Best Remington 870 Grips – 2022 Top Picks Reviewed

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October 2, 2023

The shotgun is notorious for its destructive power at close ranges and for a long time, it was an only defensive firearm in the hands of many civilians throughout the planet.  

The shotguns with the barrel and stock cut down are more appropriate for home defense purposes, especially if you prefer improved maneuverability in confined spaces over the benefit of easy aiming full-sized stocked shotguns.

Short-barreled scatterguns themselves are nothing new.  Besides, coach guns, the best-known sawed-off shotguns were Mafia's Lupara, the modified double-barrel shotguns.

However, a sawed-off shotgun has found its way from the desolate Sicilian hillsides even up to space, carried by Russian cosmonauts as a survival weapon.

Comparison Chart of the Best Remington 870 Grips

  • This is Constructed of Three Major Material Components
  • Can Accommodate Both Single-Point and Two-Point Slings
  • Best Overall Product is the Hogue Overmolded Tamer Rear Pistol Grip
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  • It is Injection-Molded of High-Impact ABS Polymer
  • Runner-Up on Our List is TacStar Shotgun Rear Grip
  • This Comes With the Proper Width, Rearward Angle, and Back Swell
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  • It is Compatible with AR-15 Style Buffer Tubes
  • It is Designed With Modern Squared Shooting Stances in Mind
  • A Product From Aim Sports Inc is the Best for the Money on Our List
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  • It is Built From Reinforced Polymer Composite
  • This Product Incorporates 3 Shotgun Shell Holders
  • Best Tactical Option is the Barska AW13206 Model Pistol Grip
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  • The 20GA. is the Best Remington 870 Express Offering
  • It is Made of Premium Injection-Molded Glass Filled Nylon
  • Designed to be Used as Pistol Grip Only (PGO) or Base for Attaching Phoenix KickLite Series of Stocks
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  • Injection-Molded From a High-Impact ABS Polymer
  • TacStar Gun is the winner of Best Forend Grip Category
  • It is a Must-Have if You're Using a Rear Pistol Grip Without a Buttstock
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  • The Best Raptor Line Offering
  • A Bird's Head Design Substantially Reduces Felt Recoil
  • It is Much Easier to Control Than the Standard Vertical Pistol Grip
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Why Would You Want a New Grip?

Lets look at some of the advantages a grip provides to Remington 870.

Confined Spaces

Today shotguns predominantly exist as sporting firearms, but they are also a viable option as a dedicated close-quarter indoor weapon. While there are a lot of debates about the usefulness of sawed-off shotguns with a pistol grip, they are certainly handier in tight/confined places such as apartment corridors and vehicles.

Compact Design

Defensive shotguns as a subcategory of small arms may come with traditional stock or pistol grip stocks common on tactical style shotguns, but there is a third trending type, often referred to as PGO for “pistol grip only.” The main feature of the shotguns configured as PGO are extremely compact dimensions, making them much easier to store and for close quarters handling.


Another thing to note is that pistol-gripped shotguns are lighter than full stock models and they can be concealed under a coat.

Barska Pistol Grip

Great For Small-Framed People

Naturally, the Pistol Grip Firearm (PGF) weighs less than the full-sized shoulder weapons, so the PGO shotgun is more convenient for people of small stature or women.

Versatility and Aesthetic

If you're looking for a unique modification for a tactical shotgun, building a pistol grip will add tactical versatility to your Remington 870 12-gauge. However, they are not only an excellent addition on a tactical home protection shotgun, but they also look very cool.

Practice and Enjoyment

And the last reason why you would want to add a pistol grip is just for general fun/plinking. Whereas the standalone pistol grip is easy to install, it enables you to practice reflex shooting without regular aiming.

Law Enforcement Application

Some law enforcement units utilize these dedicated shotguns as a breaching tool, too.

How to Choose a Grip For Your Remington 870

Here, we discuss some of the factors one should consider while choosing a grip for Remington 870


The shotgun pistol grip should be made of quality materials and consist of at least two materials of different hardness. The combination should provide a comfortable and firm hold to fit the ergonomics of the human hand.

Recoil Reduction

At the same time, it means a pistol grip will soak up a lot of recoil from stout shotgun shells like 00 buckshot.

Increase Grip

In addition to the material which gives your shotgun a soft, cushy, shock-absorbing feel, it is a good thing to choose a grip with finger grooves. Quality pistol grips usually have universal finger grooves hence, they will fit every hand and allow you to get that consistent hand placement for more accurate shots.

TacStar Shotgun Rear Grip


When you install the standalone pistol grip, you will be able to store your 12-gauge, sub-compact version more easily. That means it could be used as a coach gun in your vehicle.

