Best Concealed Carry Classes of 2023 – Top Picks

So you’ve decided to concealed carry a handgun for self-defense. Good! You have the right to practice the freedom given to you by the 2nd Amendment. But before you do that, you need to have reins on your horse of excitement.

A concealed carry class is that very rein. Dig deeper into the concept of concealed carry permits, the classes that help with them, and how to obtain one.

What is a Concealed Carry Class? 

The answer is in the name itself. A concealed carry class is a curriculum that can last anywhere between two hours to two days. It teaches you the basics of carrying a weapon concealed. Including the techniques, lawful obligations and properly handling your weapon. 

Upon successful completion of the course taught in a concealed carry class, you receive a training certificate which indicates that you have developed the skills and knowledge of concealed carrying a firearm in public places. Obtaining training from one of such classes is a prerequisite to apply for a concealed carry permit from state authority.

What States Allow Concealed Carry? 

All 50 states in the US have laws regarding concealed carry, and all states allow concealed carry. But the level of stringency in law and acquiring a permit differs from state to state. 

There are certain states that have ‘shall issue’ laws which means an applicant must receive a concealed carry permit if he/she applies for it. Then some states like California have ‘may issue’ laws so an applicant may not receive a permit even if he/she is perfectly eligible for obtaining one. 

There are some states (Maine, Arizona, Kansas, Wyoming, Alaska, Vermont, and Missouri) that allow concealed carry without a permit.

Then there’s a matter of reciprocity. A permit issued from a state is valid in some other states only and vice versa. 

List of the Best Concealed Carry Classes 

While each class has its own specialty, there are some that offer a comprehensive and widely appreciated course for concealed carry. The list below compiles all such CC classes for your selection. 

1. The Gun Store

Contact Info

  • Address: 2900 East Tropicana ave, Las Vegas, NV 89121
  • Phone: 702 - 454 - 1110
  • Length of class: 8 hours (9:00 AM - 5:00 PM)

Our Review of the Program

The Gun Store is an indoor shooting range plus firearms store located in Las Vegas. Their concealed carry course is one of the finest in Las Vegas and their staff is super hospitable. You won’t ever feel lost or devoid of help while taking the course. 

The classes are run four days a week and include an 8-hour classroom session for first-time applicants and a 4-hour session for renewals. Both initial and renewals are seated together in the first half, so you’ll have some experienced people to meet. 

Their prices are very competitive and reasonable. While including ammo, protection, and paperwork preparation, so you are ready to file your application. 

The gun store class has a very prompt qualification course, that involves 36 rounds to be fired on a B-27 full-sized target from distances of 3, 7, and 13 yards. 70% is the passing score for qualification, which seems perfect for first-timers. 

Additionally, the firearm qualification course can be taken 14 days post or prior to the class. So you don’t have to wait for range slot availability.  Their range is also a great place to practice often and keep your skills honed.

2. Stone Hart’s Gun Club and Indoor Range

Contact Info

  • Address: 14280 SW 142nd Street, Bay #206, Miami, FL 33186
  • Phone: 305-255-4884
  • Length of class: Four hours + range time

Our Review of the Program

Located in the heart of Miami, this gun club is the go-to place for firearm enthusiasts living in South Florida. The club offers three versions of concealed carry classes. One is a recorded video class version that is sent by email and can be watched at your own pace and comfort. The second version is a USCCA based live zoom class conducted by Gerald Delatour. The USCCA course has more detailed info and friendly discussions about the topic. 

Both the online classes are followed by live fire sessions that can be scheduled when suited best. The third is a private one-on-one course that involves classroom and practical sessions inside the range. 

The training classes are conducted in both English and Spanish, which is a plus in Florida. They also have a big 16 lane range that allows magnum handguns and rifles up to .300 Winchester. The range is great for practice and the rental prices for firearms are pretty decent. 

