Magpul Ruger America Stock – 2022 Review

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August 3, 2023

The Ruger America stock is a rifle stock that is manufactured by Magpul.

Since 1999, the veteran-owned Magpul has long been one of the best names for firearm accessories. More specifically, Magpul has focused on stocks that are known for being really durable since they are made from high-quality polymer.

In this article, we will review this remarkable firearm accessory. We hope this information proves helpful as you decide whether a Magpul Ruger America stock will be ideal for you.

  • Made from high-quality polymer and cast aluminum
  • Designed to fit .308 rifles
  • M-Lok slots included for customization
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This particular stock is made from a combo of polymer and cast aluminum, thus making it super durable and impervious to damage. It is designed to fit short-action .308 rifles while maintaining overall durability and absorbing a great deal of shock that is derived from recoil. It’s fully adjustable, so it will allow for a length of pull that will be easier for shooters that are often frustrated with a fixed stock and a length of pull that’s not fitting for them.

Let’s take an in-depth look at the Magpul Ruger America Stock and why it stands out as one of the best in the business for .308 stocks. 

Best Overall:
 Magpul Ruger American Stock


  • Excellent durability
  • Easy to install
  • Fits on most .308 rifles
  • Makes customization easy


  • Installation may be forced at times
  • May add additional weight


It’s good to know what to expect from a stock like this before making a well-informed decision. To determine whether or not this stock is an excellent investment for you, here are some pros to know about:

Excellent Durability

One of the best pros of this stock is that it is built like a tank; it boasts superior durability like no other stock you could come across. This stock is made from a combination of two of the best materials that you can find in a firearm accessory. Polymer and cast aluminum create a bond like no other and make sure that the stock is protected from all kinds of scuffs, scratches, and different types of damage.

Best of all, it won’t warp or crack if it’s exposed to oils, solvents, or even water. This stock can hold its own in bad weather situations. So, you’ll be able to handle this rifle in rain or shine conditions without worrying about nature dampening its chances. By the way, it is also able to absorb a great deal of shock. That means the zero settings of your scope will not be thrown off course. 

Easy to Install

As mentioned, this stock is a drop-in design. In plain English, this means that you will be able to install this in minutes using the right kind of tools. That also means more money in your pocket since you’ll be able to install it yourself rather than spend on a gunsmith. It’s a simple stock to install. You can tighten the lug nuts and keep the stock itself in place without any wiggle room or leaving spaces open. The last thing you want to hear is the sound of rattling every time you take a shot, which means the stock is not fit properly. 

Fits on Most .308 Rifles

This stock is a great fit for many .308 rifles. One such rifle that this stock will be compatible with is a 6.5 Creedmoor. It’s a long-range beast that will reach out and touch something from well over 1000 yards away. In fact, this will fit a good number of .308 rifles that have a reputation to go the distance.

So, if you hunt or shoot targets using a .308 and want a stock that will be an excellent upgrade, this is the one you’ll want. You won’t have to worry about making any alterations and no additional fitting will be needed. Of course, its easy installation it makes it even easier when you don’t need to alter it or make some changes to ensure a perfect fit. 

Makes Customization Easy

Of course, we cannot round out the pros list without mentioning how easy it will be to customize your .308 rifle. The M-Lok slots will make sure that your rifle will get the additional accessories that will enhance the performance. This means you can install a flashlight that will help you navigate through obstacles before sunrise or after sunset. It will allow for different kinds of mounts for scopes (which is obviously what you might need for all your long-range shooting). If you have a few good accessories that are M-Lok compatible, you might be able to fit them properly on a stock like this.


Of course, there are some cons that come along with the pros. These should not discourage you in the slightest from purchasing this stock. It is inevitable that firearm parts will come with a set of shortcomings. Here are just a couple of cons you need to know about: 

Installation May Be Forced At Times

While we did mention that installing this stock should be easy, there may be times when forcing it to fit will happen. This means you may be using a rubber hammer to bang it in. Thankfully, it won’t get scratched or scuffed up after a few poundings. Even with a forced fit, the stock might “death grip” the rifle. It might feel like a “too tight” fit for some rifles. While it may not affect the performance, it may cause some damage to your rifle like scratches or scuffs. 

May Add Additional Weight

Even though this stock is objectively light in weight, adding it to your rifle may add some additional weight to it. If you are upgrading your stock and choose this, you may notice the change in weight after you have completed installation. It might feel a little heavier at first, but once you get used to it, it won’t feel like you’re carrying a bag of rocks.

