Best Mossberg 500 Rails of 2022 (Tri, Quad, Picatinny, & More)

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September 28, 2023

Finding the best Mossberg 500 rail is not an easy task. If you don’t know which is best for your shotgun, you’re not alone. There are a lot of Mossberg 500 owners who are probably looking for a rail of their own.

These products come in all kinds of styles and are often used for aesthetics. You can also use them to add on other accessories designed to make your shotgun perform a lot better.

In this article, we’re going to go over ten of the best Mossberg 500 rails that we’ve handpicked for your search. We believe that, as of this writing, they are the best on the market. Your search will probably end here if you come across a rail that you consider a possible choice.

Comparison of the Best Mossberg 500 Rails

  • Easy to Install
  • 5.5 Inches in Length
  • Best Overall Mossberg 500 Option
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  • Light in Weight
  • Machined From High-Quality Aluminum
  • Fits Most Mossberg 500 and 590 Shotguns
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  • Made of Aluminum for Durability
  • A Picatinny Style That Fits Mossberg 500 and 590 Shotguns
  • Can Accommodate Picatinny or Weaver Compatible Accessories
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  • Fits Accessories Without Issue
  • Fits Most Mossberg 500 and 590 Shotguns
  • Crafted from 6061-T6 Aluminum for Maximum Durability
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  • Constructed of High-Quality Aluminum
  • Rails Located at the 3, 6, and 9 O’clock Positions
  • Black Anodized Hard Coat Finish for Added Durability
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  • Best for Tactical Purposes
  • Wide Ejection Port Opening
  • Drilled and Tapped for Bead Sights
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  • Includes a Six-Round Side Saddle
  • Anodized Black, Non-Reflective Finish
  • Fits Mossberg 500 and 590 Shotguns
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Picatinny vs. Weaver Rails

There are two kinds of gun rails: Picatinnys and Weavers. These are accessories typically found on shotguns and rails. One thing you’ll probably notice is that the profiles look almost identical to each other. But make no mistake, they both have distinct differences. To know more about them, let’s break down what each is and how they differ from each other.


Let’s take a look at the recoil grooves of a Picatinny rail. The grooves are typically measured at .206” in width and are measured at approximately .394” in center-to-center width. A Picatinny is more of a military-style rail. In fact, in the mid-1990s, the military began utilizing Picatinny rails for the use on their guns.

The groove measurements of a Weaver rail will be .180” in width. However, the center-to-center width measurements are inconsistent. One Weaver’s measurement can differ from another. It is for this reason that the Weaver is not considered to be an interchangeable rail.

Pros and Cons

So what are the pros and cons of each type? The Picatinny rail will fit accessories like scopes that are compatible with the rail itself. Obviously, the major con is that it won’t fit accessories that are designed for the Weaver rail.

Likewise, the same can be said about the Weaver rails. Accessories designed for the Weaver will fit on the rail, but won’t take on Picatinny accessories. This should be something to remember as you are installing a scope or anything else on your Mossberg 500.

A Picatinny rail may also throw off your scope’s aim. More specifically, this is due to the lack of windage adjustment.

Another disadvantage of the Picatinny is the weight, despite the fact that most manufacturers sell lightweight versions of the rail itself.

Weaver rails have a disadvantage of the slots being irregularly placed. This will make the installation of a one-piece rail a challenge. This is not overly surprising, considering that the center to center measurements and the groove measurements are a little smaller than that of the Picatinny.

How to Choose a New Rail For Your Mossberg 500

Of course, grabbing a rail for a Mossberg 500 off the shelf or hitting the "buy now" button may seem like a tempting option to get it out of the way. But this isn't the smart thing to do when choosing a new rail.

The reason is that low quality, cheap products are flooding the market. It would take a little time and a bit of detective work to make a final decision on which is best for you. In order to know what to choose in a rail, there is no one better to tell you than the past buyers themselves.

Here are a few things that they recommend for you to look at:

Picatinny or Weaver

Some like a Picatinny rail. Others like a Weaver rail. If you're a first-time buyer, this may be something that will put you in an indecisive position. However, if you have a scope or any kind of accessory for your Mossberg, then the choice may be easy enough. See if your accessory is compatible with either of the two rails or both.


