Best Concealed Carry Classes in North Carolina – 2023 Review

Concealed carry training is state-mandated and approved in North Carolina. The state has easy gun laws and requires a person to have a valid license for concealed carry. Here we will learn more about the states’ CC laws and review the best training classes available in the state. 

North Carolina Concealed Carry Laws

North Carolina allows open carry of firearms without a permit. There’s no firearms registry in the state, however, only residents are allowed to purchase guns. 

Concealed carrying a weapon requires you have a concealed handgun permit (CHP). NC is a ‘shall issue’ state which abides by ‘Castle Doctrine’ and ‘Stand Your Ground’ law. 

A CHP is only issued to residents, however, the state honors the valid concealed carry licenses of all 50 US states. Only active military non-residents permanently posted in NC can apply for a CHP. NC has reciprocity with 38 other states. 

The minimum age for concealed carrying a handgun is 21 years. Permits are applied and issued at the local level by country sheriff’s offices and take about 45 days to process. The application fees for the initial license are $90 and $75 for renewals. However, the fee may vary by county.  

All applicants are required to complete a state-approved concealed carry course conducted by a state-approved instructor. The course is 8 hours long and requires range qualification with live ammo. 

A “No Weapons Allowed” sign is enforced in the state and you cannot conceal carry in such places. Even with a permit. Additionally, you are required to inform a police officer about your weapon when pulled over. 

List of the Best North Carolina Concealed Carry Classes

Applying for a concealed handgun license in NC requires you to take a concealed carry class. These classes can be taken from a state-approved institute/instructor and have to be a minimum of 8 hours in duration with a firing qualification exercise in the end. 

Best CCW Class Charlotte NC:
Blackstone Shooting Sports

Contact Info

  • Address: 2001 Wilkinson Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28208
  • Phone: 704-414-6020
  • Length of class: 9 hours

Our Review of the Program

Blackstone shooting sports is the most famous and visited gun store in Charlotte, North Carolina. With almost every visitor/customer testifying about the most hospitable and prompt treatment from their staff.

They have some of the best instructors in the state, who are very patient and helpful while teaching the classes. Additionally, they have the best state-of-the-art indoor shooting range in all the Carolina's. It is a 27 lane indoor range open 7 days a week. Being a gun store also helps you with purchasing firearms and other stuff when you need it.

Their price may look quite steep initially. But it starts looking reasonable when you learn that they include everything from ammo to protective gear in that amount. Plus a tasty lunch that can be made to your requirements when informed prior.

The class is 9 hours in duration. Out of which 8 hours are spent learning about the concepts handling a handgun, and the state and federal laws for concealed carry. The live firing is done in a half an hour range session with shooting qualification at 3, 5, 7, and 9 yards.

Concealed carry classes are conducted every weekend and can be enrolled via online registration on their website.

2. S.A.C. Firearms Training

Contact Info

  • Address: 5500 Ernest Rd, Wilson, NC 27893, United States
  • Phone: 252-245-6263
  • Length of class: 8 hours

Our Review of the Program

This concealed carry class is for serious takers. Especially for people who are more interested in live firing training than just sitting in a classroom and reading slides.

SAC Firearms Training is a very sought after training institute in the area. That’s because they focus more on practical learning and have a very extensive training schedule that exceeds the NC state requirements.

Classes are 8 hours in length and conducted at their facility in Wilson. There’s an open outdoor range for training in an aptly designed environment. The classes cover in great detail the concepts of self-defense and state laws.

When signing up for the class, you’ll be required to bring 300 rounds of ammo on the training day. 300 rounds! That’s probably more than enough for getting your bearings. If you are already an experienced shooter and want to learn advanced CC and defense skills - there’s an advanced 2 day carry course where you’ll practice with 1000 rounds!

The learning environment is very comfortable and you’ll have enough chances to practice what you learn in the class. However, be aware that the institute doesn’t allow refunds and reschedules on missed classes. So make sure you attend the classes.

