Best Airsoft Goggles of 2022 – Complete Buyer’s Guide

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August 25, 2023

In addition to intelligence, the second most valued human trait is the eyesight. Whether at the job, home, or in some leisure time, we need to apply protective measures to preserve our eyesight.

Considering our different activities, each of them requires uniquely designed eyewear. For this reason, you should not use, for example, ski goggles or military sand, dust, and wind goggles because they cannot protect your eyes like ballistic-rated safety eyewear.

Don’t skimp out on eye protection! You only have one pair of eyes! The price tag of airsoft goggles will rarely be more than the price of a new pair of safety glasses and will never cost more than your vision.

Comparison of the Best Airsoft Goggles

  • Best Overall Airsoft Goggles.
  • Interchangeable elastic strap
  • Inner polycarbonate lens is to prevent fogging.
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  • Runner-up for Best Airsoft Goggles.
  • Indirectly vented foam carriage for dust protection.
  • The Valken thermal system provides anti-fog protection.
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  • Vented goggle design.
  • Best Airsoft Goggles for the Money.
  • Affordable goggles with polycarbonate lenses.
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  • Best for Glasses or `Fit Over Glasses’.
  • 100% UV proof, sand proof and windproof.
  • Features polycarbonate lens and TPU lining.
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  • Best Airsoft Goggles With Fan.
  • Fan keeps the lenses clear from fogging.
  • Comes with a hard case and 1x tinted and 1x white lens.
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  • Best Anti Fog Airsoft Goggles.
  • Comes with three easily changeable lenses.
  • A full seal wrap-around polycarbonate lens.
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Are Goggles Important While Playing Airsoft?

Believe it or not, shooting sports are one of the world's safest sports disciplines. Of course, that's if we follow the rules and use protective equipment. Besides hearing protection, eyewear falls under the basic safety measures to play shooting sports and every shooter or airsoft player knows that eyewear will protect his/her eyes from severe injuries.

While simple safety glasses for airsoft matches are certainly better than no protection at all, typical safety glasses are not designed for this unique sport. In fact, there are three types of eye protection in shooting sports: masks, glasses, and goggles.

Masks provide the most protection of all of these and there are some sub-variants which provide full-face protection or a “lower half” face mask, usually paired with glasses or goggles. As for the construction, paintball or face masks may have lenses or can be made entirely of mesh. As a negative, a full-face mask could get hot and might restrict vision or limit one’s movements.

At the other end of the spectrum, there are the shooting glasses which are the lightest and most compact eyewear. Though ideal for firearms users at the shooting range and hunters, for active sports such as airsoft, they don't provide a satisfactory level of defense against projectiles.

Compared to the first two eye protectors, a pair of quality airsoft goggles offer a number of benefits like a defensive shield from the airsoft BBs and point-blank shots, comfort, and an unlimited field of view.

While goggles give more all-around protection than glasses, especially from the bottom and side angles, they are heavier, bulkier, and more prone to fogging.

Characteristics of Our Favorite Goggles 

As the most popular option for airsoft sport, there are a lot of different types of airsoft goggles available and therefore, you have to keep in mind a few parameters, critical for goggle selection. 

The first criterion you would be looking for in airsoft goggles are safety and level of protection. Most goggles are rated by ANSI 87.1 standard and should be marked Z87, meaning that the goggles have to withstand a 1/4" steel ball being fired at them at CQB distances.

These types of goggles are also fully-sealed, i.e. there are no gaps between the goggles and your face for a BB to pass through and potentially hit your eye.

Aside from the protective requirements, the next parameter is visual clarity or an anti-fog property, since the ventilated goggles don't mist and provide good air supply to your eyes. If you are sensitive to profuse sweating and shortness of breath, you can opt for a full mask with powered fans that force air through the interior. 

Pyramex I-Force Sporty Dual Pane Anti-Fog Goggles

However, excellent airsoft goggles should have vented panels and proper designs to redirect your breath away from your lenses. Unlike cheap plastic airsoft goggles with few breathing holes, our suggested airsoft goggles come with anti-fog measures or proper ventilation, so you stay cool.

The next feature you will find in all our listed goggles is a comfort, since uncomfortable goggles are the number one reason someone tosses a pair of goggles in the trash.  Shooting goggles must be composed of quality materials to provide you comfort even when using it for long hours.

A quality pair of airsoft goggles with adjustable head straps should provide a snug, perfect fit without compromising the level of comfort. The straps should be made of some sort of elastic or material similar to the seatbelt in your car.

