Vortex Crossfire II 4-12×44 Review – 2022 Report

When you need a rifle scope to magnify up to 12x without breaking the bank, then look no further than the Vortex Crossfire II 4-12x44 rifle scope.

The Vortex Crossfire II 4-12x44 is ideal for rimfire and centerfire rifles, with centerfire rifles being the most likely firearm that you will use with the Crossfire II 4-12x44. The magnification of the Crossfire II 4-12x44 makes it ideal for shooting both short-range and long-range targets.

  • Capped reset turrets and fast focus eyepeice
  • SFP non-illuminated reticle with 100 yards parallax
  • Anodized matte black finish for anti-glare feature
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Vortex Crossfire II 4-12x44


  • Unbeatable price for the quality
  • 3 different reticles to choose from
  • ¼ MOA adjustability means more accuracy
  • Variable magnification means limitless options
  • 3.9” eye relief keeps you safe and gives you a clear view


  • Not ideal in low light or dark conditions without V-Brite reticle

Vortex Crossfire II 4-12x44 Specs

Eye Relief: 3.9 inches

Adjustment Options: ¼ MOA per click

Parallax: 100 yards

Windage: 50 MOA

Elevation: 50 MOA

Type of Reticle: Dead-Hold BDC, V-Plex, or V-Brite Illuminated

Dead-Hold BDC Reticle:

 V-Plex Reticle:

 V-Brite Reticle:

V-Brite Reticle

Magnification: 4-12x

Focal Plane: Second Focal Plane

Objective Lens: 44mm

Field of View: 24.7 feet (4x) to 8.4 feet (12x) at 100 yards


The Vortex Crossfire II is an SFP that has quickly become a fan favorite. It has a variety of features at an affordable price, making it one of the best SFP scopes on the market. We have broken down these features below and explained why they make the Crossfire II a scope that’s hard to beat.

Variable Magnification Means Limitless Options

So your options may not be limitless, but they are at least more expansive than scopes with little or no variable magnification.

That’s why magnification is the first pro on our list.

The Vortex Crossfire II 4 12x44  can magnify up to 12x, making it perfect for those times you need to take a long-distance shot. Because it is an SFP (second focal plane) scope, the reticle won’t change when magnified. Obviously FFP is better, but we can't discount the scope too much considering its price.

The standard magnification of the Crossfire II is 4x, which is ideal for most standard shots, especially when deer hunting. Oftentimes, you won’t need to adjust the magnification when deer hunting with the Crossfire II.

3.9” Eye Relief Keeps You Safe and Gives You a Clear View

The eye relief of the Vortex Crossfire II 4 12x44 is 3.9 inches, which allows you to keep your eye a safe distance from the optical lens while still being able to have a clear line of vision to the reticle.

Eye relief is important because it is the distance you can maintain between the ocular lens of the scope and your eye without losing focus and clarity on the target.

The closer your eye is to the ocular lens of the scope, the more likely you are of having the scope hit you in the eye or forehead during recoil. Eye relief of 3.9” means that you can keep your eye a safe distance from the scope while also maintaining a clear view.

3 Different Reticles to Choose From

You can choose between three different reticles for your Vortex Crossfire II 4 12x44 to have. The Vortex Dead-Hold BDC reticle is designed with hash marks on the elevation and windage lines for easy yardage and MOA calculations. If you prefer an illuminated red dot reticle, you can choose the Vortex V-Brite Illuminated reticle to give you an illuminated red dot target.

¼ MOA Adjustability

Each click on the windage and elevation dials account for ¼ of a minute of angle. This helps you dial in your shot more precisely, as there are times you may not need to make an entire MOA of adjustment for the distance you are shooting. This helps with precision, accuracy, and efficiency.


While they are more pros than cons, it’s important to know the one major downfall to the Vortex Crossfire II 4 12x44. 

Not Ideal in Low Light or Dark Conditions without V-Brite Reticle

The good news is that there are coatings on the lenses to help increase the clarity during low light conditions for the BDC and V-Plex reticles.

However, the best option is obviously to pick up a V-Brite Reticle option.

Best Uses For the Vortex Crossfire II 4-12x44

You can use the Vortex Crossfire II 4-12x44 for all shooting types, but especially long-range shots. It is best for hunting and target practice, both short-range distances and long-range distances.

How Does Magnification Play a Role in Using the Vortex Crossfire II 4-12x44?

Magnification is one of the key features of the Vortex Crossfire II 4-12x44, as it has a magnification that is standard at 4x and maximizes at 12x.

At these ranges, the field of view goes from 24.7 feet at 4x magnification to 8.4 feet at 12x magnification at 100 yards.

