Best SIG P226 Holsters – 2022 Buyer’s Guide

One of the true legends, the long-serving, old warhorse SIG P226 was designed for the U.S. military, carried by the Special Forces and proven to be a superb combat pistol.

The P226 is double-single action semi-auto, chambered in 9mm, .40 S&W or .357 Sig utilizing high capacity magazines that hold 15+1 of 9mm or 12+1 rounds of the other two calibers. Developed as a slight derivative within the SIG family line, the P226 pistol utilizes modified Browning's short-recoil system with a locked breech operation while retains the P220, and the P225 model's decocking lever.

Made by SIG Sauer, a highly esteemed European manufacturer, P226 has its roots and the same basic design of the Sigarms P220, the SIG pistol that started it all but upgraded it to use double-column magazines, and automatic firing pin safety features.

Later, the P226 itself has spawned its compact versions, the SIG P-228 and P229.  The U.S. military adopted Sig P226 and P-228 after minor changes, such as a special corrosion protection, under designation Mk25 and M11A1 respectively.

Comparison of the Best SIG P226 Holsters

  • Best holster for SIG P226
  • Made from premium saddle leather and contoured to fit the hip curve
  • Cant forward design to offer a quicker and easier draw position
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  • Level 3 retention lock with smooth and quick draw
  • Carbon fiber composite material is tough and light
  • Very safe retention and a wide comfortable paddle
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  • Best SIG P226 leather holster
  • Compact design and a versatile fit deliver good value for money
  • Hand-crafted from premium leather and has belt loops for mounting
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  • Index finger release and audible retention click
  • Tough polymer OWB holster suits full size P226
  • Smooth flexi paddle with 360 degree adjustable cant
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  • Lightweight and durable holster with canted clip
  • Specially molded and has adjustable retention
  • Full length sweat guard and clip suits 1.5” belts
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  • Best SIG P226 shoulder holster
  • Spider harness allows straps to pivot individually for extra comfort
  • Modular design with removable double magazine pouch for carrying extra ammo
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  • Best SIG P226 IWB holster
  • Double-dot, snap belt loop attachment for easy mounting and dismounting
  • Posi-lock trigger guard and full-length sweat guard for firearm protection
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Why the SIG P226 is a Great Concealed Carry

As for the design, the all-steel P226 is built like a tank and has a form of a brick, which some folks like and some do not. Sig Sauer P226 also has one of the most logical DA control layouts, with a frame-mounted decocker (in lieu of a safety) placed behind the trigger guard, in easy reach of the thumb.

This means that the owner can safely de-cock the pistol that can be then holstered securely, and fired in double action mode by simply pulling the trigger.

Except for magazine button, the P226 has no other ambidextrous commands or a bulky safety catch that is going to catch on clothes or make the gun harder to conceal.

Although we are all witnesses to the upcoming tide of compacts and subcompacts domination in CCW (Concealed Carry Weapon) world, some people stubbornly do conceal and carry a full-size pistol on a daily basis.

When it comes to dimensions, the P226 sports a 4.4-inch barrel and a 7.7-inch overall length. Since the P226 is not a pocket gun by any means, it provides you with solid grasp, a longer sight radius, more rounds in the magazine, and finally, a larger weight that gives you less blast, less muzzle jump and less recoil.

As a real service-grade pistol, it tips the scales at 34 ounces, what makes it a joy to shoot, and helps you get back on target for fast follow-up shots.

If we also consider the pistol 5.5 inches height, we would find that SIG 226 is not the easiest gun to carry every day. Nevertheless, some accessory makers claim their holsters would conceal this full-size gun easily and comfortably.

What Makes a Great Holster for Your SIG P226

The basic requirements for an everyday carry conceal rig are comfort, convenience, and protection. Unlike the single column P220, the SIG Sauer double stack P226 design is a 1.5-inch-wide, and as most of you know, the gun width is the most critical dimension and a crucial factor in concealment.

Actually, the width is a dimension that you will have to conceal not the length. The handguns featuring more than 1.3 inches tends to print more as fewer layers of clothing are covering it, and as you may expect fat double-stack pistols are blatantly apparent under the light summer clothes.