Review of the Best Airsoft Goggles

In the following discussion, we will encompass several products from different categories that will provide complete protection intended for airsoft battles but also for any other sports activities such as swimming, cycling use in rainy and cold weather, and extreme adventure sports.

Best Overall:
Pyramex I-Force Sporty Dual Pane Anti-Fog Goggles

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  • It comes with 4 lens tint colors
  • Lightweight and  stylish for goggles
  • The inner lens is coated with H2X Anti-fog technology
  • Meets MIL-PRF 32432 high-velocity impact standards
  • Multiple strap configurations
  • Outer polycarbonate lens for superior impact and UV protection


  • Lenses not easily removable
  • The anti-fog coating is too sensitive
  • It's too small to wear your prescription glasses underneath

What Recent Buyers Report

Pyramex I-Force SB7010SDT model features a lightweight design, which eliminates the bulkiness and weight of a goggle but forms a secure seal and holds up against countless shots.

While its impact resistance is unquestionable, some buyers felt the anti-fog feature was not very effective, especially during high activities. Other than that, users also drew attention to the very delicate maintaining of the anti-fog pane built of an acetate lens.

Customers noted that according to your planned usage, your adequate lens color since gray lenses aren't beneficial when wearing at night or dusk.

If you wear prescription glasses, they won’t fit under the I-Force goggles.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Pyramex I-Force Convertible Safety Goggles/Safety Glasses are the best overall eyewear on our list for many reasons.  In fact, this type is sometimes called spoggles and describes foam-lined safety glasses that function similar to goggles but are not as intrusive.

The main feature is its option of dual-use as safety glasses or goggles.

The I-Force's versatility is its most significant advantage, as the package includes quick-release interchangeable traditional temple arms with an optional safety strap and wide, adjustable strap that easily converts glasses into the goggles.

Another highlight is a dual-pane construction, which provides excellent physical protection for the eyes due to the double lenses, as well as excellent fog resistance.

The outer scratch-resistant, polycarbonate lens passes MIL-PRF 32432 high-velocity impact standards to provide superior impact protection with no cracks and minimal scrapes. Additionally, they provide 99.9% protection against harmful UV rays.

The internal acetate lenses are treated with effective H2X Anti-Fog technology to prevent fogging protection in extreme-temperature weather conditions.

The lightweight Pyramex I-Force is available with five lens colors ranging from clear and amber lenses suitable for indoor wear and low-light conditions to gray and mirrored lenses great for sunny outdoor activities.

Who Will Use This Most?

The Pyramex I-Force are at the same time safe, comfortable, and stylish accessory, but since the versatility is its most significant advantage, users may vary from lumberjacks and cyclists to airsoft gamers and shooters.

As the I-Force, in safety goggle-mode, seals entirely around your eyes, it is recommended the product be used for any fast-paced sports activities and high-risk occupations.

Bottom Line

The Pyramex is affordable eyewear, but the I-Force’s versatility is its greatest advantage. You could wear I-Force goggles anywhere, even for outside airsoft activities, transforming them into the pair of sunglasses for recreation, such as boating or biking.

Though they are multi-role eyewear, the Pyramex I-Force, like all dual-pane goggles, have minor disadvantages for the money, they are indeed the best overall goggles.

Valken Airsoft Zulu Thermal Lens Goggles

[amazon fields="B00CMAV3J8" image="1" value="thumb" image_size="large" image_align="center" image_link="none"]


  • Low-profile
  • Meets ANSI / ISEA Z87.1
  • High-strength polymer frame
  • It comes in three different lens colors
  • Dual-pane lenses with anti-fog coating
  • Quick-release straps


  • Cheap plastic
  • They aren’t great in high humidity 
  • Slight glare sometimes due to the dual pane

What Recent Buyers Report

Although you can find many good reviews about Zulu goggles, some users claim their Zulus will fog up after a few minutes, particularly if you're active in a high humidity area. To prevent fogging from spoiling the game, battle-hardened airsoft users recommend using an anti-fog spray or solution.

Gamers also suggest keeping the goggles clean, but be careful, as any sort of wiping will cause scratches immediately.

A few customers noted that Zulu has tiny gaps around eyes, but it is highly unlikely that a 6mm BB will fit though. Unfortunately, these goggles won’t fit around prescription glasses.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Like the earlier model, Valken Zulu is the spoggle type of protective eyewear that combines safety glasses with a foam lining.

Some have noted that Valken Zulu Thermal Lens goggles resemble the Pyramex I-Force but outside of exterior similarity, Valken is built of different materials such as a polymer frame and polycarbonate lenses, making them much stronger against countless shots, with no cracking.