We always place quality as a high priority when it comes to looking for a new accessory for guns. The reason is that we want it to last a long time. The last thing you want to do is throw money out the window because you bought rails that keep breaking. The important thing is to look for products made from high-quality materials. These materials include, but are not limited to, aluminum, steel, and polymer.

Installation Process

The installation process for most of these should be easy enough. You’ll need to find a rail for your Mossberg 500 that will be easy to install and won’t require you to employ the services of a professional gunsmith. As mentioned before, the one piece Weaver rails may be a bit of a challenge to install because of the groove measurements.

Review of the Best Mossberg 500 Rails

The following is a list of ten Mossberg 500 rails that are currently considered the best on the market. It’s important that you read through each one of these carefully. The reason we say this is because if you’re serious about finding a rail for your shotgun, you’ll need to know if the features that come with it will benefit you and fulfill your personal needs and preferences. With that said, let’s begin with the first product we consider the best on the market:

Best Overall:
UTG Top Rail Mount


  • Very Affordable for the Price it’s Going For
  • Very Quick Installation, Only Takes About Five Minutes
  • Some Users Say the Quality is Quite High in Comparison to Others on the Market


  • Some Have Complained About the Screws Not Lining Up Properly
  • Some Users Had to Trim Down the Screws Because They May be a Little Longer than Expected
  • Screws That Come with the Rail are Compatible with Mossbergs Made from 1998 and Beyond. Older Models Won’t be Compatible

We first begin with the UTG Top Rail Mount. We chose this as the best overall for a few good reasons. First, this is an easy to install mount that is a Picatinny and Weaver style rail. So if you're looking for a rail you can use to install accessories, but don't want to deal with the headache of whether or not if the accessory itself will fit, this is probably worth a further look.

This is measured at 5.5 inches long and comes with screws for installation. These should be able to fit your Mossberg 500 easily and without any issue. It has rail slots designed to allow easy installation of accessories like scopes. This is also flexible for any eye relief adjustments needed to ensure that you can get a better view through your scope without dealing with any issues that can be caused by other products.

If you're looking for an item that will reduce the number of headaches that would otherwise be caused by cheap, low-quality rails for your Mossberg 500, then the UTG Top Rail Mount is probably the best choice for you.

Bottom Line

The UTG Top Rail Mount is exactly what you'll need in a product that is considered the "best overall". The accessories will more or less be a perfect fit, regardless of whether they're designed for a Picatinny or Weaver rail.

The versatility is impressive, to say the least. Since this is also easy to install, it would be hard to pass up on the opportunity to get this, if a simple installation is something you hold to a high standard. 

Also, if you have an older Mossberg, you have the option to consult with the manufacturer so they can send you the proper screws. This will save you a lot of time, money, and most importantly, the stress of installing this product on your Mossberg 500.

Ergo Grip Tri Rail Shot Gun Forend


  • Installation is Very Easy for Most Users
  • Options for Additional Accessories That Fit With This Are Endless
  • Available in Two Different Lengths. Take Proper Measurements Before Choosing the Correct Length


  • People Often Order the Wrong Length
  • Installation May Be a Challenge for Some

Next on the docket, we have the Ergo Grip Tri Rail Shotgun Forend. To begin, you'll notice that this is one tough customer of a rail. That's because it is constructed from high-quality 6061-T6 Aluminum. In plain English, this is going to be pretty durable and long-lasting.

So if you're looking for a product that's probably going to be the last one you'll buy for a while, you might want to consider this one, in particular, as a possible option. This is an accessory that won't scratch your gun or ding it when you're not using it.

This forend is compatible with most Mossberg 500 and 590 model shotguns. These come in two different lengths, so it’s important to take measurements of your currently existing foregrip prior to choosing the correct length.

With that said, if you’re looking for something that will stick with you for the long run and will be able to fit a Mossberg shotgun of your choice, then you’ll probably want to consider the Ergo Grip Tri Rail Shotgun Forend.

Bottom Line

The Ergo Grip is hands down one of the best on the market. But why the runner-up honor? Well, while the installation is easy for most, it can be a challenge for some. Other than that, you can fit this on your Mossberg shotgun with the greatest of ease and fit any accessory you can possibly imagine.

Scopes, flashlights, whatever else you can put on there, so long as it won’t weigh down the gun itself. Aside from that, this is a super strong rail that can set the stage for making your Mossberg look like a beast.

