Best Glock Mods, Upgrades, & Accessories of 2022

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August 12, 2023

The Glock is an awesome handgun. Its popularity makes it even more awesome, as it has given birth to one of the largest markets of aftermarket accessories for any gun.

Getting the right accessory is important though, as the wealth of products on the market can make getting a good product confusing.

Read our guide for the best accessories available today!

Comparison of the Best Glock Mods, Upgrades, & Accessories

  • Long extended size with textured surface for grip
  • Available in many colors for mots Gen 2+ models
  • Comes fully assembled with spring. Easy to install
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  • Best Glock magazine extension for convenient and easy handling
  • Best-selling Glock grip extension on the market
  • Uses friction fit for retention and offers great value for money
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  • Best aftermarket Glock grips for firm handling
  • Thin material adds minimal bulk and can be customized as needed
  • Improves weapon control and helps tackle recoil and muzzle rise
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  • Best Glock tactical lights for survival and tactical uses
  • Best-selling light with 800 lumens of illumination and simple slide-on fit
  • Sturdy design with a high-temperature, shock-proof glass lens
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  • Matched sight set that works with most Glocks
  • Hi-vis and long lasting tritium for illumination
  • Rounded low profile design and easy to install
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  • Best Glock magwell for faster and fumble-free changing
  • Extended design helps protect the magazine if weapon is dropped
  • Easy installation and doesn't require any permanent modification to the weapon
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  • Best Glock magazine pouch and holder
  • Staggered column design with adjustable hook to accept different width belts
  • Tension springs for retention and curved waistline for low profile
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Types of Accessories Perfect for Your Glock

There are many useful accessories for Glock but we’ll focus on the most important and common. Let’s get a closer look at how each can improve performance or quality of life—or even be crucial in a dangerous encounter.

Glock Sights

Getting a good picture of your target is possibly the most important and widely-recognized need. Good sights are not only quick to focus the eye but unobtrusive as well. There are many types, with iron sights and red dot sights being the most basic, but laser and reflex also are popular. These can quickly get expensive, but using our guides will point you to savvy deals.

Glock Triggers

If you want to be “one with your gun,” a natural trigger pull is essential. It will shave precious moments off your reaction time, as well as your between-shot speed.

Glock Barrels

Want to shoot more powerful ammo? You’ll need a new barrel. You can also opt for elongating the barrel by a few sizes, enhancing your recoil and accuracy, as well as changing the weight profile of your Glock.

Magazine Extensions

Whether you have small hands or just want to improve the grip of your Glock, the best way to do so is with a magazine extension. Adding a slight bit of height gives your fingers enough space to hold your gun properly. Combined with improved grips, your Glock will feel like an extension of your own body.

Glock Grips

A firm, secure hold on your Glock will improve your accuracy, as well as recoil and reaction time. The best grips not only have an improved texture but an ergonomic design. They can also encourage proper form for beginners.

Glock in action! (Source)

Tactical Lights

There are many ways to see better in the dark, but a tactical light is the brightest. Other methods focus on enhancing a picture, but a tactical light simply floods light ahead of you. In order to be tactical, though, a light must provide you with the right features to stay stealthy when you need them.

Glock Magwells

Loading a magazine can cause you to fumble and lose precious time. A magwell acts like a funnel, guiding the magazine in, but can also introduce a better grip or even reduce recoil. For competitive shooters, a magazine well can make all the difference.

Magazine Pouches and Holders

Having a holster for your gun makes sense, but what if you need to load another magazine? Stock up on a comfortable holster for your magazines, too!

Glock Slides

The stock Glock slide leaves a lot to be desired. Aside from looking far more attractive, an aftermarket slide can improve handling when checking the chamber or better vent the barrel to prevent overheating.

Best Overall:
TyrantCNC Glock Extended Slide Release


  • Simple drop-in installation
  • Improves handling of the handgun
  • Works with most Gen 2+ Glock models
  • Comes in many colors to aid aesthetics
  • Textured surface aids with grip when using


  • Some users didn’t like the direction of the Chevron grooves

What Recent Buyers Report 

The extended slide release is highly rated by users and every buyer is satisfied with the fit and function. The ease of installation and improvement in the overall handling of the weapon is the best feat. Additionally, the assortment of colors also pleases the eyes of many.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Glock extended slide release is a winner in both fit and function. The chevron grooves improve the function and also add to the overall aesthetics of the component. It is a simple-replacement add on that’ll help you operate the weapon single-handedly in all conditions.

