Upgrade Your Marlin 336 – Best Accessories of 2022

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August 8, 2023

The Marlin 336 is among the oldest rifles still in use today for hunting and recreational purposes.

It has been through a lot of battles, conflicts, and defense scenarios. The gun has brought food to the table and saved the lives of a lot many people against charging bears.

While the gun is great in its true form. It would be unfair to not upgrade it with so many advanced aftermarket accessories around. 

Comparison of the Best Marlin 336 Accessories

  • Made from high-quality aluminum for superior durability.
  • Includes ghost rings for better stability for your scope of choice.
  • Top rail included allowing for easy mounting for all kinds of scopes.
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  • Easy ¼ adjustments for windage and elevation.
  • Adjustable tang sight designed for sharp, short-range shooting.
  • Made from high-quality aluminum and has an anodized finish for added durability.
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  • See-through attachable rings.
  • Fits most scopes that measure 1 inch in diameter.
  • Made from high-quality steel for superior durability.
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  • Adjustments for windage and elevation.
  • Made with fiber optics for better visibility.
  • Housed in high-quality aluminum for better protection of the sight.
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  • Slip-on pad for easy installation.
  • Best recoil pad for a Marlin 336 rifle.
  • Has anti-muzzle jump technology for better target acquisition.
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  • Straight grain pattern.
  • Resistant to all kinds of weather.
  • Classic walnut finish for that old school look.
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  • Adjustable to fit all kinds of shooters.
  • Six ammo side holder for additional rounds.
  • Made from leather for a classic, old-style look.
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Factors to Consider Before Buying Marlin 336 Accessories

Enlighten yourself with a few important considerations for choosing accessories for a Marlin 336. 

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Tough Scope & Good Rail

The Marlin 336 is a powerful rifle that shoots the mighty 30/30 cartridge. Due to its compact size and the recoil of the round, the 336 requires a tough scope (and also scope rings) that won’t fiddle under such shock. Except for a few specific models that come with a 1913 rail, the Marlin 336 will also require a good top receiver rail to help you mount optical accessories. 

Add a Peep Sight

The most common upgrade you’ll find on a Marlin 336 is a peep sight. Almost every other user mounts a good peep or ghost ring sight on this rifle. Since it is intended for short to medium range use and is often used as a bear defense gun. Scopes are great with the 336, but a good pair of iron sights works the best. 

Lyman - Marlin 336 Model 66 LA

Remember, It’s a Lever Action

The Marlin 336 is a lever-operated gun. Which means that shooting positions are limited. You cannot fire it from a prone position or while leaning against a log or something. Additionally, if you plan on using gloves while shooting. You may want to consider upgrading the lever handle with a larger loop. 

Mixed Reviews for The Factory Trigger

The 336 is a fast shooting rifle with an affordable price tag and great for what it is. But the factory trigger on the older models is heavy and is often reported to be not as crisp as desired. The latest productions from Ruger place the trigger pull somewhere between four to six pounds. But many users still aim towards replacing the trigger with a better version.

Review of the Best Marlin 336 Accessories

Below are the eight best Marlin 336 Accessories currently on the market as of this writing. Whether you’re planning to upgrade a single accessory or if you’re looking for a complete upgrade of each accessory, this will be your go-to guide.

Be sure to take note of each accessory’s features and functions as you go through each item. That way, it will determine whether or not if you want to invest your hard-earned money into it or if you want to pass and find something different that may not be on the list.

With that said, let’s begin by taking a look at the best overall accessory for a Marlin 336 rifle:

Best Overall:
XS Sight Systems Lever Rail Ghost Ring Ws


  • Will work with rounded barrels only
  • Retains iron sights without any issues
  • Offers multiple mounting options for most scopes
  • Compatible with all kinds of Picatinny and Weaver rail systems
  • Rail is long enough to accommodate scout-style scopes or other scopes with generous eye relief


  • Won’t work with octagon shaped barrels
  • Paint or finish might tend to chip off a bit
  • Installation might be a challenge for some

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers were quite satisfied with this rail system. They found that you can easily attach it to your rifle in a matter of minutes and be able to install any scope you wish. The ghost rings have definitely worked to their advantage in holding the scope in place and keeping it straight.

