FNX 45 Tactical Holsters: Complete Buyer’s Guide for 2022

While a concealed carry holster isn’t something every gun owner needs, for those who do, it can be a matter of life and death.

You will choose your holster based on your individual needs, but it all boils down to how easily and quickly you can draw your handgun when it's crunch time and how securely it keeps your weapon holstered.

In this article, we’ll talk about the tactical holsters to get for your FNX 45, what factors to consider when making your purchase, and suggest some top picks for your next holster purchase.

Comparison of the Best FNX 45 Tactical Holsters

  • Interchangeable belt loops for quick IWB/OWB switch
  • Adjustable ride height, cant and retention holster
  • Kydex material with open top & MOLLE compatibility
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  • Modular OWB holster offers 16 mounting options
  • Adjustable for cant & retention. Full grip access
  • Cut-down front to accommodate RMR/high sights
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  • Wrap-around adjustable holster accepts rail device
  • Fully adjustable non-slip lining & quick release
  • Top mag pouch with loop flap & adjustable hook
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  • Best FNX 45 tactical Kydex holster
  • Durable black carbon fiber design and best OWB holster
  • Includes close belt loops and speed clips, leather loops, and paddle
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  • Best holster For FNX 45 tactical with RMR and light
  • Can be customized by the manufacturer based upon your preferences
  • Modular design-compatible with different mounting platforms
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  • Best FNX 45 tactical shoulder holster
  • Fully adjustable and comfortable design, plus offers good concealment
  • Universal double mag pouch to fit single and double-stack magazines
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  • Best FNX 45 IWB holster
  • Made from a mix of Kydex and leather for comfort and durability
  • Good IWB holster and offers great value for money
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Can Any Holster Be Used For Concealed Carry?

Just about, yes. In fact, they are required to be worn for the purpose of concealed carry. With that said, while any holster can be used for such a purpose, not all are created equal. Holsters are made in different designs (IWB, OWB, shoulder, ankle, etc) and are also made from different materials. Some of them will be made from materials like Kydex while others are made from leather or nylon, to name a few.

What to Look For in a Holster For Your FNX 45 Tactical

Not every new holster that is on the market is worth spending your hard-earned cash on. Despite the seemingly infinite number of old and new style holsters out there, focus on buying only those holsters that are worth it. The following factors will help you make your choice:

Price vs Quality

Every holster you buy is a compromise between price and quality. While in general, the adage “you get what you pay for” holds true, you don’t always need to spend an arm and a leg to get a holster that gets the job done well.

The right holster will exhibit quality materials, quality craftsmanship, strong construction, and durability. It will also perform well under most field conditions, no matter how roughly you use it. It should be simple enough to work without complications.

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A common concern among law enforcement personnel as well as most concealed carry owners is the retention of the holster. While you want to prevent your opponents from snatching the gun from your holster or it accidentally falling out, you also want to be able to draw it fast enough to eliminate threats.

Companies offer various retention levels such as level 1, level 2, etc., but we recommend going with level 1, as it keeps your gun moderately secure while giving you speedy access to your gun.

Comfort and Adjustability

You will typically be carrying your holster and gun on your person for several hours a day, possibly even longer if you’re on duty, so keep the comfort factor in mind. Select holsters whose carrying angle can be adjusted, that won’t press against your body or chafe.  

Things to Avoid When Looking For a FNX 45 Tactical Holster

Poor Fit

The Holster must not just fit your FNX 45 Tactical, it should also fit your body comfortably. It needs to stay in one place as you move around, and not get in your way. So be careful not to select an ill-fitting holster.

Wrong Tension

The tension of a holster relates to retention, as it affects how quickly you can draw the pistol. If the tension is too tight, the holster will not release the gun easily; on the other hand, if it’s too loose, you will constantly be worrying about the gun falling out.  

Avoid a holster that has the wrong tension level.

Poor Concealment

In case you want to use your FNX 45 for concealed carry, keep in mind that it is a large gun and hence the holster will be correspondingly big. Not every holster for this gun is suited for concealment, so keep that in mind.

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Review of the Best FNX 45 Tactical Holsters

Below is a list of the four best FNX 45 tactical holsters that are currently on the market. As you go through each one on the list, find one that will match the description of your ideal holster so you are able to make the right decision when the time comes to buy one. Close enough is better than never at all.