Who Will Use This Most

Active duty officers, competitive shooters, and people who want a quick-access solution for their Glock will find this useful. The release is also good for people who have finger arthritis or plan on using their Glock as a home defense weapon.

Bottom Line

The extended slide release is a durable, easy-to-install component that greatly improves the handling of your Glock. It is available for most Glock models and in different colors for aesthetics.

Best Glock Magazine Extension:
Pearce Grips, Grip Extensions

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The grip you have on your Glock extends to your accuracy and between-shot recovery time. For new shooters or those who don’t use their gun often but need to rely on it for self-defense, a magazine extension is a great way to improve form. Plus, grip extensions can help keep your Glock clean.

Pearce Grips Grip Extensions do a simple task and do it well, replacing your existing magazine base plate and adding on about ½” of additional height for a better grip, superior control, and a more comfortable hold. Importantly, it does this without changing magazine capacity and all of the other factory components of your Glock stay the same. The extensions blend right in and look like your factory Glock.

Lightweight, at only one ounce, it adds no heft or necessary re-centering of gravity. Additionally, it uses a friction fit to keep the extension in place so you don’t have to worry about it loosening over time. If you clean your gun often, as you should, you’ll also appreciate that these extensions help to keep debris clear of your magazine well. Not only does this make cleaning easier, but it also means that you’re less likely to encounter feeding problems, jams, or dropped cartridges.

Those with small hands will especially appreciate these grip extensions, unlike many other products on the market that do the same thing, they use the same contoured design as the stock grip for an ergonomic hold. Even those with normal or larger-sized hands will appreciate the natural feel.

They also are potentially the least expensive investment you can make in your Glock. Available for every Generation of Glock except for Gen 4, and fitting on Glock models 26, 27, 33, and 39, you have just about no excuse not to invest in a better hold and improve your performance.

Best Glock Grips:
Talon Grips for Glock 19, 23, 25, 32, 38

We’ve covered a grip extension for your Glock, but what about the grip itself? A superior texture will almost feel like a magnet in your hand, promoting proper hold and minimizing drift. It will hold under any conditions, including when wet. Don’t stick with the stock grips when there are options that stick to your hand like Velcro.

The best type of grip you can get for your Glock is a granulate grip, which has a rougher tactile feel that won’t slide in your hand. Don’t listen to us, though—military, law enforcement, and competitive shooters will tell you the same thing. The downside is that granulate grips can sometimes feel uncomfortable in the hand, with something of a “sandpaper” feel.

Thankfully, Talon Grips exist and their proprietary material provides the tough granulate texture you need with a softer and more comfortable feel on your skin. It does this with no reduction in toughness. Their grips are a single piece of super-tough material but are only 0.5mm thick so that you won’t experience any extra bloat.

Talon Grips took care to ensure that the fit adhered to the existing ergonomics, and each grip is custom-made for the generation and model of Glock, so each product is super-precise. It genuinely feels like the only thing that’s changed on your grip is the texture and that’s exactly the point. It is so faithful to the Glock standards that it will maintain the manufacturer warranty along with the ergonomics.

The bottom line? Better control, better accuracy, and reduced muzzle flip. Add on the Pearce Grips Grip Extenders above and your Glock might as well be attached to your arm.

Lastly, these grips are not only custom-made for your generation and model of Glock (up to Gen 5, by the way), but offer color options. Plus, they’re affordable! There’s literally no excuse!

Best Glock Tactical Lights:
Streamlight 69260 TLR-1 HL Weapon Mount Tactical Flashlight Light 800 Lumens with Strobe

When you’re out in any condition, day or night, eventually you’ll want a light. The Glock is the perfect candidate for a tactical light, as it already starts out with a minimal weight. Whether exploring in the dark or just trying to sort through your equipment, a tactical light turns your Glock into a high-powered flashlight with a simple button press.

You might think a light is a light, so what difference does it make what brand or model you purchase, right? Actually, it matters a great deal, unless you want to uninstall the light before you shoot every time.

You see, the first thing you absolutely need is a rugged design. Without getting into the engineering aspect, lights are delicate instruments. You can’t simply slap a bulb on a gun and expect it to withstand the immense pressure and vibrations from your Glock. Plus, many units can add some substantial weight in an effort to reinforce the light from this potential damage.

