Best Taurus G3C Sights: The Best Options Reviewed

The Taurus G3C is a popular and useful subcompact handgun that has the capability to compete directly against the Glock series. The G3C comes with a white dot front and total black rear sight, and some models also come with an adjustable rear sight. Sights are a small but important part of the weapon and upgrading them can make things a lot easier for the shooter. 

Upgrading the sights on the Taurus G3C may also feel like a necessity to people who want better sights and preparedness for all situations. Here we will review the best Taurus G3C sights and understand different aspects of making this upgrade. 

Comparison of the Best Taurus G3C Sights

  • Contrasting color front sight for faster locking
  • Tritium and fiber based design with U-notch rear
  • Vials in a sealed capsule for cover against damage
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  • Sapphire jewel capped tritium phosphor lamps
  • Wedged rear to help with single-handed loading
  • Thin front sight for better visibility
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  • Green tritium orange outline front sight
  • Rear sight is serrated for single-handed use
  • Good for daytime use and works with may models
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  • Front tritium sight with an orange ring
  • Blacked out rear sight helps with quick focus
  • Rear sight ledge for single handed slide racking
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  • Fiber optic rear sight with interchangeable colors
  • Click adjustments for windage and elevation
  • Works with a front sight height of 0.315
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  • Grip activated design and master kill switch
  • Powerful and adjustable green laser for day use
  • Separate battery door prevents change of settings
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Factors to Consider Before Buying Taurus G3C Sights

Changing sights on your Taurus G3C is a great idea, but also consider these things beforehand. 

Different Types of Sights

Iron sights come in three different designs these days. There are fiber optic sights, tritium-based night sights, and photoluminescent sights which glow under the influence of light. Then there are plain iron sights with no extra features and a simple good ‘ol black silhouette. 

Fiber optic-based sights need ambient light to glow and are mostly suitable for low light and daylight conditions. The night sights have a self-illuminating material known as tritium, which glows by itself and is perfect for pitch dark conditions. 

Color Combinations

Fiber optic sights are available in red or green colors, whereas tritium sights are always green. Photoluminescent sights have reflective paint which is mostly white, orange, or yellow. While tritium sights do not require any other color to glow pretty well on their own, sights can also use a combination of colors for better acquisition. 

For example, a front sight post with a big white dot of reflective paint or tritium can be surrounded by a big orange-colored circle. Different people are comfortable with different color combinations, and you should consider this before choosing a sight. 

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What Type of Sights Do You Need?

 A good point to start is to analyze your intended applications with the G3C handgun. You should ask yourself if you need night sights, day and night sights, or simple day sights. This depends on whether you use your gun for EDC/CCW, home defense, or maybe as a backup duty gun. Perhaps you want to fully accessorize your G3C and use it for tactical applications. 

Serrated or Not

The rear sight on a handgun can either be straight or slightly angled with a serrated surface. This is done to allow single-handed racking of the slide in emergency situations. Although it is not a necessary feature, people who are properly trained or experienced prefer having such sights for complete preparedness. 

Additionally, you must also be aware of the fact that Taurus G3C uses a common sight mounting system, and is compatible with Glock style iron sights. So there are no compatibility issues and there are a ton of options. 

Holster Options

Although this is not going to be a very important factor for the Taurus G3C, I thought I should put it up anyway. Sometimes people replace the factory sights with higher sights for use with muzzle devices like suppressors. In such cases, you must be sure to choose a holster that has enough sight clearance so it does not snag. 

Review of the Best Taurus G3C Sights

Here’s a compilation and review of the best Taurus G3C sights available on the market today. 

Best Overall

TRUGLO TFX Pro Tritium

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The Truglo TFX is a one-of-a-kind sight on the market that combines fiber optic and tritium vial technology. This mix makes this sight perfectly versatile for day and night situations. The tritium part glows brightly under absolutely dark conditions and the fiber optic part works as an auxiliary during the daytime. 

The dots are bright whether it is bright light or low light, and you can easily distinguish the sights even in a jiffy. The angled rear slide in emergency situations when you have to rack the slide single-handed. 

The sight is extremely durable and you can rely upon it for long-term use. The front sight does feel a little big on the slide, but the performance is what matters. I like the orange circle on the front sight as it helps easily distinguish between the three green points in pitch dark conditions. 

Bottom Line

The Truglo TFX Pro is a versatile sight set for your Taurus G3C. You can use it for any application with your handgun regardless of the lighting conditions. It does cost a bit too much in comparison with the price of a G3C, but the quality, features, and warranty are worth it. 


