Best Trigger Guards for the AR-15 Rifle – 2022 Review

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September 6, 2023

A trigger guard is probably the most unnoticed and neglected part of a rifle.

A lot of us don’t even consider learning about its uses and how it came into use.

Here we’ll be talking about the importance of a trigger guard for your AR-15 rifle and will help you in choosing a suitable option from some of the best trigger guards available on the market.

Comparison of the Best AR-15 Trigger Guards 

  • Drop-in design.
  • Designed to fit AR-15 rifles.
  • Made from high-quality materials.
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  • Made in the USA.
  • Prevents accidental discharge.
  • Made from high-quality materials.
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  • Drop-in design.
  • Made from high-quality materials.
  • Available in three different finishes.
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  • Made in the USA.
  • Made from advanced aluminum.
  • Designed for tactical applications.
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What Purpose Does a Trigger Guard Serve?

The simple and straightforward answer is “Safety”. A trigger guard gives you a place to place your finger until you’re ready to fire a shot. A trigger guard fits well in line with the safety Rule #2 of handling firearms - that is, never place your finger on the trigger unless you are ready to shoot.

A trigger guard prevents any accidental discharge of the weapon while you carry or place it. They are especially useful in situations like combat and hunting, where you don’t want to shoot anything accidentally. That’s especially important when you might be suddenly surprised by any stimulus, or risk banging your gun while moving.

Trigger guards are also helpful while you operate your weapon with gloves on. A trigger guard can be placed around or away from the trigger (such as in arctic conditions), whichever placement is best for the environment.

Apart from all this, trigger guards give the shooter a tactile point of contact to locate the trigger in situations like rain, snow and darkness. This means you don’t have to look down and find the trigger every time you want to fire.

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What to Look for in a Trigger Guard

There are three major factors you must look for in a trigger guard before buying - durability, comfort and ease of installation.

A trigger guard must be durable enough to withstand any pressure or unexpected ‘blows’. Guards manufactured from steel and high-grade polymers are readily available on the market. It should be resistant to heat, cold and moisture so it doesn’t break or rust with time.

Another important factor to consider is the comfort of using a trigger guard. Sometimes you might want to use your AR-15 with gloves on. A trigger guard must be wide and spacious enough to let you shoot and re-acquire the trigger easily. It must also have smooth and ergonomic edges to protect your trigger finger from bruising and wounds. Of course it shouldn’t rough up your glove, either.

A good trigger guard must be easy to install with your rifle. The pins should be easy to peen out and must get installed with a light hammer push. A trigger guard is normally a flat or curved piece of stamped aluminum which can be easily installed using two pins. Easy installation means easy removal and thus less hassle.

Review of the Best AR-15 Trigger Guards

As already mentioned, trigger guard must be durable, comfortable and easy to install. We’ve outlined some of the best AR-15 trigger guards available on the market to help you make a buying decision.

Best Overall:
Magpul AR-15 Trigger Guard


  • Will fit on most AR-15 rifles
  • Easy to install, takes a few minutes
  • Super durable quality, almost indestructible
  • Stays secure, it doesn’t wiggle around much
  • Resistant to all kinds of hot and cold weather


  • Some fitting may be needed
  • Screws may need some Loctite
  • Some minor difficulties with some of the pins have been reported

What Recent Buyers Report

This trigger guard was impressive according to most buyers. They’ve called it one of the toughest trigger guards in the business. One user said that this guard stays cool even after an extended day of shooting at the range. As expected, most were able to install this in a matter of a few minutes.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

This trigger guard is made from high-quality polymer, but it’s tough like aluminum. Aside from being durable and easy to install, it’s a trigger guard that won’t heat up like some of the accessories and parts of an AR-15 rifle. Even after a lengthy period of firing off many rounds, some parts of the rifle can get a little warm, but not this little unit. Also, the weather doesn’t stand a chance against something like this.

This trigger guard from Magpul has been manufactured from a high- grade polymer which is durable and resistant to temperature and moisture. The polymer construction also makes the guard scratch-proof and retain its color.