Now that we've had a look at some main considerations to keep in mind throughout this review, we're going to switch gears and take a look at some of our top picks:

Best Overall:
LAG Tactical Defender


  • Very secure – Specifically designed to fit the FNX 45
  • Compatible with a MOLLE backplate for extra carry options
  • Adjustable retention for a faster draw or a tighter hold/extra security
  • Convert from OWB to IWB with ease by adjusting the interchangeable belt loops
  • Made with Kydex material which is durable, waterproof, and resistant to chemicals and sweat


  • On the expensive side for a gun holster
  • Sweat guard not included, but available for extra money. We think it’s a worthwhile addition

What Recent Buyers Report

Most buyers were extremely happy with this product. Some buyers were very impressed with how the Kydex design hugs your body for a comfortable fit. Other buyers were very impressed with the quality of the materials and how well they gripped the gun while also protecting it from outside elements. 

Overall, buyers were very impressed with the quality and the functionality of this holster.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We like this product because it is well-designed for optimal performance and comfort. It is made with Kydex that was carefully formed for a tight grip around the FNX 45, but also fits comfortably against your body, whether you are carrying OWB or IWB. The fit is excellent, as the gun fits tightly inside, with adjustable screws for extra security or a quicker draw. 

We recommend the additional sweat guard, which adds a full Kydex back layer to protect the gun against corrosion. 

This holster has all the features needed so you can comfortably carry your gun how you want to.

Bottom Line

This gun holster takes the top spot on our list for both quality and functionality. It’s made with high-quality materials for security and protection but comes with vast customization options so you can carry and access your gun how you please. It’s on the expensive side, but we think it very much justifies the price.

Comp-Tac International Holster

[amazon fields="B009SBXWNO" image="1" value="thumb" image_size="large" image_align="center" image_link="none"]


  • Cut down in the front to allow room for most optic sights
  • Can mount in many different angles for different draw options
  • Kydex design is strong and secure, yet custom-fit to the FNX 45
  • Retention adjustment for a more secure hold or more quick access
  • Mounting options – Possible to adjust for belt mount, paddle mount, or drop offset (16 options total)


  • Doesn’t fit securely on every belt – built for a 1.5” belt
  • All the options make it quite difficult to set-up initially. Doesn’t come with reliable instructions

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers were quite satisfied with this product, giving it great reviews. 

Most buyers were simply impressed at the sheer number of mount options on offer. Buyers could mount the gun in the way that was most comfortable for them. Aside from that, they also liked the strength and durability of the design. It offers a secure fit custom-built for the FNX 45. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

In terms of customization options, it’s very tough to beat this holster. The revolutionary mounting system allows you to mount your gun in many different positions, and at many different angles - offering 16 options in total. It allows you to find the draw-method that is most comfortable for you. 

Aside from that, the quality construction stands out. Made with all Kydex for the body, it’s stiff and durable and grips the FNX 45 with ease. You can further adjust the screws for a tighter grip or a quicker draw. 

Bottom Line

This is among the most customizable holsters out there. If you want a wealth of options, with a solid, reliable design, then this holster is for you. The only drawback is that it might have too many options for some. If you already know how you prefer to holster your gun, then you might be better off with a more basic holster. 

Best FNX 45 Tactical Drop Leg Holster:
Condor Tornado Holster


  • Lightweight and easy to attach
  • Made with strong nylon and Velcro
  • Simple strap-design drop-leg holster
  • Multiple straps for added security and retention (with strong Velcro design)
  • Many users find drop-leg holsters easier to draw and more comfortable to wear


  • Not custom built for FNX 45
  • Looks more awkward than a belt holster

What Recent Buyers Report

Most buyers were very happy with this drop-leg holster, especially for the price. Most liked the durability of the Velcro and the nylon and reported that it held their gun securely. 

But it is worth noting that a few users experienced issues with the straps, with some users even reporting straps that snapped apart.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This is everything we want out of a drop-leg holster. It’s not anything too fancy, just a classic design made with quality materials. It won’t be the most durable holster you can buy, but you can’t expect that based on the budget price tag. But as far as budget holsters go, this one works great. It’s intuitive, it holds an FNX 45 securely in place, and it’s comfortable to wear. Not much more we could ask for. 

We wouldn’t imagine that you would get years of use out of this holster, but it will hold up just fine for extended use. 

