Best Concealed Carry Classes in Illinois – 2023 Guide

Planning on applying for an IL concealed carry permit? Referring to the recent reports, the application times may have increased. But it is still a very basic and simple process.

The application procedure and requirements for IL permit are strictly regulated by the state police department and there are certain factors you should be aware of. 

Illinois Concealed Carry Laws 

Illinois is a ‘shall issue’ and adopted the Firearm Concealed Carry Act on July 9, 2013. A resident, who is a holder of a valid FOID (Firearm Owner’s Identification Card) and is compliant with all the eligibility requirements, plus has qualified a 16-hour state approved class can apply for a permit. The minimum age to apply for a permit is 21 years as of now.

On the other hand, the path for non-residents is not so easy. Illinois only allows a non-resident to apply for a permit if their home state has similar training and eligibility requirements as them. Non-resident licenses are only available for residents of Arkansas, Idaho, Mississippi, Nevada, Texas, and Virginia.

Talking about reciprocity, Illinois does not honor the CCW license from any other state. However, any non-resident with a valid CC license from their state can carry a handgun inside their car. Strange isn’t it? 

There are some chances that the necessity of having a FOID for keeping firearms may soon be abrogated and that’ll make the process easier. 

Also, you are not obliged to inform a police officer about having a weapon in your car, if pulled over. When having a valid permit. 

The cost of applying for a concealed carry permit for residents in IL is $151, whereas for non-residents it is a staggering $300. 

List of the Best Illinois Concealed Carry Classes

Concealed carry classes in IL only offer a pre-approved curriculum from the state police department. The course is 16 hours in duration that includes range time and qualifies by a 30 round firing test. People already having an NRA basic pistol qualification can skip the first 8 hours. 

1. Illinois Protect and Conceal

Contact Info

  • Address: 6938 W. Higgins Ave. Chicago, IL 60656
  • Phone: 847-975-4355
  • Length of class: 16 hours

Our Review of the Program

A 16 hour concealed carry class ought to be brief. But the instructors at this institute ensure that no stone is left unturned while imparting knowledge to the participants. The instructors go the extra mile to pay attention to beginners. 

The course covers firearm safety, basic principles of marksmanship, gun/ammo identification, and holster discipline in the first session. The second session includes a very detailed introduction to state and federal laws. 

While the institute allows you to bring your own handgun, you are strictly not permitted to bring your own ammo. The rules regarding this are so strict that it ends up to be a non-refundable dismissal from the class.

The class is divided into two-day sessions and the schedule is flexible. You can opt for 2, 4, 6, or 8-hour classes according to your convenience. You are allowed to take the qualification exam two times more if you do not qualify in the first attempt. However, that incurs extra ammo cost. 

The class size is kept small so all students receive proper individual attention. Based on some customer reviews, the class was also highly rated for female participants. 

2. Illinois Protection Services

Contact Info

  • Address: Chicago, Illinois 60411
  • Phone: 773-837-6387
  • Length of class: 16 hours

Our Review of the Program

Illinois protection services have a very professional training environment and experienced NRA certified instructors. Their staff is a mix of law enforcement and civilian instructors who take good care of their students and allow them to learn at their own pace.

The institute is very strict about their rules and ensures proper discipline is maintained. However, that doesn’t mean that the environment is too strict. You’ll get ample attention and proper resolutions for your queries. 

Their shooting range is properly equipped and offers a great learning environment. Their course is very affordable when compared to others. It offers great value for money and can prove to be an amazing option when coupled with their pre-set schedule. 

3. Concealed Carry Dynamics

Contact Info

  • Address: 2240 W Ogden Ave. CHICAGO, IL 60612
  • Phone: 773-669-4867
  • Length of class: 16 hours

Our Review of the Program

The course is taught by military veterans and police officers, so you get the best insights about handling a self-defense situation with a concealed carry weapon. The instructors are very personable and pay great attention to detail. The class places good emphasis on state and federal laws so you can stay aware of using force properly. 