The price is in-line with other CC courses available in the state. Plus you have a myriad of other courses related to long and short guns and self-defense/combat tactics. So this is a one-stop-shop if you’re looking for pure training to an advanced level.

3. Centurion Concealed

Contact Info

  • Address: Guilford County – Gibsonville, NC. Multiple training locations
  • Phone: 336-451-9382
  • Length of class: 10 hours

Our Review of the Program

The instructor/owner Daryl is a serving law enforcement officer working with the SWAT team now for over 23 years and currently the team leader of the sniper team. That’s why choosing these classes is quite self-explanatory.

Daryl is very patient and has a lot of knowledge to draw from. Being an active law enforcement officer, he can realistically guide you about interactions, the law, and what to expect in reality from and after a self-defense encounter.

The classroom portion of the course includes detailed PowerPoint presentations on basic firearms handling and other whereabouts of concealed carry as required by the state. The shooting range is a small farm in Gibsonville where you’ll be required to pass a shooting test at 3, 5, and 7 yards.

The shooting environment is very comfortable and safe. You’ll always have a sense of satisfaction that a serving SWAT officer is noticing and guiding you at the range. Which eventually ensures that you don’t miss anything, and probably receive some extra valuable tips.

Classes are being conducted about twice each month and can be registered for via their website’s schedule calendar. The prices are very affordable and competitive, plus have some needed inclusions. Extra discount for defense personnel.

4. North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun Class

Contact Info

  • Address: 220 Fry Street, China Grove, NC 28023
  • Phone: 704-932-0050
  • Length of class: 8 hours

Our Review of the Program

Classes are conducted by the instructor and Ronnie and his wife in a very soothing and calm environment. These classes are very fun and engaging and conducted in a ‘house setting’ so you don’t feel overwhelmed sitting in a training facility.

The teaching style is very personal and informal to make sure you understand in layman terms. The instructor offers real-life examples and how to deal with such situations for a better understanding and remembrance of concepts.

The live training session is offered in an outdoor range with the instructors always by your side, paying proper attention to your stance and shooting. You need to bring your handgun, safety gear, and ammo to the class. However, a handgun and ammo can be rented for an extra $20, if needed.

The price of these classes is very reasonable. The learning environment is very home-y and the classes are conducted about three times each week. So there’ll be ample spots to make registrations.

The instructor is very knowledgeable and answers all of your questions with patience and diligence. Everyone is nice at the class and there’s no doubt as to why this is the most visited class in the area.

5. Coffey's Concealed Carry Handgun Training

Contact Info

  • Address: Oxford, NC. Location’s change. Please Call.
  • Phone: 704-932-0050
  • Length of class: 8 hours

Our Review of the Program

The instructor, Chad is a highly rated and experienced instructor who instills humor into his lessons. He is an ex-law enforcement officer with 22 years of experience and has more firearm qualifications under his name than you can count on your fingers.

Even with such extensive experience and knowledge, he has no air of condescendence in his teaching. This course meets the expected state requirements but has a slight change inflow. You take the classroom sessions, give the written test, then head for the range, and then again head back to the class for remaining lessons.

The course has been designed in such a manner that you practice with your handgun and then comprehend the responsibilities of concealed carry in a better manner. Chad is so confident about his classes, that he even offers a money-back guarantee for dissatisfied participants.

The classes are held on the first Saturday of every month. You can sign up via their online form, and will then be guided for further procedure. The classes are very enjoyable and entertaining. You get great value out of it, and can also sign up for the enhanced pistol course in the future.

6. Conceal NC

Contact Info

  • Address: 3000 Centergrove Rd, Kannapolis, NC 28083
  • Phone: 704-791-9743
  • Length of class: 9-10 hours

Our Review of the Program

The Conceal NC is a private shooting range in Kannapolis with concealed carry classes available to qualify for the NC CHL. The class is run solely by the instructor with a knack for firearms and teaching.

The instructor doesn’t solely earn a living by teaching these classes. But only does this because he loves to. This justifies the cost of the class and the level of attention you’ll need during the class.