Don’t mess around with these inferior models. The Streamlight 69260 is built from aircraft aluminum and finished with a black anodization. It’s been treated to resist shock, impact, -40-degree to 120-degree Fahrenheit temperatures and is waterproofed to one meter for 30 minutes. In short, this light is more durable than many of the components on your Glock probably are.

Some other units are built like this but they typically add on tons of weight. Not here, where you’ll have 4.18 ounces tacked on, and only an additional 1.47 inches in width and 1.44 inches in height.

It uses a C4 LED on a solid-state current to give you consistent illumination at 800 lumens at 245 meters range. The beam is bright, concentrated, and consistent. It is designed to last 50,000 hours in total and just shy of two hours on a battery. You’ll enjoy quick, ambidextrous power-on or off with a simple switch. When the 3-volt CR123 batteries do run dry, a simple compartment swings open for a tool-less swap.

Lastly, it clamps onto a rail for rapid attachment or detachment and is paddle-hit compatible. If you want more, Streamlight can offer it: this light is compatible with a huge range of weapons, not just Glocks. Want to put someone else on light duty? No problem. Just hand the light off for use on another weapon.

Best Glock Sight:
XS Sight Systems - DXT2 Big Dot Sights


  • Low profile snag-free design, no sharp edges
  • Large big dot front and contrasting vertical rear
  • Studded with tritium for impeccable illumination
  • Complete package containing front and rear sights
  • Available in yellow, orange, and white combinations
  • Direct replacement and package includes everything required


  • Not for budget-shoppers
  • Can require practice getting accustomed to

What Recent Buyers Report

The DXT2 sight has absolutely no buyers mentioning any complaints with this sight. Not even menial ones. It performs very well day and night and is one of the first choices for people replacing OEM sights. The improvement in an acquisition is tremendous after some practice.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Both the front and rear sights feature tritium that glows very brightly day and night. With a slight tinge of yellow during the day. The sights are very easy to install and everything needed is included in the package. The ‘i’ sight is very helpful with acquisition and can be used for long or short range.

Who Will Use This Most

The application of these sights is more inclined towards tactical and defense uses. People who practice CCW or EDC should definitely use it. These sights are also a boon for weak eyes. Their super-bright glow makes them easy to distinguish in low light or absolute dark. Making it a perfect choice for home defense. 

Bottom Line

The DXT2 big dot is the best and most worthy replacement for your OEM Glock sights. It works with most Glock models and features tritium in both front and rear sights. Creating an ‘i’ or lollipop-style sight. The glow is very bright and there are absolutely no drawbacks with using it. Whether it be handling or performance. 

Best Glock Magwell:
Prezine - Grip Adapter & Magwell For Glock®

Magazine wells make the fumbling task of swapping your magazine a breeze by acting as a funnel to guide the new magazine right in. These devices are critical for competitive shooters, but anyone who wants a quick and affordable way to prevent accidental magazine drops or just make life less of a pain should definitely consider a magwell.

Our favorite magazine well for the Glock is the Prezine Grip Adapter and Magwell because it’s just such a utilitarian design. You see, many magwells have an overly-pronounced flare designed to help amateurs. If you’ve been shooting for any amount of time, a more minimal magazine well will do just fine.

Here, you get a minimal design, but there is sufficient flare at the bottom of the grip to increase your stability—much like an extended grip. This flared design also helps to prevent damage to your magazine if you accidentally drop your Glock, in turn, preventing jams.

Installation is also a breeze and if you know what you’re doing can take two minutes, tops. It requires no modification to your existing Glock and fits on just about any model of Glock, including the 17, 22, 24, 31, 34, and 35, although it is not compatible with Gen 4 models.

If you’re even considering competitive shooting, the Prezine Grip Adapter & Magwell is a must-have. It won’t get in your way, but it will help guide the magazine with a reasonable amount of precision on your part. The end result is precious saved time.

Those not interested in competitive shooting will still reap the advantages of a superior grip, which will produce greater between-shot recovery time, a noticeable boost in accuracy, and better form. Plus, protection from dropping your Glock is always a plus. We all know it happens sometimes.