While P226 is not regarded as the best Sig concealed carry gun, the most of the people successfully carrying full-size SIG 226 are 6'+ tall and at least 220lbs.

As this overview is focusing on concealment of a large-frame pistol such a Sig P226, before choosing appropriate holsters, you should consider the type of clothing you will wear to prevent printing or getting spotted.

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While carrying a big gun used to imply wearing of loose-fitting clothing, today new ergonomic manufactured holsters, or specifically designed clothing selection, effectively conceal even a full-sized P226 pistol.

Up until recently, the SIG P226 was produced in a classic smooth-sided and streamlined profile, but today's guns are offered only with a rail installed on the underside of the frame, just forward of the trigger guard.

Though this railed model, to feature a more rounded contour than the military standard M1913 Picatinny rail, is not helping the P226 to be the easiest pistol to be holstered, people do not normally need the rail on their carry handgun.

Review of the Best Sig P226 Holsters

In the next part of this overview, we will suggest different types of rig platforms for your SIG P226 that would hold the pistol firmly, close to the body, and ride at a height that would allow the muzzle to be concealed with the proper clothing.

Best Overall: 
Galco International - Concealable Holsters


  • Thumb break
  • Forward cant
  • Narrow profile
  • Stays in place with two belt loops
  • Rock-solid platform for carrying a SIG P226


  • It is not lined, may wear out the finish of your P226
  • Won’t conceal well, in light clothes it leaves a little imprint of the gun
  • Like most leather holsters, it needs a break-in period

What Recent Buyers Report 

A lot of new users were happy with the holster for a few good reasons. For one, it provides excellent security and non-slip when it’s being worn outside the waistband. But it keeps the pistol secure and prevents it from slipping out of the holster or being stolen. They were quite happy with the overall quality and stability of the holster and were mostly using it for concealed carry purposes. 

Why it Stands Out to Us 

This holster is made from high-quality Kydex. So, it will definitely stand the test of time and consistent use. If toughness and durability are what you look for in a holster, you’re definitely going to find it with this one in particular. Not only that, it’s an outside the waistband design that will still give you a good amount of concealability so you won’t attract any undue attention just for carrying a pistol.

Galco is a favorite brand of admirers of leather holsters and one of the most respected premier-leather holster companies in the United States.

The Concealable holster is a flagship of their belt line made entirely of premium saddle leather and double-stitched seams for durability. It features two-piece construction, made to fit the shape of your hip naturally.

Unlike an ordinary pancake type holster, the Concealable by Galco provides a more narrow profile utilizing the sturdy and thick leather, which is at the same time also supportive and still pretty protective.

The Concealable is hand-molded on the front to provide rail space and eliminate bulge, which results in a more concealed handgun.

The Concealable uses a dual stitching pattern to prevent snags, while the thumb break offers the exact amount of retention needed. In addition, Galco's innovative belt holster has a covered trigger guard for safety and two belt loops.

That is an outside the waistband open top holster intended for both duty and concealed carry and fits belts up to 1 ½". It is available in a black or Havana brown finish and made in right or left-hand draw.

Who Will Use This Most 

This will be an excellent concealed carry holster for law enforcement and military personnel who use SIG P226 as a sidearm. It will also be great for civilian use as well. This holster provides top quality security all without falling apart or looking flimsy and cheap. For a holster that has excellent quality and superior concealability, there might not be an OWB holster that comes close. 

Bottom Line

The Galco International Concealable Holster is probably the best possible choice for civilian or law enforcement use. No matter who you are or what your intent or purpose is, this is a holster that will rise above the call of duty to ensure that your concealed carry needs are met. With excellent quality and reliability, you can’t resist the idea of giving this holster a closer look.

The Galco Concealable open-top belt holster is created with top quality leather and hand-molded to fit Sig P226 perfectly, allowing you for a smooth draw and re-holstering of your weapon. Its design provides you with an instant shooting grip for a quick draw and a trigger guard for added safety.

BlackHawk Level 3 SERPA


  • Durable Construction (Composite)
  • Quick, Easy setup
  • Smooth Draw
  • Positive retention system


  • A little pricey

What Recent Buyers Report

What stands out to a lot of recent buyers is the draw from this holster. Any Sig P226 you pull from this thing will come out like butter, and at least 97 other enthusiasts back that claim. Those were all the reviews we could find. It's like drawing from a cloud.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Sure, we love the pull, too, but what stands out to us is whether a holster will last through the years. And make no mistake, the BlackHawk Level 3 SERPA is going to last you as long as you want if you take good care of it.