Bottom Line

Whether or not you enjoy this product will largely depend on whether you prefer a drop-leg holster. As far as these holsters go, this is a solid choice. Offering functionality, durability, and comfort for a more-than-fair price. 

Best FNX 45 Tactical Kydex Holster:
Black Carbon Fiber Kydex OWB Holster

[amazon fields="B00TNOM4FI" image="1" value="thumb" image_size="large" image_align="center" image_link="none"]


  • Comfortable
  • Good retention
  • Made in the USA
  • Fits the gun perfectly


  • Belt clips don’t work for every belt size, but you can switch the clips out with standard ones

What Recent Buyers Report 

Most new buyers had no problem with this holster holding their FNX 45 pistols intact. They were happy with the fact that it not only fit their pistols like a glove, but was also very comfortable to wear. One user said that he was able to attach this to his tactical belt and noticed that it didn’t slip out of place or move around. He also added that the quickdraw was a huge possibility since it wasn’t made from materials that allowed for snagging. 

Why it Stands Out to Us 

This holster is made from high-quality carbon fiber, which is perhaps one of the toughest and most durable materials out there. So if you want something that will be excellent in terms of toughness, then you may want to end the search here. Once you strap this onto your belt or waistband, you’ll have a pistol that will be reliable and allow for easy concealed carry. You’ll be well-prepared for any danger that may come your way. If preparedness is important, you should consider getting a holster that will keep you ahead of the curve against assailants. 

This OWB (over the waistband) holster is made from Kydex in a black carbon fiber finish. The holster is custom made in the USA for each handgun model. It comes with a 1-year replacement warranty. It fits close to the body and is easy to conceal with the right clothing. The holster securely holds the FNX 45 Tactical and has good retention.

Who Will Use This Most 

This would be excellent for those that are looking for an OWB holster that will provide the best in quality and has the potential to last you years (or even decades). It takes a tough holster to provide excellent concealability, and this holster might just blow the doors off of any other holster of its class. Believe us, it’s a holster that might generate some envy from your fellow concealed-carry enthusiasts. 

Bottom Line

The Black Carbon Fiber Kydex OWB Holster from Outlaw Holsters might just be one of the most popular holsters on the market for an FNX 45. Simply put, this can probably outpace many OWB holsters by a mile in terms of durability and longevity. That alone equals devoted reliability for a pistol built for self-defense. Attach this onto your belt or waistband and you’ll be good to go. 

This is a great holster for concealed carry of your FNX 45 Tactical, especially if you wear appropriate clothing for concealing the waist holster. With adequate retention and comfortable fit, this holster has a smooth draw and gives you quick access to your gun.

Best Holster for FNX 45 Tactical With RMR And Light: 
Neptune Concealment Kydex Gun Holster for FNX 45

[amazon fields="B06XCW4QTN" image="1" value="thumb" image_size="large" image_align="center" image_link="none"]


  • Solid retention
  • Fits the gun perfectly
  • Excellent customer service
  • Made in the USA by veterans


  • Some owners complain of overly hard retention

What Recent Buyers Report 

Many new users were looking for an FNX holster that looked good and had the ability to hold a pistol well with no slippage allowed. Sure enough, there was no disappointment from the new users of this holster in particular. It easily attached to waistbands fairly quickly and never slipped out of place once according to one such user. He also said that he was thrilled with the Kydex material since he had heard so much about it in the past. 

Why it Stands Out to Us 

Kydex has rapidly grown in popularity in the past few years. If you want something that stands as one of the biggest challengers to nylon or even polymer, it’s Kydex that might be the toughest yet. It’s super durable and won’t allow for any wearing, tearing, or any kind of snagging. So if you need a holster that will make quick drawing a reality, then you’re really going to love how this will work to your advantage.

Furthermore, it has a locking mechanism that you can put in place so you won’t have to worry about the pistol slipping out at all. Simply put, it’s a holster that is built for the long term and will give you reliable service for as long as you need it. 

This Kydex holster is handmade by veterans in the USA. Nestor Series. The holster can be made for inside or outside the waistband. When ordering, you can specify which light/laser you wish to use with your gun from the drop-down list, and the holster will be molded accordingly. If requested, the order will include MOLLE clips as well.