The institute offers several other very useful courses that can come in handy in stressful situations. The course is equally good for absolute beginners and experienced shooters as you’ll definitely learn something new from Rodrigo. 

They have a virtual range where you practice with laser-equipped pistols to correct your stance and practice draw. This greatly improves your firearm handling skills along with your aiming. It is followed by an interview with the instructors where your knowledge will be tested. 

The indoor range has isolated stands so you can practice at your own pace and without any disturbance. 

The institute also offers a mobile class for at least 5 people at your desired location. So if you have a group of friends or family, you may consider choosing these classes located in the Chicagoland area!

4. Midwest Guns

Contact Info

  • Address: Midwest Sporting Goods 8565 Plainfield Road Lyons Il 60534
  • Phone: (708) 447-4848
  • Length of class: 16 hours

Our Review of the Program

Midwest guns is a one-stop gun shop where you can buy the handgun of your choice for concealed carry. The IL CC class offered by them is a two day 16-hour course that is conducted once every week. 

The instructor has 20 years of experience in teaching civilians and law enforcement officers. Learning at midwest is a very fun and exciting experience due to the adaptability of instructors and hospitality of their staff. They also assist you with choosing a firearm for concealed carry after you’ve taken the course. 

The course comes with a free service to assist you in completing and sending your application to the BCI. So you can be sure of getting a license, and it won’t succumb to procrastination. 

Midwest guns also have highly affordable packages for using their range. This allows you to practice extensively with your firearm, without worrying about paying too much range fees. The 13 position indoor range is big enough to ensure you don’t face availability issues. 

The classes can be booked via walk-in or telephone. The class schedule is fixed and abided by very strictly. 

5. Eagle Sports Range

Contact Info

  • Address: 5900 W 159th St, Oak Forest, IL 60452
  • Phone: (708) 535-3000
  • Length of class: 16 hours

Our Review of the Program

Of all the programs reviewed on this list, Eagle Sports Range features the best state-of-the art shooting range in their premises. It is a very popular and acclaimed CC class in the Oak Forest area. Maybe the reason is that they have classes running 7 days a week and super amazing prices. 

They have two ranges of 25 and 50 yards. The 25-yard range has 22 lanes whereas the 50 yards range has 6 lanes. Which means that you’re least likely to run out of slots when you want to practice. 

You have to pay for the ammo and range fee other than the course fee. However, that’s only a minimal amount. The 16-hour course is divided into a 4 part class that facilitates easy and good learning. 

The institute offers a lot of different packages which are quite affordable and will let you practice as much as you like in a familiar environment.

6. United Gun Training Group

Contact Info

  • Address: 15321 Kenton Ave. Oak Forest II, 60452-2505 USA
  • Phone: 708-259-6027
  • Length of class: 16 hours

Our Review of the Program

Located in Oak Forest, Chicago, this is a veteran owned business. The chief instructor Glenn is a veteran of the U.S Army and is very gentle and patient with the students. The training environment is very safe and relaxed that’ll keep you comfortable in the class. 

The price may seem a bit steep at once. But it is inclusive of everything required for the class, even ammunition. Hence, one way or the other, the overall cost is the same as other courses. The course also includes the preparation of documents and free submission to the BCI. 

The class size is limited to 5 students, so you can be sure of proper attention. Additionally, the CC classes are organized every week and you can pre-plan your schedule for the coming months. 

The institute is primarily focused on IL concealed carry courses and will be a great choice for people who only want dedicated CC training.

7. 2nd City Tactical

Contact Info

  • Address: 1200 W 35th St, Chicago, IL
  • Phone: 872-216-1866
  • Length of class: 16 hours

Our Review of the Program

Robert, the owner/instructor of this class is one of the most qualified instructors you’ll find across IL. Despite having so many achievements under his name, Robert is a very polite and patient instructor to give you a pleasing and comfortable learning environment. 

