Burris XTR II 5 25X50mm Review – 2022 Pick

Long range precision scopes have always been the top cream for any optics manufacturer. These scopes showcase the utmost degree of quality and should be precise enough to track a golf ball at a long range.

With a lot of options available today on the market, the XTR II is one such advanced, valued, and widely appreciated precision optic. Here we will delve deeper into its insights and evaluate if it’s a good scope to buy. 

  • Meticulous turret design with XT-100 knob
  • Long range scope for precision applications
  • Illuminated reticle with auto-shut off feature
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Burris Optics XTR II Rifle Scope

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  • Great Value for Money Scope
  • Overall Durable Design and FFP scope
  • Illuminated Reticle and Exceptional Clarity
  • Easy to Use Turrets and Battery Saver Illumination Knob


  • Extra Weight
  • Large than Normal Size

Burris XTR II 5 25X50mm Specs

Eye Relief: 3.5 - 4.25 inches

Adjustment Options (Parallax, windage, elevation): 1/10 Mil E - 90 MOA, W - 55 MOA P - 50 yards to infinity

Type of Reticle: SCR Mil

Magnification: 5 - 25 x

Focal Plane: FFP

Objective Lens: 50 mm 

Field of View: 21 - 4.3 feet at 100 yards

Weight: 32.10 oz 


The XTR II has a lot to offer. Let’s consider some prominent features that make it a great long range precision scope and justify its price tag. 

Overall Durable Design and FFP scope

The XTR II is the first focal plane riflescope that has been exclusively designed to suit long range marksmanship applications. Whether it be hunting, competitions, or real life tactical scenarios. The 5x zoom ratio offers an amazing field of view and quick acquisition changes over a long or short range. The nitrogen-filled tube is impervious to water, fog, and shock. Plus the internal mechanism features three spring tension systems for recoil and shock resistance. That’s one more spring than normal FFP scopes. The solid one-piece outer tube is stress-free. 

Illuminated Reticle and Exceptional Clarity

The scope features Index-matched Hi-Lume® multi-coating to help deliver a bright image even in low light. The clarity and brightness are quite obvious since it is a tactical precision scope. The scope comes with an illuminated reticle that can have MOA or Mil graduations. However, this specific model used Mil marks. 

The illuminated reticle offers 11 brightness adjustments which include night vision settings. The reticle has an extended illuminated area to help with engaging targets at longer distances. Being an FFP reticle, you don’t have to worry about making adjustments with every zoom setting. 

Easy to Use Turrets and Battery Saver Illumination Knob

This scope features XT-100 click adjustment knobs that offer 100 clicks per rotation. This can get most tactical calibers past to 1000 yards with a single rotation of the knob. Mil based reticle features ½ mil marks for distance and 1-mil, 2/10 mil lines for windage hold off. The knobs offer 10 mils per rotation, with multi revolutions of adjustment. The turrets also feature a true zero-click stop.

The illumination control dial features a ‘battery-saver’ position between each setting for quickly turning the illumination on/off. Additionally, the scope also has an auto shut-off feature that switches off the power after 3 hours of inactivity. This feature can also be disabled.  

Great Value for Money Scope

The XTR II is a long range rifle scope that offers a 5x zoom ratio and a big 50 mm objective lens to gather a good amount of light. The main tube is a big and strong 34 mm tube with an overall sturdy build. The scope comes packaged with flip-up lens covers and a sunshade, which adds to the overall value. The outer tube has been rated stress-free and will withstand even the harshest recoil from heavy calibers. 


The Burris XTR II is an amazing scope, but certainly not without drawbacks. There are a few factors that cannot be overlooked when using this scope. 

Extra Weight

The XTR II weighs 32 oz. That equals 2 pounds. Which is quite a significant amount of weight to put on top of your rifle. This does limit the use of this scope to some extent for benchrest shooting. Plus, the kind of rifles you can use this scope with is also limited due to the sheer weight. 

The scope has the capability to tip-off the balance of your rifle and also be an extra burden if you plan on carrying it with your rifle for long. However, it has its own benefits to overshadow this drawback. 

Large Than Normal Size

Two factors count for this drawback. The first is the length of this scope which is 16.31 inches. Which is close to the overall barrel length of most carbines and some rifles. The second factor is the tube size. The XTR II features a 34 mm single piece which is not a common tube size. This in turn will require you to find a suitable pair of scope rings to mount it on a rifle. 

Best Uses For the Burris XTR II 5 25X50mm

The absolutely obvious use for the Burris XTR II rifle scope is long range marksmanship. Whether it be hunting, practice, or tactical applications. 

This scope has been designed to meet the toughest zero-tolerance standards of a sniper’s scope. The MOA and Mil reticles feature fine hashmarks for almost intuitive and instant estimation of the drop and windage holdovers. 

The illuminated reticle with brightness settings helps with low light hunting and marksmanship. This scope is also a suitable candidate for long range precision shooting competitions. 

The minimum 5x zoom casts it out for close range use. It is best suited to sight and accurately hit targets at ranges over 300 yards. 