Additional Features

Manufacturers may offer pistol grips in different sizes or one universal with adjustable features. That said, you should pay attention to the length of pull (LOP), which is also an important feature. Pistol grips should also have the ability for secure rear sling attachment points to enable different styles of carrying a short barreled shotgun.


Finally, it shouldn't forget that some Remington owners purchase a pistol grip based on looks alone because it makes their Rem 870 looks "tacticool". Therefore, you should not ignore the aesthetics nor exterior finish and striking details.

Review of the Best Remington 870 Grips

The products in our guide mostly belong to the standalone pistol grips category of non-shotgun “shotguns", and for specific applications, they can work better than classic stocks.

Best Overall:
Hogue Overmolded Tamer Rear Pistol Grip, 12-Gauge


  • Advanced Tamer Technology
  • Consists of Three Components
  • The Cobblestone Texture for Improved Traction
  • The Shape Incorporates Finger Grooves and Palm Swells
  • The Combination Dampens the Painful Recoil of Magnum Loads
  • The Design Allows Attachment of Variety of One and Two-Point Carry Slings
  • It is Made of Glass-Reinforced Polymer, Rubber Over-Molding, and Polyurethane Elastomer     called Sorbothane


  • There is a Slight Movement in the Grip Sleeve
  • The Grip Shape May Be Too Large for Those With Small Hands

This item for Remington 870 features Hogue's over-molding technology for prominent comfort and repeatable, consistent grip in any conditions.

The Hogue Over-Molded Shotgun pistol grip is part of Hogue’s “Over-molded” line of shotgun furniture and it uses “advanced Tamer technology” on the Smith & Wesson 500 revolver grips.

It combines three different materials ensuring stability and accuracy.First, it is constructed with a rigid fiberglass-reinforced skeleton for a rock-solid grip-to-frame fit.

A plastic outer grip coated with thin rubber over-molding slides onto the spine of the grip, which incorporates the third component, a Sorbothane insert under the web of the hand.

The ergonomic design includes a hand-filling shape with a full set of finger grooves, but this type of grip shape rarely fits everyone. The Tamer design provides both single-point and two-point sling attachments with standard Q.D. sling hardware.

However, the sleeve features slight movement because the single screw-in sling stud doesn’t connect the two parts as securely as it should.

The grip features Hogue’s recognizable orthopedic hand shape enhanced with a pebbled texture on the sides to provide an efficient non-slip, non-irritating stippling pattern.

Bottom Line

The extremely comfortable Hogue rubber grips are available with the standard length of pull of 14-1/4" and the unique "ShortShot," which provides a 12-inch length of pull that is suitable for small-sized shooters or those using body armor.

TacStar Shotgun Rear Grip


  • Easy to Install
  • Made of High-Impact ABS Polymer
  • It Incorporates a Distinctive Grip Angle
  • It Comes With a Top Loop for 1” Wide Straps
  • The Proper Width and Back Swell Allow for a Sure Grip
  • It Comes With Only One Finger Groove for the Shooter’s Pinky Finger


  • Not So Perfect Finish
  • Very Thin Plastic Doesn’t Really Inspire Much Confidence

The Lyman-owned TacStar brand offers an affordable, popular line of accessories for shotguns made of a pretty tough type of plastic called ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene).

While the new version of the TacStar product features an altered overall shape and design, the original grip model 1081154 sports a heel swell, unique angle, and pinky-only finger groove.

The single pinky groove is a good compromise as it is simple and more versatile than one with a full set, whereas it provides more purchase and control than a grip with no finger grooves.

The rearward angle is relatively shallow compared to others but paired with proper width and pronounced palm swell, it distributes recoil evenly across the hand for pain-free, positive shotgun control.

The unit consists of two separately-molded plastic halves that are bonded together. If you look carefully, you can find that the two halves weren’t aligned very precisely.

Although the TacStar extremely lightweight grip is ergonomically designed for a sure grip, this hard plastic pistol grip without a rubbery coating may be very punishing on the hands to shoot.

The TacStar rear grip has a top loop molded as part of the ABS grip halves and is intended for a 1” wide single-point sling.

Bottom Line

The TacStar rear shotgun grip is also offered in the compatible front grip set made from the same material. The matching forend features a vertical grip for those who want to go full tacti-cool.

Best for the Money:
AIM Sports Inc Pistol Grip


  • Drop-In Fit
  • Angled for Modern Fighting Stance
  • The Design Includes a Non-Slip Base Shelf
  • It Accepts Mil-Spec or Commercial AR-15 Buffer Tubes
  • Features Durable and Lightweight Polymer Construction
  • Non-Slip, Textured Surface Increases Stability and Handling


  • The Width May Be Small for Large Hands

Established in 2007, Aim Sports Inc. began as a producer of tactical, hunting, and sport shooting accessories for several major manufacturers and has become today one of the most renowned manufacturers in the shooting sports world.

