Walther PPQ vs PPK – 2022 Complete Review

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August 23, 2023

Have you ever wondered which Walther pistol stands out the best out of these two? You’re about to find out the answer as you read about PPQ and the PPK pistols. 

Yes, they are two of the best pistols from the Walther brand, but which one is proven to be the better performer overall?

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at an overview of each pistol and discuss the pros and cons of each. We’ll also dive into how they are similar to each other and where they differ. 

What Do I Need To Know Before Buying a Walther PPQ or PPK?

It’s better to be a well-informed buyer than someone who will purchase rather blindly without knowing the additional information that will be helpful in their search. Let’s take a look at a few things that you must know before purchasing either pistol:

Consider Purchasing a Holster

Obviously, one of the best accessories that you can get for any pistol would be a fine-fitting holster. There are holsters out there that may be specifically designed for either pistol, but there are others that will be able to fit both of them. Be sure to choose your holster after you have made the decision between a PPQ or a PPK. 

Walther PPQ

Consider Your Applications

While each pistol will be useable in any application, there will be some situations where a particular pistol will excel. For example, the Walther PPQ will likely excel in a concealed carry application since it’s smaller in size (more specifically, its ability to be more concealable). The Walther PPK can be great if you are using it for casual or competitive target shooting.

Know Your Pistols When It Comes Time To Upgrade

There will be times when some of your accessories of your Walther PPQ or PPK will not hold up its end of the bargain. For example, your sights might be terrible for accuracy and precision. So, it’s important to know some of the measurables of your pistol before you consider purchasing additional accessories. You can purchase one accessory or a few depending on the end goal you want to meet, which can only be achievable by upgrading your pistol. 

PPQ Overview

The Walther PPQ is considered one of the most reliable sidearms trusted by members of law enforcement, military personnel, and everyday concealed carry users. The first model of its kind was made by Walther in 2011. The design is originated from a previous Walther model known as the P99. The latter model was first introduced just a decade earlier. One of the major things about the PPQ that stood out is that accessories that were made for the P99 also happen to be compatible with Walther PPQ pistols. This is something to keep in mind if you are searching for any accessories or upgrades in the future.

The pistol has a total of three safeties that are controlled by a mechanism that will control all of them combined. It also feeds the chamber using mostly double-stacked magazines. These magazines will likely vary between the number of rounds. 

PPQ Review

We’ll be now going in-depth about the PPQ and discussing its main features. We’ll also be diving into the common pros and cons that you will run into regarding the pistol itself. Let’s begin by giving you a full review of the main features:

Walther PPQ


  • Solid and rugged design
  • Excellent for multiple purposes
  • Iron sights can be beneficial for competition use 
  • Superior ergonomics; really comfortable to shoot with for longer periods
  • Excellent accuracy and precision; tight shooting groups from 10 to 20 yards are expected


  • Some have reported unintentional “double taps”
  • Take up may take slightly longer compared to some pistols
  • While a short reset is good, it can pose a problem for some users

What Recent Buyers Report

A lot of new buyers were really impressed with the Walther PPQ. They said it was a great fit with most hand sizes and is proven to handle various applications ranging from home defense to competitive shooting. One user even said that he was considering the idea of using this as his all-time pistol and will use it regardless of the application. He said that even though he won’t likely find himself in a self-defense situation, he knows of two things: one, he can still put the pistol to good use and two, he will be prepared if and when he has to defend himself.

Why it Stands Out to Us

What you are looking for here is a pistol that is solid, rugged, and can definitely be able to answer the call of duty no matter what the application. Once you have this pistol in hand, you’ll be ready to fire off as many rounds as you need to at the range or wherever you shoot targets. The overall quality is durable to the point where no user would be surprised if this lasted them a long time (provided they take great care of the pistol on a regular basis). 

Who Will Use This Most

This pistol will definitely stand out as the best option for anyone who is looking to put the PPQ to the test at the range for target practice or in a self-defense simulation. Either way, it’s a pistol that you will need to keep to your side in case you need it for dire emergencies and self-defense situations. Even if you never see yourself in such a situation, it still delivers a good amount of accuracy and reliability that you’ll want in any other applications like casual and competitive shooting.

Bottom Line

The Walther PPQ is beyond a shadow of a doubt one of the best multi-purpose pistols that you can find on the market. You can conceal it easily and use it in any application where necessary. In a time where preparation for danger is a must, you’ll need to find a good holster to help you keep it to your side while you are out and about or at the range. All in all, it's a nice sized pistol that can really come through in the clutch when you need it most. 

Overview of the Walther PPK

The Walther PPK might have been the sidearm of choice relied on by James Bond in some of the old school 007 films, but yes, it’s also the real deal when it comes to the pistol itself. While it might be different in performance compared to the movies, here’s the story behind it. The origin of the PPK takes us back to 1929. Since then, the Walther PP pistols were manufactured and had different spinoff models produced in countries like Germany, France, and the United States. 

The Walther PPK is a smaller version of the original PP in terms of the grip’s size and frame. Despite the barrel’s apparent length, it is still considered small in size itself. The PPK is also known to have a magazine that can handle up to six rounds, which is vastly smaller compared to its PPQ counterpart. It’s a pistol that has been relied upon by law enforcement in Germany, fictional spies, and even Elvis Presley himself. If this pistol is good enough for “The King”, it might be good for you. 