Based on dual-pane design, Valken Airsoft Zulu has two layer lenses but keep a low profile while it eliminating the bulkiness and weight of a regular goggle.

Besides dual panes, the Valken thermal system also provides reliable anti-fog protection utilizing an indirectly-vented foam carriage with apertures located on both the bottom and top of the frame.

This lightweight pair of full-seal eye protection offers an option of quick and reliable changeability of temples and elastic strap made possible by the handy hinge and pivot joint that connects the frame of the glasses.

The Valken Zulu Tactical Goggles meet ANSI/SEA Z87.1 high-impact requirements as well as an MCEP GI-PD 10-12 ballistic standards, meaning you should not expect any damage to the lenses except a slight mark as a result of point-blank shooting.

Who Will Use This Most?

Since the Valken Zulu Tactical Goggles meet varying standards and feature resistance to fog due to extreme temperatures, they are approved for working in extreme-temperature environments.

As one size fits all, these will fit perfectly small and large faces alike, eliminating any gaps around the edges of the goggles, making them perfect for super-close CQB.

On the other hand, considering Zulu's decent eye relief when looking down the optics, these goggles allow for full utilization of scopes, making them a solid choice for airsoft snipers.

Bottom Line 

Zulu comes with multiple strap options in packaging, enabling you secure the fit with the adjustable elastic strap with quick release, which will attach correctly to the temples.

One of the most lightweight eye protection devices in the market allow you to wear them like sunglasses. Anyone looking for a low-profile set of eyewear for airsoft or projectile sports activities will find the Valken Zulu, with its full seal design, a perfect option for a lower price tag.

Best for the Money:
Lancer Tactical Ca-221B Clear Lens

[amazon fields="B00E00QLRM" image="1" value="thumb" image_size="large" image_align="center" image_link="none"]


  • Meets an ANSI Z87.1 rating
  • Clear polycarbonate lenses
  • Top, bottom and front ventilation
  • Polyurethane thermoplastic frame
  • It has padded foam inserts for added comfort
  • Adjustable headband and lens protector sleeve


  • Minimal fogging may occur
  • The vents on the bottom and top are too small
  • May become uncomfortable for extended wear

What Recent Buyers Report

The Lancer Tactical CA-221 series is both strong and flexible with a foam padding liner for maximum comfort. Although the manufacturer has not skimped on the foam-padded frame, the edge might be somewhat awkward around the bridge of nose and the frame may cause discomfort after prolonged wear, so just be aware you may have to trim for comfort.

While the manufacturer boasts attractive canted fins designed to prevent the goggles from fogging up, actually, these slanted vents feature a few small holes and the user needs to drill bigger holes due to the insufficiency of the original holes.

One more thing, the Lancer Tactical are pretty bulky goggles and will fit over small-framed prescription glasses, but most users noticed that these goggles are so large, they would be ideal if you are going to wear them on your helmet.

Why it Stands Out to Us

These tactical safety goggles are Z87.1 rated, meaning they are equipped with resilient, shatterproof polycarbonate lenses that will endure multiple shots without even a dent.

Lancer Tactical CA-221B features a frame made of polyurethane thermoplastic with a foam padding liner to protect your eyes from projectiles coming from any possible direction.

The CA-221 series sports an ultra-vent system and a unique ventilated frame design with canted fins that look cool and redirect hot, moist breath away from the goggles to reduce fogging issues during any airsoft skirmish.

The Lancer Tactical's line comes in full black color and are marked as CA-221 with clear lenses, which provide you with a much wider field of view than similarly priced models.

As a budget pair of goggles, it is a pleasant surprise to find a package with an adjustable elastic headband for custom-fitting, a protective goggle sleeve, and a carrying pouch. They also come with a multi-lens kit and three interchangeable lenses to choose from.

Who Will Use This Most?

The Lancer Tactical CA-221B safety airsoft goggles are not military-grade, but since they are specifically designed for airsoft, they are ideal for entry-level players.  However, this budget eyewear is definitely safe to use in airsoft, so we recommend them for both casual and experienced players alike.

The CA-221B are a bit on the large size, but feature many adjustment capabilities and will fit just about any size head, except maybe smaller teenage players.

Bottom Line

This Lancer Tactical eyewear are a very suitable and sturdy product, perfect for super close CQB. Besides their impact-resistant lenses, the goggles provide full seal protection around your eyes, as well as maximum dust protection, making them a great budget choice whether you play indoors or outdoors.