Best For The Money:
Monstrum Tactical Picatinny Rail

[amazon fields="B00ME8SZFS" image="1" value="thumb" image_size="large" image_align="center" image_link="none"]


  • Installs in Minutes
  • Best Mossberg 500 Rail for the Money
  • Made of Aircraft Grade Aluminum, Which is Super Durable


  • Some Users Have Had Issues Regarding the Screws
  • May Need Different Screws if You Have an Older Mossberg
  • Some of the Corners May Need Sanding if They Appear to be a Little Sharp

Of course, if you're a Mossberg 500 owner who wants to add a rail to their shotgun but is more of a budget shopper, then we've got a product for you. And that's the Monstrum Tactical Picatinny Rail.

This is constructed from lightweight aluminum that weighs almost an ounce-and-a-half and measures 5.4 inches long. The thing that stands out about this product is that it can accommodate Picatinny and Weaver accessories. So if you have a scope, a red dot sight, or any other accessory you want to install on your Mossberg shotgun, then you can fit it on this rail without any issue.

Whether you have a Mossberg 500 or 590, this product will serve you well in the long run, should you decide to go with this. In fact, even if you have money to work with in finding a rail, you should not pass up the opportunity to look at this a little further. What is considered to be a budget rail can actually be the best one you'll find.

Even though this is considered a Picatinny rail, shockingly enough it will fit accessories that are compatible with Weaver rails. So if you're having a hard time choosing a rail, you might want to go with the Monstrum Tactical. We'd also go so far to call this the best for first-time users.

Bottom Line

As expected, this product exceeded the expectations of pretty much any budget offering you’d find on the market. The ability of it handling Picatinny or Weaver rail-compatible accessories is what stuck out the most. Most importantly, this is a very tough product that can last you a pretty good while.

This isn’t a “you get what you pay for” kind of rail. This is a “you get a lot more than you pay for” rail that allows you to add on any accessory you want to your shotgun. Whether you’re on a budget or have a lot of money to play with, you’d be hard pressed to find anything else quite like this.

Best Quad Rail:
Black Aces Tactical Quad Rail


  • Very Durable
  • Easy to Install
  • Still Tight and Secure After 200 Rounds


  • Some Users Have Found the Installation to Be a Little Challenging.
  • Some Adjustments to the Screws or the Rail Itself May Be Necessary for a Perfect Fit

Next on the list, we have the Best Quad Rail for the Mossberg shotgun from Black Aces. This is a tactical-style rail that will make your Mossberg 500 or 590 shotgun look like a rugged force to be reckoned with.

This is not only the best for tactical situations, but you can also pair any accessory with it. If you have a Mossberg 500 or 590 shotgun for the use of home defense purposes, you'll probably need a rail like this, because you can add some other tactical style accessories to this without issue. Imagine converting a typical Mossberg shotgun into an intimidating machine that can be visually deterring to an attacker or home invader.

This is constructed from high-quality aluminum, so, you’re going to have one durable rail on your hands. Overall, this is a great addition to the tactical style Mossberg shotguns.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a good quad rail for your Mossberg, this will probably be the one you’ll want. It has a rugged, tactical look that can fit pretty much any Mossberg shotgun. Despite being ideal for home defense, this can be used for just about any other purpose. Just add on the accessories of your choice and you should be good to go.

Best Tri-Rail:
ERGO KeyMod Tri-Rail


  • Easy to Install
  • Easy to Add Accessories
  • Super Durable All Around and Will Last You Quite a While


  • None

Next, we have the ERGO KeyMod Tri-Rail. Why do they call it a tri-rail? Because you have keymod rails located in three different places. Picture it like a clock for a moment. You have rails located at the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions respectively. These are designed for you to easily install any accessories you wish to make your Mossberg 500 a force to be reckoned with, both out in the field and out on the range.

This is a low-profile, super durable rail that is constructed of high-quality aluminum. Not to be outdone, this is also finished with a black anodized hard coat for added durability. If you’re looking for a product that will allow you to add on multiple accessories, you’ll probably want to give the Ergo KeyMod Tri-Rail a closer look.

Bottom Line

The main thing that stood out with this product, of course, is the tri-rails themselves. While some rails have 13 slots for the accessories you need for your Mossberg, the tri-rail allows the accessories to be spread out and uncluttered (like you would probably see in a straight rail).

