Best Concealed Carry Classes in Las Vegas – 2023 Guide

Nevada is among the most gun-friendly states in the U.S. Both for residents and non-residents. However, you still need a permit for concealed carrying a weapon in public. That’s where a CCW class will come in handy. Read further to learn about the best of these classes in Las Vegas and their honest review.

Las Vegas Concealed Carry Laws

Nevada is a traditional open-carry state and does not prohibit people from openly carrying weapons with good manners. However, to concealed carry, you’ll need a permit. Before you can apply for the CC permit, you’ll have to take a concealed carry class from a certified instructor/training institute and obtain a certification that you can properly handle a firearm. 

Nevada has reciprocity with 32 states and honors permits of 30 US states. The minimum age to conceal carry is 21 and a clean background. Applying for a CCW permit in NV costs around $100 for new applications and about $65 for renewals. Excluding any course fees you have to take. The permit is good for the next 5 years. 

The application processing time is set to 120 days for both new and renewal applications. So make sure to apply 120 days before your renewal expires. Concealed carrying a weapon in NV without a permit is a category C felony and can result in a $10,000 fine or 1-5 years in Jail. 

If you move to NV with a reciprocal non-state permit, you should get an NV CC permit within 60 days, or you cannot conceal carry your weapon. However, open carry is still an option if you are 18+. 

List of the Best Las Vegas Concealed Carry Classes

Applying for a CCW permit in Nevada requires you to obtain a certification from a Nevada class. Some counties even require to take such classes locally. So if you are planning to apply for a CCW in Nevada, learning about the best class is a necessity. 

1. The Gun Store

Contact Info

  • Address: 2900 E Tropicana Ave Las Vegas, NV 89121, USA
  • Phone: 702-454-1110
  • Length of class: 8 hours (4 hours for renewal)

Our Review of the Program

The Gun Store has the reputation of being the first gun range in Las Vegas. With that said, they have one of the most premium indoor ranges in the city and offer a ton of different packages to choose from. Their classes are really exciting and you’ll have a multitude of weapons to choose from.

The range holds many events regularly, so it is a fun place to learn and be engaged in your passion. The concealed carry class is available four days a week (Mon, Tue, Wed & Sat) and is an 8-hour engagement divided into two sessions of 4 hours each. The renewals are mixed with the initials in the first session, so you can make some friends.

After 8 hours, you have to undergo a qualification test. However, you have the option to pre-qualify 14 days before the class to avoid wait times.

The class fees are very realistic and acceptable. Since it includes the firearm, ammo, and all other gear you’ll need. Also including the required paperwork for submissions.

The chief instructor is a retired police officer with over 20 years of experience. Apart from that, the other instructors are highly qualified and very hospitable. These classes have a very comfortable environment for women as well.

2. Discount Firearms and Ammo

Contact Info

  • Address: 3084 S. Highland Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • Phone: 702-567-1158
  • Length of class: 8 hours +

Our Review of the Program

This is a focused training course with fewer participants, a good instructor, and a full day of class. The classes are organized every Tuesday and Saturday, plus on other scheduled dates if the need arises.

Since the class size is low, you are encouraged to make reservations. The class is good for locals who live nearby. The class cost is similar to other institutes and is all-inclusive of ammo, paperwork, and gear. You can bring your handgun, but no ammo.

They have their indoor range and a small gun shop, so you don’t have to dabble here and thereafter sessions. The range is quite impressive and has stands made to deliver proper focus and safety to each shooter.

You can also opt for individualized firearm instructions on the range or in the classroom. The price for these individual classes is quite affordable and value for money. A great option if you are an introvert or need dedicated individual attention.

The range and store are both open 7 days a week during normal business hours, so you can visit for practice or paid individual sessions anytime you like.

3. Battlefield Las Vegas

Contact Info

  • Address: 2771 Sammy Davis Jr Drive Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • Phone: 702-566-1000
  • Length of class: 8 hour

Our Review of the Program

This institute is the go-to place for gun freaks and people who want an exciting and fun learning experience. From free humvee pickups to ‘car tank crush’ they have a ton of packages to excite you like a little kid.

They also offer a good CCW course, that involves knowledgeable instructors and a fun learning experience. The pricing is similar to other institutes, however, the amount of excitement and scope for practice is just impressive.

They offer beginner-friendly training and special classes for advanced shooters. With proper attention to each attendee. You’ll learn via interactive learning modes and are free to interrupt and ask questions anytime you need.

4. Strip Gun Club

Contact Info

  • Address: 2235 Las Vegas Blvd. South Las Vegas, Nevada 89104
  • Phone: 702-777-4867
  • Length of class: 8 hours

Our Review of the Program

The Strip Gun Club takes immense pride in being the only high caliber gun range on the Las Vegas strip. It is an exciting destination for locals and travelers who want to try their hands with some real firepower. This place is always buzzing with guests, but their CCW classes are kept ashore from all this.

No matter how much this store may seem tilted towards amusement, you’ll get a very practical and comfortable learning environment there. The instructors are among the best in Las Vegas and NRA-certified.

The timing and schedules can be checked via phone. Plus they have an interactive website that also offers online booking services for these classes. You also have an option for private one-on-one classes which can be organized as per the convenience of your schedule.