The guard features a “V” shape, which provides extra space to shoot comfortably with gloves on. The guard or lower receiver doesn’t require any alterations for installation.

Who Will Use This Most 

This will be a trigger guard that will be used in either a hunting or target shooting situation, or better yet, any outdoor activity that involves the use of an AR-15 will benefit from this trigger guard. Especially when it’s built like a tank and can handle even the most extreme weather conditions. 

Bottom Line

The Magpul AR-15/M16 MOE Trigger Guard is probably the one thing you’ll want on your rifle if you want something that will prevent any accidental discharges. Plus, it will be safe to handle even when other parts of the rifle are a little too hot to hold onto.

Troy Enhanced Rifle Trigger Guard


  • Durable and solid construction
  • Perfectly fits on most AR-15 rifles
  • Excellent quality, doesn’t feel flimsy
  • Easy to install, takes a few minutes
  • It can handle harsh weather conditions


  • Some fitting may be required
  • Some pinching might happen
  • Some might not like the “drop size”

What Recent Buyers Report

A lot of recent buyers were quite satisfied with this trigger guard. One of the biggest wins for them was being able to handle their rifles better. Especially in the wintertime when they have to wear gloves. The install was insanely easy according to one user. He also added that he was quite happy to use his AR-15 year-round without having any damage to some of the parts, including this trigger guard.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

This trigger guard is a low-profile trigger that will make it look like it’s not even there. A higher profile trigger guard might just stick out like a sore thumb to those who place a high standard on aesthetics. Looks aside, this is yet another trigger guard that can handle the elements of extreme weather. So, if you use your AR-15 year-round, you might want to use a trigger guard that won’t warp or get damaged due to extreme hot or cold temperatures.

This trigger guard features a large, curved design to let the user shoot easily even with large gloves. Manufactured from high-grade aluminum with an all-black finish, the trigger guard doesn’t have any sharp edges and will protect your trigger finger from cuts and bruises.

The guard comes with a roller pin for the rear end and features a built-in spring loading detent for easy installation and removal. It’s perfect for people who have thick fingers or like shooting with thick gloves.

Who Will Use This Most 

If you want your trigger to be more of the low profile type, then you may want to consider this as a possible trigger guard for your rifle. As expected, it will give you a good amount of toughness and will provide security to ensure that your trigger may not be easily pulled (regardless of your trigger’s pull weight).

Bottom Line

The Troy Enhanced Rifle Trigger Guard is something that you might need if you want a low profile look with your rifle. This will go great for hunting and target shooting purposes, but either way, it will make your AR-15 stand out in a few good ways.

Best for the Money: 
Dead on Arms LLC Oversized Trigger Guard


  • Very smooth lines
  • Fits with most AR-15 rifles
  • Some finishes make the trigger pop
  • Very easy to install, takes a few minutes
  • Super durable quality, it can take on some impact and abuse


  • It may be uncomfortable to use at first
  • Some found stripped screws in the package
  • Some screws may not stay in place at times

What Recent Buyers Report

A lot of users had a few finishes to choose from based on personal preference. Aside from that, they were able to install this in a few minutes. When they first used it, they said that it stayed in place even through many rounds of gunfire. One user said he found this to be a much-needed accessory because the trigger that he upgraded to has a very light pull weight (specifically a pull weight of around 2.5 pounds). 

Why it Stands Out to Us 

This trigger has three finishes that will stand out regardless of which one you choose. Plus, it does a good job preventing any kind of accidental discharges and allows for better, non-snag handling when you’re using gloves. At the same time, it’s a trigger guard that might be the closest to fit on just about any AR-15 rifle. So if you have no clue of whether or not any other trigger guard might fit, this could be your safest bet.

This guard from Dead on Arms features an innovative new design which eliminates the need to hammer roller pins into the lower receiver. This reduces the chances of doing any damage while you install it. The spring-loaded roller pins can be slid easily into the intended holes for quick installation.

The billet aluminum construction is durable and weatherproof. The exposed surfaces have been rounded off to prevent any damage to the user or other components. The oversized space allows the user to shoot with large gloves under harsh conditions.