Following the trends in this rapidly evolving industry, they designed this from the ground either as a standalone pistol grip or as part of a pistol grip stock configuration.

The grip marked as PJSPG870 is specially designed for Remington 870 Shotguns and will accept mil-spec or commercial A.R. buffer tubes and any AR-15 adjustable stock.

The Aim Sports Grip is available in combo kit including a six-position collapsible stock converting your old Rem 870 workhorse into the modern tactical shotgun.

The AIM Sports Remington 870 Pistol Grip is built out of high strength polymer with generous non-slip side texturing and front and back serrations.

This features an ambidextrous design and molded shelf to fill the space between fingers and trigger guard.

A steeply angled design, combined with a non-slip base shelf, contributes to increased comfort for the web of the hand. It also includes a small compartment for batteries or accessories.

This upgrade is easy to assemble with a drop-in fit while the package includes tools and fittings to adjust your pistol grip easily.

With a width of 1.3 inches, it may be too small for shooters with large hands but adding some grip tape or a rubber sleeve may solve the problem.

Bottom Line

Purchasing the AIM Sports pistol grip or combo kit will give you access to either an extremely compact shotgun for a specific use or a modern tactical gun that will be very familiar to AR-platform shooters.

Best Tactical Pistol Grip:
Barska Pistol Grip


  • Installs in Minutes
  • Features Finger Grooves
  • Includes Installation Hardware
  • It Comes with 3 Shotgun Shell Holders
  • Body Material is Made of Reinforced Polymer Composite
  • A Grip Width of 3.5 Inches is Sufficient for Most People’s Hands


  • It Doesn't Have an End Cap
  • The Product is Made Overseas

Besides sports optics, binoculars, and biometric safes, Barska Company offers a wide array of firearms parts and accessories. Although most of their production lines are located in overseas facilities, they usually provide the best quality for the money.

The Barska models are produced in China, but they will upgrade your basic shotgun grip to a more comfortable unit, providing better leverage on the gun and better absorption of the shock that goes along with recoil.

The Barska Remington 870 Pistol Grip is constructed from high-impact reinforced polymer that will provide long-lasting comfort at the range.

This aftermarket part of Remington furniture boasts a molded grip which conforms to the contours of the shooter’s hand, while the finger grooves reduce fatigue and offer comfort.

Another selling point of this product is an external holder for three spare shotgun shells.  This tactical pistol grip enables you to screw in an A.R. buffer tube and an adjustable stock.

But if you decide to keep it in PGO configuration, there will remain a gaping hole in the back, hence the Barska pistol grip comes without end cap.

The installation is easy and straightforward with included mounting hardware and it doesn't require gunsmithing skills.

Featuring a 3.5-inch wide pistol grip, this Remington 870 grip will fit in most hands and provide users a more comfortable shooting experience and better one-handed control compared to the traditional stock.

Bottom Line

This is an excellent all-around pistol grip that will fit most Remington 870 shotguns. As a perfect tactical addition to your Remington 870 Shotgun, the Barska model’s design also includes a small compartment for storing, batteries, tools, and other miscellaneous.

Best Express Pistol Grip:
Phoenix Technology Shotgun Rear Pistol Grip, 20ga


  • Rugged, One-Piece Polymer Grip
  • Slim Design With a Textured Finish
  • Made From Premium Glass-Filled Nylon
  • Drop-In Installation Without Gunsmithing
  • Package Includes Optional End Cap With Sling Stud
  • It Allows Upgrading With the Phoenix Technologies KickLite Series of Stocks


  • It is Not Convenient for Left-Handed Shooters
  • A Flimsy End Cap Does Not Inspire Confidence

Phoenix Technology is an American manufacturer with over 40 years of experience in designing and producing in the arms accessories industry. One of their newest product lines is the replacement pistol grip that will turn your Remington 870 Express or similar into a close quarter, home defense weapon.

The Phoenix Technologies Shotgun Rear Pistol Grip with designation RPG007 is purpose-built for the Remington 870 Express 20-Gauge, pump-action shotgun.

Its design will allow you to further upgrade your shotgun with Phoenix KickLite recoil reduction stocks that can reduce 40%-50% of the felt recoil of shotgun loads.

A rugged, one-piece pistol grip is constructed from injection-molded, premium-grade, glass filled nylon and is designed to fit directly onto the receiver of your Rem 870 Express shotgun.

This Remington product is 3.10 inches wide and will provide a secure and effective grip even for females and smaller-framed individuals.

With its slim design, this replacement pistol grip offers comfortable ergonomics and non-slip surface to enhance control further.