No wiggle or looseness has been reported with this rail. Installation is nice and tight and still remains in place after many shots fired.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This stands out as a very solid unit that is built to last and built to protect your scope’s zero settings. No amount of shock will be enough to throw off your settings.

That’s better for you considering that you’ll rarely have to reset your scope settings. It’s a definite win for you when all you want to do is go out and blast off some shots at the range.

Who Will Use This Most

The ones who will use it most will most likely be shooters who have previously struggled with the stability in their scopes. These will be hunters and target shooters for the most part.

This will definitely benefit those who want to maximize the accuracy of their shots each time they use their Marlin 336, no matter what the purpose is.

What Could be Improved and Why

The only real downside to this product is that the finish could be a little bit darker, which would allow it to blend in with the rifle itself. Some of the users have complained that the finish might have clashed with their rifle, making it suboptimal purely in terms of aesthetics.

Bottom Line

This is very much deserving of the “best overall” honor. One of the major reasons why is that it can handle all kinds of Picatinny and Weaver compatible scopes and optics. Plus, it’s long enough to where you can mount it anywhere that can accommodate the eye relief of the scope itself.

Other than that, it’s a reliable rail system with a set of rings that makes sure your scopes stay in place while attached to the rail. This is your long-term solution if you’re looking for an excellent mount for your scope or optics that will deliver superb accuracy in either a hunting or target shooting application.

Lyman - Marlin 336 Model 66 LA


  • Easy to adjust
  • Super durable sight
  • Can handle all kinds of fierce recoil
  • Designed to last you a long time; one user has had his for nearly 20 years
  • Zero stays the same even after you remove it and re-attach it to another rifle


  • Quality might be suspect for some users
  • Some gunsmithing may be required to install this
  • Some users were not satisfied with the manufacturer switching from steel to aluminum

What Recent Buyers Report

Most recent buyers were satisfied to see this adjustable sight work to their advantage. This quickly deploys when it's needed the most.

For example, if you see a small game target and need to quickly get a shot off, this sight will definitely get the job done. Just flip it up and be ready to fire once you’ve got the varmint or small game target in your sight.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Despite the fact that Lyman switched from steel to aluminum, it’s still strong and durable. Of course, this stands out to us because of its potential to withstand the test of time and heavy recoil.

There is no other metallic sight on the market that can handle this kind of heavy duty responsibility. This thing was made for battle and will best be used if you’re in a situation where metal sights are most needed rather than scopes or optics.

Who Would Use This Most

Varmint hunters will most likely benefit from this sight, especially if you’re using it to fire off any short-range targets like varmints or even small game like waterfowl or ruffed grouse (or partridge, if you prefer that).

This sight was strictly made for hunting purposes, from our point of view. But it can definitely be used to tune up your rifle at the range when you need to do so on occasion.

What Could be Improved and Why

The manufacturer should at least offer an option where you can choose between steel and aluminum. Either way, the sight will still be durable and will have the potential to last the user a long time. If that isn’t a possibility, another improvement could be to make the sight a little easier to install, for the sake of those who lack master level gunsmithing skills.

Bottom Line

The Lyman sight is perhaps the toughest sight on the market and can do a lot better than your standard iron or metal sights. It’s quick to deploy and has the potential to be a long-term option if you’re using it to fire off any short range shots. This is definitely your go-to hunting buddy if you’re going for varmint or waterfowl.

Best Scope Mount:
Weaver 1-inch Steel Lock Mounts

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  • Easy to install. Takes a few minutes
  • Fits on most Marlin 336 rifles without issue
  • Best fit for scopes that have a 40mm objective
  • Super durable; lasts you years, maybe decades
  • Holds the scope quite well; no wiggle room to report


  • Screws might be missing upon shipment
  • May not work with scopes that have 50mm objective.
  • Screws might be a little lousy according to some users

What Recent Buyers Report

Most buyers say that the rings were easy to install and are solid all around. They stay in place and don’t wiggle around (of course, the same would be said about their scope once it was installed).