Classes are organized once every month and allow a maximum of only 10 participants. Since the slots are so limited, you may want to choose this class promptly if it falls near your location. Additional dates are also available for a group of 4 or more students, and you can call and discuss the price with the owner. 

The training sessions are very productive due to the limited size of the class. Plus Robert gives you some extra tips every now and then to keep you interested and engaged in the class. 

The price of the course is very affordable, taking into consideration the fact that it is inclusive of all equipment and ammo. You also receive an equipment consultation at the end of the class for choosing items like holsters, tactical pants, etc. 

Class times are also flexible and you may choose day 1 and day 2 sessions in the order you like. 

Conceal Carry Classes in Illinois Comparison

Let’s check out the best-concealed carry classes in IL in a side by side comparative table. So you may easily analyze what’s best for you.

  • Detailed 16 hour course specially for beginners
  • Includes marksmanship, cleaning and handling lessons
  • Course grants 3 attempts to clear qualifications
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  • NRA certified instructors with 100 year experience
  • Classes also offered on weeknights and weekends
  • Very strict but promptly safe entry rules for all
View Latest Price →
  • Offers a wide variety of CCW classes
  • Training by Police Officers and Military Veterans
  • Classes that exceed State of Illinois standards
View Latest Price →
  • Shooting simulator video target range
  • Private one-on-one and group training classes
  • 7 day open indoor range with locker rental options
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  • Reasonably located with 25 and 50 yard range option
  • Comprehensive packages with appropriate fees
  • Open all days with 9AM-9PM timings.
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  • Single veteran trainer and small class size of 5
  • Price inclusive of everything. No hidden fees
  • NRA approved curriculum and CCW application assist
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  • CCW course includes gun consultation as well
  • 16hr, 8hr and 3hr renewal courses at apt price
  • 10 seats per class and additional dates available
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Illinois Concealed Carry Renewal

An Illinois concealed carry license is valid for a period of five years from the date of being issued. If you are prompt with your renewals, you can apply for one 90 days before the expiration of your current permit. The renewal class can be taken up to 12 months before the expiration. 

You have to take a 3-hour qualification course that includes range time and qualifying with 30 rounds. Same as for a new application, except for the class duration. The application will be accompanied by a $151 fee.

Illinois State Police Concealed Carry Renewal

The Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act (LEOSA) signed in 2004 by President Geroge W. Bush allows active duty and qualified retired or separated law enforcement officers to concealed carry a gun in their state or across state lines. However, while doing so they must carry their active/expired ID card and an authentication card from their employing agency (if retired). 

Additionally, there are restrictions for carrying a concealed firearm in places deemed so. Unless you are an active police officer doing so in the line of duty. There is no need for a permit for an active/retired officer unless he served for less than 10 years or has been dishonorably discharged. 

Illinois Concealed Carry Training (Source)


Illinois is a shall-issue state that allows all residents and non-residents from a few states to obtain a CC permit. Illinois won’t honor any other states CC permits but will allow non-residents with one to carry a handgun in their vehicle in IL. Applying for the permit requires you to take a 16-hour class that includes live firing and a qualification test.

People Also Ask

Find answers to some common and confusing questions about concealed carrying licenses in Illinois.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Concealed Carry Permit in Illinois?

The current processing time for applications with fingerprints is 90 days and 120 days without fingerprints. This can vary depending upon the workload of the department and other factors. 

How Much Are Concealed Carry Classes In Illinois? 

A full 16 hour class with cost anywhere between $120 - $180. 8-hour classes will cost less (around $80-100) and 3-hour renewal classes even less.

Can You Take Illinois Concealed Carry Class Online?

No. The state regulatory authority doesn’t allow online classes and requires a participant to be present in person. Anyways, the class has a range time and a 30 round qualification course so physical presence is absolutely necessary.

What States Have Concealed Carry Reciprocity With Illinois?

An IL concealed carry permit is honored in 26 states for residents and 25 states for non-residents. CC permit holders of any other state are allowed to concealed carry in IL in their vehicle if the firearm is unloaded. 


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