Best 6.5 Creedmoor Headspace Gauges (2022 Review)

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October 4, 2023

If you're looking for the best 6.5 Creedmoor headspace gauge, then your search will begin (and may end) here. This is a must-have tool to measure for headspace. Without it, you won't know for sure if you're Creedmoor rifle will be suitable for use.

We'll get into the main importance of why a headspace gauge is important here in a bit. But for now, we're going to break down in detail the five headspace gauges that we've handpicked for this review. We chose them based on a few qualities that stuck out and how they would best benefit you, the Creedmoor rifle owner.

Comparison of the Best 6.5 Creedmoor Headspace Gauges

  • Machined from steel.
  • Interchangeable for many gauges and calibers.
  • Etched with the words “Go” and “No Go” to determine if gun is suitable for use.
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  • Available in suitable gauges.
  • Etched “go / no go” indicator.
  • Made from steel for longevity.
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  • Made from steel.
  • Designed for 6.5mm and 264 calibers.
  • Best Creedmoor headspace cartridge for the money.
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  • Crafted from steel
  • “Go / no go” indicator etched for easy reading.
  • Fits with Creedmoors (and available in other gauges and calibers)
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  • Made in the USA
  • Made from steel
  • Fits perfectly with 6.5mm (or Creedmoor rifles)
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What Are Headspace Gauges and What Are They Used For?

Headspace gauges are mostly used by gunsmiths while they are building a gun from scratch. At the same time, it will allow them to check for any excess headspace. If a customer buys a gun and has excessive headspace, that could lead them to have it adjusted before having any professional work done on it. On top of that, a customer may end up spending a good deal of money on a gun that may not even be suitable for use.

In other words, a headspace gauge is an implement meant to tell you whether or not a gun is safe to use. Its sole purpose is to measure the headspace of your gun. When measured, it's important to know whether or not if the headspace is appropriate for safe usage. If the headspace is below the minimum, your gun will have a hard time with factory loaded cartridges, which may not chamber properly into your gun.

Other problems that may also arise will include the pressure in your gun. Excessive pressure, especially in semi-auto weapons (like some Creedmoor rifles), may do damage to some of the inner workings of the gun, such as the locking system.

Are All Headspace Gauges The Same?

This is a question we’ve been asked a lot. While headspace gauges do share the same intended purpose, they are not always the same. One of the main reasons is that some headspaces may be made from different materials than others.

Even if two headspace gauges are made from aluminum, one type of aluminum will be made for one while another uses a different type (i.e. 7075-T6 and 4046). If they were all the same, then what is the point in having several different manufacturers making headspace gauges when there should probably be one?

The point is, each manufacturer may have a different type of design or may manufacture their headspace gauges using a different material. But at the end of the day, they are not all the same.

Qualities of our Top Picks

Finding a great Creedmoor headspace gauge can be a challenge without knowing what qualities make up for it. We’ve carefully chosen all five of these headspace gauges based on a few top qualities. We believe these are the qualities that you should look for while shopping for a headspace gauge. Here’s what you need to consider before you browse around and make your final decision:


As you’ve probably heard so many times, knowing what material an accessory is made from is key. In the case of the headspace gauge, this rule of thumb is very applicable. Most of the gauges will be made from steel. These are designed to have a long life span as you will be needing this to measure your headspace after firing off a series of shots.

Stack of steel tubing (Source)


If you don’t know how a headspace gauge works, you can find one that has easy to read etchings on its sides. This will help you easily identify the calibers and gauges of your gun. At the same time, it will tell you whether or not if your Creedmoor rifle is a “go” or “no go” in terms of suitable use. If you are experienced in using headspace gauges, then this quality may not apply to you.

Go or No-Go Style?

As you probably will notice, some of the gauges are either go or no go styles. You should find a headspace gauge that has the ability to tell you which one it is. If you do a procedure, you'll be able to tell whether or not if your Creedmoor is suitable for use or not. If it fits, then it is a go. If the headspace is excessive or minimal, then that would be a no go. If the gauge fits but is a little wobbly, then that may be a no-go. It's also important to use your better judgment in these types of situations.  

Review of the Best 6.5 Creedmoor Headspace Gauges

Below is a list of the five best 6.5 Creedmoor headspace gauges currently on the market. While the list may change over time, this will give you a glimpse of what’s available and what might be suitable for your Creedmoor rifle.