The tensioner screw allows the user to tighten or loosen the fit of the firearm, which is a must for people who have seasonal weather. In high temperatures the kydex will flex more and loosen a bit, while contracting in the cold weather, hence becoming more restrictive and tight.

Who Will Use This Most 

This would be an excellent holster for the summer months if you are looking to put away the shoulder holster. And it’s definitely the holster for those who are looking for the “last holster they need for a long time”. With the amount of durability this holster has, you probably won’t be surprised if you end up using this in the next year and the year after that. 

Bottom Line

If you want superior durability in a holster, the Neptune Concealment Kydex Gun Holster will be the best possible choice for you. Yes, you love your FNX 45. But do you love it enough to take good care of it? Will you be prepared for what might happen when danger is lurking around the corner? If you answered yes to these questions, you deserve a pistol that will never disappoint. 

It is a good holster for any FNX 45 Tactical, but features exceptional purchase value if you have flashlight or laser attachments on your firearm. The fit and finish are excellent, so you are sure to be happy with the holster’s quality.

Best FNX 45 Tactical Shoulder Holster:
King Holster Tactical Shoulder Holster For FNX

[amazon fields="B00ZO7HE12" image="1" value="thumb" image_size="large" image_align="center" image_link="none"]


  • Comfortable
  • Works for multiple guns
  • Adjustable for different body sizes


  • Free to move under clothing, but not so good for concealment
  • Magazine pouch is not suitable for left-hand draws due to orientation

What Recent Buyers Report 

Many new buyers were able to put this holster to the test in colder temperatures while they were working in professional security. Either way, they were ecstatic about how well this holster kept their FNX 45 pistols concealed for the long-term. No-bulge, no-slip, no problem, according to one user. He said that he was able to strap this on his shoulders and with some mini adjustments it was able to fit his frame perfectly. 

Why it Stands Out to Us 

This holster is no OWB or IWB design (obviously). It’s a holster that might be required for some professions, and one of the reasons for that is discreet carrying. Think about it: you are carrying a pistol. Nine times out of ten, a potential assailant may be looking to see what kind of a threat you might be just by making sure you’re not carrying a pistol. But won’t that poor unfortunate soul get a stunning surprise once you are able to use it to warn them off or open fire if needed in a time of grave danger. If you want a holster that will really catch an attacker by surprise, this could very well be the one you’ll go for. 

This universal shoulder holster is reversible for right or left-hand cross draw and can fit most large and medium frame pistols, and a double magazine pouch. It is fully adjustable to fit small or large body frames and is well built and comfortable compared to similarly priced holsters.

Who Will Use This Most 

This will definitely be a great holster for those in professional security, law enforcement, or those who simply carry for the purpose of everyday use (while keeping the pistol warm during the winter). You may want to give this the old college try if you’re kind of getting a bit tired of the whole OWB or IWB holsters. We wouldn’t blame you if you do. 

Bottom Line

The King Holster Tactical Shoulder Holster for FNX is the go-to option for many concealed carry users who like to keep it discreet. You’ll be able to strap this onto your frame and be able to carry your pistol every day so you are ready to take on danger head-on. And by the way, it’s pretty affordable as well. So you are getting excellent durability and maximum concealability (among other perks) for a steal of a price. 

While this is a good shoulder holster, it doesn’t offer the same level of concealment or retention as compared to many OWB and IWB options out there. Purchase this holster if you want to carry your FNX 45 in a shoulder holster option comfortably and if you are not too concerned about concealment.

Best FNX 45 IWB Holster:
Nt Hybrid, Inside Waistband (IWB), Holster

[amazon fields="B00TVD66BY" image="1" value="thumb" image_size="large" image_align="center" image_link="none"]


  • Solid rivets
  • Thick Kydex
  • Good belt clip
  • Strong retention


  • Kydex mold they use can interfere with the external safety
  • There is no retention adjustment; the kydex is hard riveted in-place
  • Leather backing is not lined, and the hardware comes into contact with your skin

What Recent Buyers Report 

As expected, a lot of new users were pretty happy with this holster in general. The material itself made it really comfortable to wear for most users. And best of all, it caused no skin irritation, even for the most sensitive of skin.

One user who reportedly had sensitive skin even said that he was able to wear this holster in the summertime and would not have one single instance of irritation. He said that it was more than enough to keep this holster for the long haul. Overall, the holster held up FNX 45 pistols quite well with no wiggling or slipping to speak of. 

