Simmons Scopes – Complete Review: Read Before Pulling the Trigger

Simmons is a well-established manufacturer of budget components but are their parts worth purchasing? In this article, we take a look at what Simmons is and what it stands for, as well as doing a thorough review of some of their notable products.

Comparison of the Best Simmons Scopes

  • Best Overall Simmons Scope
  • 4x-12x Magnification Range
  • 40mm Objective Diameter
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  • Best Simmons 22 Mag Scope
  • 3x-9x Magnification Range
  • 32mm Objective Lens
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  • Best Simmons 8-Point Scope
  • 3x-9x Magnification Range
  • 50mm Objective Lens
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  • Best Simmons Rifle Scope
  • 3x-9x Magnification Range
  • 40mm Objective Lens Width
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Who is Simmons?

Simmons is no stranger to the scope game, having been established in the 1980s as a brand focused more on building high-quality scopes with a fair price than producing flashy or gimmicky features. Based in America, they believe that simply exceeding expectations in terms of reliability, performance, durability, and price are the most important values for consumers.

That’s not to say that Simmons doesn’t keep with the times, as they do integrate new technology into their line-up. However, you are not likely to find a lot of boasting when it comes to Simmons products. Simmons innovates, but keeps the braggart marketing to a minimum, giving you just the stats and technical details.

For this reason, Simmons can sometimes get lost in the shuffle for shooters looking for a great value, but that’s quite a shame, as they produce solid products that are priced very well and meet or exceed the competition’s standards. If you’re new to Simmons, this is a great opportunity to get caught up!

How Does Simmons Compare to the Competition?

There are a number of things consumers love about Simmons, with the most common being:

American Construction

Let’s face it, few things are made in America these days, and while incredible products do come from certain other countries—Japan, for example—you often never know where your products are being made. Simmons insists on American-made and hand-crafted products.


While Simmons does love to innovate, both their products and their marketing get straight to the point. You’re not likely to find fancy-sounding, made-up names or terms, just products that work really, really well with the most modern features in a streamlined scope.


Simmons is a budget brand, but they’re not cheap. Their builds are super-solid and durable, made from virtually all American parts and individually crafted and tested but they give you the lowest possible price for this quality, making them a great choice for nearly anyone.

Review of the Best Simmons Scopes

Now that you’ve been familiarized with Simmons, let’s take a look at some of their best products. Of course, while we’ve categorized each product according to what we think it does best, you’ll want to keep your own needs and preferences in mind.

Best Overall:
Simons Truplex Prosport Riflescope

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  • Lifetime Warranty Included
  • Generous 3.75 Inches of Eye Relief
  • Fully-Adjustable and Precise Elevation and Windage
  • Brilliant Picture Exceeds Expectations of a 40mm Lens
  • Durable Construction From High-Grade Aluminum With Full Weatherproofing


  • Magnification Range Capped at 12x

When it comes to value, it’s hard to beat this incredible ProSport riflescope from Simmons. You’ll enjoy a solid 4x-12x magnification range backed up by a 40mm objective lens with fully-coated optics.

Additionally, a Quick Target Acquisition eyepiece allows for a minimum of 3.75 inches of eye relief so that you can quickly and comfortably use your scope. Speaking of comfort, all eyepieces and adjustment surfaces feature a SureGrip rubber that is easy to adjust and ergonomically-minded.

The picture itself is beautifully crisp, full of vivid color, and captures enough light that you’ll swear it’s using at least a 50mm objective width rather than a 40mm lens. This has kept the weight low, as it is only a comfortable 13.8 ounces, ensuring great maneuverability.

You get fully-adjustable elevation and windage through ergonomic turrets that have a low profile but still offer exceptional accessibility and grip. Additionally, they produce an audible click and a precise ¼ MOA.

The unit is also constructed from high-grade aircraft aluminum and given a black nitride finish. It is fully waterproof, shockproof, and fog-proof, as well as resistant to corrosion and reflections.

