Best 224 Valkyrie Scopes of 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

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July 27, 2023

The .224 Valkyrie was designed to give you accurate kill shots past 1000 yards in a standard AR-15.

As such, setting up a .224 modern sporting rifle without a scope is nothing short of foolhardy. Read on for our guide to the best .224 Valkyrie scopes.

Comparison Chart of the Best .224 Valkyrie Scopes

  • Available with a 50mm objective lens for the best brightness
  • Features a variety of magnification ranges and reticles to choose from
  • Covered by an unlimited lifetime warranty unsurpassed in the business
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  • Optimized for use with Spot On Ballistic Match technology
  • Quick adjust turrets audibly click into place and reset to zero
  • The 4-12x magnification range is perfect for most everyday uses
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  • Backed up by a solid lifetime warranty
  • Unsurpassed build quality and brightness in this price range
  • Features a classic, versatile design and magnification range
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  • The magnification range is close to perfect for the .224 Valkyrie
  • Backed up by a lifetime warranty against defects in construction
  • BDC ballistic reticle designed specifically for the .224 Valkyrie round
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  • Reticle is illuminated in red with adjustable brightness levels
  • Huge magnification range is ideal for shooting out past 1500 yards
  • Adjustable objective lens for focus, parallax adjustment, and range estimation
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What Should be the Ideal Magnification of a .224 Valkyrie Scope?

As with most aspects of firearms, the ideal scope magnification range depends upon your personal use case. The main benefit of the .224 is its long-range capability. As such, you're going to want as much magnification as you can afford.

However, clear, bright optics tend to leap in price around the 20x mark. For most uses, 16x or 18x will be plenty of magnification without breaking the bank. In general, if you plan to shoot smaller targets at long range or hunt varmints on the open prairie, go for 18x or higher, provided that you can afford the quality options.

The low end of the magnification range is less important, but if you expect to require short-range shots, for example, while hunting in thick brush, lower minimum magnification will help with target acquisition. Anything up to 6x minimum magnification is fine for the .224 Valkyrie.

How to Choose a .224 Valkyrie Scope

The perfect .224 Valkyrie scope will have high magnification for long range shooting yet mount comfortably on a standard AR-15. Larger objective lenses give you a brighter, clearer sight picture, but 50mm is starting to get on the unwieldy side for the platform.

However, with the .224 it makes sense to not stick too closely to the trend toward compact AR-15 optics. You simply will not get long-range performance from an affordable compact scope. ACOGs and red dots are not ideal either. As usual, the first thing to look for is a well-established, reputable company with a good warranty policy.

Scope tubes can come in either one inch or 30mm diameters. 30mm gives you more elevation adjustment. Otherwise, they should be gas purged and sealed to be waterproof, fog-proof and shockproof. Lenses should be multicoated for durability and clarity. It's always nice if your turrets return to zero and lock.

Review of the Best .224 Valkyrie Scopes

With all these things to consider and with so many choices on the market, choosing the right scope with confidence can be a challenge. We hope that the following list proves helpful to you as you search for .224 Valkyrie scopes.

Best Overall:
Vortex Optics Viper HS-T Riflescope


  • Supported by an industry-leading unlimited lifetime warranty
  • Exceptional brightness due to high-quality glass and a wide objective lens
  • Offered in a selection of 4x magnification range options for any shooting environment


  • Buyers often end up making use of the warranty

The Vortex Viper HS line of rifle scopes includes a selection of models that all have a 4x zoom range. If you need something for a short-range brush gun there is the 2.5-10x44mm model.

For hunting in mixed terrain, you can choose the 4-16x option with either a 44mm or 50mm objective lens. If you really want to see what your .224 can do in long-range shooting, go with the 6-24x50mm.

Each Viper HS comes with all the boxes ticked for build quality as you would expect. For example, they feature a single-piece gas-purged tube with O-ring seals. The windage and elevation turrets are capped for hunting. These scopes include a parallax adjustment knob mounted on the side. The lenses used are made of low-dispersion glass and are fully multicoated for protection and clarity.

Overall, Viper HS scopes are designed to be fog-proof, waterproof, and shockproof. Of course, each Viper HS scope is backed up by Vortex's outstanding unlimited lifetime warranty. You have the choice of reticle between Vortex's uncluttered V-plex crosshair or a bullet drop compensator (BDC).

Bottom Line

Vortex has a dedicated fanbase thanks to their exceptional warranty and the value for money that they offer. Even though Vortex's quality control seems to trip up occasionally, most shooters come away absolutely satisfied. The wide choice of magnification ranges is the top feature of the Viper HS-T product line.

Nikon 600 Riflescope with Rapid Action Turret, 4-12x40


  • Designed for use with Nikon's Spot On Ballistic Match technology
  • The 4-12x magnification range is eminently practical for most use cases
  • The quick adjust windage and elevation turrets click into place and easily reset to zero


  • The BDC reticle is calibrated for 5.56 NATO

Nikon is a dominating force in the optics field, not only for firearms but also in a wide variety of consumer and professional applications. This Nikon 600 rifle scope has been designed specifically for use with a modern sporting rifle, or AR-15.

It features a raft of features for long-range shooting. These features include rapid action turrets, a quick focus eyepiece, and a BDC reticle. Granted, the BDC reticle is not calibrated for the .224 round, but with a little practice, you will be able to put it to good use.