They do fit most scopes that have one-inch tubes, but also accommodate most large objectives. Some have used scopes that have objectives as large as 40 to 42mm, but nothing larger than that.

Why it Stands Out to Us

These are the kind of scope rings that will be as reliable as the scope rings of ages past. Nowadays, they’re even more affordable than your usual standalone flattop mounts.

They are tough as nails and do a great job staying on your rifle after installation. They won’t fall apart and are not flimsy in quality, so they are as expected for modern scope rings.

Who Will Use This Most

This product will be ideal for you if you’re a hunter or a target shooter that wants even more stability for their scopes. Since these are mostly compatible with Weaver rails, you’ll most likely use these if you have a Weaver rail attached to your rifle. If accuracy is important to you over anything else, this might be an excellent accessory to have on your rifle.

What Could be Improved and Why

One major improvement would be to make it so it’s less of a challenge to fit scopes that have large objectives like 50mm. Those who fancy large objectives will have a much wider field of view and perhaps better and faster target acquisition than with smaller fields of view.

Bottom Line

These are probably the strongest scope rings that can handle all kinds of scopes to will complement the Marlin 336. To our knowledge, they are miles ahead of the others.

If you’re a fan of scope ring mounts and want an experience with your rifle and the scope that goes with it that is as close to authentic and old-school as possible, these are the mounts that you want to invest in. This is particularly true when you’re intending to upgrade your Marlin 336 from top to bottom.

Best Sight:
Williams Gun Sight FP Fire Sight Set


  • Easier to sight in at the 100-yard mark
  • Fairly easy to install; takes a few minutes
  • Sight is super slim and doesn't take up much room on your rifle
  • Great for those who have failing eyesight, especially older shooters
  • Super durable; does a good job preventing the fiber optics from breaking


  • Red fiber optic may be not as bright
  • Visibility in low-light conditions might be suspect
  • Some have complained about this being a little too pricey

What Recent Buyers Report

Most recent buyers were satisfied with this sight since they were able to easily hit targets from short distances. These were not only compatible with most Marlin 336 rifles, but some of them have also purchased extras for their pistols. Regardless, they were still just as effective for any purpose. Plus, they were easy to install in a matter of minutes, so no gunsmithing skills were needed for installation.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This is perhaps one of the best alternatives when scopes won’t do the trick anymore. These are super strong and super visible sights that you can use if you’re looking to fire off all kinds of targets that are not situated in long distances. Your best bet would be nailing a target as far as 250 yards away, be it a paper target or a small game target.

Who Will Use This Most

Older hunters might use this the most since their eyes might tend to fail at some point. The reason being is that the sight’s fiber optics might be bright enough to be visible in daylight conditions. Plus, it will give them an upper hand in close range hunting situations (more specifically small game like varmints and waterfowl).

What Could be Improved and Why

One obvious improvement that we can suggest is the fiber optic color should be a lighter color like green. This way, it’s more visible even in a low-lighting environment. Plus, you can see a lot better using this color as opposed to red. Red might even appear distorted if you have poor eyesight. The brighter the fiber optic, the better off you’ll be in any environment or applications.

Bottom Line

The Williams Gun Sight will definitely come in handy if you’re just using the rifle for all kinds of close range applications. While it might not be a good tool for long range shooting, you can still shoot impressively accurate shots if your targets are situated within a 200-yard range. If that’s what you’re looking for in a sight, these might do the trick for you.

5. Wood Plus - Stock Fixed OEM


  • Solid and super sturdy
  • Excellent fit for most rifles
  • Looks very aesthetically pleasing
  • Resistant to precipitation, unusual for a wood stock
  • Has the potential to last years, maybe decades if taken care of properly


  • May need some shaving and sanding
  • Fitting might be a challenge for some
  • Some buyers have had only one piece of this two-piece product shipped to them

What Recent Buyers Report

Most buyers bought this for the sake of making their Marlin 336 look more like an old school style rifle. Since it’s easy to install, this is as close as you're going to get to make it look like your dad’s Marlin rifle (or your grandfather’s). But aside from the visual aspect of it, most buyers have reported seeing a reduction in recoil in most applications.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This is a wood stock, right? Yes, it is. Isn't this supposed to easily damaged when it comes in contact with water or some kinds of weather? Surprisingly enough, it doesn't. And that's one of the reasons why we love it so much.

