Vortex Strike Eagle 1 6X24 Review – 2022 Report

The best word to describe the Vortex Strike Eagle 1 6X24 Riflescope is versatile.

Experience great magnification from 1x to 6x: point-blank range or extended range. Easily adjust and transition between the different settings on this high-quality, affordable scope. 

  • Extra low dispersion glass with multi-coated lenses
  • Thread-in throw lever and illuminated AR reticle
  • Fast focus eyepiece and good field of view
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Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6x24 Riflescope


  • Fast-focus dial
  • Compact frame
  • Affordable price
  • Multi-coated lenses


  • Weight
  • No parallax adjustment

Vortex Strike Eagle 1 6X24 Specs

Eye Relief: 3.5 inches

Adjustment Specifications:

  • Graduation: ½ MOA

  • Max Elevation Adjustment: 140 MOA

  • Max Windage Adjustment: 140 MOA

  • Parallax Setting: 100 yards

Reticle Type: AR-BDC

Image of Reticle:

Magnification: 1-6x

Focal Plane: Second Focal Plane (SFP)

Objective Lens Diameter: 24 mm

Turret Style: Capped

Field of View: 116.5-19.2 ft/100 yds


There is a long list of pros that comes along with the Vortex Strike Eagle scopes. They provide a high-quality shooting experience at an affordable price, and the level of engineering implemented is unmatched by most.

Affordable Price

This benefit of the Vortex Strike Eagle 1 6X24 doesn’t need much of an explanation. You’ve already spent a considerable amount of money on your gun, and you don’t want to pay the same amount for a high-quality riflescope. At a reasonable price, Vortex Optics provides a high-quality shooting experience.

Multi-Coated Lenses

The fully multi-coated lenses provide a variety of benefits. The Vortex Strike Eagle lens is fog proof, waterproof, shockproof, and performs optimally in low-light conditions.

Vortex Optics purges the lenses with nitrogen gas, preventing internal fogging over a wide range of temperatures. The reticle is sealed between o-rings that prevent moisture, dust, and debris from penetrating the binocular, so you can use it in a wide range of environments and weather conditions. 

The extra-low dispersion (XD) glass increases color fidelity and resolution, while the proprietary coatings increase light transmission and provide anti-reflective properties. Overall, this gives you a crisp, clear, and accurate image, regardless of the ambient lighting conditions.

Compact Frame

In its entirety, the Vortex Strike Eagle measures 10.5 inches long. The objective lens height is 1.2 inches high, and the eyepiece is 1.7 inches. The frame is compact and low-profile, suitable for a wide range of rifles.

Fast-Focus Dial

One of the many reasons this is great for a wide range of users is the fast-focus dial. All you have to do is take your hand and rotate the adjustment ring on the scope to adjust your magnification. Some scopes require a significant amount of force or even a specialized tool to do this, so it saves a significant amount of time and effort.


The cons are sparing with this riflescope, but the biggest downside is the lack of parallax adjustment. Some customers have problems with weight, but it isn’t a significant drawback.

No Parallax Adjustment

One downside to the Vortex Strike Eagle 1 6X24 is that there is no parallax adjustment. The scope is set to be parallax free at 100 yards (90 meters). If you are consistently shooting at distances other than 100 yards, using a good, consistent shooting form and cheek weld will help battle the parallax effect.

Scope parallax is an inconsistency in what you see when you look through the scope. As you move, the reticle and crosshair will move across the target, inaccurately representing where your rifle is pointing. Incorrect parallax adjustment is much more noticeable at higher magnifications.


A common customer complaint regarding the 6x24 Vortex Eagle is the heavier weight. While 17.6 ounces may not sound heavy on its own, it converts to just over a pound. This may be a deal-breaker for hunters who like to keep an overall lighter weight to carry on their trips. On the other hand, some customers prefer extra weight for stability.

A lighter scope may come in at a higher price point, though. In the end, it comes down to your personal preference and the total overall weight that you’re comfortable with.

Best Uses For the Vortex Strike Eagle 1 6X24

The Vortex Strike Eagle 1 6X24 riflescope is considered to be dual-use for shooting tactical and hunting.

Shooting Tactical

Tactical shooting requires you to adjust quickly to a variety of conditions. The dials are all easily accessible on the scope, and you can adjust for windage, illumination, elevation, and of course, magnification. The fast-focus eyepiece assures that you won’t miss a beat while in action.


This is a great scope for hunting because of multiple reasons. The waterproof and fog proof lens are great for hunting in any weather condition, and the illuminated reticle with 11 brightness settings helps to keep your sights crisp and clear during low-light conditions. Shoot from any distance with the variable magnification.

Is the Vortex Strike Eagle 1 6X24 Hard to Use?

The Vortex Strike Eagle 1 6X24 is not a hard scope to use and is great for beginners or experienced shooters alike. The controls are easy to learn and adjust on-the-go, and mounting is simple with the correct tools.