3. Illinois Protect and Conceal

Contact Info

  • Address: Illinois Protect and Conceal, 6938 W. Higgins Ave.Chicago, IL 60656
  • Phone: 847 - 975- 4355
  • Length of class: 16 hours

Our Review of the Program

This concealed carry class provides a 16-hour course for first-time applicants. The course can be broken into 2, 4, 6, and 8-hour classes according to your convenience. The course covers firearm safety, basic principles of marksmanship, gun maintenance, ammo selection, weapon handling, and all applicable state and Federal laws. 

The course is quite comprehensive and covers all the minute details. They allow you to bring your own firearm and ammunition for the range, however, rentals are also available. 

The qualifying course is a minimum 30 round test with 10 rounds each on a B-27 target from 5, 7, and 10 yards. The passing score is 70% and if you can’t beat it the first time, you are allowed to take up to 2 reattempts at zero additional cost. That’s a real money saver if you mess up! 

The institute also offers an advanced level 2 CC course for experienced shooters to grab some new skills. They even assist you with filing an application with the state of IL for your concealed carry license. Which does shed out some burden on your side. 

Good individual attention is paid to participants, especially women and the class also has a few other beneficial courses to be checked out. 

4. Iowa Gun Class

Contact Info

  • Address: Fairfield Inn & Suites, 215 NE Delaware Ave, Ankeny, IA 50021
  • Phone: 888-621-5136
  • Length of class: 3 hours

Our Review of the Program

The instructor of the Iowa Gun Class is probably the most experienced and acclaimed instructor you’ll find in Iowa. The is a US Navy and Vietnam War veteran, so you’ll definitely have something extra to learn. 

The permit to carry class covers all the basics of firearm handling and self-defense situations along with some extra lessons about suitable gear and gadgets for CC. The class will be very informative on the safety and knowledge of guns.

The class certificate is good for Iowa and Utah permits and the class runs once or twice a month with limited seats available. The best perk for beginners is that you don’t need to bring a gun beforehand. Danny will help with choosing a suitable handgun for concealed carry after the class is dismissed. 

One teensy but useful bit of extra information you receive in this class is about physiological reactions to violent encounters. That’ll prepare you better for such situations. 

Overall, the learning environment is very relaxed and informative with a lot of support from the instructor. 

5. Detroit Arms LLC

Contact Info

  • Address: 31733 23 Mile Road, New Baltimore, MI 48047 United States
  • Phone: (586) 598-5300
  • Length of class: 8 hours (online/offline + range)

Our Review of the Program

These classes are conducted by an NRA, MCRGO, and USCCA certified trainer, who will provide you with the most important insights in the most relaxed manner possible. The classes are available in offline mode, but the online mode is in prevalence these days. 

It is a 5-hour live webinar class that doesn’t require any webcam or mic. You can take the class from the comfort of your home. Since it is a live class, you’ll be allowed to ask questions using the portal. 

The second segment is a 3-hour range session which includes the safety gear. Classes are held every week so you’ll have ample slots to choose from. The institute also serves a hot meal for 1-day classes and their cookies are just delicious! 

The best part of the course is that you can pay separately for each segment. You can pay only for the classroom session and spare the range session for a later date. That’s a great budget option for thrifty candidates. 

The CC certificate is valid for all Michigan counties and the instructors also assist you with filing an application. 

6. Minnesota Permit to Carry Classes

Contact Info

  • Address: 22 4th Street NW, Osseo, MN 55369
  • Phone: (763) 269 - 6914
  • Length of class: 4 hours

Our Review of the Program

The institute is located at Maple Grove, Osseo, and is readily accessible through personal or public transport. A lot of instructors here have either law enforcement or military background, and they share some real-life experiences to help you with inferring such situations better. 

The class strength is kept low and the schedule calendar is preorganized to let you choose the most flexible dates. The classroom and range are at one location for convenience. Their range is amazing and equipped with state of the art gadgets for the best experience. The bays are private so you can focus on your shooting. 

There’s a firearms training simulator that can be used at a later stage. Or you can use it by requesting access. The course price is very affordable and totally inclusive of everything you’ll need for the classes. They also offer a discounted price for two registrations done together. 