Plus, the stain is nice and dark to give it an aged look. Don't be surprised if you have some people asking you how old the rifle is the next time you bump into a fellow hunter or test it out at the range.

Who Will Use This Most

This stock might be best used by hunters and casual target shooters. It’s designed for light and moderate use. It may not handle heavy duty applications well; tactical style stocks are better suited for such functions. If you’re more of a small or big game hunter that loves the classic look of a wood stock rifle, this could be right up your alley.

What Could be Improved and Why

We can think of two things that need improvement. For one, address the absence of the recoil pad, especially for those who are not apt to purchase a recoil pad separately. This will definitely give you a bit more recoil reduction than normal.

Another improvement would be to include some kind of sling swivel so you can connect your favorite sling to your Marlin 336. This way, you can use your hands for other purposes while you’re venturing out in the woods or treading on rough terrain.

Bottom Line

This Wood Plus stock is definitely your best possible option if you want a solid and sturdy stock that will give you the best support for your rifle. On top of that, it also will give your rifle a timeless classic look. If that's something you appreciate, you're definitely going to want to give this stock further consideration.

Best Recoil Pad:
Limbsaver Airtech Slip-on Recoil Pad

[amazon fields="B00J01N3O0" image="1" value="thumb" image_size="large" image_align="center" image_link="none"]


  • Reduces a lot of recoil.
  • Muzzle jump is non-existent.
  • Very comfortable on the shoulders.
  • Takes a matter of seconds to install.
  • Super durable; able to withstand a lot of shock and abuse.


  • Recoil may still be high for some other rifles
  • Some say it doesn’t reduce as much recoil as it claims
  • Some have reported some wiggling or slippage while attached to their rifle.
What Recent Buyers Report

This worked well for a lot of Marlin 336 users. They were quite happy to see an immediate elimination of muzzle jump once this recoil pad was installed. Since it was made from polymer, they liked the overall quality of the material. Some say it’s much better than recoil pads, which have materials that tend to easily tear or fray over a period of time.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This may not be a rubber recoil pad or a pad made from high-quality gel materials. But it’s made from material that is tough on shock and abuse. At the same time, it does a remarkable job giving you a lot more comfort. Your shoulders won’t withstand the heavy hitting of recoil with this pad. It’s made from tough material, but it’s surprisingly comfortable.

Who Will Use it This Most

Most of the users who will use this are looking for a recoil pad that is not only comfortable, but will allow for better control over their rifle. The end result they’re looking for is more consistency with their shooting. Consistently accurate shots matter most to almost any user no matter what the application is.

What Could be Improved and Why

This product would be improved by size adjustments to prevent slippage. Some of the users that have complained about slippage might have had a different size stock, and the pad itself might be a little oversized. Either way, this should be available in some other measurements to accommodate different stock sizes.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a recoil pad that is rugged in design, comfortable in feel, and does an excellent job reducing recoil and providing consistently accurate shots, the Limbsaver is the one recoil pad you can rely on while using your Marlin 336. This might not be your average recoil pad, but it does a lot of things that most recoil pads can’t hold a candle to. 

7. Bronzedog Adjustable Leather Buttstock

[amazon fields="B072N5NQC9" image="1" value="thumb" image_size="large" image_align="center" image_link="none"]


  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Leather is genuine and high quality
  • Fits most Marlin 336 rifles without issue
  • Cartridge holder keeps the rounds nice and snug
  • Easy to install; takes minutes and the right kind of tools


  • Leather cord may easily break
  • Impossible to use for left-handed shooters
  • Leather might be a little drier than expected

What Recent Buyers Report

Most recent buyers were quick to give this high marks for its looks. The leather gives it that western-style look that you might see in the old movies, according to one buyer. The addition of the six shell compartment is an excellent convenience to have.

