Archangel M1A Stock Review – Tell All Buyer’s Guide

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October 12, 2023

The M1A is a reliable and rugged rifle. But those who own it also know that it is bulky and requires multiple aftermarket upgrades to compete with the latest rifles. You need to upgrade the wooden stock to a synthetic, add a cheek riser, rails, and other additions to make your M1A perfect.

Promag solved all the upgrade issues of the M1A in one package. The Archangel Stock is designed for the M1A by Archangel Manufacturing, a subsidiary of Promag. This stock kills not two, but ten, birds with one stone. Read further to know why is it such an exceptional and necessary upgrade for your M1A.

  • Most tactical and customizable stock for M1A on the market
  • Lightweight, durable, and totally adjustable design for comfort
  • Grip storage compartment and pre-installed studs and rails
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Main Features

The Archangel M1A stock is made entirely from a high-grade polymer. It’s the reason why it is so light in weight. It is a synthetic stock which will get rid of your heavy wooden stock. No offense here, but the wooden stock is bulky and prone to damage and warping. Plus, if you have a vintage or custom wooden stock, you might not want to expose it to damage.

Another main feature of this stock is the inbuilt and adjustable cheek riser. Mounting and using the scope on an M1A is a challenging task. The design of the rifle makes it almost necessary to use a cheek riser and this stock definitely solves the problem.

The stock is also extendable, which lets you shoot comfortably regardless of your position, clothing, or gear. It also has an angled pistol-style grip with a palm swell, which makes shooting more comfortable and helps with accuracy.

Apart from that, the stock offers a lot of room for mounting accessories. The Picatinny rail on the forend is long enough to mount multiple accessories at once. This also makes the rifle bipod compatible.

Additionally, the stock has a couple of swivel studs and multiple steel inserts for QD sling swivels, so you don’t have to drill or tap any holes for sling use. The mag well in the stock has good clearance and its front edge is also curved, to guide your movement as you push in a new magazine.

Pro Mag Archangel M1A Stock Video Review


  • Lightweight: The Archangel M1A stock weighs only 4.2lbs, which is approximately two pounds less than a wooden stock. This reduction in weight helps with handling the rifle, especially when you’re out hunting in the woods. Plus, it also reduces fatigue as you move or shoot with your rifle.

  • Adjustable: The stock is adjustable for the length of pull and height of the cheek riser. Adjustments for both of these can be made easily using the thumbwheel which offers .05” per click adjustment. This not only helps with mounting and using a scope on your M1A, but you can also shoot comfortably in different positions.

  • Extra Room for Accessories: The stock has multiple studs and inserts to let you mount slings. Plus, the rail on the forend lets you mount extra accessories. The stock comes with a forend cover, which covers the rail in case you are not using any accessories.

  • Pistol Grip: The angled pistol grip in this stock is something rifle owners desire. It gives you a better grip on your rifle, which improves handling and accuracy. Plus, the grip also has storage space on the inside, which is definitely an advantage.

  • Looks: This might not be an advantage to note, but the Archangel stock makes your rifle look ‘deadly’ and ‘cool’.


  • No Metal: This does not have an aluminum spine like competitors. This M1A stock is made only of polymer and doesn’t have any sort of aluminum or steel spine, which might make you doubt its durability. But this isn’t a very substantial issue unless you are planning on using your M1A for melee attacks.

  • Might Require Fitting: This is not really a con, but a manufacturing issue. Some of these stocks might require a bit of thumping or filing to fit the action. But that’s just a few and not all stocks.

What is the Archangel Stock Best For?

Long Range Shooting: The Archangel stock makes your M1A adaptable to small and large optic scopes. Some scopes have a small objective and some have a large one, depending upon the range you are shooting at. The adjustable cheek riser and length of pull allow you to adjust your head appropriately so you don’t compromise on accuracy. This stock is also good for competition use because of its adjustability and weight.

Practice: This stock is also good for bench shooting and target practice. As it lets you practice with different positions and different level of adjustment to find your best shooting stance. The forend rail can also be used to mount a bipod, which will allow you to shoot in a prone position as well. 

Hunting: This M1A stock packs a lot of features for hunting. The very first advantage is its weight. Hunting is a tedious task and you may have to walk miles in the woods to get a clear shot. This stock won’t let fatigue hamper your performance in such a situation. Plus, the extra sling mounting options and rails can be used to easily mount slings and other accessories, which will come in handy during your hunting trip. The pistol grip also has a small storage compartment, which can be used for carrying some extra stuff as well. 

Tactical: The Archangel stock also makes the M1A rifle good for tactical use. With this stock, coupled with your M1A action, you can use your rifle for self-defense.

How to Install the Archangel Stock on Your M1A

Installing the Archangel stock should not be a herculean task, but you must at least have a file on hand in case adjustments are necessary. You just have to drop your barreled action inside the stock for installation. However, there are still a few tips and tricks to be considered in order to attain the proper fit and to ensure the rifle works properly.

Some of you might have the M1A match variants which have the rear lugged receivers. This stock is not compatible with them right out of the box, so you will have to make minor adjustments. Please refer to the video guide below, for proper guidance on installing this stock to your M1A action.

Note: Check to see if your local state laws allow a pistol grip on a rifle (like in this stock). The manufacturer also offers a filler to seat on the grip. Watch the video below to know more about it. 

Bottom Line 

The Archangel M1A Rifle Stock is a complete package of all the important upgrades you need for your stock. It has an adjustable cheek riser, padded butt with a length of pull adjustment, a forend grip with cover, a pistol grip with storage space, and multiple inserts and studs for mounting swivels.

The stock is lightweight and will reduce the weight of your wooden M1A by almost a couple of pounds. The adjustability, weight, and design of the stock make it appropriate to be used for almost every activity you use your M1A for. The installation of the stock might take some care, especially if your receiver is lugged. But once complete, this stock will be the best upgrade to your M1A rifle. 

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