Since this scope is also compatible with night vision devices. It can also be used to knock down crop and cattle damaging varmints like coyotes and hogs from quite a distance. You can trust this scope for extra long range humane kills, given the deliberately designed reticle and good light collection capability. 

The design is quite rugged, in spite of it being a tactical long range scope. So you can take it on hunting trips with unforgiving terrain and inclement weather conditions. 

Is the Burris XTR II 5 25X50mm Compatible With Any Rifle?

Yes, the Burris XTR II is only compatible with rifles that fire long range calibers. Plus, the scope weighs 32 oz and measures 16.3 inches in length. Which further shortens the line of rifles compatible with it. You should probably start with .308 caliber rifles and work your way up to higher calibers. 

It will work best with heavy caliber bolt action and semi-auto rifles with a bipod. Mounting it on an AR-15 doesn’t seem a very bright idea since the scope itself weighs 2 lbs and measures close to the barrel length of most common AR-15 rifles. 

What Do I Need to Know About Mounting the Burris XTR II 5 25X50mm?

The XTR II 5-25x is not your common 1 inch or 30 mm tube, but a 34 mm tube. Which requires a special mount to attach it to your rifle. There are quite a few good options for 34 mm cantilever mounts and rings on the market. From Vortex to Seekins Precision and many others. Burris also has many 34 mm scope options on their website. 

Tighten the scope to the specifications mentioned or you may end with a canted reticle. Make sure you always have a bipod on your rifle when using this scope. Since the scope is heavy and it is meant for long range precision shooting. 

The battery saver stops on the dial and auto-shutoff features work great. On continuous run time, the battery has a life of about 500 hours.  There’s also a power on/off switch, so make sure you turn off the scope when not in use. 

The riflescope is shipped from the factory with the optical center set to 20 MOA below center. So it will produce an initially high POI when boresighting. Check out their instruction manual for more detailed info on the topic. 

What Makes the Burris XTR II 5 25X50mm Stand Out From the Competition?

The Burris XTR II offers several unique features to stand out from the competition. The first feature is its durable and tough construction. It has a triple internal spring tension system for added resilience against shock. While most FFP scopes feature only double springs. 

The next great feature is the illumination adjustment rotary dial with ‘battery saver stops’. This is an intelligent and useful function to help conserve battery power. The SCR or Special Competition Reticle is a specially designed long range reticle to serve tactical and competitive uses. Plus, the precision style turrets with zero stop have been with exceptional detail. 

Burris XTR II vs The Competition- Comparison Overview

Now that we know that the Burris XTR II is an amazing scope for the price. It also has some very prominent and widely appreciated competitions in the market. Let’s make a quick comparison between the XTR II and these models to find out the winner. 

Burris XTR II vs Vortex PST

Comparing for dimensions, the Burris XTR II is a tad longer and bulkier than the Vortex PST. Plus it features a 34 mm tube compared to the 30 mm from PST. At the same magnifying power, the XTR II allows 50 yards to infinity parallax adjustment, compared to 25 yards to infinity from PST. The PST wins on FOV and the XTR II is a winner for eye relief. 

For an overall comparison, the Burris XTR II featured a more durable and rugged build for harsh use. The PST on the other hand was technically more viable and featured a better glass quality. But the Burris has a higher price tag. 

Burris XTR II vs Nikon FX1000

The XTR II and Nikon FX1000 are closely comparable in terms of function and features. Only with a few minor details here and there, except for the magnification. For example, the Nikon offers 10 illumination settings for reticle brightness, and Burris XTR offers 11. The FX1000 has a minuscule lower range of magnification but a higher zoom ratio than the XTR. Plus, the Nikon offers constant generous eye relief compared to the variable value of the Burris. 


The Burris XTR II 5-25x50 is a long range precision scope with an FFP SCR mil reticle. The scope has been designed for ultra-precise usage over a long range and features an illuminated reticle with brightness adjustments. Covered by a forever warranty from Burris, this is a mildly priced scope for personal to tactical needs. 

People Also Ask

We’ve compiled a small FAQ section to help you find answers to some common queries about the Burris XTR II scope. This will cover the warranty, reticle, manufacturing county, and other important aspects related to this product.

What is the Burris XTR II Warranty?

The Burrs XTR, just like all other Burris scopes is covered by their forever warranty. This means they’ll repair or replace your scope from damages against normal use as long as the scope exists. The warranty is transferable and doesn’t need any warranty cards or receipts for processing. 

Can You Use Burris XTR II 5 25X50mm in Low Light Conditions?

Yes. In fact, this scope works very well in low light conditions. Thanks to the large objective lens and the illuminated reticle. The scope even has brightness settings to make it compatible with night vision devices. 

Where Are Burris XTR II Scopes Made?

The Burris XTR II scopes are made in the Philippines at a Burris factory. Whereas the inspection and testing of all their scopes are done at the Greenly, Colorado facility. 

How to Install a Battery in a Burris XTR II

The battery compartment on the Burris XTR II is located inside the illumination adjustment dial. Simply unscrew the cap of the dial and place the battery with a flat side (+) up. 


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