Whether you’re on a budget or have some breathing room financially, it’s always worth looking at each one of these and deciding if they match what you want in an ideal headspace gauge. If this is your first time buying one, not to worry. Let’s dive in:

Best Overall:
Clymer - Headspace Gauges - No Go


  • Comes in a well-labeled carrying case.
  • Saves you time, money, and in some cases long trips to see a gunsmith.
  • Very critical tool to have after firing off hundreds, if not thousands of rounds.


  • Etchings may be a little hard to read for some people.

We begin our reviews with the best overall headspace gauge. We’ve decided to bestow that honor to the Clymer No Go. If you’re building a Creedmoor rifle yourself or bought a new one, you’ll want to measure the headspace prior to using it. In fact, that’s probably one of the first things you should do. Before using your gun, put together a laundry list of things that will consist of a pre-use checklist to see if the parts are in working order. But we digress.

Back on point, we know that using a headspace gauge is simply the best way to measure and test the length of your rifle’s chamber. There’s a reason why they call this the “No Go”; you have the words etched onto the gauge itself. This will tell you whether or not if it’s “go” or “no go”. Also included are the gauges and calibers that are etched onto the gauge so you can easily identify the caliber and gauge of your rifle.

This gauge is machined from steel and it’s designed to be interchangeable for all kinds of gauges. If you want something that is easy to read and easy to use to measure the headspace on your gun, the Clymer No Go is something you’ll want for your accessory toolbox.

Bottom Line

In our book, the Clymer No Go is a “go” for the best overall spot. Considering its features and how easy it is to use, it deserves to be top on our list. The ability to fit between other gauges and calibers and help you identify them is also an added bonus.

If you have multiple guns that may need a headspace measurement, odds are you can use this gauge as well. With that in mind, if you’re looking for an easy to use and easy to understand headspace gauge, you’d be hard pressed to find one better than the Clymer No Go.

Manson Precision - Headspace Gauges


  • Very long lasting. May last years.
  • One of the top Creedmoor headspace gauges on the market.
  • You won’t have to disassemble the bolt on your gun in order to fit this headspace gauge.


  • May not fit with some Creedmoor rifles.
  • You’ll need to figure out what caliber or gauge your rifle has before choosing which one is best. So some guesswork is involved.

If the Clymer No Go didn't impress you in some way, then we may have an alternative for you. Next on the list is the Manson Precision Headspace Gauge. If you want a gauge that will last you a long time, then you'll be happy to know that this is a precision ground, hardened unit.

This is machined using high-quality steel, which is designed to be durable for any gun accessory that is made from it. If longevity is what you're looking for in a headspace gauge, the Manson Precision might just be your cup of coffee.

These headspace gauges are designed for their respected gauges and calibers. So it’s important for you to not mix and match. That’s because it has to do with tolerance stacking. If you tend to mix and match headspace gauges, you’ll likely get an inaccurate reading. Prior to choosing this gauge, figure out which caliber or gauge your Creedmoor rifle is. This way, you’ll be able to get an accurate headspace reading.

All in all, the “go / no go” readings are etched, easy to read, and will be able to tell you if the gun is suitable for use or not. If you’re looking for something that is long lasting and easy to read, get the Manson Precision headspace gauge.

Bottom Line

Despite some of the negative reviews that you see on the Brownells site, this headspace gauge is rather decent. It’s important to take every negative review with a grain of salt. That especially goes for when you’re doing more research on this or any other headspace gauge that you might find appealing.

The Manson Precision does a good job determining whether or not your Creedmoor rifle is ready for battle or not. And it will save you a good deal of time and money having to get your rifle adjusted by a professional. If that’s your goal and you just want to get the rifle out in the field for a dozen rounds, the Manson Precision might be the one for you.

Best for the Money:
Hornady Cartridge Gauge

[amazon fields="B06XFKLNHD" image="1" value="thumb" image_size="large" image_align="center" image_link="none"]


  • Incredibly durable.
  • Perfect headspacing.
  • Fits most Creedmoor rifles.


  • May not allow you to see the mouth of the case.
  • So long, you might not see the top of the cartridge to see the trim.
  • Some have complained about burrs. This can be fixed with some filing.

Of course, we won’t neglect the budget Creedmoor owners. We’ve found what we believe to be the best Creedmoor headspace gauge that can be purchased for a lower-than-average price. The honor for the best budget headspace gauge goes to the Hornady Cartridge Gauge.

This product is specially designed for a Creedmoor rifle. To ensure that it will last a long time, the material this gauge is made from is steel. The caliber groups that will best fit this head gauge are 6.5mm and 264 caliber.