It's a great holster on its own, but every holster is at the mercy of its owner. If you let it go to waste, then it will waste away on you. It'll take a lot of neglect for it to waste but waste it shall. Keep that in mind.

Bottom Line

If you're in the market for a genuinely good holster, then take a look at the BlackHawk Level 3 SERPA. Sure, you may need to make some mods, and you're going to be spending a decent amount of money, but it will probably be the last time you spend money on a Sig P226 holster.

Best for the Money and Best SIG P226 Leather Holster:
1791 Gunleather Holster For Sig Sauer P226


  • Backed by a lifetime warranty
  • Double stitching for extra durability
  • Quality holster made using 100% Steerhide leather
  • Designed for concealment and convenience
  • A versatile fit that can work with various carrying styles


  • The interior lacks suede or lining
  • It would be nice to have a safety strap over the hammer

What Recent Buyers Report

Most of the new users were very appreciative of the leather that gave the holster a classic, wild west design. But it was the performance that mattered the most. They were able to use this holster for the purpose of concealed carry or carrying while on the range when the pistol isn’t used. One user said that he was using this for competitive shooting purposes and needed a holster to keep it safe and secure since it was pretty much the rules on the range grounds. But so far, he was quite impressed with the security and reliability of the holster.

Why it Stands Out to Us

If you are a sucker for the leather material, then we won’t blame you. That’s because it’s durable and won’t snag like some materials like nylon. Since it has that genuine feel to it, it’s a holster that will definitely hold its own while holding your SIG P226 in place. Strap this on the outside of your waistband and you’ll be able to access it quicker than almost any other holster on the market. Plus, a quicker draw might make you think you’re the fastest gun in the west.

Today thermoplastic materials like Kydex and other hybrid polymers are the holster materials of choice. However, the traditional gun accessories made of leather have timeless features much more valued than modern, practical and of course, plastic stuff. 

The philosophy and mission of a brand new company under the name 1791 Gunleather is just oriented in that way. Furthermore, their conservative direction is reflected in another business motto: One holster to rule them all.

Unlike recent trends in the holster industry where holsters fit one and only one specific model, the 1791 GunLeather decided to choose the opposite course and brought a line of holsters to market that are all designed for a range of similarly sized pistols.

Such is their BH2.3 leather holster that fits Sig Sauer P226, P220, P229, Beretta 92FS and few other models. Following the highest standards in the industry, the 1791 OWB belt holster is constructed from the native steerhide 3/8" thick leather and backed by a manufacturer lifetime warranty.

As you know, the leather requires a break-in period so their multi-fit crafted leather holster will conform to your pistol to provide better retention and maximum comfort after some time.

The broken in 1791 Holsters hug the waistline with firm pressure from the belt and conceals a gun very comfortably with minimal printing under a jacket or sweatshirt.

Their ambidextrous holster has no retention devices or straps as the P226 is held in place by the snug fit of the leather. While the exterior is hand molded for superior retention and durability, the interior is without any lining leaving some residue on your gun.

Who Will Use This Most

This is another holster that beginner EDC users can depend on. It’s durable and simple enough to use, so all you have to do is clip it on and away you go. It’s good looking, sure. But it’s performance is where it excels the best. If you want a simple, affordable option for concealed carry then consider this holster one of your best choices.

Bottom Line

The 1791 Gunleather Holster is the real deal for concealed carry and range carry purposes. It might be a simple, reliable solution for newbie users or even seasoned concealed carry users. It looks good, works well, and just plain gets the job done. If you want a holster that does that, get this. 

The 1791 Gunleather is offering beautiful holsters made of thick leather and sewn with nice even, heavy stitching. Unlike pancake style holsters, this holster is curved, so the pressure on the back of your gun is greatly relieved while it is better to fit the shape of your hip. Featuring several carry position options, it can be used as a cross-draw holster if you are ambidextrous or spent a lot of time in seating positions.