With that said, this is a super durable rail that is designed for whatever purpose your Mossberg 500 serves. Plus, this will allow your gun to be a little more ergonomically-friendly. If that's something you look for in a rail, then the Ergo KeyMod Tri-Rail might be right for you.

Best Tactical Rail:
AIM Sports Inc M-Lok Modular Rail


  • Very Easy to Install
  • Allows for Easy and Fast Reloading
  • If You Lack a Side Saddle, This Can Be Something to Use for Storing Extra Rounds


  • Some Users Have Complained About This Being Shipped With Some Hardware Missing

If you're looking for a great tactical-style rail and haven't found the Black Aces rail to be as impressive, then you'll want to have a look at the AIM Sports Inc M-Lok Modular Rail.

One of the things that stood out upon looking at this is the six shell holder that comes with it. If you don't have anything like a side saddle or a sling with shell compartments, this can be a good place to store any extra shots.

This comes with a wide ejection port opening that will allow fast loading for your shotgun. Considering that you have this and the shell holder on top of that, the possibility of reloading your gun fast is more than likely.

Another great thing about this is that it is an easy to install, bolt-on kind of rail. So if you don't have any gunsmithing skills, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Just tack this on your Mossberg 500 and you should be good to go.

The good news is that this is compatible with most Mossbergs. So if you're looking to turn yours into a force of nature, then you might want to consider the AIM Sports M-Lok Modular Rail as a possible addition.

Bottom Line

The AIM Sports rail is probably the best-designed rail for tactical purposes. It's definitely designed for situations where you would likely need additional shots on hand (like in a self-defense situation), because you may miss your shot and only have one shell on you. That could spell danger.

The fact that it allows you to hold up to six shells and has a very large ejection port opening to ensure fast loading is what makes this the best of the best among tactical offerings. If this is something that you consider to be your dream rail for a Mossberg 500, you'd be insane not to consider getting this.

Best Picatinny Rail:
TacStar Tactical Railmount with Slimline Sidesaddle


  • Easy to Install
  • Excellent for Self-Defense Situations
  • Fits Most Mossberg Shotguns Perfectly


  • Some Have Complained About the Side Saddle Being Too Tight
  • Side Saddle Retention May Be Suspect. Shells May Fall Out After Shooting

Next on the agenda is the TacStar Tactical Rail Mount. This is the best Picatinny option for the Mossberg 500 and there’s a good reason why that is. This has a built-in side saddle that will hold up to six additional shells.

Add on any accessory designed for the Picatinny rail and you have a Mossberg 500 that is fully loaded in features and rounds and you’ll be ready to take on the big game targets or any prowler that dares to invade your home.

This is made from polymer and is a durable piece to add on to your Mossberg 500 or 590 12 gauge shotgun. Best of all, this has a non-glare finish and will make your gun look just as sharp.

If you’re looking for the best of the best in terms of Picatinny rails, you’ll be quite happy with TacStar Tactical rail mount if you choose to get it.

Bottom Line

The TacStar is not like any of the other Picatinny rails on the market. The fact that this has an added side saddle is what impressed us most. You’ll definitely want this on your Mossberg 500 shotgun if your intended use is home defense.

Six extra shots ready to be quickly loaded is definitely a necessity in such a situation. Other than that, you’re looking at one of the best Picatinny options for a Mossberg 500 on the market. If you fancy yourself a fan of this kind of product, then you’re probably going to love the TacStar.

Best Weaver Rail:
Weaver No-Gunsmith Converta Shotgun Mount

[amazon fields="B00162QKT6" image="1" value="thumb" image_size="large" image_align="center" image_link="none"]


  • Installation is Very Simple
  • Best Weaver Rail for a Mossberg 500
  • Can Securely Hold onto Attached Accessories


  • May Require Some Fitting
  • Some Believe it’s Actually a Cheap Quality Rail

Of course, we have those who fancy themselves to be fans of the Weaver rail. If you’re one of them, then we’ve got the just the product for you. This is an easy to install mount that won’t require any gunsmithing skills whatsoever (hence the “no gunsmith” in the name).

This Weaver rail is designed to handle hunting scopes compatible with this type of rail. If you also want to add on things light red dot sights or lasers, while getting the best in overall eye relief, this might be the one worth looking at.