Best Glock Magazine Pouch and Holder:
BLACKHAWK! Double Mag Pouch

You’re in a life-or-death situation, an encounter between three attackers. Under this high-pressure situation, can you incapacitate your targets with your current magazine? Maybe, but is “maybe” good enough when your life or the lives of your family members are on the line? Carrying extra magazines just makes sense and doesn’t need to add discomfort if you have the right pouch.

The BLACKHAWK! Double Mag Pouch enables you to carry two double-stack or single-stack magazines comfortably. The manufacturer has provided a staggered column, ensuring that you’ll get a quick and secure grip on your magazine without fumbling between the two. That’s not to say they’re easy to take out on accident, because a spring-based tension keeps them where they belong.

You’ll get belt loops, as well as a belt clip, so that you can hook it on your person just the way you want, and once you’ve done so, you’ll experience great comfort thanks to a curved design that complements your shape. Additionally, this curve creates a slimmer profile, perfect for concealed carry.

These pouches are also capable of carrying 9mm, 10mm, .40 cal, and .45 cal, so they’re perfect not only for a variety of rounds for your Glock but even for other guns. Enjoy versatility with the same pouch, ensuring you’re always ready regardless of what gun you bring.

These pouches are perfect for concealed carry, competitive shooters, or tactical situations. Finding a great balance between comfort, a low profile, tension, and reachability, you’ll be ready for any situation. They’ll survive any situation too, as the construction from the rugged polymer ensures a long life.

Plus, they’re available in black or carbon fiber, along with the double-stack or single-stack style. Don’t get caught with only the rounds in your existing magazine—be sure to pick up a BLACKHAWK! Double Mag Pouch to keep yourself in action.

Best Aftermarket Glock Slides:
Brownells - RMR Cut Slide For Gen3 Glock® 9mm

The Glock might be a great and versatile handgun, but it isn’t very attractive. One major reason for this is the stock slide. Not only is it rather bland and unappealing, but aftermarket slides add improvements for better handling and can even keep the barrel cool. Plus, they’re a super-easy installation.

We’ll just get it out of the way first: this slide looks a heck of a lot better. Sure, aesthetic design isn’t everything, but the slide is probably the most recognizable part of your Glock, and the serrations and sleek appearance just look so much better on this slide.

That said, the serrations are also very functional, as they provide a superior grip texture when you need to check your chamber. No more fumbling with the awkward stock slide.

You also get a pre-cut slot to easily mount a secure, low-profile Trijicon RMR sight. They’re also equipped with your standard Glock sight cuts for whatever front or rear sights you’d prefer, factory or aftermarket. If you are using the RMR, you will need to be sure you have suppressor-height sights, though.

What’s really awesome, both aesthetically and functionally, is the ability to opt for a cutout window between the front serrations. Why is this so great? Not only can you see the barrel, but it keeps the barrel cool, while reducing weight. If you’re involved in competitive shooting, you know the barrel can overheat, and a cut-out window is a perfect way to add ventilation.

Of course, construction matters, and this slide is machined from 17-4 stainless steel with a black anodized finish for exceptionally long life and corrosion resistance, no matter how hard you work it. Windowed or not, it is heat treated to 41-44 on the Rockwell C scale, so it will live up to constant abuse.

The only downside is that it’s only compatible with Gen 3 Glock models 17 and 19, but if you are a proud owner of these Glocks, what’s not to love?

Best Glock Trigger:
Apex Tactical Specialties Inc - Action Enhancement Trigger Body For Glock

Shooting fast—and by extension, accurately—starts at your trigger finger. If your finger reacts quickly enough, the very first part of your gun it interacts with is the trigger. A trigger that doesn’t move smoothly or over-travels hinders your ability to be truly “one with your gun.” The stock Glock trigger leaves a bit to be desired.

Apex Tactical Specialties Inc. has produced a very simple and effective aftermarket trigger. The Action Enhancement Trigger Body for Glock is a simple, direct drop-in replacement for your factory trigger and you’ll immediately notice exceptional smoothness both in the uptake and reset upon installation. By design, it is optimized for traveling just the right distance, neither too little nor too much.

The trigger break is also crisp with more of a haptic feedback sort of feel than the jolting, “catching” feel of the factory trigger and many other aftermarket triggers. This keeps you focused, and combined with the fast and smooth rest, improves your recovery time between shots.