Best SIG P226 Tacops Holster:
CYTAC Polymer OWB Holster


  • Great value for the price
  • Slim composite construction
  • 360 Degree adjustable cant


  • Some users report the fit is a little loose for the 226

What Recent Buyers Report

People were split down the middle for the CYTAC Polymer OWB Holster. There are some real detractors out there who say this holster is not fit to hold a Sig P226 and that it's so loose, it's a safety hazard. Others say it's a great fit, with a great build, a great price, and a nice bit of customization. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

We found no significant issues with the holster being loose. At least, not enough for this holster to be a genuine safety hazard. And honestly, we just loved the way you could rotate your holster 360 degrees so you can customize your draw– not enough holsters do that. 

We love the way the SIG P226 slides out of this holster, the way we don't have to worry about scuffing it up when we do. Combine all that with the great price, and you've got one of the best SIG P226 Tacops Holsters on the market today.

Bottom Line

Do you listen to the detractors, or do you follow the lovers of this SIG P226 Tacops Holster? All we can say is that the CYTAC Polymer OWB Holster is a real solid holster. The best if you're in the market for a Tacops Holster for your SIG P226.

Best SIG P226 Concealed Carry Holster:
Badger Concealment Kydex Holster


  • Excellent, adjustable retention
  • Great value for the price
  • Extremely low bulk and thin profile
  • Durable Kydex construction


  • Some users report sharp edges that needed some more sanding down

What Recent Buyers Report

The pressing right to the body and the sharp edges caused some concern amongst buyers, but these are easily remedied. Buyers also agree that this is one of the best-priced holsters on the market, so if you're not looking to break the bank, check out the Badger Concealment Kydex Holster.

Why it Stands Out to Us

There's a reason we put this on our Best SIG P226 Concealed Carry Holster list: because it is as secure as anything. Not only will you not have to worry about being disarmed with this holster on, but it blends in so well with your clothing that anyone trying to disarm you won't even be able to find your SIG P226.

This holster is for the enthusiast that wants to keep their SIG P226 a secret from the world. We, like consumers, are also big fans of the price. Seriously, even if this holster wasn't so reasonably priced, it would be a great buy for anyone looking to conceal carry.

Bottom Line

If you need to conceal your SIG P226, look no further than the Badger Concealment Kydex Holster. Just make sure you sand down those sharp edges and try to adjust how close it is to your body before you do any serious practice with this holster. 

Best SIG P226 Shoulder Holster:
Galco International - Miami Classic Shoulder Holsters


  • Additional ammo carriers
  • Designed for the utmost concealment
  • Flexalon swivel back plate for comfort
  • An all-leather holster built with premium saddle leather
  • Highly adjustable harness system with wide straps for extra comfort


  • Only available in right-hand gun drawing option

What Recent Buyers Report

A lot of new buyers were looking for a holster that would strap easily to their shoulders and won’t be able to slip or move around. They were not disappointed when they came across these shoulder holsters. They said that the durability was quite solid and the straps were easy to adjust so they could fit their frames perfectly. One user said that he uses this for his security job and found it to be way more comfortable than a hip holster. He added that it didn’t bulge in his jacket and always felt comfortable while wearing it.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Whether it’s cold outside or if you need a holster for your occupation that should be anything other than a waistband holster, a shoulder holster will be your next holster to look for. The leather is genuine and durable and gives it that classic look. Meanwhile, the straps were at the right size and had the ability to fit most frames. Big and tall or average height, it doesn’t matter. You have a holster that you can strap on and make yourself feel a lot more comfortable when duty calls or when the weather is too much for waistband carry.

As earlier mentioned, to put an old-school warhorse like SIG P226 on you the best way is to purchase some shoulder holster.

The primary association on Don Johnson and Miami Vice TV soup is a Galco's Miami holster line, and this time we will present Miami Classic II shoulder holster under Galco International brand.

 This platform rig consists of an upright gun holster, double magazine pouch, and harness, all parts constructed of premium saddle leather. The Miami Classic II is an open-top, fully modular holster so you can alternate magazine pouches for a single pouch, or a cuff pouch, or even for a knife pouch.

The heart of this shoulder system is its spider harness that has four straps that connect in the back by the unique clover shaped Flexalon swivel back plate. This solution creates a perfect fit and allows for comfortable movement but still has retention across the body.