Why it Stands Out to Us 

This holster will provide comfort and maximum concealability like nothing else. So if you are in search of a holster that will deliver on those promises, you certainly won’t be disappointed with this one. Once you clip this onto your belt or waistband, you’ll be able to carry your pistol on an everyday basis without having to worry about it moving around all over the place. Even better, it will remain durable and reliable for a long time thanks to the hybrid mix of leather and Kydex. If you want a really good IWB holster that will put others to shame, you’re going to find this one to be quite hard to resist. 

Our top pick for the best IWB holster for the FNX 45 Tactical is the Nt Hybrid Kydex holster. Made from leather and Kydex, the leather side is worn against the body while the Kydex faces outwards. Each holster is molded for the specific gun model. This holster clips securely onto a 1.5” belt, is made in the USA, and comes with a 1-year replacement warranty.

Who Will Use This Most 

This holster is for those who are in search of maximum concealability and comfort all rolled into one package. For the price it’s going for, why wouldn’t you want it in your collection of holsters? If you want your concealed carry holster to be superior in strength and reliability without creating any unsightly bulges or drawing undue attention, this holster will certainly stand out as one of your best choices yet. 

Bottom Line

The NT Hybrid is an IWB holster that might be one of the best kept secrets among concealed carry users. And it will make your firearm a best kept secret when it comes to concealability as well. Wear this like a pro and you’ll not only be prepared for anything that may warrant you to use your pistol but you’ll also be able to wear this without any discomfort or worries about the pistol slipping out.

Best for the Money:
Ronin OWB Holster

[amazon fields="B00U81Q2IU" image="1" value="thumb" image_size="large" image_align="center" image_link="none"]


  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • Very affordable price tag
  • Simple design – Easy to set-up and go
  • Kydex design for strength, durability, and waterproofing/sweat-proofing
  • 10-degree forward cant for comfortable positioning and aiding in concealment


  • No adjustable retention option
  • Fit is on the loose side, which may or may not be what you prefer

What Recent Buyers Report

So long as buyers knew what to expect from this product, they were quite happy with it. Buyers looking for a simple, functional, and durable gun holster were quite impressed because that’s exactly what this product provides. 

Some buyers hoped for slightly more functionality, but most of these issues were few and far between. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This is our favorite budget holster. It has a basic design, but it doesn’t cut corners when it comes to quality. It’s made with strong Kydex, which was form-fitted to hold the FNX 45. 

The holster has a very basic design, lacking adjustment options for mounting or retention. But what it does it does well. It won’t be for everyone, but it will be perfect for users who prefer simplicity. 

Do note that it fits a bit on the loose side. This holster is ideal if you want faster draws but might not work for those who want more secure retention.

Bottom Line

If you like the look of this holster, then you’ll probably be happy with it. It has nothing to hide. It's a simple, functional, and strong design. If you’re looking for a customizable holster, this isn’t it. But if you want something simple, affordable, and functional, this will be an excellent choice.

What is an FNX 45 Best For? 

Here are a few features that make the FNX 45 one of the best out there:

Ambidextrous Users

One major feature of note about the FNX 45 is made to be used by right and left-handed users. This versatility is a relative rarity in the handgun world and will (of course) be of particular importance to left-handed users.


FN has developed a reputation for solidly constructed guns that offer consistent performance for a long time, and the FNX 45 is no exception. Simply put, it functions as it's supposed to. It’s built for prolonged periods of use without jamming and is balanced nicely for great accuracy. 

It’s also built with a relatively simple design, which allows it to be disassembled with ease. 

Photo credit: thetruthaboutguns.com


The FNX 45 provides military performance for civilian use. It was released in 2012 and modeled after the popular FNP-45, being an extension of the product line. Functionally, it is mostly identical with the FNX-45 being redesigned to use a wider variety of ammunition. 

Many features of note give this handgun top-notch performance, including the stainless-steel slide and barrel, low profile combat sights, polymer frame, and underside mounting rail. 

It offers tactical performance for civilian use, and we think it succeeds on this front. The gun is this popular for a reason, and several police departments and militaries across the world use the FNX 45.