U-notch design for easy picking up of targets

Angled rear slide for single-handed operation

Self-illuminating tritium vials and fiber optic rods

Front sight features an orange outline for contrast

Sealed in TFX capsule for protection against damage


Not very budget-friendly



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This HD XR sight from Trijicon is a renowned and widely used night sight for handguns. This specific variant was designed for the Glock series of handguns, but as it fits the G3C, I included it on this list. This is a tritium-based sight with rear dots capped with sapphire jewels. This helps with the easy identification of dots and further improves the brightness. 

The front post is very slim and helps with the identification of the target. However, this slim design does not deter aiming because of the bright orange/yellow dot which catches your eye quickly. 

The rear sight is serrated on the rear and has an angled design for single-handed racking. This is an HD night sight and it sure does live by its words. This is one of the brightest night sights I have ever seen, and as you know, the quality of Trijicon products is top-notch. 

Bottom Line

This HD XR night sight from Trijicon is perfect for use in home-defense situations when you have to tackle hostiles in a pitch black environment. These are top-notch sights suitable for the most professional uses, and the best part is that these work with most Glock handgun models. 


Colored front post

Sapphire jewel capped tritium lamps

Angled rear for single-handed racking

Silicone rubber cushion for proper seating

Tritium-phosphor lamp for better brightness

Thin front sight for easy identification of target


Pricey for the G3C

Rear sight is not adjustable

Best for the Money

AmeriGlo GL-433 Hackathorn

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This sight from Ameriglo is a day and night sight featuring a tritium insert in the front sights. The front tritium insert has been manufactured by Trijicon and installed by Ameriglo. So overall, the quality and performance of the product is great. The front post is not very slim and fits appropriately in the U-notch. Although, some users may not like it. 

The rear sight is plain and only has serrations on the rear. There are no tritium dots or even marker points, so your only point of reference is the front sight post. The front has a big orange outline over the tritium dot which makes it very visible. 

The sights work with G3C, most Glock models, and a wide range of other handguns with a common sight mounting system. The absence of dots on the rear sight makes it somewhat less usable for low and very low light conditions. However, you can still use it effectively during the day. 

Bottom Line

This sight from Ameriglo is a quality product with a perfect price tag. The front sight is tritium with a big orange circle for aiming. The rear sight is pure black with no reference points, so this sight is better for daytime applications. Plus, you will also have to practice a bit to get an idea of the position of the front sight.


Easy picking up of the target

Aptly priced for the Taurus G3C

Black nitride finish for durability

Green tritium insert with orange outline front sight


Only one dot may feel less to some users

Best Taurus G3C Night Sight

XS SIGHTS 3-Dot Tritium Night Sights

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The RAM night sight from XS sights is a great night sight for the G3C. There was a stiff competition between the Trijicon HD XR and this sight for this spot, but I think the RAM sight has a few advantages. 

The first benefit I see is the Ember dot technology on the front sight. Where the ember ring absorbs ambient light and also light from the tritium lamp for projecting a brighter glow. So this makes it a self-powering mechanism capable of glowing a bit more than the normal tritium lamps. 

The sight is CNC machined and really tough, plus the rear is ledged for single-handed slide manipulation. The rear dots are also smaller and glow less than the front, helping you with keeping focus downrange. This seems to be a good feature as you will not feel too preoccupied with three very bright dots. 

Bottom Line

The RAM night sight is a great budget alternative to other expensive manufacturers and also has a better performance with pitch-black circumstances. This sight offers a durable and brighter alternative to most other night sights out there. 


Made from CNC steel

Tritium dots for self-illumination

Orange front and black rear sight

Easy installation and 10 years warranty

Rear sight ledge for single-handed racking


Rear dots could have been bigger

Best Taurus G3C Fiber Optic Sight

HiViz® Fully Adjustable Rear Sight

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This rear sight from HiViz features a fully adjustable design so you can set windage and elevation as you please. The sight works with fiber optic inserts which are available in red, green, and black color options. Use the red or green for improved visibility, and the black insert when you need that traditional sight picture. 

Making the adjustments is easy and can be done via a screwdriver, or maybe a coin. The fibers are angled and also closed at the front end to ensure opaqueness. This sight works with most Glock models and fits the G3C with ease. 

Although the G3C is not used for 3-gun competitions, having an adjustable sight on an EDC pistol may not make a lot of sense. The first models of the G3C were equipped with an adjustable sight, and this one with fiber optics is a great replacement to that. 