The holster's harness straps are measuring 1 1/2" at their widest point, and distribute the weight of full-sized loaded P226 and two 15-round spare magazines of 9mm very well. Besides, the Miami Classic II utilizes a small leather thong with a button snap to secure the weapon.

Who Will Use This Most

This holster will be perfect for those looking for maximum concealability. But there is one caveat: you have to wear a coat in order for that to happen. But rest assured, this holster is sturdy and won’t slip out easily. You have excellent security and reliability in one holster that can make you more prepared for danger than anything else. Being prepared is better than never at all. So, get a holster that will make sure that you are steps ahead of any attackers.

Bottom Line

The Galco International Miami Classic Shoulder Holster is something you can depend on if you want the best in concealability. You’d be hard-pressed to find a holster that can fit you and won’t slip off so easily like this one. And the classic look is just the icing on the cake. Don’t be surprised if this holster turns out to be a bit better than your average IWB or OWB holster.

Though explicitly intended for right hand drawing only, the Galco Miami 2 is a very customizable system. The gun owners are allowed to adjust it to a considerable degree due to the design of both the holster and mag pouches.

As one of the most popular models for this style of holster, Miami Classic II gives the shooter a natural horizontal draw and keeps a pair of magazines in a horizontal fashion.

Best SIG P226 IWB Holster:
Blade-Tech - Nano In The Waistband Holster


  • Adjustable Retention
  • Pull-the-DOT Belt Loops
  • Full-Length Sweat Guard
  • Reduced amount of material
  • All body contact points are contoured
  • The soft belt loops are spread apart, adding stability


  • Can leave marks in the finish of the gun slide
  • Snaps are challenging to open for some

The Blade-Tech company made its NANO line of holsters from thinner .080 Kydex-like materials.

Unlike most of the other manufacturers, the NANO IWB Holster for Sig P226 is equipped with soft loops instead of one kind of clip commonly used in IWB rigs.

This NANO holster features a full-length sweat guard to prevent pistol to body contact while a dual IWB loops with secure "Pull the Dot" snaps are staggered to provide extra stabilization on your belt.

The Nano features holster cant can be adjustable for FBI Cant or straight drop carry and can accommodate the different belt-size from 1 1/4" to 1 3/4".

Although constructed of ultra-thin polymer material, the NANO IWB concealment holster will not collapse, making re-holstering sure and easy while still providing a full combat grip.

The Blade-Tech's "Nano" features a positive lock for the sidearm with solid, adjustable retention provided via one tension screw. The holster is designed for right-handed users and with a place for the SIG rail so it can accommodate Sig P226R or Navy Mk25.

Bottom Line

The "pull the dot" belt loops keep the holster secured to your belt and hold the pistol much higher on the belt line, which conceals a larger gun like P226  better and makes it easier to draw. Since the holster rides higher on your body, it makes sitting and driving far more comfortable.

Best SIG P226 Holster With Light: 
Black Tactical Gun Holster For Tactical Light for Sig Sauer P226


  • Full cant adjustment via a simple Allen key
  • IMI’s unique mounting system allows 0-360° rotation
  • Holster accommodates most of the popular tactical flashlights and lasers
  • The level 2 protection is accomplished by adding a contoured cap above the pistol
  • This rig platform provides a secure, dual-safety retention mechanism with an easy thumb release
  • Constructed of highly durable polymer that keeps its form and shape in even the most rugged condition


  • The fit and finish on these holsters is sometimes not perfect
  • The top portion of the holster that covers the hammer of your SIG is a little loose, causing the firearm to move around inside the holster at times

What Recent Buyers Report

Most of the new users were impressed with this holster. They were able to fit their pistols without any snagging issues or the like. What was really impressive about this holster for them was the ability to fit it even with additional accessories attached like tactical lights and sights. One user said that his last holster wouldn’t even bother with accommodating his customized pistol. He also added that this holster was built for the high-stress situations as it felt and looked quite rugged in terms of durability.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This holster was built for the military and law enforcement personnel that have extra equipment on their SIG P226 pistols that will help them navigate through obstacles and dark corners (and provide them with excellent accuracy when they need to put a target down). This holster might look a little oversized at first. But make no mistake, it was made for the pistols that have been customized for better performance. And you don’t have to be in the military or in law enforcement to use this. If your SIG P226 has got a sight or a flashlight added on to it, you’ve got a holster that can handle it.

