Best Concealed Carry Classes in Ohio – 2023 Review

Ohio, also known as the buckeye state is among the most populous and economically viable states in the United States. The state has precise gun laws with clear law statutes for carrying guns.

Here we will learn about the concealed carry laws in the state and the training required to obtain a license for the same. We’ll also review the best classes across major cities in the state to help you find the best one. 

Ohio Concealed Carry Laws 

The state allows open carry of guns without a permit except in vehicles or businesses that sell alcohol. The minimum age to open carry is 18 years. 

Concealed carry is legal only with a valid Concealed Handgun License (CHL) issued by the county sheriff. These licenses are granted only to residents and non-residents employed in the state. 

The minimum age to apply for a CHL is 21 years. The state requires the applicant to complete an 8-hour training course which includes at least 2 hours of range session and lives firing. 

The application fees for residents living in the state for more than 5 years is $67 for initials and $50 for renewals. For those living in the state for less than 5 years, the initial fees are $91 and renewals are $74. Fees are waived for current servicemen and honorably discharged veterans. 

A license is valid for 5 years from the date of issue and should only take a maximum of 45 days to process. Ohio is a ‘shall issue’ state with ‘Castle Doctrine’ and ‘Stand your ground’ laws. 

You cannot conceal carry a handgun in your vehicle without a valid CHL. ‘No Weapons Allowed’ signs are enforced and even a license holder cannot carry in locations designated as ‘off-limits’ by the state. 

List of the Best Ohio Concealed Carry Classes 

We’ve compiled a list of the best concealed carry classes in Ohio. Many of these classes are located in prominent locations and are highly renowned for all kinds of firearms training. 

Best CCW Class Toledo Ohio:
The Lead Shed

Contact Info

  • Address: 123 South Fulton Street Wauseon, OH 43567
  • Phone: 419-335-2131
  • Length of class: 8 hours

Our Review of the Program 

The Lead Shot is a premium gun store and training center located in Toledo. The place has some of the most hospitable and helpful staff who help you to the greatest extent possible. 

They specialize in archery and hunting supplies, but also offer the best concealed carry training in the area. The 8-hour class is made very comfortable as they offer refreshments during the entire class. 

Classes are conducted promptly on weekends and include a shooting session in an outdoor shooting range located a short drive away. All their staff trainers are NRA certified instructors and conduct the class with patience and diligence. 

Almost each of their instructors has a background in the police force or the army. This means you’ll obtain some extra tips and tricks during your training session. 

This is a gun shop plus a training center with a great assortment of firearms to choose from. If you are an avid hunter and planning on carrying your weapon often. This should be your go-to class in the area. 

Best CCW Class Cleveland Ohio:
Concealed Carry Courses LLC

Contact Info

  • Address: 6105 Memphis Ave. Cleveland Ohio 44144
  • Phone: 216-780-5271
  • Length of class: 9-10 hour

Our Review of the Program 

Concealed carry courses LLC offers a group of the most experienced firearm instructors you can find in the state. All of their instructors are certified and have a lot of experience in the military or law enforcement. 

Their concealed carry course is a mix of balanced information upon firearm basics and state laws. The range session is conducted on an outdoor range with a good and safe shooting environment. The range will be one used by military/law enforcement for training.

This is the best concealed carry class in Cleveland, where you find a relaxed training environment. Being trained by military veterans who have been into actual combat. The institute offers group and private classes. 

The best part about taking these classes is that each participant is paid individual attention by an instructor at all times on the range. Special attention is given at no extra price. 

The fees are justifiable, especially when you receive one-on-one attention from veterans. Rentals are available at a very small fee. However, the $15 extra range fee to be paid can feel like an extra burden. 

Private classes are available at reasonable prices. Additionally, they never use an indoor range for training. 

Best CCW Class Columbus Ohio:
At Home CCW Ohio

Contact Info

  • Address: 5075 Cleveland Avenue, Columbus, OH
  • Phone: 888-696-7322
  • Length of class: 8 hours

Our Review of the Program 

A comprehensive course with absolutely no hidden fees and a great value for money. That’s what defines At Home CCW Ohio classes the best. Located in Columbus, this is the best and most economical CCW training class you’ll find in the area. 