The classroom and range are located in the same place so you don’t have to drive. Classes are conducted promptly on the second Saturday of each month. Registrations have to be made online with an upfront payment for the class. However, there are no refunds if you miss the class. You can always call and reschedule your class with the consent of the instructor.

You also have the option of visiting the instructor anytime without any additional fee, for the sake of clarifications or practice. This is not a business-setting and things are flexible to suit individual needs.

The classes are very cozy, and like the other ones, the host provides free drinks and snacks throughout. You’ll report in at 8 AM and leave about 6-7 PM. So make sure to dedicate an entire day.

Best CCW Class Raleigh NC:

Contact Info

  • Address: 3501 Spring Forest Rd, Raleigh, NC 27616, United States
  • Phone: 919-439-0066
  • Length of class: One or two days

Our Review of the Program

Aim on point offers one of the most interactive handgun training across the country. It is a one-stop-shop dedicated to serving its customers to its maximum potential. Their staff is very hospitable and their instructors are some of the best you’ll find in the industry.

Their concealed carry course is a mix of state-approved curriculum and their basic pistol course. Making it perfect for newbies. The comprehensive course covers everything from basic pistol handling to low light shooting and defensive carry skills.

On point gives you the option to either take the one day class or the two-day class. However, the one day class is for people who already have the required shooting skills and basic knowledge of firearms.

They have a state-of-the-art training facility where you can opt for participating in the live simulator training sessions. Which is a fun and interactive way of learning and practicing the basic handgun skills.

If you live in Raleigh, there’s no better option than aim on point for you. Since it is a gun store, a training facility, and a big name in the firearms sector of North Carolina.

Conceal Carry Classes in North Carolina Comparison

Check out the address and duration of the best concealed carry classes in North Carolina for easy comparison and choosing the best one for yourself. 

  • Both NC and SC CCW training courses available
  • 50rds of 9mm ammo and protective gear included
  • Great learning environment with regular events
View Latest Price →
  • Detailed 10 hour 1 day course exceeds NC standards
  • Instructor is a distinguished rifleman and a pro
  • Includes combative skills and tactics with handgun
View Latest Price →
  • Classes include lecture, exercises and written test
  • Practice exercise prior to proficiency drill
  • Allows one re-schedule of the class
View Latest Price →
  • Classes are geared towards beginners and basics
  • Classes offered by NRA certified instructors
  • Private instructions and groups are also available
View Latest Price →
  • Instructor Chad is a serving Sergeant and trainer
  • One day class held the first Saturday of every month
  • Class' guns are free to use but use your own ammo
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  • Affordable and complete classes with detailed notes
  • No cancellation fees and unlimited free revisits
  • Very friendly trainer and learning environment
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North Carolina allows concealed carrying of handguns with a valid CHL. A person has to be at least 21 years of age and a permanent resident of NC. The license is valid for 4 years from the date of issue and costs $90 for initial applicants and $75 for renewals. NC is a shall-issue state with Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground laws.  

People Also Ask

Let’s find answers to some questions about how to obtain a concealed carry permit in North Carolina and how much it cost. 

Can You Get a Concealed Carry Permit Online in NC?

Some counties have online application systems. However, most counties require you to download the application form and fill it manually. The submission of all applications has to be done in-person as the sheriff will take 2 sets of fingerprints and your signature. 

How Much is a Concealed Carry Class in NC? 

Concealed carry training classes in North Carolina cost anywhere between $80 - $150. Even more for private lessons. Some classes include ammo and gear in the price while some don’t. The state fees for a CHL are $90 for initial permits and vary by counties. 

What Can Stop You From Getting a Gun Permit in NC?

The eligibility requirements of getting a CHP in NC are the same as in other states. You should be a law-abiding citizen who has not been convicted/adjudicated of any crime and has a sound mental condition. Plus any other federal law requirements. 

What States Recognize North Carolina Concealed Carry Permit?

A total of 38 states recognize the North Carolina Concealed Carry Permit. States that don’t honor an NC CHP are California, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, and Rhode Island.


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