The Level II holster by IMI Military Industries was designed for police and military applications where operators utilize service handguns equipped with a light. However, if you are using your SIG Sauer P226 in such a configuration, the IMI Tactical holster may be a perfect match for you.

Whether you are servicemen or civilian using a Sig P226 with a light or laser sights, you should look for polymer holster, which is resistant to chemicals, moisture, and ripping and tearing like the IMI Tactical holster.

The level 2 protection means that the holster is fitted with a raised protective sight hood (contoured cap) to protect both standard and higher suppressive sights. The IMI Defense Level 2 Holster offers a secure safety retention mechanism with a natural thumb press to draw the firearm in the shortest time.

This polymer device from IMI utilizes a standard rotational mechanism that allows the shooter to adjust the cant easily.

Level II holster is designed for right-handed shooters and can be attached via a belt loop, a belt clip, a paddle, or a drop leg platform to your body.

Who Will Use This Most

Aside from law enforcement and military personnel, this pistol will definitely stand out as the odds on favorite for those who own a pistol with a better sight or a tactical light attached to their pistols. While it’s a pistol that may be too big for the other holsters, this holster will definitely support it. This is a must-have add on for all your tactical needs.

Bottom Line

The IMI-Defense Black Tactical Gun Holster is as tough as it gets and will certainly put most of the other holsters to shame. It can handle just about any tricked out tactical pistol you’ve got including a customized SIG P226. Strap this puppy on along with your SIG P226 and you will be ready for the tactical and concealed carry situations where danger is lurking at any given place. 

While the IMI holster is compatible with full-size SIG family pistols, this holster will accommodate and protect a broad selection of laser sight and light systems. The IMI DEFENSE Level 2 holster is an outside-the-waistband design developed for tactical operations, but it works great for everyday carry as well.

Best SIG P226 Kydex Holster:
Comp-Tac International Holster For Sig P226 Rail 9MM/.40


  • Adjustable cant
  • Comes with 3 mount options
  • Feature retention adjustment
  • Enables much faster draw than a traditional holster
  • Made of Kydex that is impervious to sweat or solvents
  • A good versatile OWB carry holster for sports shooting, training and many other activities and situations


  • Slightly bulky

What Recent Buyers Report

A lot of new users were impressed with the holster’s simple design. They concluded that it was durable, easy to use and make concealed carry easier and comfortable for them. One user said that the holster wasn’t oversized and handled his SIG P226 holster with ease without any signs of slippage. One user said that he was happy to find a holster that allowed for quick drawing and no snagging at all. Furthermore, he loved the Kydex because it was tough, scratch-resistant, and looked pretty menacing.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Simple, durable, easy to use. These are just a few words to describe what this holster is all about. And let’s face it, you’ll be seeing a lot of Kydex holsters on the market. But the quality of this holster is outstanding. It might just be a direct competitor to any polymer holster you can find on the market. Performance-wise, it’s a holster that will give you comfort, security, and the ability to draw quickly without any snagging. In short, it’s a textbook example of how a holster should work.

The Kydex is a synthetic material that does not stretch bend or deform over time. That durable thermoplastic is precisely molded to fit each firearm and maintains its shape even with the pistol un-holstered.

The low friction surface of material provides a smooth draw and easy one-handed re-holstering while the shape contoured to the body gives you great comfort and superior retention.

Having all those features, the Comp-Tac International’s outside the waistband (OWB) holster comes with a modular mounting design, which is its main selling point due to the 16 holster options and multiple body colors.

The kit includes three different mounting hardware choices: Belt mount, Paddle mount, and Drop Offset Piece. As a default, the International comes set up as a Belt Holster, and a belt mount fits 1.5" or 2" belts.

However, it should be noted that once the belt width is widened to 2", it could not be replaced or changed back. Along with a variety of carrying options, you can also adjust the cant angle that will give you a perfect fit every time.

The International model is a favorite holster among competitors as it can be worn at 3:00, which is a perfect position for competitive shooting sports, concealed carry or general use.