Not only is it a great balance in size and picture, but it’s also a great value. All this backed up by a lifetime warranty makes an investment in a Simmons scope a great decision.

Bottom Line

A wonderful scope for a variety of uses and builds, this product is durable, reliable, and affordable enough that it is accessible to virtually anyone.

Best Simmons .22 Mag Scope:
Simmons Truplex .22 Mag Riflescope


  • Available in Black or Silver
  • Lifetime Warranty Included
  • Precise ¼ MOA Windage and Elevation
  • Super-Slim and Lightweight Construction
  • Vivid Optics Push the Limit of a 32mm Objective Lens


  • Silver Finish Does Not Include a Nitride Coat

If you’re looking for the best scope from Simmons to use with 22 mags, you’ll enjoy the build quality of this scope almost as much as the price.

With a 3x-9x magnification range and a slim 32mm objective lens, it is excellent for all but the furthest practical ranges. High-quality optics ensure that the slimmer 32mm objective lens still offers exceptional image brightness and clarity, even in darker conditions.

Meanwhile, you’ll enjoy generous eye relief of a minimum 3.75 inches, and a weight of only ten ounces will keep you nimble and stealthy.

You have full windage and elevation with ergonomically-minded turrets that operate as smooth as silk and produce audible clicks, with precise ¼ MOA adjustments.  Additionally, a TruPlex reticle is included, offering precise engagement

Durability is excellent, as it is made from a one-piece tube without stress points to emphasize light handling. The aircraft aluminum is given a black nitride finish, although it is also available without this finish in a silver color if you prefer. It is waterproof, shockproof, and fog-proof, and with the black nitride finish resists corrosion and reflections.

At a price that blows away the competition, but a build quality that rivals premium brands, it simply is a great scope, and is backed by a lifetime warranty, too.

Bottom Line

It’s virtually impossible to beat the incredible price of this scope, which offers a premium feel and solid construction at far less than it should reasonably cost.

Best Simmons 8-Point Scope:
Simmons 8-Point 3-9x50mm Rifle Scope with Truplex reticle


  • Lifetime Warranty Included
  • Wide Objective Lens Offers Great Field of View
  • Enhanced Optics for a Brilliant and Vivid Picture
  • Lightweight at Only 13 Ounces Despite a 50mm Objective Lens
  • Fully Weatherproofed Against Water and Fog, Also Recoil and Shock-Proofed


  • Magnification Power is Capped at 9x

The Simmons 8-Point Rifle Scope offers 3x-9x magnification and a generous 50mm objective lens, which produces exceptional brilliance and vivid colors in the darkest of lighting conditions. With fully-coated lenses and high-quality glass, you’ll enjoy precise imagery to ensure you’re taking your game to the next level.

You also get 1/4-MOA ergonomic turrets with audible-click windage and elevation adjustments. Included is a TrueZero windage and elevation adjustment system to keep everything locked tight to zero, even when you’re using powerful rounds or subjecting it to seriously rough conditions. They produce audible clicks and operate with exceptional smoothness, and are easy to reach in spite of being low profile. The included Truplex reticle is accurate and crisp.

Additionally, the eyepiece allows for easy target acquisition with 3.75 inches minimum of relief. Despite the 50mm objective diameter, it remains a relatively slim build at only 13 ounces in weight, allowing for excellent maneuverability.

It is waterproof, fog-proof, and recoil-proof. Crafted from high-quality aircraft aluminum and given a black nitride finish for corrosion resistance and minimum reflections, it is ready to go anywhere and provide optimum performance. Its durability is backed by a lifetime guarantee for peace of mind.

Bottom Line

Boasting a wide 50mm objective lens producing a brilliant picture, but clocking in at only 13 ounces, this beautifully-crafted scope offers superior features and durability at an unbeatable price, along with total weatherproofing and a lifetime warranty.