This could be due to the fact that one of the construction materials is cast aluminum. Yes, it can happen but the least you can do is appreciate the fact that it will be able to keep your rifle well protected and give you long-lasting use. 

Main Features

First, we’ll take a look at what this stock is made from. The materials used in construction are a mix of polymer and cast aluminum. Both of these materials are proven to be super durable and impervious to abuse, scuffs, and scrapes. Not to be outdone, it’s a stock that will not be damaged while you are cleaning it from the inside and out. Unlike wood stocks, a synthetic stock is designed to resist oils and cleaning solvents. So, if you end up getting some on the stock, no worries. Just wipe it off and it won’t damage or warp. 

This stock comes fully adjustable, making it easy for shooters to use. Once you find a good length of pull that is comfortable for you, you will retain that adjustment for as long as you put your short action .308 to good use. You can easily install this using a few good tools. You can tighten the stock in place using high-quality lug nuts that will keep it all in place, ensuring that your firearm won’t fall apart on you. Since it’s a drop-in design, you don’t need to rely on the professional services of a gunsmith in order to get this installed. Why waste time and money when you can install this in a matter of minutes for free? 

One of the other best features of this stock is the inclusion of M-Lok slots. At this point, if you are someone who loves to customize their rifles with awesome accessories that will enhance its performance, then you’ll be salivating and probably saying “shut up and take my money.” It’s got enough space for you to install any accessories like flashlights or even optics so you are able to utilize your .308 rifle to your advantage. Just simply install your M-Lok compatible accessory of choice in just a few minutes' time and it will be ready to go. 

What is the Magpul Ruger America Best For?

This is indeed a million dollar question that can be easily answered. What applications will allow this stock to excel the most? If you are a hunter that uses a .308, it will probably be one of the best stocks you’ve used. You’ll be deep in the woods and walking through vegetation, branches, and whatever else. Sometimes, you may come across branches that might otherwise scratch the finish of rifles and stocks. Since it’s made from high-quality synthetic materials that are scratch-resistant, you can walk through the thick woods without worrying about hurting the stock itself. 

If you are a target shooter (casual or competitive), you’ll be blasting through many rounds at the range. And with shot after shot, you will contend with a good amount of shock. The good news is that this stock will not fold or crack under such shock. That’s the beauty of owning a synthetic stock over one that is made from wood. The latter will usually crack under pressure after dealing with many episodes of shock in the long run. Overall, this is perhaps one of the toughest rifle stocks that you can invest in because of its ironclad durability and ease of install. If you are planning on upgrading from the factory default, this might be the stock that is worth looking at; it will make your rifle look more beastly than ever before. 

What Do I Need to Know Before Buying?

Here are some things you need to know before making your purchase.

Know Your Measurements

It’s important to know the measurements of your rifle before making the determination of whether or not this stock will be a good fit. It may be too short or too long. The last thing you want to do is purchase a stock that may be ill-fitting. Once you have confirmation that your rifle has the right measurements to fit this stock, then from there you can install it and enjoy the benefits that come along with investing in a quality stock like this. 

Determine if You Are Planning to Customize Your Rifle

This might be an easy enough task. Whether you decide to customize it or not, this stock will allow you to add on accessories if needed. Be sure to find out whether or not these accessories are M-Lok compatible. You don’t have to add on any accessories if you choose to purchase this scope for your own use anyways. You may do so in the future if you feel that it is necessary. 

You May Need to Purchase Tools if Needed

There is a good chance that you may need a good wrench to tighten lug nuts and a rubber hammer. If you don’t have either of these tools, you can purchase them separately. There’s a good chance that will be all you need in order to successfully install this on your rifle. The install will take a few minutes and no gunsmithing skills are needed. 

Bottom Line

The Magpul Ruger America Stock will be hard to beat when pitted against most stocks that are compatible with .308 rifles. It’s tough, easy to install, and will undeniably turn your favorite rifle into the toughest on the block. Imagine having a rifle that is dang near indestructible and has the ability to go pretty far in the distance. If you really want to have a rifle that will impress a lot of your fellow hunters or target shooters, it starts with a good upgrade in accessories. Upgrading your stock with something like a Magpul Ruger America Stock would be an excellent place to begin.

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