What is Yardage and How Does Yardage Play a Role in Using the Vortex Crossfire II 4-12x44?

One minute of angle between the reticle and the gun barrel makes about a 1” difference in distance for every 100 yards. This means if you make a windage or elevation adjustment of one MOA, you are essentially adjusting the angle within the scope to compensate for that one-inch difference, giving you a precise shot.

But there are times when you don’t need to make a full MOA adjustment. For example, if you are taking a shot at 400 yards and need to adjust the elevation of the bullet drop for a 6-inch drop, you will need to adjust for 1.5 MOA.

Because each adjustment click for windage and elevation accounts for ¼ of a minute of angle on the Vortex Crossfire II 4-12x44 rifle scope, you can make two clicks on the elevation dial to make a ½ MOA. This is beneficial for those times when you don’t need to make an entire MOA adjustment. This feature allows you to make the most accurate shot possible.

Is the Vortex Crossfire II 4-12x44 Hard to Use?

Most marksmen agree that the ease of use for the Vortex Crossfire II 4 12x44 lies mostly in the reticle. This includes both the reticle type of the scope as well as being familiar with a second focal plane (SFP) scope. 

The Dead-Hold BDC reticle will have both vertical and horizontal hash marks to help you account for the MOA adjustment you need to make for both windage and elevation. The V-Plex reticle won’t have these hash marks. Some hunters don’t notice much of a difference between the two reticles, while others rely heavily on the hash marks of the Dead-Hold BDC reticle.

You should also be familiar with an SFP scope and how the reticle adjusts when the scope is magnified. An FFP (first focal plane) scope will adjust the reticle with the magnification which can be something you get used to seeing when magnifying. The reticle on an SFP scope doesn’t do this which can take some getting used to. Keep this in mind when using the Vortex Crossfire II, especially if you are switching over from an FFP scope.

Is the Vortex Crossfire II 4-12x44 Compatible With Any Rifle?

Yes, the Vortex Crossfire II 4 12x44 can work well with both rimfire and centerfire rifles. Essentially, you will likely want to choose to add the Vortex Crossfire II 4 12x44 to a powerful centerfire rifle that can make a kill from a long distance.

It will do you no good to add a 12x magnification scope to a rifle that won’t make a kill; however, that doesn’t mean that you should only add the Vortex Crossfire II 4 12x44 to a powerful rifle.

It just means that you should know the type of shot you will be making with your firearm to determine if you should choose the Vortex Crossfire II 4 12x44 or another similar model.

What Do I Need to Know About Mounting the Vortex Crossfire II 4-12x44?

The Vortex Crossfire II 4 12x44 will require one set of mounting rings to mount the rifle's scope. The rings will need to be on its lowest setting to make the scope the most secure when attaching it to your rifle. The lowest setting will also give you the most accurate view when looking through the reticle.

What Makes the Vortex Crossfire II 4-12x44 Stand Out From the Competition?

The price is the first aspect that jumped out at us when we looked at the Vortex Crossfire II 4 12x44. Whether you choose the Dead-Hold BDC reticle or the V-Plex reticle, you will come out at less than $200 every time.

Naturally, the V-Brite Illuminated reticle is the most expensive because it gives you the ability to shoot in low light conditions. However, it still makes the Vortex Crossfire II 4 12x44 stand out from the rest, no matter which reticle you choose.


The Vortex Crossfire II 4 12x44 is ideal for adding to both crossfire or rimfire rifles, especially if you plan on taking long-distance shots. Even if long-distance shots aren’t on your radar, you can be equipped to take the shot with a 12x magnification lens on the Vortex Crossfire II 4 12x44 scope.

People Also Ask

Still have questions? See if we covered them below with answers to some of the more commonly asked questions.

What Kind of Warranty Does the Vortex Crossfire II 4-12x44 Come With?

The Vortex Crossfire II 4 12x44 comes with the Vortex lifetime warranty. This warranty by Vortex ensures that your Vortex product will be repaired or replaced if it ever becomes damaged or defective to the point of being inoperable.

How Much Does the Vortex Crossfire II 4-12x44 Weigh?

The Vortex Crossfire II 4 12x44 weighs 17.2 ounces. It is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, which makes it lightweight but durable.

Can You Use Vortex Crossfire II 4-12x44 in Low Light?

The best Vortex Crossfire II 4 12x44 reticle to use in lowlight is the V-Brite Illuminated reticle because it allows you to adjust for brightness in low light conditions and displays a red dot on the reticle.

How Long Does the Battery Last on the Vortex Crossfire II 4-12x44?

The only reticle that requires a battery is the V-Brite Illuminated reticle. It uses a CR2032 battery, which lasts approximately 150 hours.


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