Is the Vortex Strike Eagle 1 6X24 Compatible With Any Rifle? 

The Vortex Strike Eagle 1 6x24 is compatible with any rifle as long as it’s mounted correctly, but most customers purchase this scope intending to use it with an AR-15 or AR-style rifle.

What Do I Need to Know About Mounting the Vortex Strike Eagle 1 6X24?

The Vortex Strike Eagle riflescope does not come with scope rings or any necessary materials for mounting with your initial purchase, and you will have to purchase these separately. The tube size is 30mm, and any mount or scope rings purchased will need to fit this size.

Vortex Optics recommends using an extra-high mounting height on a specialized cantilever mount when installing the scope on an AR-style rifle. They also advise against exceeding more than 18 in/lbs of torque. 

How to Mount the Vortex Strike Eagle

To mount the Vortex Strike Eagle scope at home, follow these steps:

  1. Prepare your workspace. Your rifle needs to be unloaded with no magazine inserted for your safety.
  1. Disassemble your current scope rings. You will need a 30 mm ring for the Vortex Strike Eagle, and the torque specs will need to have the same torque rating as the scope.
  1. Attach the scope rings to the scope, not tightening them completely, so that you can make adjustments when attaching the scope to the rifle.
  1. Set the scope on top of the rifle, aligning the rings with the threads and securing the attachment.
  1. Shoulder your rifle as you would when aiming and look through the scope. Make sure you can see the entire lens from your end.
  1. Secure your rifle using a vice. Use a leveling ruler on top of the rifle and shift it until it’s completely level. 
  1. Use another leveling ruler on top of the scope itself, and rotate it until it’s completely level.
  1. Compare the two levels and adjust if they are not even.
  1. Lightly cinch the screws in while the rifle is still in this position with the levels. Alternate screws as you work.
  1. Set the torque wrench rating below the maximum torque spec (for example, 20 pounds will be enough for scope rings rated at 25 pounds) and tighten the screws until you hear a click. 
  1. Shoulder your rifle again and make sure that you are satisfied with the result. You can now move onto sighting your rifle.

Many people are not comfortable with mounting their scope at home and will instead take it to a professional gunsmith. Both methods are fine as long as you’re satisfied with the final result.

What Makes the Vortex Strike Eagle 1 6X24 Stand Out From the Competition?

One competing scope to the Vortex Strike Eagle 1 6X24 is the 1 6X24 Gen III Scope, made by Primary Arms. 

Compared to Primary Arms, the Vortex Strike Eagle has a wider MOA adjustability range and a sturdier frame. Primary Arms’ warranty does not cover any accidental damage or problems caused by misuse, which throws Vortex Optics into first-place by a long shot. All-inclusive lifetime warranties are hard to come by.


It can be hard to find a great engineered scope at an affordable price. You get crisp, clear optics in various uses; feel confident whether you’re out in the desert or the middle of the rain, regardless of if you’re hunting or shooting tactical. 

The compact casing is made of aircraft-grade aluminum and backed by a lifetime warranty. To battle the lack of parallax adjustment, make a habit of holding a proper form and cheek weld.

People Also Ask

Some of the specifications and details surrounding the purchase of a Vortex Strike Eagle riflescope are not clear online, so we’ve done the heavy lifting for you and narrowed down all the need-to-know information.

What Kind of Warranty Does the Vortex Strike Eagle 1 6X24 Come With?

No matter who you purchase from, you will receive a lifetime warranty for your Vortex Strike Eagle 1 6X24 Scope. 

Vortex Optics will repair or replace your product no matter how it got damaged, whether it was accidental or just normal wear-and-tear.

The warranty is fully transferable, so even if you give the scope to someone else, they’ll be able to redeem the warranty without having to register.

The only thing that the VIP warranty does not cover is loss, theft, or cosmetic damage that does not hinder the performance. Disassembling the scope may void the warranty as well.

How Much Does the Vortex Strike Eagle 1 6X24 Weigh?

The Vortex Strike Eagle 1 6X24 weighs approximately 18 ounces.

Can You Use Vortex Strike Eagle 1 6X24 in Low Light?

The Vortex Strike Eagle 1 6X24 works extremely well in low-lighting conditions. The illuminated reticle is the chief reason behind this and provides ideal conditions for precise aiming. It has 11 different brightness settings that you can choose from.

The lens of the scope is fully multi-coated, transmitting more light and giving it an anti-reflective property.

How Long Does the Battery Last on the Vortex Strike Eagle 1 6X24?

The CR2032 Lithium battery that it comes with is estimated to last 150 hours if used at maximum intensity. There is a spare battery compartment underneath the windage turret cap to store a replacement.

Is the Vortex Strike Eagle 1 6X24 Hard to Use?

The Vortex Strike Eagle 1 6X24 is not a hard scope to use and is great for beginners or experienced shooters alike. The controls are easy to learn and adjust on-the-go, and mounting is simple with the correct tools.


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