PPK Review

We’ll now be taking a look at the Walther PPK. This pistol might stand out as a winner if you are looking for something that will give you better concealability, better accuracy, and a performance that will leave you impressed each time you pull the trigger. Let’s begin with the main features:

Walther PPK


  • Superior quality
  • Trigger pull is nice and smooth
  • Easy to grip in most hand sizes
  • Excellent for concealed-carry use
  • Really easy to shoot in single-action mode


  • Loading might be a challenge
  • May be a little heavy for some users
  • Grip issues for people with smaller hands

What Recent Buyers Report

This pistol was simply impressive for new buyers. Not only were they able to use this to their advantage across various applications, but they would not stop raving about how accurate this thing was from close ranges. One user said that the single-action mode allowed him to shoot fast and in a hurry when he was in a competitive situation. He said that the accuracy and speed set him apart from the competition and he ended up winning it (along with a mix of superior concentration as well). 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This pistol is made from high-quality nickel, which gives it that excellent finish that will make it look and feel durable for a long time. This pistol is the smaller of the Walther pistols compared to the PPQ, but it’s also the oldest. A timeless classic never dies. Chambered for the venerable 380 ACP rounds, it’s the perfect pistol that will be great for self-defense and target shooting. The rounds themselves are known for being the go-to choice for any shooter looking for consistently tight shooting groups across various distances.

Who Will Use This Most

This would be the perfect pistol for anyone looking for speed, accuracy, and reliability in a single pistol. That’s exactly what you are going to get and nothing less. If you want to fire this off for a long time (assuming you have enough rounds), it’s pretty ergonomic and comfortable. You can say goodbye to the strain your hands deal with due to extended periods of shooting.

Bottom Line

The PPQ is undeniably one of the best pistols that the Walther brand has ever produced. It’s been relied on by many police officers and civilians over the years; it’s no surprise as to why they love it so much. For a pistol that puts you ahead of the curve against assailants or your competitors at the range, this would be hard to pass up. 

PPQ vs. PPK - Similarities and Differences

While both the PPQ and PPK have similarities of their own, they each have distinctive differences from each other. First, let’s have a look at how these pistols are similar from one another:

PPQ vs. PPK Similarities

Let's cover the similarities between the two that stand out

Similar Width

While one is slightly wider than the other, they still look the same in terms of width when they are compared to one another. In fact, this will explain why they are both easy to fit in holsters designed for Walther pistols. Keep this in mind when looking for a holster of your own in the not so distant future.

Great For Multiple Applications

Whether it’s for self-defense or competitive shooting, these pistols are proven to be reliable and accurate whenever you need them most. Both pistols can shoot quickly and hit the target exactly where you want it. There is no right or wrong application to use any of these pistols. 

Both Are Concealable

Despite the fact that their barrels may be a little different from each other, it still doesn’t affect their overall concealability. If you are planning on carrying one of these pistols, then you won’t have to worry about them bulging or feeling uncomfortable. If you want a better chance at concealing your pistol, it’s important to find a holster that is an IWB design so you can carry it at all times without attracting undue attention.

PPQ vs. PPK Differences

Here's some of the factors that may swing you to one side or the other:

PPQ Has a Longer Barrel

If you want to get down to the precision of things, then let’s begin with the PPQ’s barrel size. It’s longer than the PPK by about two inches. If anything, a longer barrel will usually equal better accuracy and faster velocity. If those are a couple of things you are looking for in a Walther pistol, the PPQ might get the point here (for those of you keeping score). 

PPK Has a Slightly Heavier Trigger Pull

Indeed, the PPK has a slightly heavier trigger pull, but there’s a catch. It’s heavier if you are firing in double-action mode. It’s not so heavy if you are using it in single-action mode (where you don’t need to pull the hammer back). If you want a trigger pull that is consistently lighter, you can choose the PPK but only shoot it in single-action mode or a PPQ that has a lighter trigger pull, to begin with. 

Different Caliber Compatibility

The PPK is known for being the go-to pistol that will fire rounds like the 380 ACP or the .22LR. Meanwhile, the PPQ pistols are typically chambered to fire off 9mm rounds. Also, the count in magazine capacity is vastly different between the two. The PPK will be designed to fire six rounds while PPQ magazines can fit up to 15 rounds at a time. 

Top Pick Between PPQ and PPK

While both pistols are made from the same brand, it now comes down to the difficult decision of which one will be better between the two. While the answers may vary from one user to the next, we believe that the PPQ will stand out as the better option for a few good reasons.

One, you have plenty of firing power to work with. At 15 rounds, that’s more than enough to handle all of your shooting applications (like self-defense and target shooting). Secondly, while it’s a bit larger in size it is still concealable but still really strong in terms of quality. So, if you want something that is built rugged and guaranteed to last longer, this pistol might be just what you need. 


While the PPQ and PPK will continue to duke it out with each other, there will be those who prefer one to the other. Rest assured, the Walther pistols you’ll find will be anything but flimsy in quality and subpar in performance). These German-made pistols are not to be underestimated if you are searching for that perfect pistol. 

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