The Comp-Tac belt rig is cut down in the front to accept a railed pistol with a mounted light, red dot or reflex optics and has a .5" tall sight channel to accommodate taller suppressor height sights. It has the retention adjustment allowing customers to tighten or loose holster hold on a sidearm.

This holster is also available for:

Sig P226 Rx Rail 9mm/.40
Sig P226 Mk25

This incredibly popular and simply Kydex series of holsters are designed for a rapid and confident draw, so they are almost perfect for large SIG P226 and its sub-variants.

Comp-Tac Victory Gear is developing and manufacturing holsters from Kydex that very closely mold to the gun they are designed to fit. So, their International holster lineup is available for standard SIG P226, Sig P226 Rx Rail 9mm/.40, and famous Navy Sig P226 Mk25.

While these guns share almost identical interior parts and physical dimensions, being 100% compatible with existing gear for standard P226, they would need different holsters, especially Kydex holsters. Because of that, Comp-Tac is specific about what holster works for what guns.

In other words, the P226R (railed) is not compatible with the P226 MK25 as it has a different rail than MK25. The Mk25 features a Mil-Spec Picatinny rail, which is flat compared to the curved SIG propriety rail of a standard P226.

Designated as Rx Rail, this Sig P226 is equipped with a SIG Sauer Electro-Optics Romeo 1 reflex sight and needs a specific Comp-Tac Kydex holster that is not compatible with the P226R or P226 MK25.

Who Will Use This Most

This holster will be great for beginner users that have never concealed carry before in their lifetime. It’s affordable, durable, and can strap on to belts and waistbands without any issue. Your SIG P226 is a pistol that is definitely worth taking care of. And if you are a newbie user, you need a simple-to-use holster that won’t be complicated. This one fits the bill perfectly.

Bottom Line

The Comp-Tac International Holster is arguably one of the best holsters you can find for the purpose of concealed carry or sport carrying for your P226. It’s simply designed, durable, and just gets the job done when you need it most. Nothing to sneeze at (and it’s nothing to be bored of). It’s a holster that is built to last and built to take on any EDC or on the range application. 

Applying a minimalistic OWB design, the Comp-Tac International holster has more positional options and is optic ready, which the majority of custom holsters cannot offer with their products.

The Comp-Tac International is an excellent and affordable choice for participating in competitive shooting matches. Knowledgeable selected and processed holster material offers solid fitting, and at the same time, it allows fast and effortless retrieval and re-holstering.

Perks of Getting a New Holster for SIG P226

Let's cover some reasons your old holster might be holding you back:

You'll Have a Better Grip

Getting a new holster means you'll have a better chance at gripping your firearm. If you find you're having trouble drawing your firearm, then consider a holster. They not only hold your SIG P226 in place, but they make it so that when you put your hand on it, you're already in a prime holding position. 

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You'll Have Better Retention

Keeping your SIG P226 in place is very important. Having it moving around all over the place whenever you're in motion is not only uncomfortable, it's also dangerous. Remember those accidental triggers we spoke about earlier? They're more likely to happen if your SIG P226 isn't well retained. New holsters but those worries you may have to bed.

With a New Holster, You'll Get a Covered Trigger Guard

What's the point of having protection for your trigger? Simple– you prevent accidental discharges. One of the worst nightmares of any enthusiast is accidental discharge. They're irresponsible and dangerous. With a trigger guard, you have a better chance of avoiding these awful situations.

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Types of SIG P226 Holsters    

The Sig P226 is undoubtedly an excellent service handgun well suited for combat, but many users would assume that its size rules it out as a daily carry pistol. However, you can comfortably carry P226 on you or even conceal it under a coat with the right holster.

There are a few basic types of holsters designed for different purposes so you can choose one the best to suit your specific lifestyle and daily activities.

Shoulder Holsters

An important consideration is sitting and standing, and if you spend a lot of time at a desk or in vehicles, a good solution may be a quality shoulder holster.

The most comfortable variant for carrying large and heavy handguns and virtually all scoped handguns is a field-type shoulder holster. 

Galco International - Miami Classic Shoulder Holsters

They utilize a strap running across the chest to help stabilize the pistol and distribute the weight evenly and comfortably with an adjustable harness.The disadvantages of shoulder holsters are the muzzle orientation, as your pistol in a horizontal holster rig is pointed directly at whatever is behind you, and the price, as they tend to be the most expensive type of holster.