The class covers all the content required by the state, along with some other useful info about general handling and concealed carry. You’ll learn dry fire techniques and draw from holster immersion to keep yourself prepared. Since there’ll be a range session, you will have ample time to practice. 

The fees include the cost of ammo and handgun for the range. There are no extra fees and you’ll be provided with passport photos and a student package upon completion of the course. 

Visiting the class will also offer you an option to do some charity towards the Crossroads Baptist Church Food Pantry. Which in our eyes is a very appreciable step towards the betterment of society. 

The institute has also come up with an online training program, which divides the course into two days of classes. This is undoubtedly the best online and offline option if you live in Columbus. 

Best CCW Class Lima Ohio:
Insight Firearms Training Development

Contact Info

  • Address: 3900 Mcpheron Road, Lima, Ohio 45804
  • Phone: 419-302-1516
  • Length of class: 8 hours

Our Review of the Program 

Located in Lima Ohio, Insight firearms training development is a well-equipped and prepared institute that specializes in concealed carry and some other useful firearm courses. 

Their ‘multi-media’ technology format used for class presentation is an engaging and informative method of learning the subject. The classroom involves audio, video, and text material imbibed in a perfect format for ideal understanding.

The attention you receive at the range is amazing. One instructor is assigned to every two students in a class. This ensures that you get proper attention, and are safe from an unwary student shooting next to you. 

You get enough breaks and time between the classroom and range sessions to contemplate over your doubts and retain the information you’ve just learned. 

The institute also trains law enforcement officers and instructors. So you can trust they will impart the best training for you. 

The range session is quite extensive and requires you to bring 100 rounds. Which is a good feature and allows you to practice properly. 

Best CCW Class Canton Ohio:
Great American Shooting Sports

Contact Info

  • Address: 6505 Promler Avenue North Canton, OH 44720
  • Phone: 234-347-0223
  • Length of class: 8 - 8.5 hours

Our Review of the Program 

Great American Shooting Sports is a range plus training class plus gun shop. It offers 4 different training classes and concealed carry is one of them. The 8-hour course has been designed to deliver proper insights in-line with the state mandated curriculum. 

The staff and instructors are very polite and helpful. The classroom is super clean and comfortable with the proper distance between seats. The best feature of these classes is their state of the art indoor shooting range. 

It is a 7 lane 75 feet shooting range which is fully computerized with touch-screen monitors and lighting effects, programs & drills, and all-wheel drive target carriers. Seriously, this is the best range you’ll find in town, and that too at such amazing prices. 

Taking the class will make you fall in love with the range. With their perfect prices and availability of other courses, you can rely upon them as your go-to destination for shooting in the future. The range allows shooting heavy caliber rifles, so you can practice with your other guns as well. 

6. CCW Ohio 

Contact Info

  • Address: Waynesville - Mansfield - Warren/Youngstown
  • Phone: 937-241-9769
  • Length of class: 6 hours online + 2 hours range

Our Review of the Program 

CCW Ohio offers a comprehensive online course followed by a 2-hour range session. The classes can be availed at three different locations across Ohio. So you may choose the one closest to you. 

The class fees are amazing and include all the necessary gear for training. The online class can be completed from the comfort of your home, at your own pace. Since it is a module-based course and not a live-webinar. If you prefer real-time instruction, this isn’t the class for you. However, you can spread the training across a span of multiple days. 

The online training material has been designed to suit novice as well as seasoned shooters. The online material is interactive and will certainly cover most of your questions. Plus, you can clarify your doubts at the range session. 

The range session can be scheduled upon request. In case you want to cancel your online course, you’ll have to notify them within 3 days from the sign-up date. Costing you $9 in cancellation fees. 

A major part of their fees is not the training but the range fees. However, since the price includes all training gear, it’s a good buy. The range session is available in Waynesville, Mansfield, and Warren/Youngstown

7. SIMS Concealed Carry Weapons Training 

Contact Info

  • Address: 7501 Granby Way, West Chester, Ohio 45069
  • Phone: 513-443-2896
  • Length of class: 8 hours

Our Review of the Program 

This concealed carry course offers the best value for money if you are looking for private classes at your location. They will travel to your location for large group classes at no extra cost per member. 

The classes are conducted by NRA certified and Ohio Peace Officers Firearm Instructors (OPOTA) in an easy and friendly manner to ensure you grasp every concept. 