The windage and elevation turrets adjust at a quarter MOA per click that you can both feel and hear. This gives you a quick way to sight in and maintain your setting even in rough conditions. After sighting in, you can simply lift the turret, set it to zero and reengage it. As you would expect, the scope is nitrogen filled and O-ring sealed for waterproof and fog-proof performance.

The lenses are all coated in multiple layers of anti-reflective treatments for a bright and clear sight picture no matter the ambient light level. These scopes are covered by Nikon's warranty and are optimized for use with the company's Spot On Ballistic Match technology.

Bottom Line

The top feature of this scope is the very convenient design of the windage and elevation turrets. You can't go wrong with Nikon.

Best for the Money:
Leupold VX-3i 4.5-14x50mm Duplex Reticle Riflescope


  • Extended eye relief
  • Very positive magnification controls
  • The design and magnification range are well-proven and versatile
  • Leupold's reputation is among the best for quality and they offer a warranty to match
  • The 50mm objective lens gives you outstanding brightness and clarity even in low-light environments


  • Does not have a parallax adjustment

Few scope producers can brag of the reputation that Leupold enjoys. When you come across a scope sporting Leupold's signature gold ring, you know it is a scope that is built to last.

The VX-3i is a well-proven option if you need the perfect all-around scope for average shooting conditions in mixed terrain. With its 4.5-14x magnification range, you will not be fretting over which whisker to blow off of a whistle pig at a 1000 yards, but this scope will deliver the goods with nearly any non-extreme use case.

The extra-wide 50mm objective lens helps quite a lot, giving you a sight picture with the maximum in clarity and brightness. The benefits of such a large objective lens will become apparent in the ideal, low-light hunting conditions around dusk and dawn.

Of course, the tolerances of Leupold's build quality and turret operation are tight and impressive. Leupold has a reputation for offering longer than average eye relief. This is not as crucial on a .224 Valkyrie chambered rifle as on a magnum firearm, but it can help. Leupold's proprietary duplex reticle is a traditional, simple design that aids in fast target acquisition.

Bottom Line

The best feature of the VX-3i is its versatility. It can take on any hunting or target task that you throw at it. This Leupold scope will likely out-last any rifle you mount it on.

Best from Bushnell:
 Bushnell AR Optics Riflescope, 4.5-18x/40mm


  • Covered by a solid lifetime warranty
  • Comes with a BDC ballistic reticle which has aim points calibrated specifically for the .224 Valkyrie round
  • The 4.5-18x magnification range gives you the most performance from your .224 Valkyrie at long range with minimal sacrifice in your field of view at close range


  • Rather heavy
  • Will not mount on most low scope rings

Bushnell is a highly respected all-American optics maker operating out of Kansas. This scope represents their effort to develop the perfect scope for the modern sporting rifle, and indeed, they come pretty close.

The 4.5-18x magnification range is ideal for the vast majority of the tasks that the AR-15 is designed to address, but especially for long-range shooting. It gives you long-range magnification without losing much of your field of view at close range.

This scope sports a bullet drop compensating ballistic reticle which has been designed specifically for the .224 Valkyrie. The crosshairs hold at 100 yards and additional aim points give you reach out to 500 yards.

The lenses are fully multi-coated. The anodized aluminum tube is O-ring sealed and nitrogen purged to waterproof and fog-proof. The target turrets are thick and they adjust at a quarter MOA per click. This scope has a side parallax adjustment knob and a fast focus eyepiece.

The eye relief is more or less average or possibly a little short at 3.5 inches. The erector cap assembly on the bottom of the control housing might prevent you from mounting this scope with low rings. This scope is covered by a lifetime warranty.

Bottom Line

The magnification range and the BDC reticle are the main features that make this one of the best scopes for your .224 Valkyrie rifle.

Best Long Range Scope:
Monstrum Tactical G3 6-24x50 Scope


  • The reticle has red illumination and has adjustable brightness levels
  • The objective lens is adjustable for focus, parallax, and range estimation
  • The extra broad magnification range is perfect for hitting targets farther than 1500 yards


  • Edges may not be very clear at high magnification

Monstrum Tactical has been operating out of southern California for ten years. They produce great affordable firearms components, especially for modern sporting rifles.

The extreme 6-24x magnification range is designed to let you hit targets out past 1500 yards. The first focal plane reticle gives you quick range estimation and holdover correction. The etched black reticle is highly visible, but this scope has red illumination for visibility at night or in other low-light conditions. The brightness on the illumination is adjustable for different conditions.

Unusually, the objective lens can be adjusted to focus the target image, eliminate parallax and help with range estimation. Windage and elevation adjust at a quarter MOA per click and reset to zero. The turrets also lock to hold your settings.

The hard-anodized 6160-T6 tube is nitrogen-filled and sealed to be waterproof and fog-proof. This scope comes with high-profile Picatinny scope rings, a removable honeycomb filter sunshade, flip-up spring-loaded lens covers, and a battery.

Bottom Line

This is not only a great long-range scope, but it is also incredibly affordable. Although the edges of your sight picture may be a bit hazy at high magnification, it can be worth it for the extreme long range shooting that this scope opens up. The top features are the illuminated first focal plane reticle, the magnification range, and the adjustable objective lens.


Optics can be one of the most confusing aspects of firearms. In fact, they are not as complicated as it may first appear. Having read this guide you should have a good grasp of what the best scopes for the .224 Valkyrie are and why. Remember to shoot safely and enjoy the incredible potential of this new round.

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