Belt Holsters

A waistband or belt holster is an alternative to a shoulder holster and there are two main types: Outside the Waistband (OWB) and Inside the Waistband (IWB) holsters. The quality high-riding OWB or even IWB holsters would easily conceal and enable comfortable carrying of full-sized pistols such as P226.

These are the most common methods of carrying a heavy handgun, and for the whole assembly of the handgun and the holster ride on your belt, these holsters require a proper and correct gun belt.

A variation of OWB carrying platform called a drop-leg (thigh) holster is the preferred one of military and law enforcement personnel offering the easiest and fastest draw available of all types.

Besides these classic carrying styles, there are numerous other ways to carry, and those are probably less convenient for concealed carrying of big, hefty pistols.

Ankle Holsters

If you need deep concealment, the ankle holsters are entirely appropriate for smaller and compact semi-automatic pistols but carrying a full-size Sig226 in an ankle holster is not an option.

Blade-Tech - Nano In The Waistband Holster

Clothing Holsters

As many states do not allow open carry of weapons, the holster manufacturers have gotten exceptionally creative. You can find vast market choices of compression undershirts and shorts with elastic gun security straps or holster pockets.

This carrying method requires you to grope inside your shirt first to access your gun, and that can be done only with a lot of practice. However, this platform is not as effective for larger sidearms as it is for ultra-compact revolvers and pistols.

Off Body Carry

The off-body carry solutions have their place for general-purpose carry and athletic activities, like riding, hiking or walking.  Understandably, this category is incredibly popular with female concealed carriers as it includes purses, bags, fanny packs or belly bands and the new “sling” packs. The only drawback to a purse or other bag-carry methods is that - they can be "off" body, meaning that your gun is not under your direct control at all times.

Material Tips for Your SIG P226 Holster

While the holsters may be specialized in form and function, the materials they are made of can vary from traditional leather through the nylon to the Kydex or plastic.

We have opted for leather and Kydex holsters for this article, as they are known to be the most protective and comfortable to wear with you throughout the day.

However, the use of any of these materials is not as critical as a poorly designed holster that will be uncomfortable and potentially downright dangerous.

As your preferred method of carrying may dictate the selection of holster, your body type may also preclude the wearing of specific holsters. Anyway, on the list of priority functions, the highest valued feature of a good holster should be the protection and security of your pistol, and only then a fast draw for a handgun.

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The Sig P226 will not let you down in any conditions, because it is a proven, battle-tested pistol platform featuring an unheard of service life of several hundred thousand rounds.  In short, the Sig P226 is one of the standards by which all service pistols are judged.

Carrying a concealed weapon usually means using compact and subcompact pistols, but some gun owners prefer the feeling of security that goes with a weightier weapon. All of these larger caliber handguns are big enough and heavy enough to require serious holster rigs.

There are a number of ways to comfortably, and effectively, carry a more massive gun, and while some folks' favorite is a hybrid-style inside-the-waistband holster, as a carry method for large guns, others prefer a traditional outside-the-waistband holster or the shoulder harness system with a gun on one side, and spare magazines on the other.

Whatever the carrying rigs you choose, keep in mind that holsters are a very personal thing that should be balanced between your body type, your daily routine, and the gun accessibility requirements.

People Also Ask

Well, it seems we've once again come to the end of an article. Now that you've been more educated on all the different Holsters For Sig P226s, do you feel like you're ready to make a choice? If you have any more questions, check out our section coming up right after these words. Who knows, you may find your question in there.

How Much Does a Holster for SIG P226 Cost?

Cost depends on how much money you want to spend. As with anything, the more money you spend, the better quality product you're going to get. However, in our experience, we find that holsters for the SIG P226 cost from 75-145$. They can go lower or higher, but that's the middle range.

What Carry Position is Best for SIG P226?

Sorry about the copout answer, but it depends on how you, the enthusiast, want to use the SIG P226. Do you want it to be a concealed, secondary weapon? Try carrying it on your lower back, underneath your clothing. Need a quick draw? Across the chest or hip carrying might be for you. We tend to lean towards hip carrying.


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