Additionally, installation is a breeze, and it uses a center-mounted pivot which is in line with Glock’s factory safety values. Plus, you can customize your Glock with a range of colors on offer. Often, this is more of a gimmick behind cheaper parts, but here it simply sweetens the pot even more. Want a purple trigger that glides like butter? You do you—this trigger is here to obey.

A trigger is so often overlooked compared to other components, but once you install this trigger, you’ll immediately understand why this is such a shame. All the best enhancements will do no good if your trigger isn’t sufficiently reactive.

Lastly, you have no excuse to try this trigger out, as it is compatible with just about every Glock model aside from the Glock 43.

Best Glock Sight:
XS Sight Systems - DXT Big Dot Sights For Glock

Having a poor sight is about the worst thing you can do for your accuracy. A great sight quickly focuses the eye and offers a precise reference, such as a high-definition reticle. The best sights also are unobtrusive, meaning that they don’t take up space or interfere with other accessories. If they introduce electronics, they need to function properly and act as reliably as your Glock itself.

When it comes to sights for the Glock, our top pick is the XS Sight Systems DXT Big Dot Sights for Glock. These are very high-quality sights at an exceptional price.

You get matched front and rear green tritium sights. Here’s the deal: tritium picks up and refocuses light, giving a solid glow no matter where you are, so you’ll be able to see in any lighting condition. Green is preferable to red, as it is easier to see in the daytime, which is more awash in warm tones, than red. In short, these sights are perfectly designed.

The rear sight also offers a vertical tritium bar with a white border to quickly focus the eye. The front includes a tritium dot surrounded by a white ring. This setup is sometimes called a “lollipop” design because of the combined shape—a circle on a vertical line. It is highly effective, as the synergy between these two completely different references focuses your eye much faster than a single type of reference alone.

Additionally, it is minimally-sized with a low profile to keep your draw fast and smooth and won’t interfere with your holster. It replaces your existing iron sights, and installation is fast and simple.

Overall, it works beautifully, but the real winning factor is the price. Like it or not, many manufacturers charge a premium for simple design choices, such as the use of green instead of red. It’s their product, and if you want to buy the green, you’ve got to pay more—that’s just how it is in the gun component world. XS Sight Systems isn’t flying that way with these sights, and this amazing package is an absolute steal.

Best Glock Barrel:
Victory First - Brownells Edition Glock Barrels

The barrel guides the bullet once it gets moving and a quality barrel will greatly enhance accuracy and maintain bullet velocity. Additionally, a great barrel creates less mess and protects the rifling near the muzzle. Plus, if you’re interested in a compensator, sound suppressor, or more powerful rounds, a better barrel is the way to go.

Take your barrel’s quality to the next level with this gem from Victory First. This is a company operated by a U.S. Marine and law enforcement trainer, so you’d better believe their barrels are consistent and accurate. Combining ultra-precise specifications with good, old-fashioned handmade craftsmanship right in the USA, Victory First puts their brain and heart into each barrel.

Sometimes, upgrading a barrel can be a hassle, but not here. You’ll get a quick, drop-in fit without any difficult installation problems. This barrel features a 1-10” right-hand twist and an 11-degree recessed crown to protect rifling near the muzzle. Each barrel is machined from high-grade, 416R stainless-steel. Individually crafted and individually tested, each barrel is assured to be of the absolute highest quality.

Additionally, a non-reflective, black nitride finish resists corrosion, scratches, and moisture and keeps you stealthy no matter where you go. You can even improve your stealth by opting for a sound suppressor and improve your recoil with a compensator, courtesy of a ½” x 28 threads per inch model.

It is a standard-length barrel that won’t add any substantial heft, although in the field its rugged design and precise standards will add reliability and accuracy. Compatible with the most common Gen 1-4 Glock models, including G17, G19, and G43, there’s no reason not to upgrade your barrel, especially because Victory First and Brownells have partnered to bring you an unbelievably great price.

Whether you’re thinking of adding accessories that require different threading or just want to reap the rewards of a durable and more accurate barrel, this barrel produced in partnership between these two outstanding companies should be your go-to.


Your factory Glock is an excellent machine, which is why it’s one of the most popular guns in the world. That said, its popularity has also bred a huge market of third-party components to vastly improve performance. Don’t wade through the jungle of junk alone. Read our guide to know why each component matters and consider our top picks to bring power and value to your shooting.

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