Due to the nature of their services, the strip gun club has an amazing indoor shooting range with a myriad of handguns available for practice. You can also opt for group or corporate events if you have a large group of folks interested in taking the classes.

Their course fees are not all-inclusive so you shall have to pay for ammunition and rental gear. But as their policies change from time to time, you should contact them and check it out.

5. Absolute Training LLC

Contact Info

  • Address: P.O. Box 33476 Las Vegas, NV 89133-3476
  • Phone: 702-530-6742
  • Length of class: 8 hours

Our Review of the Program

This is a training-only institute with no shop/store attached. The institute is focused on providing training to people who want to take up security as their career option. This means these classes can offer good extra knowledge to newbies as well as pros.

Their website isn’t very detailed about the procedure of the classes. However, you can always call them or visit them in person for the latest schedules and procedures. This is a go-to class for Spring Valley residents.

This is a one-man business with the owner himself being the instructor. Apart from Nevada CCW, the institute offers other courses as well. Most prominently Cal-OSHA classes. So if you are planning to take any other course apart from CCW for career opportunities, this is your option.

6. The Gun School

Contact Info

  • Address: Clark County Shooting Complex
  • Phone: 725-333-7490
  • Length of class: 8 hours

Our Review of the Program

The Gun School runs the most comprehensive and one of the best CCW classes you’ll find across Nevada. Maybe across the country when speaking relatively. The CCW class is conducted once a month and fills up really fast.

The owner and chief instructor Philip Gain is a very polite and humble gentleman, who takes good care of his students. You’ll feel very relaxed around him as he doesn’t rush and answers all questions patiently.

This is an 8-hour course conducted in the Clark County area. Make sure to pack your lunch as there are no eateries nearby. The class is very detailed and covers every topic with proper individual attention. You are permitted to bring your own gun and ammo. However, you can also rent a .22LR handgun and ammo for just an extra 10 bucks. Disposable hearing aid and eye protection are available for free, but you can bring your own.

The course concludes with the written and firing test and you may use a revolver or handgun. The shooting range is outdoors and makes you feel more relaxed and close to realistic situations. Plus, the cost of these classes is lower than their counterparts.

7. Pow Pow Kitty

Contact Info

  • Address: 2620 Regatta Dr. Suite 102, Las Vegas, Nevada 89128, United States
  • Phone: 702-781-3223
  • Length of class: 8 hours

Our Review of the Program 

The Pow Pow Kitty gun class is conducted by Kat. An NRA certified firearms instructor who specializes in CCW and tactical weapon operations. These classes can feel more comfortable for women since the instructor is a woman herself. There are several different courses to choose from, but CCW is one of its kind.

This is an 8-hour state-mandated course that covers everything from the basic handling of your handgun, to state laws and some tips & tricks for special situations.

The course pricing is in-line with other classes and requires you to bring your own handgun and 50 rounds of ammunition. The classes need a minimum of 6 people to be conducted, and the maximum size is not much. The rental is not too expensive if you don’t have your own ammo and gear.

Kat also offers a basic and advanced pistol course if you want to get started or improve your handgun skills. Along with an option for a private coaching session.

Frankly, there are a ton of different courses dedicated to self-defense (including women-only courses) and emergency response if you are really interested in preparing yourself for such situations.

Conceal Carry Classes in Las Vegas Comparison

Check out the locations and timings of the the best CCW classes in Las Vegas so you may choose the right one for yourself. 

  • Multiple certifications and inclusive gun store
  • Low price inclusive of fees, equipment and taxes
  • Many packages and organization of regular events
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  • One day 8 hour course for Nevada CCW Permit
  • Includes 30 rounds of .380/9mm/.40/.45ACP ammo
  • Optional individualized firearm instruction
View Latest Price →
  • Most interesting training classes in Las Vegas
  • Customized packages and weapons to choose from
  • Value for money packages with all inclusions
View Latest Price →
  • Only gun range on the Las Vegas Strip
  • Myriad of shooting packages to choose from
  • Indoor shooting range mostly setup for entertainment
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  • Specifically focused towards CCW training in Vegas
  • Useful for professionals looking to hone skills
  • Inexpensive and practical training sessions
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  • Course focuses on basic carrying skills
  • 8 hour course with theoretical lessons and written exam
  • Needs qualifying with a handgun at 3, 5, 7 yards
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  • Best CCW classes in Nevada for women
  • Options for other useful courses as well
  • Also runs virtual online classes if needed
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Although Nevada is a permitless open carry state for residents and non-residents. You still have to get a permit for concealed carry. The prior certification requires you to take a state-mandated 8-hour training class and qualify a written and range test. 

People Also Ask

Find answers to some common, and important questions about concealed carry in Nevada. 

Can You Conceal Carry in Las Vegas?

Yes. If you have a state or reciprocal state concealed carry permit, you can conceal carry a weapon in Las Vegas. However, restrictions for places still apply. If you don’t have a CCW permit, you can openly carry a weapon in public, unless you have been convicted earlier for a crime. 

Can I Carry a Gun in Las Vegas Casinos?

According to NRS 202.350, Nevada law permits taking guns in casinos. However, casinos in Las Vegas mostly ask firearms to be left outside, and for very obvious reasons. It is a place dealing with money, liquor, and get-rich-quick emotions.


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