The entire registration process is online, with a prompt schedule calendar on their website to help you with planning your dates. The institute also offers a ‘women-only’ CCW course, which is a great option for ladies to feel comfortable in such settings. 

The training covers the topic of choosing a firearm for yourself. So even if you are a beginner, you’ll get proper help and guidance to begin your concealed carry journey. 

Training is offered at multiple locations in the area depending upon the demand and schedule of classes. Apart from the classroom course, an online course is also available. 

The online course includes interactive modules and can be completed at your own pace. You don’t have to join SIMS for the remaining 2-hour range session, and you can choose your own instructor if you desire. 

Overall, this is a good training institute with its staff motivated towards imparting the best training to the participants. 

Ohio Concealed Carry Classes

Check out the best concealed carry classes in Ohio in the table below to sort out the best and closest one to your location. 

  • Best for living in and around Toledo
  • Allows unloaded firearm into the class
  • Generous refreshments and outdoor range located in Swanton
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  • Marine owned & operated with lowest price guarantee
  • All range time is one-on-one with instructors
  • Attractive discounts and CCW class gift certificates
View Latest Price →
  • Classes held on the last Saturday of each month
  • Small initial amount for reserving your seat
  • Mix of online and offline courses is available
View Latest Price →
  • One day, two day and private class options available
  • 100% money back guarantee is a complete win-win
  • Multi-media technology format enhances learning
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  • Pretty basic class perfect for beginners
  • 7 lane 75 feet indoor range is computer assisted
  • Live fire session is concluded with 100 rounds
View Latest Price →
  • Veteran owned business with 3 ranges across Ohio
  • Class fee is inclusive of renting weapon and ammo
  • 6 hour online course can be completed at own pace
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  • On-location training available for large groups
  • Option for ladies only Ohio CCW permit classes
  • Also an option for online CCW training
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Ohio Concealed Carry Renewal

An Ohio CHL is valid for 5 years from the date of issue. Active servicemen and vets receive a full waiver for application fees on both initial licenses and renewals. 

You are not required to retake the concealed carry training for renewals. 

Renewal applications can be submitted no sooner than 90 days before the expiration of your license. There is no grace period for renewals and your license will be discarded entirely after its expiry. Requiring you to file a new application if you haven’t applied for renewal. 

Non-residents applying for renewal must still be employed in Ohio. If not, then the license will be rendered invalid on the expiry date and no renewal will be allowed. 

The document’s you’ll require to submit the renewal application include:

  • Completed and unsigned application (to be signed in presence of the notary)
  • Electronically scanned fingerprints through Webcheck system
  • A valid picture identification card
  • Fees

Once you apply, you will be notified by mail within 45 days about the rejection/approval of your application. 

The renewal fees are $50 for residents living in Ohio for more than 5 years and $74 for residents living in Ohio for less than 5 years. 


Ohio allows open carry of firearms without a permit. However, concealed carry requires a person to obtain the state CHL (concealed handgun license). Ohio is a ‘shall-issue’ state with ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws. Applying for a permit requires you to complete an 8 hours firearms training inclusive of 2 hour range time. 

People Also Ask

Let’s find out answers to some commonly asked questions about concealed carry classes and licenses in Ohio.

What Disqualifies You From Getting a CCW in Ohio?

You must be at least 21 years of age and not be convicted of any felony/misdemeanor, not be under indictment, and have no history of mental illness or drug addiction. Plus you should meet all federal law requirements. Non-residents should be employed in Ohio.

What States Honor Ohio Concealed Carry Permit?

A total of 38 states honor concealed carry permits from Ohio. States that do not honor Ohio’s concealed carry permit are DC, NYC, MD, NJ, CT, RI, MA, IL, MN, OR, CA, and HI. 

What Self Defense Weapons Are Legal in Ohio?

Stun guns, tasers, batons, and pepper spray are legal self-defense weapons in Ohio. Knives of all types are classified as deadly weapons and shall not be carried in ‘off-limit’ places. 

Are There Ohio Concealed Carry Classes Online?

Yes. The classroom portion of the class can be taken online. It shall include all the required components and should regularly engage the person. The range session is compulsory and will be taken in person. 

How Much Are CCW Classes in Ohio?

CCW classes in Ohio can cost anywhere between $60 - $100. The state fees are extra. SO in all, applying for an Ohio CHL will cost around $110 - $200


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