It’s also got a great price that will be light on your pocket.

Who Will Use This Most 

This will be the closest that you’ll find to a universal trigger guard, but don’t count on it being THE universal trigger guard. Yes, it will fit all kinds of AR-15 rifles. So it will be used by many users across many applications. So if you hunt, casually shoot targets, or take part in shooting competitions then you may want to give this a go. Also, it goes well with most rifles that have triggers with light trigger pull weights. Specifically, you’ll probably want to equip this if the pull weight of your trigger is about 4 pounds or less.

Bottom Line

The Rainier Arms Modified Trigger Guard will be a tough-looking unit that will stand out as the best part of your AR-15. Especially when you have a trigger that will be easy to pull. Plus, if you’re wearing gloves you’ll enjoy snag-free handling regardless of the time of year (and weather). 

4. Hunter Select 6061 T6 Operator

[amazon fields="B007W65EXS" image="1" value="thumb" image_size="large" image_align="center" image_link="none"]


  • Super durable construction
  • The fit and finish are excellent
  • Easy to install, takes a few minutes
  • Excellent for tactical and hunting applications
  • Handling is still pretty good, even after wearing gloves


  • May rattle with some lower receivers
  • Some pins may be a little difficult to install
  • Screws may come a little loose after a while

What Recent Buyers Report

Most recent buyers were satisfied with this trigger guard in general. As expected, they were able to install this within a few minutes. Once they were able to install it, they were able to test them out with gloves on in both an outdoor and indoor setting. They were able to pull the trigger without the gloves getting caught on the guard itself.

One user said that he typically uses his AR-15 for the use of deer hunting. He added that he wears gloves on days when he’s out in the field in colder conditions. He was even more satisfied when he saw that his gloves did not snag on the trigger guard itself. 

Why it Stands Out to Us 

This is a little bigger compared to some of the other trigger guards on our list, but it’s large enough for most shooters to handle even in conditions where wearing gloves is a must. Aside from the “U” shape, it’s made from high-quality aluminum, and believe it or not, it’s pretty dang tough. It has yet to meet any kind of impact or abuse that can break it. So far, nothing. So if durability is important to you, then this might be the trigger guard you’ll want. 

A simple drop-in trigger guard manufactured from high grade aluminum. The guard has a roller pin slot on the rear and a spring loaded detent with push button installation on the front.

The guard has a large opening for gloved hands. The aluminum body is rust proof and resistant to temperature along with being durable. The inexpensive price and the mil spec compatibility of this product makes it more desirable among AR-15 platform owners.

Who Will Use This Most 

This will likely be used for those who are either hunters or those involved in tactical applications. Either way, you’ll have a trigger guard that will have the best handling with our without gloves. So if you want something that will be of good use year-round, this could be a trigger guard worth considering.

Bottom Line

The Hunter Select US All Aluminum Drop-In Trigger Guard will probably be your cup of coffee if you want something that will not only give you a good amount of extra security but something that won’t allow any snagging if you’re wearing gloves. Find the best tactical gloves that you can find and give this trigger guard a try.

5. Molin Labe Laser Engraved Enhanced Trigger

[amazon fields="B007Z904AA" image="1" value="thumb" image_size="large" image_align="center" image_link="none"]

Manufactured from high-grade aluminum, this trigger guard has a US Flag laser engraved over its base. It can be installed easily to the lower receiver with a light tap using roll pins.  You probably want to cover the guard with tape or a cloth while you use a hammer to tap in the roll pins. The guard has been designed to fit all mil-spec models so you can use it for guns other than your AR-15, too.

The engraved US Flag looks amazing and will help show your patriotic sentiments. Molin Labe offers a huge number of other possible engravings in many great patriotic designs as well as other symbols.


The benefits of using a good trigger guard have often being ignored. A trigger guard adds to the safety of your AR-15 and provides you a point of reference for locating your trigger. 

A good trigger guard must be durable, comfortable and easy to install. Safety should be of prime importance when using firearms, and a trigger guard is a minor yet important part of it.

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