Best Simmons Rifle Scope:
Simmons Truplex Riflescope


  • Lifetime Warranty Included
  • Unbeatable Value on a Quality Scope
  • Shock, Recoil, Water, and Fog-Proofed
  • Holds Zero Throughout All Ammo Types and Conditions
  • Precise ¼ MOA Windage and Elevation With Ergonomic Turrets


  • Magnification Power is Capped at 9x

If you’re really on a strict budget, Simmons has a scope that can accommodate you. We almost hesitate to recommend it, because it’s simply that hard to believe us, but your eyes aren’t lying to you—this price tag is real.

Your eyes also won’t be lying to you when you see the exceptional image that can be produced by this scope. With a 3x-9x magnification range and a 40mm objective lens width, as well as fully multi-coated optics and high-grade glass, you’ll enjoy premium brightness and crisp picture quality wherever you go. The image is not only clear, but high-contrast, perfect for seeing important details even at 9x magnification.

Additionally, this 8-point riflescope is equipped with ¼ MOA sure-grip audible-click windage and elevation courtesy of highly ergonomic turrets that turn smoothly and are well within reach despite being low profile. The Truplex reticle offers precise shooting whether you’re at 3x or 9x magnification. Additionally, it can be reset to zero on the fly.

Nonetheless, it will hold zero very well regardless of ammo type or conditions and is fully recoil and shock-proofed. Furthermore, it is created from a single piece aluminum design and given a black nitride coat. It is fully weatherproof against both water and fog, and resists corrosion and surface reflections for maximum durability and stealth.

As with all their scopes, this build quality and reliability is backed by a lifetime Simmons warranty, so you simply can’t go wrong, even at this price.

Bottom Line

One of the lowest prices on a scope around doesn’t mean you will be getting a dud so long as you stick with Simmons! This high-grade scope might be an affordable solution, but it offers great durability and performance, all backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Best Simmons Blazer Spotting Scope:
Simmons Prosport Spotting Scopes

[amazon fields="B000KOWDZG" image="1" value="thumb" image_size="large" image_align="center" image_link="none"]


  • Includes Free Tripod
  • Includes Free Hard Case
  • Lifetime Warranty Included
  • Highly Affordable Solution
  • Completely Weatherproof and Shockproof


  • Somewhat Heavy at 28.7 Pounds

If you just need a great spotting scope, Simmons has you covered for that, too. Whether you’re looking to improve your existing optics or add a complementary device, the Simmons ProSport Spotting Scope is available in a range of models, all of which offer superior reliability, performance, and durability.

You’ll enjoy 20x to 60x magnification courtesy of a massive 60mm objective lens, meaning that you’ll have optimum image brightness and clarity even in the dimmest of settings. We find that the high-quality BK7 prisms inside and fully-coated optics offer a super-bright, sharp image with vivid color in any conditions.

Additionally, they’ve prioritized durability for this scope just as they do their gun scopes. You get a robust rubber armor coat allowing both superior protection from drops and shock as well as a great grip. It has been fully waterproofed and fog-proofed thanks to an O-ring seal and nitrogen purging. Additionally, the aircraft aluminum body has been given a black nitride finish to keep your scope as stealthy as the rest of your gear by resisting reflections.

While it is somewhat bulky at 28.7 pounds, it is a portable 14 inches in length. Additionally, it comes with a free tripod and a hard case, although you may want to upgrade your tripod eventually. We’ve separately reviewed great tripods, so finding a great one when you’re ready is no problem—and hey, it’s free!

Like all their scopes, it comes with a full lifetime warranty should you ever need it.

Bottom Line

Finding a great but affordable spotting scope can be difficult, but thankfully, Simmons produces standalone spotting scopes, too. Both durable and high-performing, it even comes with a free hard case and tripod.


It’s rare to find a manufacturer dedicated to both premium products and low prices, yet Simmons is one of them. With their non-flashy advertising, it’s easy to miss out. So use our guide and read our reviews to be in-the-know about Simmons and save serious money while enjoying great scopes!


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