Bottom Line

The Hiviz fully adjustable rear sight is a good replacement for your Taurus G3C adjustable rear sight. You will up its performance by adding fiber optics and this will help you with shooting in low light conditions. 


Fully adjustable rear sight

Angled and sealed fiber for safety

Good for replacing OEM adjustable sights on G3C

Three interchangeable inserts (red, green, and black)


Needs higher than the normal front sight

Best Taurus G3C Laser Sight

ArmaLaser Green Laser Sight

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The Armalaser laser sight is a simple and useful addition for your Taurus G3C handgun. While it was designed for the PT111, it fits the G3C with ease. The laser is available in red and green colors, so if you want it for the night, go for the red, if you want it for the day as well as the night, go for the green color. 

The laser is grip activated so you do not have to press and depress a power switch everytime. The battery door is located on the side so changing the battery is convenient and does not disturb settings. I found some users saying that the laser goes way off after firing a few shots, but that’s not always the case. 

Adding this laser aligned with a good set of sights will greatly enhance the accuracy and effectiveness of your G3C handgun. Especially in home defense and other low light situation engagements. 

Bottom Line

Adding a laser sight to any handgun is a great step towards improving its accuracy and performance. This laser is durable, grip-activated, and easy to mount. Plus, will also not depend only upon night sights in low or no light conditions. 


Battery door is on the side

Laser is adjustable for windage/elevation

Grip-touch activation. No accidental on/off

Laser sight available in red and green colors

Compact design, DIY installation. Attaches directly to trigger guard


Max range is only 50 feet

You will need a special holster

Top Brands in the Taurus G3C Sights Space

Take a quick look at the best brands offering aftermarket sights for the Taurus G3C, plus any other specialties they offer. 


The first and most renowned name in the industry of weapon sights is Trijicon. Ranging from optics to iron sights, this Michigan-based company has been developing revolutionary sighting solutions for firearms since 1981. Trijicon is also a supplier to the U.S Military and is known for its high-quality optics and innovative tech. 

In the world of iron sights, Trijicon is known primarily for its night sights and mostly tritium-based sights. The company offers a 12-year warranty on their tritium sights and delivers amazing quality. 


Ameriglo is another big name in the world of sights and is based in Roswell, Georgia. They offer the widest range of night sights for handguns and also work in collaboration with brands like Trijicon. Although their products are slightly more expensive than their counterparts, you can expect great quality and a good warranty, and customer service. 


A company based in Texas and known for its sights, especially with fiber optics. Truglo is the quality option for buying aftermarket sights not only in the firearms space but also for crossbows. Their tritium and fiber optic mix sights are some of the best in the market. Although their products are quite pricey than normal. 


A company based in Laramie, Wyoming, and known as the budget-based king of finding sights for handguns, rifles, and shotguns. Their optics deliver the technology to encourage both eyes open shooting. Plus, their products are of good quality and very affordable. 

Price Points of Taurus G3C Sights

Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect to purchase in a G3C sight at different budgets. 

$50 – $100

You are certainly not going to find a good pair of sights for your G3C that costs less than $70. This is the budget-option range and you can find HiViz and Ameriglo sights at this price point. The sights from XS sight systems will also fall in this range to some extent. Plus, you should expect to have fiber optics or only one or two tritium dots within this price. 


This is the more premium price range and you will find sights from the most reputed manufacturers which include Trijicon and Truglo. These sights will have good quality tritium with photoluminescent paint and other addons such as sapphire jewels and other things of value. 


The Taurus G3C is a subcompact handgun that is quite popular and mostly used for EDC, CCW, and home defense. Adding a good set of sights will greatly enhance its accuracy. Plus, adding a pair of night sights will make sure that you can aim perfectly even under pitch dark conditions. However, make sure you choose high-quality sights, and preferably the ones with tritium in them. 

People Also Ask

Check out the answers to some common and uncommon queries about adding sights to the Taurus G3C:

Does The Taurus G3C Take Glock Sights?

Yes, the Taurus G3C uses a universal sight mounting system and works with sights that are compatible with Glock handguns. 

Can You Adjust The Sights On A Taurus G3C?

The rear sight on the Taurus G3C is adjustable, however, Taurus has now discontinued those sights in the latest production and you will find a plain black non-adjustable sight on the rear. 

Are Taurus G2C And G3C Sights The Same?

Yes, Taurus uses a standardized sight system across its variants of the same class. The G2C and G3C models use the same sight. 


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