Even some users have ditched their side saddles in order to use this leather compartment to their advantage. As advertised, it does a good job holding the rounds in place and they never slip out.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This is a wood stock with additional leather to give it that rough, old-school look. On top of that, it’s also an adjustable stock that is made from wood. You’d expect all adjustable stocks to be made from synthetic materials, right? Surprisingly enough, you’d be wrong. This is probably the only wood stock that you’ll come across that is adjustable for all kinds of shooter frames and sizes.

Who Will Use This Most

We see hunters and target shooters that will benefit from this stock the most. This will also come in handy if you’re looking for a rifle that will give you a quick and easy way to reload your shots. Plus, you can be able to carry six extra shots in the side compartments so it won’t be impossible to put your quick reloading skills to the test.

What Could be Improved and Why

The leather cords should be a little sturdier if the leather quality is good enough. At the same time, the manufacturer should also provide a stock that can benefit left-handed shooters. An addition like an ambidextrous pistol grip would also be sufficient.

Bottom Line

If you want your Marlin 336 to look like something straight out of the Wild West, then you’d be insane to pass up on the opportunity to get this stock. This is as close as you're going to get to making your rifle look like something an old school outlaw would appreciate.

But don’t try and break the law with this (we’re serious though... don’t). Other than that, it does have the ability to adjust itself to fit most shooters. If you want to make your rifle slightly more usable, then this might be the stock for you.

8. Nikon Prostaff Riflescope (Nikoplex)

[amazon fields="B004MYBKLS" image="1" value="thumb" image_size="large" image_align="center" image_link="none"]


  • Easy to zero in at 100 yards
  • Optics are crystal clear and high in definition
  • Easy to see and recognize your target in low-light conditions
  • Adjustments for parallax, windage, and elevation are easy for most users
  • Body is constructed in high-quality aluminum, making it super durable and shock resistant


  • Eye relief is quite shallow
  • Higher magnification settings might be a little blurry
  • Some have had issues with the parallax and windage/elevation adjustments

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers have been quite impressed with the overall clarity of the picture. It’s as high-definition as it can get. Don’t expect the image to be grainy in the slightest.

Also, the scope is quite solid in terms of construction. You can expect this puppy to hold zero for as long as possible. The aluminum body is designed to resist all kinds of shock that recoil produces. Don’t expect this to be some kind of low-quality, flimsy riflescope.

Why it Stands Out to Us

At risk of sounding repetitive, we love seeing what Nikon scopes can do. They are best known for their clear optics. They are probably the best of the best in this department.

The images are crystal clear, crisp, and just all-around perfect. Plus, you get it in a sturdy scope that can withstand all kinds of recoil. A clear image and a super strong body is a great combination for a scope that is built to last for years on end.

Who Will Use This Most

This will definitely be used by shooters regardless of application. Hunters and competitive shooters who hold accuracy to a high standard will most definitely benefit from this scope in particular.

Hunters will usually have a better edge since they’ll be able to acquire their targets much quicker than with any other scope. Since the eye relief appears a little shallow, it might be easier to acquire the target with both eyes.

What Could be Improved and Why

One of the major improvements that we could think of is making the eye relief a little bit more generous. That way, the magnification levels (the higher levels in particular) can be improved considerably.

Low eye relief and high magnification will not always mix. Target acquisition will still be just as quick, so you won’t have to worry about it being difficult due to a slight increase in eye relief.

Bottom Line

This scope in our opinion would definitely be a must have for a Marlin 336, especially when you want a scope that is solid in construction. It will be able to handle all kinds of recoil, particularly from a rifle like that. Aside from that, you get the best optics clarity, bar none. Any other scope that claims otherwise will have a run for their money.

Why You Should Upgrade Your Rifle

Upgrading your rifle is essential to your Marlin 336, especially when you want a rifle that will be reliable and useable for years to come. Even the accessories that come shipped with the rifle itself are generic, stock accessories that won’t do you any good in the long run. Here are a few good reasons why you should upgrade your rifle using the best accessories on the market:

Better Accuracy

Accuracy is something that is always held to a high standard, regardless of what you use your rifle for. If you’re a hunter, landing a kill shot is your goal. If you’re a competitive shooter, getting close to the bullseye and gaining an edge on your competition is your goal. These both stem from one thing: accurate shooting. Some accessories like scopes, sights, and even stocks will be your best upgrading options if you want to maximize your accuracy.