Best Airsoft Goggles for Glasses:
Fit-Over-Glasses Anti-Fog Airsoft Goggles

[amazon fields="B01DHWNEF0" image="1" value="thumb" image_size="large" image_align="center" image_link="none"]


  • They have perfect peripheral vision
  • They fit over prescription eyeglasses
  • Size outside is 6.7x2.6” inside 5.5x2.5”
  • Sand-proof and windproof
  • Constructed of black TPU frame with clear lenses
  • Have a sponge liner and adjustable elastic headband


  • They fog up
  • Not ANSI certified
  • It is difficult to replace the lenses

What Recent Buyers Report

These goggles come with transparent polycarbonate lenses but you can easily scratch them during careless or very intense usage. Although these are not ANSI rated, some airsoft gamers report that shooting at point-blank with 0.25-gram BBs barely left a mark.

Regardless of the manufacturer's claim of being anti-fog, these goggles do fog up, they just take longer than some others do. However, this problem can easily be solved with some anti-fog spray.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Anti-fog Riding Goggles with Optional Life brand belongs to the category of OTG goggles (Over the Goggles) designed to fit over glasses. These goggles ensure that prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses can be worn comfortably underneath. 

The Optional Life Goggles are purpose-built to fit over most standard-sized prescription glasses by removing the foam where earpieces are. 

Unlike the earlier mentioned spoggles in this review, Anti-Fog Riding Goggles are much bulkier and have wider lenses to ensure both your peripheral and downward field of vision are broad enough for many outdoor activities besides riding motorcycles.

Every airsoft enthusiast will appreciate these goggles as they seal well to ensure that dust and other small particles like BBs stay away from their eyes.

Since they are built with anti-fogging properties and a UV lens and contoured fit, the Optional Life OTG Goggles will allow you to comfortably wear glasses for all your extreme sports activities for a prolonged period.

Who Will Use This Most?

If you are wearing glasses, Anti-fog Riding Goggles are guaranteed to fit over all prescription eyewear so you can use these goggles while airsofting. 

With their wider field of vision, the OTG goggles are very practical in several airsoft warfare scenarios.

Aside from acting as a highly functional piece of airsoft gear, the Optional Life OTG eyewear can also be used for other activities such as motor and bicycle riding, swimming, and for uncompromising sports where it is challenging to wear prescription glasses safely.

Bottom Line

The Optional Life OTG Goggles features excellent clarity with minimal inside reflection and comfort and a one-inch wide adjustable and smooth headband that doesn't slip or stretch while outside, as well as inside a helmet.

These stylish and functional goggles offer a greater field of vision which is very important for extreme adventure sports like airsoft. 

Best Airsoft Goggles With Fan:
H World Airsoft Goggles with Fan

[amazon fields="B00YXGATGC" image="1" value="thumb" image_size="large" image_align="center" image_link="none"]


  • The fan is very silent
  • Easy and straightforward use
  • They may fit over glasses
  • Powered by 2 AAA batteries
  • The goggles come with a miniature fan device
  • The package includes 1x smoked lens and 1x white lens and a box


  • It is not ANSI rated
  • Too tight on some faces
  • Quality control is not the best

What Recent Buyers Report

The lenses are built of thick polycarbonate and although they're not ANSI impact-rated, some users tested them by shooting BB's (0.25grams at 290 FPS) at the lenses without damage.

However, the shape of these goggles is too tight for an adult face and the battery container can dig into  the back of the head if you do not wear some sort of headcover.

Some customers even considered modifying and reversing the polarity to make the fan blow outward instead of inward.

Though the goggles are advertised as OTG (Over-The-Glasses) capable, they are not really prescription glasses-friendly, since they will fit only small and thin glasses.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Actually, Chinese manufacturer FMA makes the goggles with brand H World Shopping and item number TB1029-DE is one of many well-established quality products in the airsoft world.

The most highlighted feature is a centrally-located fan that keeps the lenses clear and keeps your eyes comfortable. The miniature fan is integrated at the top of the glasses' frame and is powered by two AAA batteries.  The battery compartment is placed at the back of the headstrap and has a button on the bottom with two fan modes. 

While the fan directs airflow across the lens, keeping them clear from fog, it is very quiet to the point you do not know it is on.

The goggles fit over prescription eyeglasses and interface well with a high-cut helmet. This model comes in "Desert Earth" color (DE) and like most of its counterparts, is made of polycarbonate material.

The package includes a robust carbon-fiber looking case, a decent lens cleaner, and two lens types. The smoked lens isn't too dark and the white lens is almost clear for night games. 