This features a textured finish and a finger nub that can hinder left-handed shooters, forcing them to modify the pistol grip area.

We particularly like the optional end cap cover plate with sling stud, though some users complain of poor quality and fitting of that back plate.

Bottom Line

The Phoenix Technology Remington Express pistol grip is a simple, drop-in installation unit which comes with all necessary installation hardware and requires no gunsmithing.

Best Forend Grip:
TacStar Gun Grips


  • Re-Engineered One-piece Construction
  • A Redesigned Model With Finger Grooves
  • Improved Ergonomic Grip to Better Fit the Hand
  • It is a Tough, One-Piece, Reinforced ABS Polymer Option
  • The Front Grip Offers a Proper Rearward Angle and Back Swell
  • It Comes in a Kit With Rear Pistol Grip for Those Who Want to Go Full Tacti-Cool


  • Cheap Plastic Look
  • Some Have Issues With the Slight Wobble of This Forend

Like we previously mentioned, pistol grips are available separately, but they usually come in kits with matching fore-ends with a vertical grip.

More experienced shooters strongly advise using a front vertical grip if you are using a rear pistol grip without a buttstock.  That combo would provide a more stable platform for shooting and help you to reduce vertical recoil.

The TacStar Gun product is a front grip under manufacturer number 1081153 and presents a re-engineered, one-piece grip construction for Remington 870 shotgun.

Unlike older designs, the new TacStar incorporates an advanced finger groove pattern and pebble texture for a better fit in the shooter's hands.

The overall shape and design of this product have been altered to enhance control, operation, and recoil reduction. It is made of injection-molded, high-impact ABS polymer.

The redesigned ergonomic shape means this comes with the proper width, rearward angle, and back swell to spread recoil over both hands and enable better control when shooting.

Though this will fit most people’s hands, those with smaller hands may have problems holding this forend properly.

However, many users have complained about the forend wobbling and cheap plastic look that often will not match the black color of the rest of the Remington 870.

Bottom Line

This TacStar foregrip includes all the necessary hardware for easy installation and requires no modifications to the shotgun.

All in all, the TacStar Front Tactical Shotgun Grip will enhance control, provide recoil reduction, and provide you with the best possible grip on your Rem 870, no matter the environment.

Best Raptor Grip:
Shockwave Technologies Raptor Grip

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  • Mounting Hardware is Included
  • Perfect for Concealable Shotguns or H.D. Gun
  • It is Molded of a Super-Tough Glass-Filled Polymer
  • It is Significantly Softer Shooting Than Other Products
  • Bird's Head is a Uniquely-Shaped Item Designed to Minimize Felt Recoil
  • The Unique Angle Enables Comfortable Shooting From the Hip and in Front of Your Face


  • It Comes Without a Predefined Hole for a Sling Swivel Stud

A “bird’s head” isn’t new design as it was seen in the hands of U.S. Marshals for Witness Protection.  However, Shockwave Technologies, LLC redesigned this using an improved design shaped to minimize felt recoil and modern materials like super-tough glass-filled polymer.

The new series is called a Raptor Grip and it is made for Mossberg and Remington as well for its clones, such as the Chinese IAC Hawk 981, currently the best-selling copy of a Remington 870.

Compared to a shotgun’s standard pistol grip, the new Raptor enhances the management of recoil in the hand as it spreads it up and out instead of rearward only.

Although this product is superior to any other, the recoil is still stout, confirming the fact that a pistol-grip-only (PGO) shotgun is not a weapon for people who are either recoil shy or inexperienced shooters.

The Raptor bird’s head grip itself adds 5.5” to the length of the weapon, making your Rem 870 as small and maneuverable as possible.

It comes with the mounting hardware and will mount easily on the Rem 870 or IAC Hawk Model 982 without permanent alterations. However, this product lacks the hole for a sling swivel stud, so you should drill a 1/8″ pilot hole yourself and thread in your sling swivel stud.

Bottom Line

The unique Shockwave Raptor Grip is a perfect alternative to the other vertical-style product, but like any other product, it requires the practice of proper shooting stance as well as recoil management.

Of course, your short scattergun is not ideal for bird hunting, but the Remington 870 with a "bird’s head" pistol grip fits snugly in the role of home defense or range toy.


The modern shotguns in PGO configuration are basically sawn-off and their main selling point is destruction at close-range and general short-range fighting.

Shotguns with a standalone pistol grip are not for everybody, but they definitely have their own niche in the world of firearms. While these are inexpensive and easy to install, they are at best, an expert’s weapon.

The fact is that the vertical pistol grips are difficult to control and challenging to aim. But with enough training time and with the proper product, you will increase your comfort level and also experience reduced wrist stress and easier relaxation.

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