One of the most impressive things about this product is the fact that it can handle just about any type of weather nature can muster. Whether you’re hunting in subzero temperatures or in the sweltering summer heat, this has the ability to withstand extreme temperatures. There’s nothing else quite like this and probably no other rail on the market can be able to handle such extreme cold or heat.

This is made from polymer, making it a strong and durable rail that can withstand so many beatings. All in all, this is arguably one of the best Weaver rails on the market for a Mossberg 500. What better way to put this to the test than taking it out for a hunting trip?

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for an excellent rail, but would rather have it be a Weaver rail over a Picatinny, you might be quite happy with this one in particular. Despite some users having concerns over it being a cheap, low-quality rail, this has the makings of being your best friend out in the field or out on the range.

The fact that it can withstand extreme temperatures is what makes this stand out a bit more. If you’re a hunter who wants a product that can handle the temperatures the same way that you do, then this might be the rail of choice for you.

Best For 20 Gauge:
Sun Optics Shotgun Saddle Scope Mounts


  • Very Durable
  • Easy to Install on Your Mossberg 500 Shotgun
  • Excellent Customer Service From Manufacturer


  • Some Users Have Said the Screws and Allen Wrench Could Be Made From Better Materials

For our final Mossberg 500 rail, we’ll be taking a look at the Sun Optics Shotgun Saddle Scope Mount. This is a durable rail style mount that is designed for 20-Gauge Mossberg 500 shotguns.

This is a tough as nails mount constructed from high-quality aluminum, making it a super durable addition. Coupled with this, the mount has a black finish to make your shotgun look sharp and ready for battle.

You can add on accessories with the greatest of ease using this mount, including scopes designed for either Picatinny or Weaver mounts. Not to mention, this is easy to install on your Mossberg shotgun without any advanced gunsmithing skills.

So if you’re looking for something to install in a matter of minutes and be ready to go, the Sun Optics Shotgun Saddle Scope Mount is something you’ll want to fit your 20-gauge perfectly.

Bottom Line

If you have a 20-gauge Mossberg 500 shotgun, you're probably going to find this mount, in particular, to be close enough to the best rail that will fit. Thankfully like the rest of them, they're durable and easy to install in just minutes.

If you have a scope that you're dying to try out with your Mossberg 500, then you can attach it to this rail. So why not give it a better look to see if it's worth the investment?

Best For 410:
LIRISY Mossberg Picatinny Rail Mount

[amazon fields="B079FN26QS" image="1" value="thumb" image_size="large" image_align="center" image_link="none"]


  • Can Hold Accessories Securely
  • Super Sturdy and Easy to Install
  • Fits Most Mossberg 500 and 590 Shotguns Just Fine


  • One User Had an Issue With the Rail Mount Screws Not Securing Properly

Next on the list, we have the best rail for Mossberg 500 shotguns of the 410 caliber. This is the LIRISY Mossberg Picatinny Rail Mount. This is not only compatible with Mossberg 500 shotguns, but it can also be compatible with Mossberg 590 shotguns as well. Either way, you have a good Picatinny rail that will complement your 410.

The installation of this is a breeze and can fit your usual accessories. In fact, if you have either a Picatinny or Weaver scope, you can add it on to this rail without any problems. This is a tactical-style mount that is designed for any purpose you see fit with your Mossberg shotgun.

This has all the screws and hardware you need to install in a matter of minutes. Once you’re good to go, you’ll have a great, reliable rail that will securely hold your accessories of choice.

Bottom Line

While it's usually 12 gauges and 20 gauges getting much of the attention, we cannot always forget about the 410. This caliber is just as reliable as the rest of them, especially for a Mossberg 500. The LIRISY Picatinny Rail Mount is a versatile mount that can fit any Mossberg shotgun of the 410 caliber.

If that's the kind of shotgun you have, this might be the product you'll want. Don't worry about what you're using your 410 for in terms of application, because this mount, in particular, is good enough for any of them. All you have to is add on your favorite accessories and you're ready to hit the field or the range.


Finding the best Mossberg 500 rail can be a challenge. But it doesn't have to be if you know exactly what to look for. Find the rail that best fits your shotgun, your personal preferences or needs, and most importantly, the accessories you currently have for your Mossberg 500. Nothing is more satisfying than adding on a rail to your shotgun that can make it more enjoyable for you to use. 

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