Good news for ladies, there’s a women-only special class held once or twice a month to offer a more comfortable learning environment for females. 

7. Xtreme Tactical Defense

Contact Info

  • Address: 639 Gravois Bluffs Blvd, Fenton, MO 63026
  • Phone:  314-974-5728
  • Length of class: 8 hours

Our Review of the Program

The institute is geared towards providing self-defense training to individuals using martial arts. Their krav-maga self-defense course is quite popular. The MO concealed carry permit course features a two-part class with a morning classroom session and an afternoon range session. With a 30 minutes lunch break in between. 

The class is very informative and includes topics of marksmanship and holster manners. Pretty much everything you’ll need for concealed carry. You can bring your own firearm and ammunition. The qualification requires you to shoot 20 practice and 20 qualifying rounds on a B-27 target. 

The classroom session is quite extensive and runs for about 5-6 hours. But it sums pretty much everything. The live-fire class includes firing from a semi-auto pistol and revolver to give you the most out of it. The firing sessions are extensive and you can practice as much as you like. 

Upon completion, you receive a certificate, a copy of the lecture material, and an NRA discount. The course offers good value for money, and you have the option to go for other more advanced courses if you like. 

What to Expect in a Concealed Carry Class?

A concealed carry class is a classroom plus shooting range session, which can also include a qualification test. There are some states (26 total) that do not require the applicant to pass a live-fire test for applying for a CC permit. But getting involved in live fire is imperative as it’s not only theory but practical that matters. 

A concealed carry class will mostly include beginners who have become serious about their personal safety and want to carry a gun. You may also find some people in the class who are adhered to firearms and are taking the class just for the sake of a certificate for permit application. 

These classes can have a state-mandated curriculum, USCCA or NRA approved curriculum or a course designed by the institute you choose. You shall pre-decide the weapon you’ll be using for concealed carry so you may practice with it at the class. 

Some classes are quite short lasting only a couple of hours, whereas some classes can last for more than one or two days. Having some basic knowledge of handguns beforehand is a good factor, especially for short classes. 

How Long is Concealed Carry Class Certificate Good For? 

Concealed carry class certificates may have validity, and it can differ from state to state. So it is better if you call your permit-issuing authority and ask them if the certificate is still valid. 

If you have obtained a concealed carry class certificate and not applied for a permit, then it should be good forever, unless you apply for a permit for the first time. In some states, these certificates are good regardless of the duration. However, renewal certificates generally expire within two months from the issue. 

Concealed carry certificates are a mandatory prerequisite document in any state when applying for a concealed carry permit. However, in some states, other marksmanship and firearm-related certifications are also considered valid proof for proficiency in firearm handling. 

Veteran military personnel are exempted from taking these certificates as they can submit their DD-214 certificate as proof of proficiency. Some classes include the required paperwork and submission of documents for a CC permit. However, some classes just give you the completion certificate and require you to file an application without any assistance. 

No matter what, if you have obtained a concealed carry class certificate. You must apply for a permit as soon as possible. Since it is better to have your permit at hand, rather than applying and waiting for it when you feel a desperate need. Processing times can take about 1-2 months!

Remember, almost 70% of CC permit holders don’t carry a firearm regularly. But you should be ready with your permit. 

How Long is a Concealed Carry Class?

This totally depends on the state you live in and your training institute. Some states have a pre-specified mandated duration of these classes. Along with the inclusions of curriculum and any qualifying requirements. 

These classes can range between 2 hours to 16 hours. Longer classes can be split into multiple day sessions of some hours each. Almost 70%-80% of the class duration involves classroom sessions about firearm safety, handling, concealed carry practices, firearm maintenance, legal obligations of self-defense, and much more. 

The rest of the duration is kept reserved for live firing sessions. If your state requires you to go through one for obtaining your certificate. Some institutes also have options for recorded online classes or live webinars. Some offer flexible schedules for taking your class, whereas others are very strict about it. 