Photo credit: apdcoy.com

Lesser Recoil

Better accuracy can also be a result of reducing recoil. Recoil and muzzle jump are some of the things that will throw off your shots if you don’t have complete control over your rifle. If you’re in search of an accessory that might reduce recoil considerably, a buttstock might be ideal for you; prioritize one that has the ability to absorb shock and allows you a better grip so you can control your rifle without worrying about it slipping out of your hands.

Better Reliability for Longer Periods of Time

A great rifle is reliable when it works in situations where you need it the most. Without a few accessory upgrades, you might not be able to hit your shots quickly and more effectively. Your greatest opportunity might end up being a disappointment because your rifle didn’t live up to its performance in high-pressure situations.

There are a handful of accessories that you can upgrade to ensure better reliability. The benefits of better accuracy and less recoil are just two sub-benefits that increase the likelihood of making your rifle more reliable. This is especially true when the accessories are high in quality and are consistently being taken care of properly with regular cleaning and maintenance.

Accessories Perfect For Your Marlin 336

These are a few of the most popular accessories that you may need to upgrade to ensure that your Marlin 336 rifle performs better than ever. We’ll be taking a look at these and give you a brief explanation as to why they are perfect for upgrading and what benefits you can expect once you’re able to replace your crappy and ineffective accessories with something better.


If you’re looking to maximize the accuracy of your shots, then you’re obviously going to need a scope. It doesn’t matter if you’re hitting a target from 500 yards or 1100 yards out, a great scope will give you the ability to recognize your targets and will allow you a lot of pinpoint accurate shooting from great distances.

Most scopes can even be effective in low-light situations depending on features like an illuminated reticle or a multi-coated lens that can give you enough light to recognize your target in a dawn or dusk setting.

Photo credit: opticzoo.com

Scope Rings

Of course, a good scope needs an excellent mount to hold it all together, especially something like scope rings. These have been a reliable accessory for as long as time itself.

Strictly speaking, they’ve been around for generations. Your dad probably used them. Your grandfather used them too. And there’s a good chance that your ancestors of generations past used them as well.

In the modern day, considering that they are now made with such high-quality materials, scope rings are more reliable and effective than ever before. Especially when their chief responsibility is making sure your scope is braced nice and straight and doesn’t wiggle around.


As you get older, there will come a time when scopes may not be as effective as they once were. This might be due to the possibility that your eyesight could be failing.

There are some sights that have tritium or bright enough fiber optics that will allow an older shooter to see them clearly. And as a result, they can still fire accurate shots at short distances (even at 100 yards out). It is highly recommended that you should get a sight set that features both a front and rear sight.


A good stock will definitely be your best friend if you’re looking for overall support. Also, a good stock will absorb all kinds of shock produced from recoil. If you have a stock that will fit you comfortably, odds are you’ll be able to hold all kinds of control over the rifle itself.

As a result, you’ll be able to resist a lot of recoil. Of course, you’ll know exactly what will happen if you have the recoil reduced to a minimum. If you guessed accuracy, you are correct.

Photo credit: snipercountry.com

Recoil Pads

These pads are mostly made from rubber. The material is proven to be one of the best absorbers of recoil-produced shock. Because of this, the amount of recoil will be reduced quite considerably, almost to the point where no recoil exists at all. Plus, it’s more comfortable for you when it presses up against your shoulder while you fire a shot.


Finding the right Marlin 336 accessories might be challenging, especially if you’re trying to figure out whether replacing one accessory or multiple accessories would be your best course of action. Prior to considering any kind of upgrade, try your rifle out at the range and take note of some of the issues you are experiencing.

This will give you a good idea of what should be upgraded. Find the best parts that fit your rifle and your budget and you’ll have a Marlin 336 that will function effectively and reliably for a long time.

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