-based grip activation with auto shutoff, whereas some have ambidextrous push buttons. 

 Adjustability and Fit

Although it does not need a mention since almost every laser sight is adjustable, you must make sure not to buy any sight that doesn’t allow adjustments. Additionally, the size and shape of the laser must deliver a good fit according to your needs. Also, remember that laser sights meant for the Glock series of pistols also fit the Taurus G3C. 

Do You Need One

Buying a laser and storing it in a corner of your gun safe for eternity is not a good idea. If you are spending money on a laser sight for your Taurus G3C, you should know how you’re going to use it. Since the G3C is a subcompact handgun, most people would be using it for EDC and CCW. 

As the gun is equipped with a laser sight, it will need a custom holster which may or may not be appropriate for different situations. Additionally, laser sights run on batteries so if you are not heedful enough you should look for other options like night sights. 

Review of the Best Taurus G3C Lasers

I would like to admit that finding a high-quality laser for the G3C is quite difficult. There are a lot of cheap, low-quality options out there, but the high-quality sights are the ones that matter. Here’s a detailed review of these laser sights. 

Best Overall

ArmaLaser Green Laser Sight

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The Armalaser laser sight works with a wide range of Taurus handguns including the G3C. You may have to put some effort into an installation for the first time, but this sight mounts very sturdily onto the trigger guard. The grip-touch activation feature is very useful and it also helps conserve the battery. There is a master kill switch in case you want to turn it off for longer durations. 

The laser is available in green and red colors and is bright enough to be seen at long distances. The laser does not stick out and it also doesn’t have a weird shape to create problems with finding a holster. 

Overall, it is a good pick if you want a compact, grip-activated laser sight for your handgun. The battery compartment door is located on the side so you don’t have to dismount it for changing the battery. However, the adjustment tools are quite small and require some effort, but the sight firmly retains its settings. 

Bottom Line

The Armalaser laser sight is compatible with a wide range of Taurus handguns and features a grip-activation feature for easy handling. The sight is compact and does not stick out, plus, it is also covered by a five year warranty. 


Battery door on the side

Covered by a five-year warranty

Fully adjustable and bright laser

Available in red and green variants

Grip touch activation also saves battery

DIY installation directly on the trigger guard


Slight fitting and adjustment issues 


Viridian Essential Red Laser Sight

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The Viridian essential laser sight is a very popular laser sight for the Taurus handguns, and this model in particular is loved by many Taurus owners. Featuring a compact design, this sight mounts over the trigger guard and firmly holds in place. 

The laser has a grip-activated mechanism and a master switch to conserve battery. Plus, the power automatically cuts off after five minutes of inactivity. The six hours of runtime is optimal and will allow you to use the battery for a longer timespan without the need for replacement. 

The laser has a good shape that should allow you to easily find a holster, and the adjustments retain their position even under constant fire and stress. 

Bottom Line

A good choice for EDC or CCW uses and also appropriate for home defense uses. The laser is very accurate and maintains the settings. The price is great and the fact that it works with a wide range of Taurus handguns is also helpful. 


Six hours of battery runtime

Easy DIY installation on the trigger guard

Compact, durable, and lightweight design

Ambidextrous power button and five minute auto-shutoff

Red laser with 25-yard visibility in the day and a mile at night


Little fit issues with the G3C

Best for the Money

Crimson Trace CMR-206 Rail Master

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The Crimson Trace CMR-201 is an extremely popular laser sight not only for handguns but also for rifles and shotguns. It is a universal sight that mounts easily on any Picatinny or Weaver rail, so you will have no problems working with the Taurus G3C. 

The green laser is useful in day or night, and it can be activated using the grip activation system. The laser is effective out to a range of 50 feet, and the sight is also waterproof, so you can rely upon it for the most tedious applications. 

The sight has three different modes to suit different situations. Additionally, the sight has a runtime of only two hours on constant activation, so you can also use those modes to extend the runtime. Crimson Trace also has a free battery for life program where you get one battery per year for life. 

Bottom Line

The CMR-201 is a perfect laser sight for your G3C and also any other firearms you own (if they have a Picatinny or Weaver rail). The laser is perfect for almost any use and is compact enough to fit a wide range of holsters. The runtime is a bit low, but you can switch among different modes to set that. 