Hornady is one of the major brands that most longtime rifle owners have depended on. And with this headspace gauge, we can see why. They create high-quality gun accessories like this and sell them at prices that most budget shoppers can afford.

Even if your budget does have a bit of breathing room, it doesn't mean you should pass up looking at this model a little further. Who knows? A budget gauge might be beneficial to you more compared to others.

Bottom Line

Hornady is the only headspace gauge currently on this list that is designed solely for the Creedmoor rifle. Of course, some have used this for purposes other than measuring headspace. Another thing you might notice is that it doesn’t have the “go / no go” etched on it. But if it can fit perfectly on your Creedmoor rifle, then you’ll know for sure that it’s good to go.

If the headspace is smaller or larger than normal, obviously that means no go. With that said, if you’re looking for a good headspace gauge without sucking the life out of your bank account, the Hornady might be the choice.

4. Clymer - Headspace Gauges - Go


  • Works flawlessly with most Creedmoor rifles.
  • Takes about 30 seconds to perform a procedure.
  • Saves you a lot of time and money on headspace adjustments.


  • May not be as interchangeable as the “go / no go” model.

Next on the list, we return to the Clymer brand of headspace gauges. The Clymer Go has etchings that will determine whether or not you have a good enough headspace for your Creedmoor rifle to work. While this is available for a 6.5 Creedmoor, Clymer has also made these in separate gauges and calibers.

So, this is not like its “go / no go” model where it is interchangeable with most gauges and calibers. But the good news is that it does have the “go / no go” indicator, so you can easily tell when the rifle is ready to go or needs some work done.

This is perfect when you’re using a gauge to measure and chamber a new barrel. If you want a chamber that is nice and tight and most compatible with your Creedmoor rounds, the Clymer Go might be what you’re looking for.

Remember, you need to know the caliber or gauge of your Creedmoor rifle prior to choosing the Clymer gauge that best fits you.

Bottom Line

Clymer has once again solidified its reputation as a brand you can rely on. Regardless of whether you choose this model (or the “go / no go”), this headspace gauge is designed to save you time and money from having a professional measure the headspace of your rifle.

If wasting time and spending a ton of money on a gunsmith are the last things you want to do when it comes to your Creedmoor rifle, then the Clymer Go headspace gauge may be the one you’ll want to go with.

5. Lyman 6.5 Creedmoor Headspace Gauge

[amazon fields="B01I3Z8AGO" image="1" value="thumb" image_size="large" image_align="center" image_link="none"]


  • Works well with semi-auto rifles
  • Can check for headspace fairly quickly
  • A must-have reloader for most calibers


  • Some have complained about not having this fit on their Creedmoor rifle
  • Some Creedmoor brass may not drop in all the way compared to other headspace gauges

Our final headspace gauge is brought to us by the Lyman brand. This is another headspace gauge that is made entirely out of steel and solely for a Creedmoor rifle. On top of that, this is made in the USA and is guaranteed to be one of the best in quality, since manufacturers must adhere to such strict standards. If any gun accessory is made in the USA, then you know for sure that you’ll have a good product in your hands.

This is a precision machined gauge that is designed to fit the exact dimensions of a Creedmoor rifle. The Lyman is designed to make sure that your Creedmoor is safe to use and at the same time ensures maximum accuracy with the Creedmoor cartridges that you use.

Bottom Line

The Lyman brand is one of two headspace gauges that appear to be designed strictly for the Creedmoor rifle. Since the Creedmoor is taking the gun world by storm, you’ll probably expect more of these to pop up at some point down the road.

But for now, this and the Hornady are the only two that we know of are designed only for the Creedmoor. But which is the better one? We’ll let you decide.

Are Headspace Gauges Important?

The short answer: yes. The long answer is they are important because it will determine if the Creedmoor rifle you use is safe or not. The procedure you use to measure the headspace and chamber in a new barrel doesn’t take long. Plus, it is a better alternative than having to rely on a professional gunsmith measure the headspace for you. That alone can cost you money.

To top it off, it will cost you even more if your Creedmoor rifle’s headspace is below the minimum or even excessive. It’s important to have one to make sure that the headspace itself hasn’t changed after firing so many rounds. It is important to check the headspace after every 100 rounds fired.


Finding the best 6.5 Creedmoor headspace gauge doesn't have to be a challenge. If you know exactly what to look for and qualities of what distinguishes a great gauge from a not so great one, your search will be easier. With that said, be sure to do your due diligence if you find a gauge that appears to be one of your best choices. Don't rely on customer reviews alone. Go to gun forums and see what people are saying about your headspace gauge of choice.

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