Who Will Use This Most?

As its description says, these goggles from H World are intended for airsoft, ski/snowboard, and bike sports, but they can also be used for any dangerous sport activity or job where smoke, dust, or small particles can put your eyes at risk.

These enhanced goggles with fan are particularly practical for use with night vision systems because they won’t cause any optical interference while keeping the lens fogging at bay.

Bottom Line

The market is overflowed with "fog-resistant" goggles, but without miniature devices like fans, none of them will ever work.  While some brands are going to be way too expensive, H World Shopping Fan Version Cooler Airsoft Goggles are very affordable and for the price, are quite functional.

Best Anti Fog:
XAegis Airsoft Goggles

[amazon fields="B07MKCTJN2" image="1" value="thumb" image_size="large" image_align="center" image_link="none"]


  • Anti-fog function
  • Bendable TPU frame
  • An adjustable headband
  • Flannel lens sleeve included
  • Comes with 3 interchangeable lenses
  • The lens is resistant to high-impact and UV radiation


  • Not ANSI rated
  • May not fit all face types
  • Not intended for people with glasses

What Recent Buyers Report

Although this XAegis eyewear is advertised as goggles with interchangeable lenses that can be changed almost instantly without any tools, changing the lens is not as easy as the company claims.

As for the fit and adaptability, some customers with smaller heads found them uncomfortable.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The best way to prevent fog is to buy goggles with dual-paned lenses or with a fan, but sometimes products with an anti-fog coating on your lenses will minimize fogging at a value price.

 XAegis applies a tried and proven anti-fog coating on their airsoft goggles, which received numerous reviews from the airsoft arenas and user reports attested this to be true.

Besides the anti-fog function, the lenses are made of scratch-resistant polycarbonate and offer protection against UVA/UVB radiation.

These full-seal, wrap-around lenses provide a well-vented design and tight, comfortable fit utilizing soft and comfortable hypo-allergenic rubber material on goggle frames. The overall construction is based on a bendable thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) frame.

The kit contains three lenses in yellow, smoke, and clear, providing you with multiple options to pick the right color according to weather conditions and temperature. Due to the conventional construction, the lenses can be switched in a matter of seconds.

The goggles with the XAegis logo on them come with a hard shell carry bag with a spare lens, an adjustable headband, and cloth sleeve to protect your investment.

Who Will Use This Most?

Though not ANSI certified, the XAegis Airsoft Goggles, with their high-impact lenses will work for airsoft and paintball games, but are well-known amongst several other outdoor enthusiasts, as well.

Designed with full seal wrap-around lenses the XAegis goggles protect your vision from fogging, while preventing small particles from getting in.

Considering that, these are also suitable for a wide range of outdoor activities from shooting ranges to hunting, riding, or cycling.

Bottom Line

Many airsoft gun users find this amazing pair of protective goggles with interchangeable lenses and soft, comfortable fit will satisfy all their needs for safe and stylish eyewear.

In the end, if you are searching for a good-looking pair of airsoft goggles that are not overpriced, the XAegis Multipurpose Goggles will be an excellent contender for the role.

Perks of Getting New Airsoft Goggles 

Regardless of whether you are a beginner or veteran to the airsoft sport, when you are looking for the new set of airsoft goggles, there are several perks you should know. 

Since  safety is the number one priority, you should ask for ANSI rated goggles because they provide durability, maximum comfort, and fog resistance. In other words, to keep your eyes safe from projectiles, you should choose eyewear that ranks high for durability, so the BBs fired at them shouldn't leave a mark.

The next thing to look for is comfort and ventilation and while fogging is almost impossible to avoid without external devices such as fans, the goggles listed have a quite good amount of time before they start fogging.

Then, if you wear glasses, you'll want some with OTG ability that allow your prescription glasses to fit inside.

Another important aspect are the goggle's materials, which have to be durable and flexible at the same time.

After all, the price and money you are ready to invest in new protective airsoft eyewear are the most crucial factor for airsoft enthusiasts but be aware that airsoft goggles will never cost more than your vision.


Along with airsoft weapons, goggles and safety glasses are an absolute must for safety reasons and are an essential piece of equipment whether going into airsoft combat or just plinking at targets. 

Though face and paintball masks protect the whole face, many airsofters opt for goggles because of the freedom of movement they allow, as well as a proper cheek weld to your airsoft rifle.

Whatever protective eyewear you decide to purchase, safety, anti-fog features, and lightweight nature should be the deciding factors in your choice.

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