Universal fit laser sight

Green laser is useful during day and night

Three modes and five minute auto-shutoff

Easy DIY installation and fits many weapons

Three year warranty and free battery for life program

Dual activation with grip activation and master kill switch


A tad pricey

Only two hours of constant runtime

Honorable Mention

OLIGHT Baldr Mini

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The Olight Baldr is a fairly popular laser and light combo among the masses. Although it is not an American-made product, it delivers exceptional quality, and it is also not cheap. This combo features an ultra-powerful 600 lumens light which can project a beam out to 130 meters. 

It has an adjustable rail clamp system that allows it to be mounted on a wide range of firearms. It has a built-in lithium battery with a power level indicator, so all you have to do is to recharge it timely through the magnetic recharging port on the base. 

The dual rear switches offer easy operation and also allow you to switch between modes. There is no separate head for the green laser and it is built inside the central lens. The laser is fully adjustable and powerful enough for any application. 

Bottom Line

The Olight Baldr is a useful addition for your G3C as it features a powerful flashlight and a green laser. The setup is very compact and useful for home defense situations. 


Laser and light combo 

Adjustable rail for easy mounting and fit

Supplied with adapter and all the necessary tools

Powerful light with 600 lumens and a 130-meter beam

Rechargeable built-in battery with power level indicator


Max runtime is just 40 minutes

Battery cannot be replaced instantly

Editor’s Pick

Streamlight 69434 TLR-8 A

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The Streamlight TLR-8A is a laser light combo that will suit your Taurus G3C and many other compact and subcompact handguns. It has a powerful LED light and the combo can run for 1.5 hours in the light only and laser plus light mode, and up to 11 hours in the laser only mode. 

There’s an ambidextrous switch for power, along with a safe-off feature on the bezel to prevent accidental activation. The easiest part of using it is the installation which uses a rail-clamp system that can be easily mounted/dismounted or adjusted for a perfect fit. 

Unlike most other laser or laser light combos, this one is made out of anodized aluminum and also has an IPX4 water resistance rating. 

Bottom Line

Streamlight is a renowned brand of lights and lasers for firearms. This TLR 8A is an enhanced version of the TLR-8 and features a green laser. This combo is very durable, accurate, and can be used with other handguns for more dedicated and serious purposes. 


User-enabled strobe function

White LED and green laser combo

IPX4 water-resistant and lifetime warranty

Easy to attach to a wide range of handguns

Safe-off feature prevents accidental activation

Ambidextrous on/off switch with low/high option


Slightly heavy for the G3C

Needs some practice accessing the switch

Top Brands in the Laser Attachment Space

Check out the top laser brands on the American market to get an idea of your available options. There’s a ton of cheap and low-quality stuff floating around so beware of that. 

Crimson Trace

Crimson Trace has been a renowned manufacturer of laser sights since its inception in 1994. The company is based in Oregon and was acquired by Smith & Wesson in August 2016. The company is known for its high-quality trigger guard and grip-mounted red and green color laser. 

The CMR-201 is one of the most popular laser sights from them, and they also sell a grip-mounted laser which is one of the most compact and inconspicuous lasers on the market. The company also offers a lifetime warranty to repair or replace your damaged product at no cost, and a free battery for life program. However, all this comes at a somewhat exorbitant price ranging between $200-$400. 


A company based in Eagleville, Pennsylvania, and founded in 1973 is the most reliable seller of flashlights and laser light combos on the civilian market. Streamlight offers a wide range of lights and laser light combos, the most popular of them being the TLR series. This company offers a lifetime warranty against defects and their products are priced in the mid-level range. 


Armalaser products are designed and assembled in Florida, USA, although some of their components are possibly imported from overseas. The company offers high-quality lasers and laser compatible holsters. Their products are suitable for people with a mid-range budget.

Viridian Weapon Technologies

Viridian is based in Minnesota and designs lasers and tactical lights for firearms. The XL laser from them is very famous for Taurus and Glock handguns. The company offers a 30-day money back guarantee and a seven years warranty against manufacturing defects.


Surefire is the leading manufacturer of lights and lasers, plus other accessories among all the companies in this list. Surefire lights are used by the U.S Military, along with their suppressors which are used by USSOCOM. The company warrants its products against defects for a lifetime and batteries and chargers for two years. 


Adding a laser on your Taurus G3C will enhance its accuracy, especially in low light conditions. Lasers come in different designs and sizes, so make sure you choose the one which is suitable for your intended use (CCW, EDC, or tactical). Green color lasers are better during the day compared to red lasers, so that is also a point. 


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