Either way, you should be ready to dedicate about 1-2 days for your training classes depending upon your state requirements. Plus you must also aim for bi-weekly or monthly range sessions for practice and keeping yourself workable with firearms if the need arises. 

Group of people in a firing range (Source)

How Much Does it Cost to Take a Concealed Carry Class?

The question has no specific answer. But the range falls between $40 to $150 in any state across the US. Individual classes that do not provide ammo and firearms are generally cheaper. If you take your eye/ear protection, you’ll save up to $20 on rentals. Some classes have everything included in their package and offer great value for money. 

Try to go for classes that have the firearm, ammo, gear, and range fee included in one package. Every range offers a rental firearm for completing a class. Which is a good option for people who are planning to select a handgun later. However, if you are already sure about which handgun you're gonna carry, you are looking at another $200+ for purchasing the weapon and ammo. 

Moving further, once you complete your class, you will be applying for the state permit to concealed carry. Which will be another extra expense to incur. Once you have completed your class, you are looking at buying a good holster, tactical pants, and other gear for properly carrying your weapon. Plus the cost of using a range and extra ammo for practice. 

This is an overall measure of the total cost you will incur when taking a concealed carry class and after that if you carry your weapon regularly. 

Conceal Carry Classes in Comparison

To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of the best-concealed carry classes across some states in the US. 

  • Prompt qualification course for registration
  • Apt pricing includes everything from ammo to paper
  • Regularly organized special events and apt pacakges
View Latest Price →
  • Best gun shop, range and class in Miami, FL
  • Regular competitions, deals and group events
  • Interactive classes with paperwork assistance
View Latest Price →
  • Located in Illinois. Serves entire Chicagoland
  • Also has an advanced concealed carry course
  • Includes other tactical courses to support CCW
View Latest Price →
  • Best CCW class in Iowa region
  • Training also focuses on basics and using gadgets
  • Free 4-day defensive handgun course
View Latest Price →
  • Has a preliminary online course without range time
  • Suitable for CCW permit in Michigan and counties
  • Hospitable environment with meals and snacks
View Latest Price →
  • One location and one time fee with advanced training
  • Introductory classes using firearm simulators
  • Also hosts specialty classes and regular events
View Latest Price →
  • Offers a Krav-maga tactical self defense course
  • State mandated 8 hour course
  • Includes training for realistic scenarios
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A concealed carry class focuses upon the basics of carrying and handling a firearm responsibility in public. All states in the US allow concealed carry in their respective restrictions. So it is always a great idea to check with your local office or class trainers about the recent changes. These classes can range anywhere between 2 hours to 16 hours and cost between $40 - $150. Sometimes even more if you take private lessons. 

People Also Ask

Check out the answers to some common questions related to concealed carry classes before you plan on taking one. 

How Far Do You Have to Shoot for Concealed Carry Class?

This can range between 3 to 10 yards. Many classes require you to shoot at a B-27 silhouette target from a distance of 3, 5, and 7 yards with a 70% hit rate for qualification. 

What Does a Concealed Carry Class Include?

A concealed carry class includes theory lessons on firearm safety, handling, marksmanship, maintenance, the use of deadly force, and legal implications after using a firearm in self-defense. Most classes also have a range session and some may have a qualifying course. 

How Many Questions Are on the Concealed Carry Test?

Concealed carry test may contain 20-25 questions depending upon your state. A student generally has to score at least 70% or 75% (again depending upon the state) to qualify. 

Concealed Carry Class: What to Bring?

A pen, notebook, the handgun you desire to carry (if you have one), ammunition (if permitted by the class), eye/ear protection, and something to eat. However, this entirely depends upon what your class is providing you in your package. 

How Old Do You Have to be to Take the Concealed Carry Class?

There’s a minimum age for issuing a permit in every state. For most states, it is 21 years whereas for some it is 18. The minimum age for taking a concealed carry class varies and can be as low as 16 years. 


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