Types of Holsters for the FNX 45

When it comes to holsters for the FNX 45, you have lots of options, including:

Belt Holster

A belt holster is perhaps the most popular type of holster. As the name implies, it attaches to your belt, providing easy access to your firearm. One important distinction is that these holsters can be placed inside the waistband (IWB holders) or outside the waistband (OWB holders). You’ll find many options available for different mounts, angles, levels of retention, durability, and much more.

Drop-Leg Holster

A drop-leg holster is essentially strapped to the outside of a user’s thigh. Many find this to be a more comfortable position to access a gun, especially when sitting. These holsters are held by the user’s pant belt and suspended along the thigh with straps or buckles (depending on their design). 

Shoulder Holsters

Most shoulder holsters will loop over both shoulders, with a strap in the rear connecting them and the gun resting below a user’s armpit. Many find these much more comfortable to wear as the straps disperse the weight of the gun. It also provides easy access if you prefer to draw across your body.

Ankle Holster

You’ve probably seen these in action movies. An ankle holster straps to the inside of a user’s ankle, providing ample concealment. Many users utilize an ankle holster to avoid weapon detection, but they come at the cost of a more difficult and timely draw.

And More

There are many more options for holsters, and the above are just a few of the most popular. Try some out, and see which is best for you. 

King Holster Tactical Shoulder HolsterFor FNX

FNX 45 vs FNX 45 Tactical Holster - Comparison Overview

The FNX 45 and the FNX 45 Tactical have slight differences in their design. These differences affect the physical appearance of the gun, so you need slightly different holsters for each. 

As far as holster requirements, you’ll only really be concerned with differences that affect the shape of the gun, and there are two important differences of note.

Threaded Barrel Length

First, the FNX 45 Tactical has a threaded barrel that protrudes further than the base FNX 45. Therefore, if you have a holster that fully covers the gun, you would require a longer holster for the FNX 45 Tactical. 

Raised Night Sights

It’s subtle, but you’ll notice that the night sights on the FNX 45 Tactical are raised when compared to the FNX 45. On many holsters, this won’t be an issue, but if you have a holster that was form-fitted precisely to grip the FNX 45, then you would require a separate holster for the FNX 45 Tactical. 

Overall, the differences are slight but important. These two design features mean that any form-fitting holster will need to be specially designed for either gun. 

Perks of Getting a New FNX 45 Tactical Holster

Investing in a new FNX 45 tactical holster is certainly worth every penny, especially when you are able to get used to the holster as you break it in. Your FNX 45 deserves a good home on your side if you intend to use it for concealed carry. Here are some of the benefits of getting an FNX 45 Tactical Holster for yourself: 

Provides Excellent Concealability

Like any holster on the market, you’ll be getting a good amount of concealability out of the whole deal with these types of holsters. It doesn’t matter if you use an OWB or IWB holster, you’re certainly getting something that will make sure that you can carry safely and discreetly without having to deal with any printing or undue attention.

Superior Quality

All of these FNX 45 holsters are made from high-quality materials. So these will last you a long time and will be able to hold your pistols in place with no wiggle room or any chance of slipping out. Also, the better quality the holster, the better the chance it will last you a long time. Remember, holsters made from certain materials will be better than others, so keep your eyes peeled for the best durability you can find. 

Unmatched Reliability

Reliability and the ability to hold your pistol in place will be important. Once again, this ties into superior quality. A great quality holster will do wonders for the overall reliability of a holster. So if you want a reliable holster, this is your friendly reminder once again that high-quality materials matter most. 


A concealed carry holster for your FNX 45 should be comfortable, secure and adapt to your body shape. While preferences will vary from person to person, do keep in mind the price, quality, concealment, retention, and other factors mentioned above when choosing your holster. One of our top picks may be exactly what you’re looking for, so do check them out!

People Also Ask

We want this to be a comprehensive guide that answers all your questions. To round out our guide, let’s look at some frequently asked questions about FNX 45 holsters: 

Does FNP 45 Holster Fit the FNX?

The FNX is built as an extension of the FNP 45 product line. Dimensionally, the guns are almost identical. Any FNP 45 holster should fit the FNX. However, the FNX 45 Tactical does have different dimensions to both of these guns and might require a separate barrel design (see our section above on this).

What is the Best Carry Position for the FNX 45?

The best carry position is very much a subjective decision. Belt holsters are the most popular, but many are adamantly in favor of other designs (shoulder, drop-leg, ankle, etc.). The best way to know for sure is to try them out and see what’s most comfortable for you. 


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